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Quizpedia 1.0
Are you getting bored with a traditional waytoplay trivia quiz game? Are you getting bored with thelengthyquestions asked while playing trivia quiz? Now you need todownloadQUIZPEDIA for FREE!QUIZPEDIA is a trivia quiz game using picture as aquestion.Enjoy a different way to play trivia quiz game and testyourgeneral knowledge whilst trying to figure out what is beingaskedby the picture.QUIZPEDIA arrives with 10 chapters and 200 questions intotalwith a broad categories of trivia questions, includingGEOGRAPHY,SCIENCE, PUBLIC FIGURES, ANIMALS, FAMOUS PLACES,MYTHOLOGY, andmany more.So, download and try QUIZPEDIA now!
Polyescape - Escape Game 1.2.3
Polyescape offers unique and challenging room escapegame!Experience escape game in a relaxing yet challenging way.Explorethis beautifully designed 3-D escape game. Look around theroom andfind something useful to help you escape. Look for theclues, lookfor the items, and look for the exits. Pay attention toeverydetails found in the room, think outside the box, and solvethepuzzles. Challenge your mind to break the enigmatic codes.Solvethe tricky puzzles that are uniquely designed. Find usefulitems,combine, dismantle, and use the items to help you escape fromtherooms. Features: * Easy Tutorial to follow * Basic Pack with10free levels * Purchase Extra Pack for 10 extra levels *Auto-saveyour game progress for each room and continue whenever youwant *Unique room themes * Challenging and tricky puzzles Downloadandtry POLYESCAPE now for free!
TTS Praktis 1.2.2
Apakah Anda adalah penggemar Teka Teki Silang? Apakah Andaseringmengisi TTS yang tersedia dalam surat kabar harian Anda?SekarangAnda tidak perlu lagi menyediakan pensil dan penghapusuntukmengisi TTS. Karena sekarang telah hadir permainan klasik TekaTekiSilang di perangkat Anda. TTS Praktis dirancang khusus buatAndayang gemar mengisi TTS. Mainkan TTS Praktis di mana saja dankapansaja. Uji wawasan dan pengetahuan Anda denganpertanyaan-pertanyaanyang menarik dari kami. TTS Praktis adalahpermainan yang sangatsederhana dan mudah yang dapat Anda mainkanuntuk mengisi waktuluang Anda. TTS Praktis dapat dimainkan sendirimaupun dimainkanbersama teman-teman atau keluarga Anda. Jangankhawatir apabilaAnda mengalami kesulitan dalam menjawab pertanyaantertentu. Karenatersedia dua jenis bantuan yang dapat Anda gunakanuntuk membantuAnda menyelesaikan setiap TTS. Jawablah pertanyaandengan tepatsebanyak-banyaknya untuk mengumpulkan koin yang bisaditukarkandengan bantuan sesuai kebutuhan Anda.
Math Sticks - Puzzle Game 1.0.2
Have you ever been challenged by your friend to solve a riddle?Yourfriend put some matchsticks on the table and start arrangingthematchsticks to form some numbers. And finally those matchsticksforma mathematical equation. But that mathematical equation isnotcorrect, and your friend challenge you to fix the equationbymoving just one or two of the matchsticks. You think and trysomemoves, and then you figure out the solution. Now you can playMATHSTICKS and solve hundreds of math puzzles with matchsticks.Trainyour mental calculation in a fun way. Challenge yourself andyourfriends to fix the mathematical equations. Drag and movethematchsticks and find the solution for each equation. Figureoutwhat numbers can be formed by the provided matchsticks.Experiencevarious levels of difficulties. Solve the riddles withvariousmathematical operations. * 4 available mathematicaloperations:Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division * 500levelsavailable at the moment * Use hint by spending some coins ifyouare stuck * Claim free coins every day to help you solvetheriddles.
Escape Corporation - Room Escape Game 1.0.9
Can you solve the puzzles? Can you find the key? Can you find awayto escape from the rooms? Get ready to play Escape Corporation!Doyou love playing room escape game? If you do, you should trythischallenging room escape game! Escape Corporation provides roomsforeveryone who loves room escape game to test their codebreakingskill. Each room provided by Escape Corporation brings itsownunique theme, such as Warehouse, Mirror Room, Ruins, and manymore.Escape a room and you'll gain access to the next room, 12freerooms available at the moment. Find useful items and use themtohelp you escape from the rooms! Solve the challenging andbrainteasing puzzles! Why you should try Escape Corporation? •UNIQUETHEME Feel the different atmosphere in different room. Eachroomhas its unique theme and differs from another room. •BEAUTIFULGRAPHICS Enjoy the relaxing and lovely graphics whileyou'relooking for a way to escape from the room. • CHALLENGINGPUZZLESEach puzzle is unique and become more challenging throughouttherooms. Each room has its unique puzzles and tricky way tosolvethem. Download and try ESCAPE CORPORATION now for free!