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Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder 3.3.1
Where is my dog? Where is my cat? 🙀 With the Tractive GPS dog andcat finder you never have to worry again! 😻 Get the Tractive GPSdevice now to have peace of mind! ☆ The Tractive GPS dog and catfinder app works with the GPS tracking products of Tractive. ☆ Youcan get your Tractive GPS device on the website: Locate and Track If you are often worriedabout your puppy running away, the Tractive GPS device is yourideal pet accessory. It will help you locate your pet'swhereabouts. Besides locating your dog or cat, the app also allowsyou to track your pet in real-time. The main features this appoffers you are: ☆ Track your dog, cat or other animal in real-time☆ Follow the trace of your pet ☆ See the history of where your petwas ☆ Set a virtual fence (Safe Zone) and get notified as soon asyour dog or cat leaves this area ☆ Have peace of mind to know whereyour four-legged friends are at any time! Using the Tractive app,you can track the exact GPS location of your pet at any point intime. The Tractive GPS device works in over 90 countries and isavailable in your closest electronics store, pet store or Interactive MAP The fully interactive map displaysall your pets that use a Tractive GPS device. You can add anunlimited amount of pets with GPS trackers in the Tractive app. Usetwo fingers to tilt the map in 3D View! You can also switch betweenthe regular map view, hybrid view or satellite image view.Real-time Tracking If you are searching for your pet, you do notwant to get position updates just every few minutes. Tractive sendsan updated position every few seconds. Sharing You can share yourTractive GPS device with your friends and family. This is veryuseful when your dog runs away or a family member goes on a walkwith your four-legged furry friend. Augmented Reality You can alsotrack your dog in an augmented reality view. This way it's easierto have an idea where your dog or cat is running around. LocationHistory See the trace of where your pet has been! With a simple tapof a button, you can see the trace and where your pet has been!Virtual Fence (Safe Zone) The virtual fence feature allows you todefine a so called Safe Zone, where your dog or cat is allowed tomove. As soon as the pet runs away, you will receive a pushnotification or email so you can get your pet back before itreaches the road. Easily move this virtual fence anywhere in theworld and define its size as you see fit. Notifications Getnotifications as soon as one of your pet leaves a pre-defined area,e.g. your backyard, public park or camping ground. Notificationscan be received directly on your smartphone and/or through email.Updated Battery Status Always know the battery status of yourTractive GPS Dog Tracker. The app shows you how much battery isremaining and reminds you if the battery runs low.
Dog Walk - Track your dogs! 1.2.1
Track the daily walks with your beloved dog! Record the route,distance and the duration of each walk to see all the exercise yourpuppy gets each day. Take photos of your walks and share your greatexperiences with friends and family. You can also log where yourpuppy made a pee or a poo. Based on that pee marker you can seewhere your dog usually goes potty :). The Dog Walk App is a greatway to create lasting memories! Also a very helpful if you are adog walker and want to record the activities for the owner. ***Easy interface *** Simply tap on the start button and you are readyto track your walk. Dog Walk takes care of the rest: It shows youthe exact distance, the duration of your walk and your currentposition on the map. With a single click of a button you can add apee or a poo. In case you have more than one dog, simply select thedog (or dogs) that made a poo or a pee. *** Take pictures *** Doyou like taking pictures? The Dog Walk app enables you to captureyour dog's best moments while enjoying the outdoors. Take a greatpicture of your pet and share it with friends and family! *** Pee& Poo *** See exactly where your pet goes potty. You can seethe pees & poos on the map. *** Share *** You can always shareyour completed walks with your friends to let them know where theycan find a nice dog walk route. As a dog walker you may also beinterested in sharing the walks with the dog owner. *** Stay fit*** Walking your dog keeps you fit. With the Dog Walk App you cansee if your walks are getting longer or shorter, which is usuallyan indication of your own fitness as well. Whether you are a dogwalker or just want to save your precious moments with your puppy,dog walk is the right app for you. (Continued use of GPS in thebackground can reduce battery life dramatically.)
Tractive Motion 2.2.2
The free MOTION app only works in combination with a TractiveMOTION activity tracking device which is available at MOTION tracks your pet'sactivity 24/7 and tells you whether or not your pet needs to bemore active. The movements are divided in three categories "lazy","active" and "dynamic". Several sensors provide information to youand your pet’s veterinarian. Aside from a motion detection sensor,MOTION also uses an accelerometer, a temperature sensor and abrightness sensor to monitor your pet's behavior and your pet’sambient temperature and ambient light. So you'll soon understandthe correlation between your pet’s activity and externalinfluences.You can set a daily goal of Pet Points, that arecalculated by taking into account steps, movements, playtime andadditional information provided by the sensors. The more your petmoves, the more Pet Point he gets.Through an integratedhigh-resolution display you can easily see the collected Pet Pointsfor the day and check the progress towards the daily goal.The datais synced automatically and wirelessly to your smartphone,where the free MOTION app offers easily understandablestatistics about your pet’s activity for every day, week andeven the entire month. Motion not only shows you the activity dataof your pet, you can also compare days, weeks or months so you canfind out if there is a change in your pet’s activity.You can managemultiple pets with MOTION devices in the app and the devicewirelessly syncs its information to your smartphone. TractiveMOTION uses Bluetooth 4.0 to send its data to the smartphone. Theapp promotes healthy and active pets with achievements and showsthe worldwide pet activity rank of your pet.The waterproof MOTIONdevice weighs only 7g and with a size of 15mm x 50mm x 9mm it canbe used on cats, dogs and any other animal 2 kg and over. Tractiveworked with vets to ensure the device does not harm the pet and islight enough so your pet won't even feel it is there. MOTION cancollect activity information for over a week without beingrecharged.Tested on: Moto G / HTC ONE / SGS3 / Nexus 5 / OnePlusOne/ Nexus 4 / SGS4 / SGS5 / SGS 6
Tractive Pet Battle 1.3.1
Find the cutest pet in town! Help us find the cutest pets using PetBattle! Thousands of pet photos battle 1:1 for the top spots in theleaderboard. Dogs, cats and many other animals compete against eachother. And your pictures can too! Peterest pictures fight in random1 on 1 battles against on another and it’s up to YOU to decidewhich one's cuter. In the leaderboard you can see the best picturesof Peterest and also take a look how your pictures compare againstothers. *** Peterest Integration *** You like a specific picture?Pet Battle allows you to take a look at the photo in the freePeterest app.If you want your pet to take part in the battle,simply upload a picture with the Peterest app to enter thecompetition.
Tractive Photos 3.2.2
Download the beloved Tractive Photos app now and make your pet astar! Show your friends how much star quality your animal has! Morethan 2 million pictures have already been uploaded to the TractivePhotos!With the Tractive Photos app you can search millions ofanimal photos, upload your own photos of your animal and collecthearts every day. You have the chance to make your animal a star!Share your best photos with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc.and show them your sweet animal.Whether it’s sweet or funny, allpictures are welcome!Functions• Search millions of animal photos inour Gallery • Upload the best pictures of your animals for free onTractive Photos• Mark the best animal photos with a heart• Pet ofthe Day Ranking • Comment on the best photos • Share your photoswith your friends • Follow your animal friends • Make your pet astarDogs, cats, hamsters, ferret or even cows and horses – allanimals have the chance to be a famous star.Invite your friends touse Tractive Photos and increase your chances to get more heartsand more star quality! Funny pictures are more than welcome!Download the Tractive Photos app – Upload animal pictures – Collecthearts – Be a star!The Tractive Photos app is FREE! So what are youwaiting for? Download the app now!
Pet-Remote 1.1.1
The free Pet-Remote app only works in combination with a Pet-Remotedevice which is available at Pet-Remote offersa new and easy way to communicate with your dog! Pet-Remote is asmall vibrating device that works in combination with this freeApp. With the push of a single button, Pet-Remote vibrates or playsan acoustic signal, which you can use to train your dog. Once youlearned your dog a command, you can let him execute it simply bypressing a button.Requirement: BLE aka Bluetooth 4.0 capableandroid device