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Animated ABC Alphabet For Kids 1.4
Like no other app, Animated ABC Alphabetappbrings you animated interactive alphabets from A to Z.Everyalphabet has unique interactive animations, characters andsoundsto keep a child hooked. Learning with endless joy is possibleforthe little kid. Your child will love this app.Features:* Different background music and scene for every letter.* Unique animations in every scene.* Sounds for every character.* Very easy to use interface.* This app is totally free.
3D Kids Trucks & Bull dozers 1.7
3D Truck game for kids is an action -packed and a free truck game with truck missions tocomplete. Kids have to execute various jobs like lifting and movingthings, finding their way through the town in a 3D truck, pushingthings with the bulldozer, building roads, etc.FEATURES OF 3D TRUCK GAME FOR KIDS:✎ Totally free. No in-app purchases✎ Numerous exciting truck missions to complete✎ Very easy to learn and playDownload this free truck game and have fun.
Good Night Wishes: Collection of Messages & Images 2.3
This app gives you the world's best collection of good nightmessages, quotes and beautiful images to select from. Send theselovely and romantic love messages and images to your girlfriend,boyfriend, husband and wife. Amazing goodnight messages to sharewith your friends, family and loved ones for FREE. A greatcollection of good night images, quotes, sayings, wishes,greetings. Sweet and cute goodnight images to send to your lovedones. Send good night images to your friends and family. A sweettext or image from you to your special ones every night can addpositivism in their as well as your life. Therefore we havecollected the best, cute and romantic good night quotes withpictures for you. App functionality includes text quotes a versegood night on the stunning picture contrast at the highest level.Wallpaper a good night for lovers, friends, family, and everyoneyou love and best wishes. Good Night Wishes app provideinspirational good night messages, looking for motivational quotes. “Before you go to sleep, do not forget to say thanks foreverything good that has happened to you in the last 24 hours. I amthankful at the moment for you.” Read it and share the post withyour friends on WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Goodnight photos with goodnight messages are the perfect way to end the day. Send these goodnight images to the special people in your life. * Save thegoodnight images * Share them with your friends * Mark yourfavorite images Download Now and make your loved ones fall asleepwith a cute goodnight message and image!
Timpy Robots- 3D Game for Kids 1.7
Welcome to Timpy Robots! The best robot gamefor kids is here! Pick your most loved robot and drag it through afun-filled adventurous journey.The Timpy Robots arena is full of objects to be bumped into, runover and pushed around. Be it walls made of stacked blocks, ormelodic xylophones ready to be played as the robots move over them,or be it fun collectibles waiting along the way, this arena hasmuch excitement to offer. Not to mention the springs, hammers andslingshots which could be a challenge to navigate through but acomplete delight nonetheless! Be it flat surface or slides orwedges, your journey is not going to be a monotonous one. Oh, andjump into a portal and watch your robot getting teleported acrossthe arena!Here are the four robots to work out this magic for you:> > RollerGuide the Roller to all the corners of the arena and watch ittrace its path. You can select from a variety of colors for thetracing, be it a single color or a multi color band.> > SpeedySpeedy is the fastest robot you've got! Drag it to whateverlocation you want and watch it speeding to that spot in no timewith a lightening speed.> > Object-ThrowerPress the button on the screen while this robot is moving andwatch it throw random objects along the way like cones, spheres,pyramids, cylinders and blocks. As if the objects already presentin the arena were not enough! But our Object-Thrower just lovesbumping into them.> > Color-ShooterTap this robot while its cruising along to shoot color on theground and watch the entire arena surface getting painted.Timpy Robot is absolutely free and apt for toddlers below 5years of age. Download it today and let your child enjoy theunending fun.
Inspirational Life Lesson Quotes, Messages, Status 2.5
"What is a life full of care? You have no time to stand and stare"-William Henry Davis Get amazing inspirational and motivationalquotes to share with your friends, family and loved ones. HeartTouching Life Quotes is the best to convey messages you want withtext on photos with the beautiful natural background. Findinspirational quotes and status collection of over 3000+hand-picked quotes from more than 200 people. It contains sayingsfrom philosophers, writers, spiritual thinkers and other greatminds whose brilliant words inspired many human beings. Read it foryourself, download it now and get motivated every day! Do you needsome morning inspiration? Do you need something to inspire yourfriends, family or beloved? Or... are you lost.. in this sea oflife..? This app consists of a pool of inspirational &motivational life quotes. A collection of powerful life-changingquotes with pictures and life experience sayings & lessons inimages from people who have researched life experiences. Find yourwill to keep climbing with these motivational quotes and share withyour friends or your family the best inspirational quotescollection by famous authors, experts on success, goals, life,leadership. Get motivated by motivational ideas. Life can becomplicated. It can be simple. It can be happy or sad. Experiencelife in all possible ways good, bad, bitter, sweet, dark, light,summer & winter with these amazing life lessons andInspirational Thoughts that teach us something about ourselves fromsimply living the experience. Motivational quotes and life lessonshave been compiled in a way that almost all categories are covered.The best part of our application is that we have attractive imagesand graphics which will keep you hooked to look for moreinspirational quotes and messages. Features of Life Quotes &Messages ✓ Share Life quotes & messages with your family andfriends on WhatsApp & Facebook ✓ Star your favorite quotes andimages ✓ Wide range of Life quotes and messages ✓ Totally free andeasy to use "You only live once, but if you do it right, once isenough"- Mae West
3D Space Robots Free Kids Game 1.2
Welcome to Timpy Robots in Space! The best 3Drobot game app for kids is here! Pick your most loved robot andenjoy the majestic view of interstellar beauty as you cruise alongthe track laid out in open space.Timpy Robots travel in space! Control the speed of your robot andpress the on-screen button for surprises! Ride around in space,where the tracks are made of rainbow or can be colored by therobots, and where there are planets and stars orbiting around you!The planets have rainbows for rings, huge cars and trains ride onthem, and there are animals in spacesuit orbiting the planets!Don't forget to cherish giant watermelons and strawberries alongyour journey!Here are the three robots to work out this magic for you:> > RollerWatch the Roller cruising through space and trace its path. Youcan select from a variety of colors for the tracing, be it a singlecolor or a multi color band.> > SpeedySpeedy is the fastest robot you've got! Watch it speeding tothrough space in no time with lightening speed.> > Object-ThrowerPress the button on the screen while this robot is moving andwatch it throw random objects along the way like cones, spheres,pyramids, cylinders and blocks. As if the objects already presentin space were not enough! But our Object-Thrower just loves bumpinginto them.What makes this game come alive is the 360 degrees camera viewthat makes this game an absolute delight.Features:* This app is totally free.* 360 degree camera viewTimpy Robots in Space is absolutely free and apt for toddlersbelow 5 years of age. Download this kids train game today and setyour child's imagination free!
3D Piano and Drums Kids Music 1.3
3D PIANO and DRUMS Kids Game allows your kidsto enjoy the beats of drums and melodies of pianos! With backgroundmusic and the animals dancing on the stage, kids can switch betweenthe animals(cow, horse, pig, sheep, bull) on the stage and rotatethe stage to have a 360 degree view!There are two modes in this music game for kids:DRUM MODEKids can tap on the colored drums, rotate the stage, switch betweendifferent animals(cow, horse, pig, sheep, bull)on the stage, andcan see animals in a 360 degree view!PIANO MODEKids can tap on the piano keys, rotate the stage, change thecharacter on the stage to different animals (cow, horse, pig,sheep, bull), and can see the animals in a 360 degree view!FEATURES OF 3D PIANO AND DRUMS KIDS GAME:⍟ No ads and free of cost⍟ Interactive game for kids with interesting sounds⍟ Kids can listen to the beats of drums and melodies and havefun!Looking for an app for kids to explore the world of music?Download it now to let your kids play music and have fun!
Learn Animal Sounds Safari 1.1
Learn Animal Sounds Safari is a powerfulanimal sounds learning tool for kids which encourages children tolearn the names of various domestic animals and also their soundson tapping. Kids can learn the names and listen to the sounds ofvarious domestic animals including rabbit, horse, cow, sheep, pigand duck.Learn Animal Sounds Safari provides hours of fun as childrenbegin to learn the domestic animal sounds and names. If you are aparent searching for an application for your child to learn animalsounds and animal names, this application proves to be an ideal onefor you!FEATURES OF ANIMAL SOUNDS SAFARI GAME ARE:✰ Tap to hear and learn sounds of domestic animals✰ Learn domestic animal names and sounds for freeDownload now for your kids to enjoy the Animal Sounds Learningapp!
Itsy Bitsy Spider 3D Rhyme 1.2
The 3D version of the famous nursery rhyme'Itsy Bitsy Spider' is here! Follow the cute little green spider ashe climbs up the water spout, gets washed out and climbs up thewater spout all over again!Features:Great music and song that you can sing along with!Colorful environment to catch your attentionCute characters to keep you entertained!This app is FREE!Get your child (aged 5 and under) acquainted with one of themost popular nursery rhymes ever! Download now!
Timpy Color The Alphabets 1.0
Follow the journey of Timpy robot as youhelphim paint all the letters of the alphabet in different colors!Thisapp makes learning about the alphabets really fun! Not onlythis,your child can also learn the names of different objects fromA toZ! Right from A for apple to Z for zebra!Features:- This app is completely FREE!- 360 degree camera view- Colorful and vibrant environment- Educational contentLearning ABCs is great fun with Timpy robot! Download this appforyour little one right now!
Learn Colors In Space For Kids 1.3
Learning about colors has never been sointeresting! With this interactive 3D space game, you can learnabout all the basic colors as you travel across the universe in a3D spaceship. Enjoy and learn about colors in a colorful animatedenvironment!Features:- Learn about colors for free!- 360 degree camera view- Ideal for toddlers and preschoolersDownload now and have fun!
Learn Animals Train For Kids 1.2
Board the train and get ready for an AmazingAnimal Train Safari! This colourful app teaches babies and toddlersabout animals they normally see in the zoo. Children can tap whatthey see and listen to the various animal sounds and also learn thedifferent animal names like Elephant, Lion, Wolf, Crocodile,etc.Children will love the adorable illustrations and realistic animalsounds in this Animal Safari Train. The user interface is designedspecially for 1 to 3 year old kids. If your baby or toddler lovesanimals and trains, this is an ideal app for them!FEATURES OF ANIMAL SAFARI TRAIN ARE:✎ Listen to Animal Sounds on tapping✎ Free Animal Recognition✎ Motivating app to learn and get introduced to various animalslike Boar, Stag, Wolf, Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Zebra, Hippo,Crocodile, Bear and Fox.Get the Animal Safari Train app and have a fun-filled animalsafari!
Mother Dress Up & Makeover - Free Baby Girl Games 2.1
Hey, Little fashionistas! It’s time to help the mommy and baby getready for a fun day! Mix and match from tons of trendy hairstyles,high fashion dresses, glitter shoes, funky clothing, bling jewelryand other cool accessories! Be a super stylist. Give a makeover tothe mommy and the baby. Choose from: ❤ Christmas party dress up ❤Queen dress up ❤ Fun Party dress up FEATURES OF MOTHER DRESS UP ANDMAKEOVER ARE: ★ No in-app purchases. Completely FREE! ★ Highquality graphics ★ Save the final look on your phone or make ityour girly wallpaper ★ Create different mom and daughter dressuplooks with hundreds of different looks possible! ★ Lots ofhairstyles, dresses, shoes, clothing, jewelry and other accessoriesand options to choose from! So call your friends over, startplaying this cool dressup game and have fun! Enjoy the amazingexperience. Download Now!
Wedding Dress Up Games - Free Bridal Look Makeover 3.1
The wedding day is one of the most important events in a girl'slife, don't you agree, girls? This is why it is important for yougirls to start looking for the bridal look of your dreams fromtime. This game is meant to help you put together the perfect lookfor your perfect wedding day. Begin by playing the Wedding Dress UpGame, feel free to choose a gorgeous wedding dress that willcomplete your stunning bridal look! Dress up the bride for herwedding with this cool wedding dress up game! FEATURES OF WEDDINGDRESS UP GAME: 🌟 Dress up the bride for free 🌟 Pick up a bridalwedding look for Fairy Wedding, Beach Wedding, Indian Wedding,Chinese Wedding, Stone Age Wedding 🌟 Dress up the bride byselecting from a variety of wedding dresses, jewelry, Biedermeierflowers, crown designs, gloves, veil designs and hairstyles!
3D Train Engine Driving Game For Kids & Toddlers 1.8
Are you ready to take an adventurous train ride with our 3D traindriving game for kids? Start this thrilling train ride across ourfantasy land to enjoy colorful and attractive views with your small& cute toddlers. We know very well, how much kids love to playwith cars and trains at this age and they always want to be in thedriver's seat. Well, we got this wish fulfilled for you with ouramazing train engine driving game for your kids. The game is set upin a 3D pixel world to give a retro feel and to explore thebeautiful landscapes. As you drive this train, your kids will beamazed to see colorful hot air balloons and deep tunnels in ourfantasy land, where there are cute animals and snowman dancingeverywhere in the snow. Cute Penguins, dazzling Rainbows, tinyhelicopters, and dolphins will fascinate the mind. The tall &huge rocky mountains and colorful ice cream cones floating inmid-air will bring a smile on your kid's face. Join us for thismagical train ride with 3D train driving game for kids. Anattractive feature of this game is that it is in 3D so that thechild will enjoy the game from every angle possible. The cute andamazing pixel world is filled with different colors to fascinatethe child. The controls of this game are simple and are speciallydesigned for kids. It is a simple game and will keep your childhooked! How to play 3D Train driving game for kids: 🚄 Drive thetrain on the track with passengers traveling in it. 🚄 Increase& decrease speed as per the route ahead. 🚄 Honk for clearpassage. 🚄 Swipe the screen in all directions to get a 360-degreeview of the 3D fantasy land. Characteristics of 3D Train drivinggame for kids: 🚄 Eye-catching and colorful 3D graphics. 🚄 Thrillingtrain ride where the track is laid over our imaginative land tofascinate your kids. 🚄 This app is totally free and suitable fortoddlers below 5 years. 🚄 360 Degree camera view. 🚄 Set up in aPixel fantasy world
👶 Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes for Babies 👶 1.1
Want your toddler to grasp nursery rhymes quickly? Preschool kidssongs and nursery rhymes for babies are here! With interactiveanimations, catchy music, and cute characters, these popularnursery rhymes are fun and an absolute delight for your kids whichwill keep them engaged anytime and anywhere. Make your toddler sing🎼 and dance 💃 on the tune of popular baby rhymes! 🎼 These popularkids songs are a fun and easy way of making preschool kids learnnursery rhymes and kids songs for free. Nursery Rhymes and kidssongs are educational and fun. They teach toddlers sounds ofvarious animals, words, actions and are really important for theiroverall development just on the click of a button. 🖱️ Baby rhymesand kids songs in a fun and easy way will help motivate yourtoddler to learn and speak English. A good way of engaging yourkids in video learning. 📹 Features of Preschool Learning - KidsSongs & Nursery Rhymes for Babies : 🎧 Just touch and play thebaby rhymes and kids songs for free 🎧 A 3-step video learningrhyme: Listen, chant and learn 🎧 English nursery rhymes with soundand cute characters 🎧 Sounds of various animals with action 🎧 Kidssongs with lyrics, music, and sound 🎧 Easy video learning app fortoddlers 4 Popular Baby Rhymes: 🧒 Hey Diddle Diddle, The Cat, andthe fiddle🐈 🧒 Mary Had a Little Lamb, Little Lamb, Little Lamb🐏 🧒One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Once I caught a fish alive🔢 🧒 Row,Row, Row Your Boat, Gently down the street. 🚣 Download PreschoolLearning - Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes for Babies now for freeHelp your toddler learn through play. 📲
Story For Kids - Audio Video Stories & Rhymes Book 1.10
Make your kids early learning process more entertaining with thesecute and interactive nursery rhymes and stories. This app is hereto keep your kids and toddlers engaged while they can easily learnto read books. These nursery rhymes are educational, with colorfulanimation and cute characters. Story time for kids and toddlerscomes with the famous stories of all time - Ugly Duckling, LittleRed Riding Hood & The Three Little Pigs. This App is mainlyfocused to nurture good thoughts in children. Story For Kids -Audio Video Stories & Rhymes Book is interactive and fun toplay game. We made this app with great care and perfection so thatkids can have fun and learn at the same time. It is entertainingand educational both at the same time. All story have text syncedwith the audio, kids will focus more on the word and pronunciationwhen the word they are hearing is highlighted as a text. It hasthree modes: ⚫Sing for me: This mode will take your kids to thestories world while they are busy having their food. ⚫Read for me:Shhh. Give your baby a good night's sleep with the help of thisapp. This 'Read for Me' feature will lessen your work and give youplenty of time with your baby. ⚫Read by myself: Read by myself willhelp them read and learn some new stories in their early age.Enhance your child's learning through this feature. Benefits &Features: - Enjoy these classic stories for FREE. - The UglyDuckling, Little Red Riding Hood & The Three Little Pigs andmany more fun stories. - Three modes: Sing for me, Read for me, andRead by myself to enjoy your learning experience. - Attractivegraphics with funny and colorful cute characters. - Plenty ofmusic, sounds and interactive animations to keep children busy. -Word by word highlighting for song lyrics and narrative text. -Perfect for 3-6 years old. MORE STORIES and SONGS to come soon aswe create and release them! So Download now for free.
110+ Dress Up Games For Girls - #1 Fashion Stylist 3.1
Let's talk fashion! In 110+ Dress Up Games For Girls, you can dressup girls, couple, best friends, princess, kissing couple, animalsor pets, etc. If you like dressing up fairies, girls, best friends,couple, then this is an ideal dress up game for you! With thisdress up game, you can have hours of fun! FEATURES OF 110+ DRESS UPGAMES FOR GIRLS ARE: ✴ Many free looks including: mermaid,superhero, fairy, pirate, beach, college, emo, Japanese, senorita,etc. ✴ Hundreds of dresses, hairstyles, bags, shoes, jewelrypieces, accessories, belts, and lots more in every theme ✴ Save thedress up look as a photo in the photo album. Make the saved dressup photo as your girly wallpaper or profile picture ✴ Get thisdress up game for free
Best Nursery Rhymes, Songs & Music For Kids - Free 1.1
Hey parents!! Here we have got the best Nursery Rhymes videos foryour kids, like Little Miss Muffet, Ding Dong Bell, and Little JackHorner. An all in one app for kids Nursery Rhymes videos offline tokeep your child engaged, kids can play and learn at the same time.Download for free and watch offline whenever you want. Kids NurseryRhymes videos are as follows: Little Miss Muffet: Watch Little MissMuffet sit on her tuffet and eat her curd and whey 🥣 while enjoyingthe beautiful environment surrounded by animals and birds like cow🐄, goat 🐐, squirrel 🐿️, duck 🦆 and many more. Meanwhile, a spider🕷️ comes and sits beside her which frightens our Miss Muffet away.Ding Dong Bell: Sing along with the rhyme Ding Dong Bell and findout who put the pussy 🐈 in the well which used to kill all the mice🐀 in the farmer's barn and then who pulled her out of the well.Little Jack Horner: Watch Little Jack Horner celebrate Christmasevening enjoying his pie with his dog 🐕, while his cat 🐈 is takinga nap. There is a well decorated Christmas tree 🎄 in his room whichis surrounded by gifts 🎁 and toys. Key features: 😃Creative andcatchy video animations for kids. 😃Touch the different elements inthe games and watch them interact accordingly. 😃Completely offlineand free kids app. Start your child's early learning with kids bestnursery rhymes videos & songs, Download now!!
Superhero Santa Christmas Game 1.5
SuperHero Santa Christmas Game is afreeChristmas Game for kids! Help Santa Claus to kill theevilsnowmen, Yetis and the Green Monster to save Christmas in thisfun– filled action – packed platform game!This free Christmas Game features 5 challenging levels,eachtougher than the previous one! The rich colorful graphicsandbackground music will keep you engaged! Help Santa to killthesnowmen and other evil guys to unlock every level. Danger lurksonevery platform. Remember to collect coins and powers!FEATURES OF SUPERHERO SANTA CHRISTMAS GAME ARE:✎ 5 challenging levels✎ Awesome music and graphics✎ Higher levels make it difficult to kill the monsters!✎ Play this free Christmas Game with your friends and see whotakesthe least time to finish each levelGet this awesome Christmas Game NOW for FREE!
Fruit & Vegetable Train Kids 1.6
Fruit and Vegetable Train for Kids is aneducational game for toddlers to study and learn the English namesof fruits and vegetables. This game makes sure that your childlearns them with accurate pronunciation. Colorful, crunchy andhealthy fruits and vegetables are an important part of your child’sdiet. This game will surely get them even more interested in yummyfruits and vegetables! Kids can travel on this train and learn thenames of various fruits and vegetables easily. The train will takethe kids to different stops and halt at every fruit and vegetable.After halting, kids can listen to the voice-over which teaches themhow to say the name of that particular fruit or vegetable!FEATURES OF FRUIT AND VEGETABLE GAME ARE:* Learn fruits and vegetables for FREE* 360 degree camera view* Totally ad-free!* Captivating graphics* Ideal for children under the age of 5.Download now and begin the exciting journey of learning thedifferent fruit and vegetable names!
3D Truck Driving Game For Kids 1.3
Timpy Truck In Fantasy Land is an awesome 3Dtruck game app for kids! Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers,this game app is a great way to keep children entertained. Thisgame app is extremely easy to play, too! All you have to do isstart the truck and enjoy the majestic view as you cruise along thetrack laid out in fantasy land.Ride around in the fantasy land, where penguins roam and snowmendance in the snow. Sounds fun,doesn't it? The truck even travelsthrough colorful tunnels! Don't forget to look at the mountains andice-cream cones floating in the air! This fantasy land is somagical that kids will surely fall in love with it.Features:* This app is totally FREE* 3D truck for kids* Colorful surroundings to keep your child engaged.Timpy Truck in Fantasy Land is absolutely free and ideal fortoddlers below 5 years of age. Download this kids truck game todayand set your child's imagination free!
3D Space Train: Free Kids Game 1.2
Welcome to Timpy Train in Space! The best 3Dtrain game app for kids is here! Start the train and enjoy themajestic view of interstellar beauty as you cruise along the tracklaid out in open space.Timpy Train travels in space! Ride around in space, where thetracks are made of rainbow and there are planets and stars orbitingaround you! The planets have rainbows for rings, huge cars andtrains ride on them, and there are animals in spacesuit orbitingthe planets! Don't forget to cherish giant watermelons andstrawberries along your journey!What makes this game come alive is the 360 degrees camera viewthat makes this game an absolute delight.Features:* This app is totally free.* 360 degree camera viewTimpy Train in Space is absolutely free and apt for toddlersbelow 5 years of age. Download this kids train game today and setyour child's imagination free!
Learn Numbers Train Counting 1.3
Learning to count has never been so fun! Withthe interactive Number Train game in 3D Space you can learn basicof numbers and counting as the train takes you on a number tour.Enjoy and learn numbers in a fun-filled and interactiveenvironment!Features of Number Space Train are:- Learn numbers for free- Simple user interface- Ideal for toddlers and pre-schoolersDownload now and have fun learning numbers!
3D Surprise Eggs Game For Kids 1.2
Surprise eggs is the most interactive gamefilled with lots of fun elements where one can pick their mostloved robot and drag it through a fun-filled adventurous journey.Move your robot to the left, right, forward and backward just bytapping fingers on the screen. As you move your favorite robot,collect as many surprise eggs as possible by dodging obstacles thatarrive. On tapping the eggs, a surprise pops out!The surprise eggs arena is full of objects to be bumped into, runover and pushed around. This will definitely help your kid to getaquainted with a sense of direction and have fun collecting varioussurprise eggs!Download it today and let your child enjoy the unending fun.
3D Magic Coloring For Kids 1.2
Here's 3D Magic Coloring For Kids - a superfungame for children! A town is colorless and Timpy needs YOURhelp topaint it! Travel across the neighborhood with Timpy robotand paintthe environment to your heart's content. You can helpTimpy robotmagically color trees, houses, animals and so muchmore! Choose anycolor you like and paint the whole area in crazycolors! Guide Timpyrobot using your finger and help him shootcolorful paint balls atvarious objects. This fun and interactiveapp is very helpful toenhance your child's creativity, fine motorskills and also developstheir hand-eye co-ordination! Download nowand bring out yourchild's inner Picasso!Features:* This app is FREE!* Travel around and make the town colorful* Color cows, pigs, houses, trees and more!3D Magic Coloring For Kids is ideal for children under the ageof5.
ABC Alphabet Train Space 3D 1.2
Learn alphabets as the train takes you on anamazing adventure in space. Meet the stars, planets and thesatellites and learn the various alphabets in a fun-filledenvironment. Also explore the different animated objects whilehaving a learning adventure!Features of ABC Alphabet Train are:- Learn alphabets for free- Easy rotation for different viewsGet this ABC learning tool for kids now!
Jack And Jill 3D Kids Rhyme 1.3
Meet Jack and Jill and sing along totheirpopular nursery rhyme! Enjoy the wonderful singing withvibrantsurroundings and interactive animation. This app is sure todelightyour kids and help them learn the rhyme easily. Watch whathappensas they climb up a hill to fetch a pail of water! Idealforchildren under the age of 5.Features of Jack And Jill 3D Kids Rhyme:- Interactive Animations which will keep your child engaged- Colorful Environment that kids will enjoy- 3D Graphics- It's FREE!
Learn Colors With Planets 1.1
'Learn Colors With Planets' is a super fungame for kids! Set in a wonderful space environment, this game isthe perfect way for your child to get to know about differentcolors!Features:Colorful space environmentEye-catching animationsVibrant colorsIt's FREE!
Learn Animal Sounds For Kids 1.1
Get introduced to the sounds of animals with'Animal Sounds For Kids'. This is a fun and exciting educationalapp where children can know all about the sounds of differentanimals.This app includes animals like lion, bear, zebra and many more!With realistic 3D animations, this app is perfect to entertainlittle kids. After playing with this app, kids can easily recognizeanimals and their sounds!Choose between a variety of animals available and learn theiranimal sounds! Suitable for children under the age of 5!Features:* Realistic 3D animation* Colorful environment* HD sound quality* Easy to navigate* Choose from different animals* It's FREE!
FREE Breakup Status and Quotes 1.1
Breakups are heartbreaking, especially ifitwas true love or friendship. If you want to let the worldknowabout your breakup or share your innermost feelingswithsomeone,this app is perfect for you. This collection ofbreakupmessages, quotes, sayings and poems will help you to move onandstart life afresh.Features of 'FREE Breakup Status and Quotes' are:* Huge collection of breakup messages, quotes, sayingsandpoems.* Let your friends know what you feel about your girlfriendorboyfriend by sharing these messages on Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitteror SMS.* Express your emotions. Get strength to overcome thisdifficulttime of heartbreak with breakup images andrelationshipquotes.Download this app now!
Daily Monthly Tarot Horoscope 1.0
Tarot reading is not just a way to getyourlife predictions but also a great way to understand yourselfevenmore. Using the 78 tarot cards of Major Arcana and MinorArcana,you will be able to know more about your daily horoscope aswell asget predictions about the whole upcoming month. Get guidanceaboutyour life from the perspective of astrology in this free app.Allyou need to do is this :Choose tarot cards from the tarot deck (ONE card for yourdailyhoroscope and FIVE cards for the monthly horoscope). That'sit!Your horoscope will be ready for you!Features:* Get tarot readings and find out your Daily andMonthlyHoroscope* Free astrology forecast for you and your loved ones* Get to know your fortune easily* Simple and free appUse this app to get answers to all your questions!
Tarot Card Reader - Free Love Horoscope Analysis 1.9
Do you wish to eliminate all your confusions, doubtsanduncertainties regarding your love life? Love Tarot CardReadingsmakes this possible for you through Free Tarot CardReadings! LoveTarot Card Reading App is an exciting and fun way todiscover yoursoul mate and get to know a little about your lovehoroscope. Getcomplete relationship analysis and lovecompatibility. This willhelp you analyze in a better way theproblems with your partner.They say 'Love is blind', but notanymore! Your Daily Love Tarot islike a forecast for each day.Discover your Past, Present andFuture. Love Tarot Card reading willanswer lots of questionsconcerning your love life and where it’sheaded. Get your free LoveTarot card reading and love horoscopenow. Categories to choosefrom include: ★ Know about the Past,Present, Future ★ CompleteRelationship Analysis ★ RelationshipPotential (4 cards spread) ★Relationship Purpose (7 cards spread)FEATURES OF LOVE TAROT CARDREADING: ✮ Get Free Readings ✮ You canenjoy the app offline ✮There is an option to shuffle the cards ifyou wish Use the LoveTarot Card app to get instant answers to yourquestions! The appcontent is based on general information about thetopics andprovides reading accordingly. They are tailored to traitsof alarge number of people which share similar birth details. Thetexthas been written based on general assumptions and must not beusedas personalized readings to take decisions in life but rathermoreof a guidance and entertainment tool.
Marriage Zodiac Compatibility - Love Match Test 2.0
Marriage Zodiac Compatibility is a marriage matching app tofindmarriage compatibility of couples/partners. Discover ifyourbride/groom/boyfriend/girlfriend is your ultimate soul matebyusing Marriage Love Compatibility. In addition to themarriagecompatibility, this app also provides eachpartner’scharacteristics (based on date of birth as well as name).Couplesor couples-to-be can study each other’s characteristics andmakeadjustments in their life to increase the chances of successinmarriage. Using your zodiac sign, discover if y'all are trulymadefor each other! The Marriage Zodiac Compatibility appcalculatesthe compatibility between you and your partner/soulmateusing thezodiac sign. Don't know what's your zodiac sign? Noworries! Thisapp can be used to determine your zodiac sign based onyourbirth-date. Features of Marriage Zodiac Compatibility: - Getthelove compatibility of you and your life partner - Discoveryourzodiac sign using the birth date - Completely Free app withnoin-app purchases Get to know if your love predictions are trueandif y'all are a perfect match made in heaven. Note: This appismeant for entertainment purposes only.
Love Messages in Hindi - Romantic Images & Quotes 1.3
Are you out of words when it comes to express your feelingswithyour crush or partner? Then we have a perfect app for you. SayILove You in a very romantic way by sending your lover the bestlovemessages and images in Hindi every day. Now no more searchingforthe best collection of love messages, quotes and Shayarionline.Get everything in one place, send a cute and romantic textto yourspecial one and make them feel special. Why wait forValentines Dayto express your love to that special one of yours?Make every dayas your Valentines Day by letting your partner knowhow much youlove them. It contains a collection of special romanticmessagesfor your love. We have written some cute and very romanticlovemessages that you can send to your partner and make them feellikethey are the only one for you. FEATURES OF ROMANTIC LOVEMESSAGES& QUOTES IN HINDI ARE: ❤️ Send via social media sites.❤️ Saveand set love images & love messages as love wallpapersandstatus. ❤️ Free with no in-app purchases. ❤️ No need tosearchonline for content. ❤️ Huge collection of romantic messages&images. Have fun and express your love by sharing freelovemessages and free love images! Download Now!
Calculate Love Compatibility by Numerology 2.1
Are you and your partner a good match? Are you really right foreachother? Is there a special connection between you? Is yourpartnerreally your soul mate? Get your questions answered usingthis Lovecompatibility app. The answers are based on Numerology.This applets you calculate your love compatibility percentage andtells youabout your chances of a successful long-termrelationship. You won'thave to wait for months or even years toget to know whether you area perfect match or not! Just enter yourbirth date and yourpartner's birth date and in a few seconds youwill find out whereyour relationship stands. This Numerology LoveCalculator comparesyour Birthday with your partner's Birthday totell you howcompatible are you with your partner. For Numerology,the appcalculates your life path number based on your birth date.Find outyour personality traits based on your life path number.Basically,life path number refers to what/how you appear in theeyes of othersphysically as well as mentally. With this app youcan get to knowthe life path result of you as well as yourpartner. How does theNumerology Love Compatibility Calculator appwork? -Enter your birthdate as well as the birth date of yourpartner -Our app calculatesthe life path number -Based on the lifepath number thecompatibility percentage is derived -You may chooseto discoveryours as well as your partners life path result Get toknow if thematch between you and your partner is meant to be withthis FREEapp! Download now. Note: This app is meant forentertainmentpurposes only.
1 Word 2 Pics: Picture Word Guessing Puzzles Games 1.1
"The best Word Guessing Game with a Picture is here! If youaresomeone who loves playing games like pictoword & 1 word 2pics,you are gonna love this picture word guessing game. Get readytotest your vocabulary power with 1 Word 2 Pics: PictureWordGuessing Puzzle Games. It is a fun and addicting puzzle gamethatwill challenge your logical abilities and entertain you at thesametime. Love to solving puzzles with pictures then you will lovethisPicture Word Guessing Puzzle Games. This word picture puzzlegameis quite similar to the pictoword game. But we have added anewtwist where a description or meaning of the word is given andallyou have to do is guess the word correctly with the help of only2pictures. Sound easy, right? But that's not the case. Why don'tyoufind out for yourself ? Download 1 Word 2 Pics: PictureWordGuessing Puzzle Games. HOW TO PLAY When you will start the gameyouwill be presented with a screen which will have a descriptionormeaning of the word given at the top. You will also see 4picturesat the bottom. All you have to do is guess the wordcorrectly anddrag the two related pictures to the boxes given inthe middle.e.g. The description is like 'A way of greeting' thenit's clearthat we are talking about the handshake. So you have tochoose thepicture of a hand and shake. Features of 1 Word 2 Pics:PictureWord Guessing Puzzle Games: -FREE to play! -Availableoffline. Playanytime anywhere. -Suitable for everyone. Enjoy wordguessing gameswith friends or family. -Use hints if you think it'stoo difficult.-Addictive and interesting word puzzles withpictures. -No timelimit. Relax and solve picture word puzzles. -Aunique twist onpictoword game. Something that you have never playedbefore. -Sharethe difficult puzzles you have solved. Enjoy the funword guessinggame with a picture. Let the fun begin! For a fan ofPictoword and1 word 2 pics, this is the best adventure!! Download 1Word 2 Pics:Picture Word Guessing Puzzle Games for Free."
Brain Games For Adults: Memory Test & Mind Puzzles 1.2
Brain Games For Adults is a fun and entertaining brain workoutgamein which you can train your brain with many quick and shortgames.These games are specifically designed to increase your memorypowerand logical reasoning. Features : 1) Free - This app isabsolutelyfree 2) Offline - Brain Games doesn't require anInternetconnection 3) Interactive Short Games to increase memorypower 4) 3Levels to choose in every game - Easy, Medium Hard BrainGames ForAdults is a brain game that will help you develop yourbrain powersin a fun and interactive way. So hurry up and downloadthis freeand offline brain game now!
Bible Word Puzzle Game—Inspirational Bible Quotes 1.1
✝️A bible word puzzle game for all the inquisitive minds outthere.A fan of word puzzles? Also, do you wanna explore all thingsaboutbible? Stop right hear and download this app right away.✝️"BibleWord Puzzle Game—Inspirational Bible Quotes"✝️ is perfect foryou.Bible learning at its best with encouraging and inspirationalbiblequotes. How to play ✝️Bible Word Puzzle Game—InspirationalBibleQuotes✝️: -You will get a number of tiles what will have wordsorphrases on them. -These tiles when joined will make beautifulbibleverses that are encouraging and inspirational. -All you haveto dois unjumble the jumbled titles to form the InspirationalBibleQuotes and start your fun bible learning journey. Features ofBibleWord Puzzle Game—Inspirational Bible Quotes: -Easy tounderstandand solve. Even if you are not aware of bible verses,this bibleword puzzle game will help you get the best biblelearning. -Playoffline. You do not need internet to play Bible WordPuzzleGame—Inspirational Bible Quotes. -Save the bible verses thatyouunjumbled as an image. -Share those images with friends andfamilyas everyday encouraging and inspirational Bible quotes. Sowhat areyou waiting for? Your kit for everyday encouragingandinspirational Bible quotes is here. Download "Bible WordPuzzleGame—Inspirational Bible Quotes" and start your fun biblelearningjourney now!✝️
Word Riddles Games With Rebus &Trivia Puzzles Free 1.1
Wanna be the best spoken person in a group? Research says,usingfacts in conversations makes you look smarter. Learnentertaining& amazing facts about science, history and muchmore by playinggames. Download Word Riddles Games With Rebus&Trivia PuzzlesFree to play word puzzle games and word connectgame to learn now!Increase your knowledge daily with amazing facts.You'll also getto enjoy the popular word connect games, fun triviagames, riddlespuzzles and solve rebus puzzles. Be the smartest onein the roomand amaze others with your unique knowledge of facts.Show yourlogical skills and puzzle solving abilities Learnsomething newevery day. You will have loads of fun solving rebusriddles andpuzzles with Daily Random Facts. So try it out today forfree!Enjoy the largest collection of amazing facts with wordconnectgames, and take up the challenge to solve fun trivia puzzlesandrebus riddles. HOW TO PLAY : If you love playing word connectandsolving fun trivia puzzles then you will definitely love thisgame.Just read the fact carefully and fill in the missing wordsbyconnecting letters given at the bottom. Start raking your braintosolve the trivia puzzles, riddles and rebus puzzles. Take upthechallenge to solve word puzzles while playing word connectgamesand test your brain. Features Of WORD FACTS GAME 🖋 Interestingandamazing facts. 🖋 Totally FREE TO PLAY! 🖋 Carefullychoseninteresting & educational facts to expand your knowledge.🖋Addicting word connect games! Play and learn something newwithinteresting facts. 🖋 No internet required. Availableanytime,anywhere! 🖋 Use hints if you get stuck at any point.ExploreAmazing Facts : 🌠 Interesting Facts 🐕 Animal Facts 🔭AstronomyFacts 🧠 Biology Facts 🌦 Environment Facts 🌎 GeographyFacts 🏛History Facts 👥 Psychology Facts 🔬 Science Facts 🎮 GamingFactsThis is the perfect game to kill your boredom and learn alongwithgames. Download Word Riddles Games With Rebus &TriviaPuzzlesFree now and enjoy word connect games with rebus puzzlesandriddles puzzles. Thank us later.🤩