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API Demos for Android 1.9.0
400+ searchable Demos!Includes the following API Demos for Android• Support Leanback Showcase Demos - Android TV• Mobile Vision Demos - Face Tracker, Multi-Tracker• Support Design Demos - Material: NavigationView, AppBar,Snackbar, FAB, TabLayout• Support Percent Demos - PercentFragment: PercentFrameLayout,PercentRelativeLayout• Support App Navigation - Activity, Action Bar, Notification• Support v4 Demos - Fragments, Loaders Accessibility etc.• Support v7 Demos - AppCompat, CardView, RecycleView, Casting withMediaRouter• Support v13 Demos - Fragments, Pagers and Action Bar Tabs• API Demos - Graphics, Animations, Hardware, Views etc.Extra:• App Invite Demo - Invite others to test the app• "Cheesesquare" Demos new Material Design Library for Android, byChris Banes• Easter egg?Actions:• View - Lookup the source code on GitHub• Search - search over 400 executable demos• Issues? -There is no guarantee that all demos will work on yourdevice, if so there is an option to send a mail.• Rate - if you find the app helpful, please rate it here on GooglePlay
GSam Theme - Fancy Battery 1.0
An icon pack for GSam Battery Monitor (all editions). Currently 2sets of icons, though others may be added in the future. Set 1)Fancy Battery Icons (with charging animation) Set 2) Fancy BatteryIcons with numbers (with charging animation) Once installed, youcan configure the icon using the Battery Icon Theme preference inthe GSam Battery Monitor preferences. Open GSam Battery Monitor> Select Preferences > Battery Icon Theme > and choose oneof the icons from the icon pack. These will be listed underneaththe 'Get More Themes' link. Keyword: BadassBatteryMonitorTheme