Trajkovski Labs Apps

Sound Meter 3.5
Professional sound level meter that measures loudness or soundpressure (SPL) in decibels. If features direct reading in dB ordBA, wide measuring range, Min/Max function and additional digitaldisplay. NOTE: This app can measure sound level in decibels usingyour device's microphone located on the bottom. The accuracy of themeasured sound level depends on your device's microphone qualityand can be improved by calibration procedure described in app'sinfo screen.
Barometer 2.2
Classic barometer that measures atmospheric pressure. It featuresdirect reading in mBar, mmHg or psi and includes a barometricaltimeter. It also has relative pressure and altitude measurementdisplaying calculated vertical speed or vertical acceleration.NOTE: This app requires device with a pressure sensor. It usespressure sensor data to give accurate and instant atmosphericpressure reading. This reading is also used to estimate altitudewithout using GPS. Note that the altitude measurement can beinaccurate, especially with an uncalibrated sensor or when theweather is changing.
Compass 1.8
Classic compass that shows your orientation and heading. Itfeatures direct reading in degrees and it has built in digitaldisplay showing rotation speed and revolutions per minute. NOTE:This app requires device with a magnetic sensor.
Jingle Bells 2.5
A must-have application for the holidays! Playing Jingle Bells iseasy requiring only 5 bells. Learn to play the verse of JingleBells by touching the colored bells hung on a Christmas tree in atypical winter surrounding.