Travel Counsellors Apps

myTC 4.2.3
myTC allows you to interact with your Travel Counsellor whenever orwherever you are travelling in the world. Whether it’s a leisureholiday or a corporate trip, your Travel Counsellor will always bewith you – in a virtual sense anyway! myTC offers a wide range offeatures and useful tools… Planning and booking your trip • Shareyour travel preferences with your Travel Counsellor • Receivequotes directly to the app instead of scrolling through emails •View quotes on the go • Indicate to your Travel Counsellor if youlike a quote • Make quick, secure payments against a quote orbooking Pre-departure • Receive updates, store and view all yourtrip documentation • Share your Travel Counsellor’s details onsocial media or with family and friends • Share your travelitinerary with family and friends so they know where you’ll be andwhen • Enjoy a countdown timer to your trip • Get instant flightchange alerts During your trip • View and use all your traveldocuments • Get instant flight change alerts • Contact your TravelCounsellor directly from the app via phone or email CorporateTravel As well as the features listed above, if you use myTC forcorporate travel you can also… • Filter between your leisure andcorporate bookings • Filter between bookings you are/are nottravelling on NOTE: Internet access is required to downloadnew/updated quote or booking documents and to receive flight alertsHow to get in touch If you experience any issues with myTC pleasecontact your Travel Counsellor who will be able to help. If youhave any feedback, comments or questions about myTC please don’thesitate to get in touch at
TCConf2019 5.52.1
Welcome to our 2019 Travel Counsellors Annual Conference App.Thisapp will be used by all stakeholders throughout ourconferenceweekend. From the agenda and conference sessions, tohotelaccommodation and transfers- this app will provide all thefinaldetails for our 2000 delegates.