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TrainingPeaks 6.10.1
The on-the-go companion for triathletes, cyclists and runners whoare serious about achieving their goals. The free TrainingPeaksmobile app syncs with your account to provide acomplete web, mobile and desktop solution for tracking, analyzingand planning your training. TRACK • Log your runs, rides or swimsin the TrainingPeaks Calendar • Keep track of daily stats likepower, speed, distance and more • Dash off post-workout commentsfor yourself and your coach ANALYZE • Check your progress with thePerformance Management Chart • Customize your Dashboard charts tosee the data that is important to you • View HR, power or GPS foryour workouts in the workout file viewer • See how much time youspent in your training zones during your workouts • Look at yourPeak HR, power, pace, and speed values from your workouts PLAN •Schedule training sessions from your Android device • Access yourplanned workouts and meals on the road or the trail • Add workoutsfrom your TrainingPeaks workout library (TrainingPeaks Coach orPremium Athlete users only) SHARE • Share your workouts onFacebook, Twitter, e-mail or IM Then log into account to perform deeper analysis of yourtraining, upload workouts from over 90 devices, and plan yourseason using a training plan or a coach. If you don’t have account yet, you can sign up within the app orvisit REQUIREMENTS: • This app can be used ondevices running Android 4.0 or higher • You must have an internetconnection, 3G or Wi-Fi, to use this app
Run With Hal | Training Plans That Adapt to You 1.0.3
Run With Hal personalizes a training plan based upon your personalrunning routine, fitness level, and life’s schedule to help youconquer any event from 5K to Marathon or help you get fit throughrunning. Hal chooses the perfect plan for you based upon your goalsand experience, then he crafts your personalized schedule. Yourplan will incorporate the most important workouts on the daysyou’re able to run. Plus, the plan is always adapting to changes inyour schedule, fitness, and goals. Hal can even adapt your planaround times when you can’t run (vacation) and incorporateadditional events that you’ve signed up for. Once you finish yourfirst plan, you can choose your next goal and Hal will create abrand new plan for you. All of your workouts will give you specificdetails of how fast and long to run, and you will get daily helpfultips from Hal to help you reach your goals and learn about running.**Run with Hal Features** - Choose your key event and Hal willbuild your plan to get you ready for race day. - Smart and AdaptivePlans - Hal will pick the right plan for you. - Hal adapts yourplan based upon YOUR LIFE’S SCHEDULE! - Days you can and can’t runeach week - Day you would like to do your Long Run - Days you can’trun for special circumstances (vacation or work trip) - Halpersonalizes pace based upon your current fitness, whether you canrun a 20 min or 50 min 5K. - Add additional events and Hal willadjust your plan. - If life changes, Hal will update your planbased upon changes in your schedule, fitness, goals, and even howmuch training you have been able to complete. - Hal gives youdetailed daily workouts with distance, duration, and paces. - Halwill also give you daily training guidance and insights on how tobecome a better runner. - Record your runs using your phone’s GPS.- Log your runs and how you felt. Hal might even suggest an updateto your plan. - Track your progress, see how closely you’ve stuckto your plan, and see what’s next. - Keep track of your trainingplan stats. Average pace, total distance, and more. - Record yourPersonal Records. - If you need an extra nudge, Hal is happy tosend you daily push notifications reminding you of your workouts,or to log your miles from today’s run. He wants you to reach yourgoal and will be there to coach you to the finish line. - Hal’steam is here to help, if you have questions about how topersonalize your plan, we will make sure you get the right answer.**Run with Hal will find the perfect plan for you, including morethan 30 of Hal Higdon’s training plans** - Marathon Novice,Intermediate, Advanced - Half Marathon Novice, Intermediate,Advanced - 15K (10 mile) Novice, Intermediate, Advanced - 10KNovice, Intermediate, Advanced - 8K Novice, Intermediate, Advanced- 5K Novice, Intermediate, Advanced - 50K Ultramarathon - MarathonRecovery - Base Training - And more. **A little bit about yourcoach, Hal Higdon** Hal Higdon has been called “the internet’sbest-known running training plan guru”. From novice to advanced,Hal offers plans for every distance, skill level, and pace.Incorporating wisdom from Hal’s bestseller Marathon: The UltimateTraining Guide, he has you covered with more than 50 years oftraining and coaching experience. Hal is a Contributing Editor forRunner’s World and is the magazine’s longest lasting writer, havingcontributed an article to RW’s second issue in 1966. He also is theauthor of over 3 dozen books, including Marathon: The UltimateTraining Guide and Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training. In 2003,the American Society of Journalists and Authors awarded Hal itsCareer Achievement Award, the highest honor given to writermembers. Higdon’s unique narrative style connects with millions ofvisitors on his website, Facebook, and Twitter. Higdon lives onLake Michigan in Long Beach, Indiana. He has 3 children and 9grandchildren.