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Complete Numerology Horoscope - Free Name Analysis 5.4
The magic of numerology takes your name and date of birth anddisplays your Complete Numerology Horoscope. With CompleteNumerology Horoscope, observe the important numbers which affectyour life. Numerology Horoscope will analyze your full name anddate of birth to give the results in a jiffy! Find out your Birthnumber or Life Path number (defines your personality and outlook inlife), Destiny number (your name analysis) and Soul number (yourinner feelings). Study what these numbers have to say about you.Find out more about your love life, health, fashion style etc.through numerology horoscope. You can do a numerological analysisof your name initials. FEATURES OF COMPLETE NUMEROLOGY HOROSCOPEARE: ⚝ Find your Birth number, Destiny number and Soul number ⚝ Getanalysis of your Name Initials ⚝ Know the meaning of the importantnumbers in your life. ⚝ 6 New Categories Added: Your Hidden Talent,Your Love Life, Your Fashion Style, Your Suitable Career Path, YourHealth Path, Your Wealth Path Download and get your free horoscopeNOW!
Palm Reading - Fortune Teller & Future Analysis 5.4
Palm Reading is the art of interpreting a person's character,learning their personality or foretelling their future by analyzingtheir hands. Palm Reading is also known as Palmistry. People whopractice palm reading are known as palm readers, hand readers orhand analysts. Are you curious about what your palm says about you?Become a palm reader yourself and get accurate and completeanalysis of your hand. We help you read your palm and know aboutyour future and the hidden secrets about yourself and others withour free palm readings. Answer few questions based on the palmlines and you will have a personalized palm reading analysis. PalmReading - Fortune Teller app lets you analyze these palm lines: ♦Heart Line ♦ Life Line ♦ Head Line ♦ Marriage Line ♦ Fate Line ♦Success Line ♦ Travel Line Through this Palmistry app, you will getto know about: ♦ Love Life ♦ Physical Strength ♦ Quality of Life ♦Health ♦ Personality ♦ Marriage Life ♦ Career ♦ Work Life ♦Struggle & Success ♦ Destiny ♦ Luck & Fame ♦ TravelFeatures of Palm Reading - Fortune Teller app are: ♦ Know whatdifferent palm lines reveal ♦ Easy to use as you simply need tofollow the instructions on the screen ♦ Observe your palm lines andanswer few questions to get your detailed palm reading analysis ♦Fun palmistry app in a party or get-together of friends Get readyto predict your future with the best Palmistry app! It is fun andeasy, so when you're ready, let the palm reading begin! Downloadthis Palmistry app and predict your future by analyzing your hands!
3D Train Game For Kids - Free Vehicle Driving Game 2.8
3D Train Game for Kids is an interactive 3D game which lets thekids explore the town in a 3D toy train.Kids can control the speedof the 3D toy train, pick up passengers from the station and dropthem off to their destination, pick up goods from one place anddrop off to another. The 3D Toy Train game is very interactive. Itincludes activities that keep the kids engaging and is a perfecttrain game for kids between 2 and 5 years.FEATURES OF 3D TRAIN GAMEFOR KIDS:☆ Train speed can be controlled☆ Totally free without anyin-app purchases☆ Train sounds☆ Can get inside the toy traindriver's cabin What are you waiting for? Explore the town with yourlittle one in a toy train and get engaged with the interactiveactivities!
Endless City Runner Games - Free Infinity Rush 1.1
Bulb Runner is an endless runner game where you run until you die!Guide the Lightbulb through the darkest of times! Stay alive byjumping over the obstacles, jumping from one platform to anotherand keep running! With attractive backgrounds and music effects,you will enjoy this endless running game! If you get stuck or fall,the game is over!FEATURES OF ENDLESS BULB RUNNER ARE:⍣ Totally freeendless runner game⍣ No in-app purchasesLove playing endless runnergames? Just download this fun endless runner game and compete withyour friends to find out who can race for longer distances!
Cute Nursery Rhymes, Poems & Songs For Kids Free 2.0
Humpty Dumpty is waiting for your kids to climb up the wall withhim! Baa baa black sheep is eager to give your children a bag fullof wool. Also, Jack and Jill want to go up the hill with yourtoddlers, to fetch a pail of water! And itsy bitsy spider wants toget wet in the rain with your small tots. So what are you waitingfor? Download the app now and get access to these all-time favorite& popular nursery rhymes for free and have fun with your kids.Cute Nursery Rhymes, Poems & Songs is a free offline collectionfor toddlers to sing-along some of the best preschool rhymes. Withlots of interactive animations & graphics, this is a one-stopapp for your kids in their kindergarten age. These are hand-drawnand painted to appeal to babies and small tots. Five favorite kidsongs to keep your little one happy and smiling.This app will helpyour tots to learn this famous nursery rhyme in theirkindergarten-age easily. This app can also be used by parents andteachers for teaching rhymes to kids and make learning process funand entertaining. Once downloaded, this rhyme can be playedanytime, anywhere at anyplace for your kids to learn.Why willlittle ones love these rhymes?** Five popular kids rhymes: ***Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. *** Baa Baa Black Sheep. *** Jack andJill went up the hill. *** Itsy Bitsy Spider. *** It's Raining It'sPouring.** Tap on the objects to reveal hidden surprises!**Colorful animations & graphics.** Completely FREE.** Greatmusic and song that you can sing along with!** Cute characters tokeep you entertained.Get your children (aged 5 and under)acquainted with all popular nursery rhyme for free! Download now!
Birthday Poems & Greeting Cards: Images Collection 4.0
Have a wonderful birthday. Share your wishes with your friends,family, boyfriend, girlfriend, cousins, uncle, aunt etc., on therebirthday with our beautiful birthday poems app. Send cute andlovely birthday poems to your loved ones on Instagram. We have got1000+ poems for you to share it with your family & friendsonline. If you forgot to wish happy birthday to your friend thenBirthday is a very special occasion in one's life! We all wait forthis day eagerly! Portray yourself as a poet and wish HappyBirthday to your loved ones by sharing Happy Birthday poems withthem! Looking for some Happy Birthday poems to send to yourfriends? You will find them right here! Share Free Happy Birthdaypoems with your loved ones via Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike, etc. Sowhat are you waiting for? Download it now and reach to the heart ofyour special someone in a unique way to make them feel morespecial.Topics to choose from:🎉 Name on the cake🎉 Wife birthdaypoems🎉 Mom birthday poems🎉 Sister birthday poems🎉 Love birthdaypoems🎉 Son birthday poems🎉 Humorous birthday poems🎉 Husbandbirthday poems 🎉 Happy birthday poems 🎉 Girlfriend birthday poems 🎉Funny birthday poems 🎉 Daughter birthday poems 🎉 Friends birthdaypoems 🎉 Dad birthday poems 🎉 Brother birthday poems🎉 Boyfriendbirthday poems🎉 Grandmother birthday poems 🎉 Grandfather birthdaypoems🎉 Inspirational birthday poems 🎉 Cute birthday poems 🎉 Belatedbirthday poems🎉 Birthday poems for nephew🎉 Birthday poems forniece🎉 Birthday poems for mother-in-law🎉 Birthday poems forfather-in-law🎉 Birthday poems for aunt🎉 Birthday poems for uncle🎉65th birthday poemsFEATURES OF HAPPY BIRTHDAY POEMS:✩ Send FreeHappy Birthday Poems✩ Easy to use ✩ You can share messages viaWhatsApp, Hike, WeChat, Google Hangouts, E-mail, etc✩ You can savethe happy birthday poemsWish Happy Birthday to your loved ones in apoetic way NOW! Get this app today and spread some cheer!
Makeup Salon Games & Dress Up - Stylish Princess 1.3
Have you ever dreamt of becoming a makeup artist and a fashionstylist? This is a golden opportunity for you! Feel like a realmakeup artist and fashion stylist in this realistic makeover gamefor girls! Become a fashion stylist and create trendy fashion with25 different Makeup Salon Games and 101 Dress up Games forGirls.Glam up the models with unlimited makeup and accessories anddress them up in fashion couture dresses. Choose unique hairstyles,clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and makeup to create the bestfashion model. Dress up & Makeup Categories:Girls Dress up& MakeupCouples Dress up & MakeupBest Friends Dress up& MakeupPrincess Dress up & MakeupKissing Couple Dress up& MakeupAnimals Dress up & MakeupPets Dress up &MakeupThis dress up game may also help you to makeup and dress upin real life. Make the best choice of makeup and dresses and be animpressive salon!You can also have a dress up contest with yourfriends! With 26 trendy and awesome levels, you can dress up thefashion model and compare it with your best friends!Features ofMakeup Salon Games and Dress Up Games For Girls are:✴ All themesare free, no in-app purchases✴ You can create thousands ofdifferent looks in each of the Makeup and Dress Up Games✴ Savelooks as photos one your phone or make it your girly wallpaper✴Create different looks for your girlfriends and set them as displaypics for their contact details on your phone✴ 26 awesome levels ofDress up Contest✴ Change her jewelry and accessories includingbracelets, earrings, pendants, etc✴ Save and share your favoritecreations with your best friendsRoom Decoration Games ForGirls:Complete your dream of decorating your own house! With RoomDecoration, you can decorate 8 different kinds of rooms: PrincessRoom DecorationKid's Room DecorationPalace Garden DecorationKid'sBathroom DecorationKitchen DecorationPreschool DecorationChristmasRoom DecorationCupcake House DecorationFeatures of Room DecorationGames For Girls are:✴ Decorate your own house with 8 themes -Princess Bedroom, Kids Bedroom, Palace Garden, Kids Bathroom,Kitchen, Preschool, Christmas Room, Cupcake House✴ Save and shareyour favorite room decorationsCooking Games For Girls:Start yourown restaurant now! Get your hands on ten different foods: Burger,two types of Ice Cream, Sandwich, two types of Cake, Pizza, Donut,Pastry and Cupcake. Make your imagination and creativity go crazyto make the most sumptuous and appetizing food. A variety offillings, veggies, toppings and ingredients make this app a tastytreat all the way!Take on the role of a fashion stylist and a chefall in one app!Features of Cooking Games For Girls are:✴ 10 fooditems to choose from: Burger, 2 types of Ice Cream, Sandwich, 2types of Cake, Pizza, Donut, Pastry and Cupcake✴ Loads of optionsand ingredients available✴ Play around with the ingredients andmake your very own meal today✴ Become the chef of your ownrestaurant! Flaunt the fashion stylist and the makeup artist in youwith your friends NOW!
Complete Astrology & Zodiac Profile Love Horoscope 4.3
Discover what the future holds for you. Get an insight on what toexpect for love, work, well being and good fortune for today,tomorrow, the week or in 2018 with free daily horoscopes app.Follow your zodiac sign and observe horoscopes of friends and lovedones'. Check your daily horoscope, horoscope character as well aszodiac compatibility for Free. Daily Complete Horoscope covers allzodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra,Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Are youcurious to know what your birth date, month and year say about you?Know what your birth colour, flower and tree also have to say aboutyou. We partner with the most experienced astrologers to provideaccurate data and predictions. You can also share some facts aboutyour birth on famous social media mediums like Facebook, Whatsappetc. FEATURES OF COMPLETE ASTROLOGY AND ZODIAC ARE: ♈ Know yourdaily horoscope ♉ Know your zodiac sign and profile ♊ Know yourbirthstone and its significance ♋ Message from your ruling planet ♌Know your zodiac love profile ♍ Know what your birth month, day anddate say about you ♎ Know what your birth time and birth year sayabout you ♏ Know what your birth date says about your love life ♐Get your friendship, Chinese zodiac profile and positives andnegatives about your zodiac sign ♑ Know your zodiac sign traits ♒Know about your birth color, flower and tree in detail ♓ Know whatyour zodiac sign says about your fashion sense The app content isbased on general information about the topics and provides readingaccordingly. They are tailored to traits of a large number ofpeople which share similar birth details. The text has been writtenbased on general assumptions and must not be used as personalizedreadings to take decisions in life but rather more of a guidanceand entertainment tool.
Brain Teasers & Riddles With Answers - Logic & GK 6.2
Brain Teasers & Riddles is a fun app filled with many riddlesand brain teasers for you to challenge and work on yourintelligence and smartness. Now spend your free time playing thisgame which will make you smarter and will keep you engaged andentertained. FEATURES OF RIDDLES AND BRAIN TEASERS APP: ✴ Over5000+ riddles and brain teasers ✴ 2 Rebus Levels ✴ 2 Movies RebusLevels ✴ 6 Riddles and Puzzles Levels ✴ Totally free app. No in-apppurchases ✴ Share to get a hint ✴No internet access required BrainTeasers & Riddles has 10 levels which include 2 rebus puzzlelevels, 2 movies puzzle levels, and 6 riddle levels. There are over5000+ riddles and brain teasers! waiting for you to be solved, sohurry up and Download Now!
Friendship Quotes & Messages - Pictures For Status 5.2
Strengthen your friendship by sharing friendship quotes, friendshipmessages, friendship images to your friends! You can also save theFriendship Quote images on your phone! If you believe thatfriendship is all about sharing and expressing thoughts, then thisFriendship Quotes and Messages app is just perfect for you forsharing friendship quotes and friendship messages with yourfriends! You can select friendship messages from various categoriesincluding- ✲ Friendship Messages ✲ Friendship Sayings ✲ BestFriends Sayings ✲ Friendship Day Messages ✲ Friendship Greetings ✲I am Sorry Messages for Friends ✲ Friendship Thoughts ✲ CuteMessages for Friends FEATURES OF FRIENDSHIP QUOTES AND FRIENDSHIPMESSAGES ARE: ✧ Send free friendship messages ✧ You can share awide range of friendship messages and friendship quotes with yourfriends ✧ You can save and set Birthday cards as wallpapers ✧ Widerange of Birthday messages covered Download the free friendshipquotes and friendship messages app now and start pinging yourfriends!
Love Messages & Love Images - Share Romantic Text 4.8
One way to express love emotionally is to use words that build up.Express love by sharing free love images and love messages withyour better half via Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike, etc.Verbalcompliments or words of appreciation are powerful communicators oflove! Express your feelings with original and free love textmessages and love images. There are hundreds of love messages andlove images that you can share with your girlfriend or boyfriendand express dedication via Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike, etc.FEATURESOF LOVE MESSAGES AND LOVE IMAGES ARE:♡ Send via Whatsapp, Wechat,Line, etc.♡ Save and set love images as love wallpapers ♡ Free withno in-app purchases♡ No need to search online for contentHave funand express your love by sharing free love messages and free loveimages!
My Daily Horoscope Prediction - Fortune Teller App 2.7
Want to know how the cosmos affect your love life, your career orif it is the time to tighten your budget? Get answers to thesequestions and know how your future will be through this free dailyhoroscope app! Get true astrology predictions for today, yesterdayand tomorrow for your zodiac sign! All you have to do is just pickyour zodiac sign and get your free daily horoscope!♈ - AriesHoroscope (March 21 – April 19)♉ - Taurus Horoscope (April 20 – May20)♊ - Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – June 20)♋ - Cancer Horoscope(June 21 – July 22)♌ - Leo Horoscope (July 23 – August 22)♍ - VirgoHoroscope (August 23 – September 22)♎ - Libra Horoscope (September23 – October 22)♏ - Scorpio Horoscope (October 23 – November 21)♐ -Sagittarius Horoscope (November 22 – December 21)♑ - CapricornHoroscope (December 22 – January 19)♒ - Aquarius Horoscope (January20 – February 18)♓ - Pisces Horoscope (February 19 – March20)Feature of Daily Horoscope & 2018 Future are:✴ Free dailyhoroscope for today, yesterday and tomorrow!✴ Very easy to use andprecise✴ Share your daily horoscope with your friends and family onFacebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc✴ Daily horoscope about love, moneyand work for your zodiac sign - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo,Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces✴No in-app purchases✴ Get true astrology predictions and know yourfutureDownload Daily Horoscope & 2018 Future app now andexperience true astrology predictions based on your zodiac sign.
Status, Messages & Poems - Free Quotes & Images 5.5
Share your feelings with your friends and family by sending freeinspirational and motivational status messages and free poems viaWhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, etc. with this app! The main purpose ofmessage is communication. Communicate with your friends and familyby sending free messages and free poems via WhatsApp and expressaffection. FEATURES OF STATUS MESSAGES AND POEMS ARE: ⚝ Free statusmessages and free poems packed for you ⚝ Put inspirational messagesas your Facebook and WhatsApp status ⚝ Get hundreds of free wishes,messages, texts and poems in 100's of categories to send to yourfriends, family or lover ⚝ Share free messages and free poems viaWhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, etc ⚝ Status messages and free poems forevery occasion including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Love,Inspirational, Everyday, etc Download this app and startcommunicating by sending free messages and free poems!
Good Morning Images & Messages for Dp And Status 3.9
Do you need to search daily for free good morning messages and goodmorning images to share with your friends, family members onWhatsApp, Hike, etc.? This is an ideal app for you to browsethrough plenty of good morning messages and good morning wishes andshare them with your friends, family members etc. Via WhatsApp,Facebook, Hike, etc. A sweet good morning message or good morningimage from you to your loved ones, every morning can add positivityin their as well as your life! FEATURES OF GOOD MORNING MESSAGESAND IMAGES ARE: ⍣ Wonderful collection of free good morningmessages, good morning images and good morning wishes ⍣ Send goodmorning images and good morning messages via WhatsApp, Wechat,Line, etc. ⍣ Get good morning messages and good morning images forfree! Download and spread morning happiness with your friends!
Love Tarot Reading Cards - Test Love Compatibility 2.5
How will your love life be? How long will you remain single? Areyou dating the right person? How will your married life be? Why didhe/she break up with you? Find answers to all your love, marriageand breakup queries with Free Tarot Cards.Select a Tarot Card andknow how to "dressup" for romance every day! In Love Tarot Readingall you have to do is choose one option from Love, Marriage andBreakup and pick out a tarot card to get the Free Love TarotReading.FEATURES OF LOVE TAROT READING:♡ Get free love tarotreading without any in – app purchases♡ An ideal app to be used atparties or while hanging out with friends♡ It is easy to get freeLove Tarot Reading♡ Beautifully designed original TarotCardsDownload this Tarot Reading app and get your free Love TarotReading!
Robot War Action - 3D Platformer Fighting Games 1.4
Robot War: 3D Fighting Game is a free 3D platformer game that takesyou to a long lost planet which has been taken over by evilmachines! Its time to wage war against the machines, defeat therobots and take over the planets! This robot game has manychallenges to look out for! With each level the robots become evenmore strong! Get, Set and Go! Get your game, set yourself and startplaying a super duper 3D platformer game!Features of Robot War: 3DFighting Games are:☆ Totally free! No in-app purchases☆ 15action-packed levels☆ Collect coins to increase your score☆ Unlockachievements as you play☆ Amazing graphics and soundeffectsDownload this game and enjoy the 3D platformer game forFREE!
Anime Dress Up Games For Girls - Couple Love Kiss 3.1
Hey, fashionistas! Are you a Manga, Anime and Japanese pop culturefan? If so, this new Anime Dress Up is the perfect game foryou!Choose from tons of different hairstyles, clothes, shoes,accessories that are perfect for an anime dressup!You can choosefrom a variety of anime dress up games includingAnime CollegeCouple dress up gamesAnime Park Romance dress up gamesAnime WeddingKiss dress up gamesAnime Mermaid dress up gamesAnime Kimono dressup gamesAnime Fairy dress up gamesAnime College girl dress upgamesAnime Punk Rocker dress up gamesCreate cool and stylish animelooks with these anime dress up games for FREE!There's a lot moreto do like you can change the fairy's wings, mermaid's tail, punkrocker's guitars and lots more. You can give new hairstyles, mixand match her accessories, shower some bling with jewelry, changeshoes and much more!FEATURES OF ANIME DRESS UP GAMES FOR GIRLSARE:☆ No in-app purchases. Completely FREE!☆ Mix and match withhundreds of unique anime looks☆ Save the final anime look on yourphone or make it your girly anime wallpaper!☆ You can createdifferent anime looks for your girl friends and set as display picsin their contact details on your phoneSo call your friends over,start playing this cool anime dressup game and have fun! Enjoy theamazing experience.
26 Ultimate Dress Up - Free Fashion Game For Girls 1.2
Girls, love dress up games? This is an ultimate dress up challengefor girls with 26 different levels including cowgirl, club, luau,beach, office, college, emo, princess, red carpet, punk, warrior,winter, gym, bride, etc. Lots of accessories and dresses to playwith including hairstyles, tops, purses, jewelry, shoes, bags,sunglasses, etc.To clear a level, score a minimum number of pointsby creating the perfect dressup look!FEATURES OF DRESS UP GAME FORGIRLS ARE:⍣ Totally free. No in-app purchases⍣ 26 challenginglevels to unlock⍣ Save the finished dress up looks on your phoneand set it as your girly wallpaper!So girls, undertake the ultimatedress up challenge with 26 dress up games in one!
Fool Moon Puzzle Platformer - Free Challenge Game 1.0
Fool Moon is a challenging platform game, with 25 intense levels.Guide the Fool Moon through the twists and turns in the game andhelp him find his way back home. The Moon's foolishness, along withthe tricky levels, makes this game more exciting and engaging. Testyour gaming skills as the game progresses, because every level isas tricky as it can get! So rack your brains and find your wayout!FEATURES OF FOOL MOON – PUZZLE TRANSFORMER:✎ 25 ChallengingLevels✎ Innovative Game Mechanics✎ Moon's Funny Expressions✎ TrickyPuzzles✎ Test Your Gaming SkillsGet ready for the most exciting andchallenging game!
Poems For All Occasions - Love, Family & Friends 6.8
Looking for FREE beautiful poems, sayings, quotes to share withyour friends, family and your loved ones? Read and share with theseapp- Unique, original poems for all occasions! Features of Poems -Love, Family, Friends are: ✴ Hundreds of free poems to share withfriends, family and loved ones via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.Spread your love easily with our huge collection of special poems.✴ No need to surf online for content to share your feelings withyour loved ones. ✴ Choose from our huge collection of poems in over20+ FREE categories. ☆ Wish Happy Birthday ☆ Graduation ☆ Farewell☆ Romantic Love Poems ☆ Romantic Valentine's Day Poems ☆ Christmas☆ Happy New Year ☆ Happy Easter ☆ Halloween Greetings ☆Thanksgiving Greetings ☆ Friendship Poems ☆ Good Morning Poems ☆Good Night Poems ☆ Wish Good Luck ☆ Happy Anniversary ☆ Weddingwishes ☆ New born Baby Poems ☆ Baby shower Poems ☆ Baby boy Poems ☆Baby girl Poems ☆ Missing You ☆ Say Sorry ☆ Sympathy ☆ Wish GetWell Soon ☆ For lovely moms on Mother's Day ☆ For great fathers onFather's Day ☆ Special women on Women's Day ☆ For all celebrations,festivals & occasions Download and send FREE poems, sayings,quotes via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc and show your friends,family and loved ones that you care for them with beautiful poems!
Play Fun Cricket Spin Bowling - Free Bat Ball Game 1.1
Are you bored of playing the traditional cricket game Here'ssomething new to be explored! Play the all new space cricket gamefor free! Play free cricket game in the outer space and blast theplanets and asteroids with various balls! The more planets andasteroids you destroy, the more runs you will score in this cricketgame! As a batsman, you will have to face over 17 tricky balls! Allyou have to save yourself is from getting bowled!FEATURES OF SPACECRICKET GAME ARE:⚝ Play the space cricket game for free⚝ Over 17interesting balls, each does something different⚝ Achievemilestones to unlock different balls⚝ Cool graphics andmusicDownload this cricket game and play free cricket in space!
3D Fun Learning Toy Train Game For Kids & Toddlers 2.4
Timpy Toy Train is an interactive 3D game which lets the kidsexplore the town in a toy train.Kids can control the speed of thetoy train, pick up passengers from the station and drop them off totheir destination, pick up goods from one place and drop off toanother. The 3D Toy Train Game is very interactive. It includesactivities that keep the kids engaging and is perfect for kidsbetween 2 and 5 years.FEATURES OF TIMPY TOY TRAIN:✢ Interactiveelements throughout the app ✢ Speed of the toy train can be changedWhat are you waiting for? Explore the town with your little one ina toy train and get engaged with the interactive activities!
Infinite Endless Runner Ball Game - Blink & Miss 1.1
Blink and miss is an endless runner gameDownload this endlessrunner game, test how far you can go and also challenge yourfriends!
ABC Alphabet Flash Cards - Free Animated Kids Game 1.4
Like no other app, ABC Flash Cards brings you animated interactivealphabets from A to Z. Every alphabet has unique interactiveanimations, characters and sounds to keep a child hooked. Learningwith endless joy is possible for the little kid. Your child willlove this app.Features:* Different background music and scene forevery letter.* Unique animations in every scene.* Sounds for everycharacter.* Very easy to use interface.* Free ABC Flash Cards
3D Kids Trucks & Bull dozers 1.7
3D Truck game for kids is an action -packed and a free truck game with truck missions tocomplete. Kids have to execute various jobs like lifting and movingthings, finding their way through the town in a 3D truck, pushingthings with the bulldozer, building roads, etc.FEATURES OF 3D TRUCK GAME FOR KIDS:✎ Totally free. No in-app purchases✎ Numerous exciting truck missions to complete✎ Very easy to learn and playDownload this free truck game and have fun.
Good Night Wishes: Collection of Messages & Images 2.2
Sweet and cute Goodnight images to send to your loved ones. Sendgood night images to your friends and family.Goodnight images withgood night messages are the perfect way to end the day. Send thesegood night images to the special people in your life.* Save thegoodnight images* Share them with your friends* Mark your favoriteimages
Play With Robots - Free 3D Educational Kids Game 1.7
Welcome to Timpy Robots! Once you pick your favorite robot, you canenter a fun-filled and adventurous journey with it! The TimpyRobots arena is full of objects to be bumped into, run over andpushed around. You can bump into some stacked blocks or somemelodic xylophones ready to be played as the robots move over them.There are even some wonderful collectibles waiting for you alongthe way! You can also play with the springs, hammers and slingshotswhich turn this game into a fun challenge! Your favorite robot willtake you to some amazing places. This game is not only interestingfor kids, but it is also highly educational!Here are the fourrobots you can choose from:> > Roller Guide the Roller to allthe corners of the arena and watch it trace its path. You canselect from a wide variety of colors for the tracing!> >Speedy Speedy is the fastest robot you've ever seen! Drag it to anylocation you want and it will speed to that spot in no time withlightning speed.> > Object-ThrowerPress the button on thescreen while this robot is moving and it will throw random objectslike cones, spheres, pyramids, cylinders and blocks along the way!Our Object-Thrower just loves bumping into different objects. >> Color-ShooterIf you tap this robot while it's cruising aroundthe arena, it will shoot out a color and the entire arena surfacewill get painted!Timpy Robot is absolutely free and perfect fortoddlers below 5 years of age. Download it today and let your childenjoy the unending fun!
Inspirational Life Lesson Quotes, Messages, Status 2.2
"What is a life full of care? You have no time to stand and stare"-William Henry Davis Get amazing inspirational and motivationalquotes to share with your friends, family and loved ones. HeartTouching Life Quotes is the best to convey messages you want withtext on photos with the beautiful natural background. Findinspirational quotes and status collection of over 3000+hand-picked quotes from more than 200 people. It contains sayingsfrom philosophers, writers, spiritual thinkers and other greatminds whose brilliant words inspired many human beings. Read it foryourself, download it now and get motivated every day! Do you needsome morning inspiration? Do you need something to inspire yourfriends, family or beloved? Or... are you lost.. in this sea oflife..? This app consists of a pool of inspirational &motivational life quotes. A collection of powerful life-changingquotes with pictures and life experience sayings & lessons inimages from people who have researched life experiences. Find yourwill to keep climbing with these motivational quotes and share withyour friends or your family the best inspirational quotescollection by famous authors, experts on success, goals, life,leadership. Get motivated by motivational ideas. Life can becomplicated. It can be simple. It can be happy or sad. Experiencelife in all possible ways good, bad, bitter, sweet, dark, light,summer & winter with these amazing life lessons andInspirational Thoughts that teach us something about ourselves fromsimply living the experience. Motivational quotes and life lessonshave been compiled in a way that almost all categories are covered.The best part of our application is that we have attractive imagesand graphics which will keep you hooked to look for moreinspirational quotes and messages. Features of Life Quotes &Messages ✓ Share Life quotes & messages with your family andfriends on WhatsApp & Facebook ✓ Star your favorite quotes andimages ✓ Wide range of Life quotes and messages ✓ Totally free andeasy to use "You only live once, but if you do it right, once isenough"- Mae West
3D Space Robots Free Kids Game 1.2
Welcome to Timpy Robots in Space! The best 3Drobot game app for kids is here! Pick your most loved robot andenjoy the majestic view of interstellar beauty as you cruise alongthe track laid out in open space.Timpy Robots travel in space! Control the speed of your robot andpress the on-screen button for surprises! Ride around in space,where the tracks are made of rainbow or can be colored by therobots, and where there are planets and stars orbiting around you!The planets have rainbows for rings, huge cars and trains ride onthem, and there are animals in spacesuit orbiting the planets!Don't forget to cherish giant watermelons and strawberries alongyour journey!Here are the three robots to work out this magic for you:> > RollerWatch the Roller cruising through space and trace its path. Youcan select from a variety of colors for the tracing, be it a singlecolor or a multi color band.> > SpeedySpeedy is the fastest robot you've got! Watch it speeding tothrough space in no time with lightening speed.> > Object-ThrowerPress the button on the screen while this robot is moving andwatch it throw random objects along the way like cones, spheres,pyramids, cylinders and blocks. As if the objects already presentin space were not enough! But our Object-Thrower just loves bumpinginto them.What makes this game come alive is the 360 degrees camera viewthat makes this game an absolute delight.Features:* This app is totally free.* 360 degree camera viewTimpy Robots in Space is absolutely free and apt for toddlersbelow 5 years of age. Download this kids train game today and setyour child's imagination free!
Learn Shapes - 3D Train Game For Kids & Toddlers 1.3
As babies grow into curious toddlers and preschoolers, it is anatural impulse for parents to begin teaching specific conceptsthroughout their daily routine. Where do most parents start? Amajority of parents will begin by teaching their kids the basicshapes. This is a perfect starting point, but have you ever givenany thought as to why your kids need to know this stuff? Knowledgeof shapes can be used to describe the environment and possessions,to teach the concepts of “same” and “different.” After learningshapes, children can start to group objects together, which willbecome an invaluable part of learning how to count, add, andsubtract. Being able to identify differences and similarities alsoincreases analytical skills. Learning shapes can help a childunderstand numbers, as counting plays an important part inidentifying the number of sides a shape has. If your child is readyto get their best start, here's the best app! Features:*Free ofcost*Totally ad-free*Learn different shapes Get it downloaded andbegin shaping the minds of your children!
Row Your Boat 3D - Free Kids Nursery Rhyme & Poem 1.4
The classic and popular nursery rhyme 'Row Your Boat' is now in 3D!This app offers an amazing experience of discovering an interestingwater world packed with surprises. Not only is this app fun to playwith, but it also has great educational value!So let's get into theboat and take an adventure along the small stream! Sing along andenjoy!Row, row, row your boat,Gently down the stream.Merrily,merrily, merrily, merrily,Life is but a dream.Features:*It'stotally FREE of cost*360 degree camera view*Colorful illustrations& animations*Great music & sound effects*Easy to use andnavigate for kids of all agesDownload it NOW and have an excitingadventure!
3D Piano and Drums Kids Music 1.3
3D PIANO and DRUMS Kids Game allows your kidsto enjoy the beats of drums and melodies of pianos! With backgroundmusic and the animals dancing on the stage, kids can switch betweenthe animals(cow, horse, pig, sheep, bull) on the stage and rotatethe stage to have a 360 degree view!There are two modes in this music game for kids:DRUM MODEKids can tap on the colored drums, rotate the stage, switch betweendifferent animals(cow, horse, pig, sheep, bull)on the stage, andcan see animals in a 360 degree view!PIANO MODEKids can tap on the piano keys, rotate the stage, change thecharacter on the stage to different animals (cow, horse, pig,sheep, bull), and can see the animals in a 360 degree view!FEATURES OF 3D PIANO AND DRUMS KIDS GAME:⍟ No ads and free of cost⍟ Interactive game for kids with interesting sounds⍟ Kids can listen to the beats of drums and melodies and havefun!Looking for an app for kids to explore the world of music?Download it now to let your kids play music and have fun!
Learn Numbers 1 to 10 For Toddlers - 3D Train Game 1.5
Number Train is a simple 1 to 10 number learning app that helpskids to easily learn numbers as they travel with the train. Thetrain halts at each number and kids can see the the same number ofobjects around! In this interactive and educational game, kids canalso tap on the objects and hear interesting sounds. This app makesnumber learning much more interesting for early learners. Withvibrant and entertaining graphics, kids will never bebored!Features of number train are:* Learn numbers for FREE!*Interactive with on-tap sounds* Learn numbers with fun objects!*Entertaining visuals and animationsSo what are you waiting for?Number learning just became so much more enjoyable! Download now!
Old MacDonald Had A Farm - Toddler Nursery Rhyme 1.2
Old MacDonald had a Farm is a popular nursery rhyme app with funnyinteractive animations and sounds and an absolute delight for kidswhich will keep your child engaged! Old MacDonald's farm featuresvarious interactive elements like Cows, Ducks, Dogs, cats and pigs,trees, etc. Watch your kids have fun when they tap on variousanimals in the farm including cows, pigs, dogs, cats andducks.FEATURES OF OLD MAC DONALD HAD A FARM ARE:🌟 Kids will havefun laughing and smiling at the funny characters🌟 Lots of surpriseswith animations, sounds of animals, and interactions🌟 Kids willlearn a popular nursery rhyme and enjoy at the same time🌟 Enjoy thenursery rhyme for freeGet the 3D Nursery Rhyme - Old MacDonald hada Farm for your kids now!
Happy Birthday Wishes - Status, Greetings & Images 2.3
A birthday is always a special day for anyone. Make it morebeautiful and special for your loved ones by sending good andthoughtful happy birthday wishes. Find heart warming and cutebirthday wishes for everyone. Happy Birthday Wishes app has lots ofbirthday images and messages to choose from. Send special birthdaymessages and images to your family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend,husband, wife or anyone else. Features of Happy Birthday Wishes appare: ☆ Huge Collection: Get lots of birthday wishes in the form ofbirthday images or text ☆ Easy to Download: Download birthdayimages on your phone ☆ Add to Favorites: A favorites section tosave Happy birthday images and wishes for later use ☆ Easy toShare: Share birthday messages & images via WhatsApp, Hike,WeChat, Google Hangouts, E-mail, etc ☆Totally FREE without any in-app purchases Perfect forsending birthday wishes to someone when you can't think of words.Send Happy Birthday wishes with lovely messages to your mom, dad,sister, brother, boss, friends, grandparents and more. Get thisbeautiful Happy Birthday Wishes app now for FREE!
Learn Farm Animal Sounds - Safari Game For Kids 1.1
Learn Farm Animal Sounds is a unique animal sounds learning app forkids which encourages children to learn the names of variousdomestic animals. What makes it exciting is that you can hear therespective sounds of animals on tapping them! Kids can learn thenames and listen to the sounds of various domestic animalsincluding rabbit, horse, cow, sheep, pig and duck.Learn Farm AnimalSounds provides hours of fun as children begin to learn thedomestic animal sounds and names. It's the perfect combination ofbeing educational and so very fun! If you are a parent searchingfor an application for your child to learn animal sounds and animalnames, this application is the ideal one for you!FEATURES OF FARMANIMAL SOUNDS GAME ARE:* Tap to hear and learn sounds of domesticanimals* Learn domestic animal names and sounds for free* Colorfuland innovative graphics to entertain your little ones.Download nowso your kids can enjoy the Animal Sounds Learning app!
Itsy Bitsy Spider - Best 3D Nursery Rhyme & Poem 1.2
The 3D version of the famous nursery rhyme 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' ishere! Follow the cute little green spider as he climbs up the waterspout, gets washed out and climbs up the water spout all overagain!Features:Great music and song that you can sing alongwith!Colorful environment to catch your attentionCute characters tokeep you entertained!This app is FREE!Get your child (aged 5 andunder) acquainted with one of the most popular nursery rhymes ever!Download now!
Timpy Color The Alphabets 1.0
Follow the journey of Timpy robot as youhelphim paint all the letters of the alphabet in different colors!Thisapp makes learning about the alphabets really fun! Not onlythis,your child can also learn the names of different objects fromA toZ! Right from A for apple to Z for zebra!Features:- This app is completely FREE!- 360 degree camera view- Colorful and vibrant environment- Educational contentLearning ABCs is great fun with Timpy robot! Download this appforyour little one right now!
Learn Colors In Space For Kids 1.3
Learning about colors has never been sointeresting! With this interactive 3D space game, you can learnabout all the basic colors as you travel across the universe in a3D spaceship. Enjoy and learn about colors in a colorful animatedenvironment!Features:- Learn about colors for free!- 360 degree camera view- Ideal for toddlers and preschoolersDownload now and have fun!
Learn Colors - 3D Train Game For Preschool Kids 1.7
Color train is a super fun game which makes color learning evenmore interesting for kids! This color train game will introduceyour toddler to a whole new world of amazing colors. After playingwith this game, your toddler will easily name various colors, andto associate them with different objects like fruits and animals.Features of Color Train are: - Learn colors for free!- Simple andeasy game interface. Toddlers will be able to play it on their owncomfortably.Download the color train app now and watch as yourtoddler learns the different colors in a fun way!
Learn Animals Train For Kids 1.2
Board the train and get ready for an AmazingAnimal Train Safari! This colourful app teaches babies and toddlersabout animals they normally see in the zoo. Children can tap whatthey see and listen to the various animal sounds and also learn thedifferent animal names like Elephant, Lion, Wolf, Crocodile,etc.Children will love the adorable illustrations and realistic animalsounds in this Animal Safari Train. The user interface is designedspecially for 1 to 3 year old kids. If your baby or toddler lovesanimals and trains, this is an ideal app for them!FEATURES OF ANIMAL SAFARI TRAIN ARE:✎ Listen to Animal Sounds on tapping✎ Free Animal Recognition✎ Motivating app to learn and get introduced to various animalslike Boar, Stag, Wolf, Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Zebra, Hippo,Crocodile, Bear and Fox.Get the Animal Safari Train app and have a fun-filled animalsafari!
Mother Dress Up & Makeover - Free Baby Girl Games 2.1
Hey, Little fashionistas! It’s time to help the mommy and baby getready for a fun day! Mix and match from tons of trendy hairstyles,high fashion dresses, glitter shoes, funky clothing, bling jewelryand other cool accessories! Be a super stylist. Give a makeover tothe mommy and the baby. Choose from:❤ Christmas party dress up❤Queen dress up❤ Fun Party dress upFEATURES OF MOTHER DRESS UP ANDMAKEOVER ARE:★ No in-app purchases. Completely FREE!★ High qualitygraphics ★ Save the final look on your phone or make it your girlywallpaper★ Create different mom and daughter dressup looks withhundreds of different looks possible!★ Lots of hairstyles, dresses,shoes, clothing, jewelry and other accessories and options tochoose from!So call your friends over, start playing this cooldressup game and have fun! Enjoy the amazing experience. DownloadNow!
Free Daily Horoscope Reading - Zodiac Profile 2018 4.2
Use your daily horoscope to plan your day. With daily horoscopestay prepared for the transitions in life, problems to face. Also,know what things will work for you this free and accurate horoscopereading. Just choose your zodiac sign from amongst the differentsun signs: ♈ Aries ♉ Taurus ♊ Gemini ♋ Cancer ♌ Leo ♍ Virgo ♎ Libra♏ Scorpio ♐ Sagittarius ♑ Capricorn ♒ Aquarius ♓ Pisces FEATURES OFDAILY ZODIAC HOROSCOPE ARE: ❂ Free Daily Horoscope 2018: Get yourzodiac horoscope on love, work, money & more for yesterday,today and tomorrow ❂ Get your complete astrological profile: Knowyour astrological Symbol, Element, Ruling Planet, Love Life,Qualities based on your sun sign, Lucky Color, Lucky Stone, LuckyDay, Lucky Number and more ❂ Get your compatibility: Understandyour perfect match with our zodiac compatibility analysis ❂ Sharefree daily horoscope results with your friends and family onFacebook, WhatsApp, etc Choose your zodiac sign – Aries, Taurus,Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn,Aquarius or Pisces and get complete astrological predictions everyday for free. Download this free daily horoscope today!
5000+ Trivia Games & Quizzes 2.4
Do you love to take challenges? Do you feel that you are thesmartest amonst all? Then this app is a great fit for you. Have funtesting your expertise with this general knowledge quiz! Containsthousands of questions from various categories. Trivia Quiz Game isflooded with thousands of Trivia Quiz questions in around 40categories. Choose the category of your choice and ace it! Put inmore efforts and try to answer every question quickly to receivebonus points and unlock achievements as you progress further inthis Trivia Game! This quiz gives you general knowledge questions.The questions are hand-selected and are designed to test a widerange of your general knowledge. Get a unique range of question,answer them and win! Play fun quiz game and show your family andfriends your intelligence. Trivia Quiz Game is a fun andchallenging multiple choice Quiz/Trivia/GK and it's totally free.You can find different topics, so you won’t have to worry aboutever running out of trivia to test your general knowledge(GK) on.So, How many questions can you solve? Be your best by solving thehardest and fun quiz games. Test your knowledge FEATURES OF TRIVIAQUIZ GAME ARE: ✎ More than 5000 questions ✎ Over 40 categories ✎Receive bonus points for all the questions you answer quickly ✎Unlock achievements as you play further ✎ Play this Trivia Game forfree! So what are you waiting for download this game NOW!
Wedding Dress Up Games - Free Bridal Look Makeover 3.1
The wedding day is one of the most important events in a girl'slife, don't you agree, girls? This is why it is important for yougirls to start looking for the bridal look of your dreams fromtime. This game is meant to help you put together the perfect lookfor your perfect wedding day. Begin by playing the Wedding Dress UpGame, feel free to choose a gorgeous wedding dress that willcomplete your stunning bridal look! Dress up the bride for herwedding with this cool wedding dress up game!FEATURES OF WEDDINGDRESS UP GAME:🌟 Dress up the bride for free🌟 Pick up a bridalwedding look for Fairy Wedding, Beach Wedding, Indian Wedding,Chinese Wedding, Stone Age Wedding🌟 Dress up the bride by selectingfrom a variety of wedding dresses, jewelry, Biedermeier flowers,crown designs, gloves, veil designs and hairstyles!
True Friendship Poems & Cards: Pictures For Status 4.1
Does reading a Friendship Quote melt your heart? Does thinkingabout your friends brings back the fondest of memories? Then whywait for tomorrow to send your friends a sweet message? Send cuteFriendship Poems and Friendship Cards to your friends to expressyour gratitude and love. There are hundreds of free friendshippoems including Happy Birthday verses too! FEATURES OF FRIENDSHIPPOEMS AND CARDS ARE: ✎ Send free friendship cards and friendshippoems ✎ Send via text, SMS, Whatsapp or other chat apps likeWeChat, Line, etc. Or share on Facebook, Twitter or email them ✎ Noneed to search online for content Start sending cute friendshippoems and friendship cards to your friends and express gratitude!
Best Friends Dressup for Girls - Free BFF Fashion 2.8
Dress up these Best Friends for free in fun outfits for variousocasions by choosing from a variety of hairstyles, dresses,jewelry, shoes and other accessories. Different best friend dressup games include dressups for Winter, Selfie, Park, Retro,Bridesmaid, Shopping, Party, Mermaids, Emo Girls and Fairies. Dressup best friends for free without any in - app purchases!FEATURES OFBEST FRIENDS DRESSUP GAME ARE:✨ Create multiple best friendsdressup looks for free✨ 10 fun, free dress up games which includeWinter, Selfie, Park, Retro, Bridesmaid, Shopping, Party, Mermaids,Emo Girls and Fairies✨ Create different best friends dressup looksfor your girl friends and keep them as display pics for theircontact details on your phone✨ Save the final best friends dressuplook on your phone and set it as your wallpaper!✨ Dress up bestfriends for free without any in - app purchasesCurious to see howyou look with your Best Friend? Download this app and have fundressing up best friends and unleash your creativity!
Cute Romantic Love Images, Poems & Quotes free 2.0
Love is in the air! Share romantic and passionate messages alongwith beautiful images to let someone know how much you love them.Filled with lovely quotes, short poems, and sayings, this app isperfect to make your significant other feel extra special. You caneasily share these wonderful images online as a status update or asa message to your special someone! These love images are guaranteedto touch your heart.Features:- Over 1000 Love images- Share themvia Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc.- Save your favorite images-Save images on your phone
3D Train Engine Driving Game For Kids & Toddlers 1.5
Are you ready to take an adventurous train ride with our 3D traindriving game for kids? Start this thrilling train ride across ourfantasy land to enjoy the colorful and attractive views with yoursmall & cute toddlers.We know very well, how much kids love toplay with cars and trains in this age, also they always want to bein the driver's seat. Well, we got this wish fulfilled for you withour amazing train engine driving game for your kids.As you drivethis train, your kids will be amazed to see colorful hot airballoons and deep tunnels in our fantasy land, where there are cuteanimals and snowman dancing everywhere in the snow. The tall &huge rocky mountains and colorful ice cream cones floating inmid-air will bring a smile on your kid's face. Also, ride slowly asyou climb these mountains up as you are carrying passengers in thecoach. Join us for this magical train ride with 3D train drivinggame for kids.An attractive feature of this game is that it is in3D, so your kids will be definitely hooked into this game! Thecontrols of this game are made simpler specially designed keepingkids in mind.How to play 3D Train driving game for kids:🚄 Drive thetrain on the track with passengers traveling in it.🚄 Increase &decrease speed as per the route ahead.🚄 Honk for clearpassage.Characteristics of 3D Train driving game for kids:🚄Eye-catching and colorful 3D graphics.🚄 Thrilling train ride wherethe track is laid over our imaginative land to fascinate yourkids.🚄 This app is totally free and suitable for toddlers below 5years.🚄 360 Degree camera view.
Popular Nursery Rhymes & Songs For Preschool Kids 1.1
Dance and sing along to popular Nursery Rhymes.With interactiveanimations, catchy music and cute characters, these popular NurseryRhymes are fun and educational for your child!4 Popular NurseryRhymes: Hey Diddle Diddle, Mary Had a Little Lamb, One Two ThreeFour Five and Row Row Row Your Boat.Nursery Rhymes are educationaland fun. They teach kids their first sounds, words, actions and arereally important for their overall development.Download PopularNursery Rhymes & Songs now for your kid and help them learnthrough play.