Touch Mechanics Apps

Strike! Ten Pin Bowling 1.11.0
Bowl with a flick of your finger! With practice, you'll be curvingthe ball in to the pocket, converting the 7-10 split and evenbowling the perfect game. Featuring super smooth graphics,realistic physics and perfectly balanced gameplay - You won't beable to resist bowling another ten frames of the world's favouritefamily sport. Play head to head against friends or take on theworld with online versus play. Features • Quick, Intuitive controlsystem - Add spin with a flick of your finger! • Authentic gameplayfor ages 3 - 103. • Full Classic 10 Pin Bowling. 1-2 Players. •Series Classic 10 Pin (3 games). • Play against other iOS andAndroid players around the world in versus play online. • MiniGameTaster. • 3 MiniGames available, each with 4 levels and 30 framesto challenge even the best bowlers. • Candle Pin Bowling. 1-2Players. • Duck Pin and Rubber band Duck Pin Bowling. 1-2 Players.• Mega Lane. • Upgrade your ball with over 35 cool designs tochoose from. • Over 30 Achievements to win.
Bulls i Darts: Masters Edition 1.0.1
Ladies and Gentlemen - Let’s Play Darts! The sport of the peoplearrives on Android in gorgeous 3D - Bulls i Darts is a fun andauthentic celebration of the game of Darts! Designed to suit allplayers from 8 to 80, it features a fast intuitive control systemthat is easy to pick up but difficult to master - hitting thatwinning double has never felt more natural or satisfying! » Travelthe globe and compete in tournaments at 9 unique venues in Careermode. » Fill your trophy room and complete your achievements card.» Customise your darts with over 60,000 possible combinations. »Challenge your mates to a Local 2 Player match of 301 or 501. » Aimtrue with the most accurate physics ever seen in a darts game. »Focus in on the action with the Close Up Camera. » View Incredibleshots again with Full Screen Replays. » Hold your nerve and finishin style with the Match Shot!