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This app takes English input and translates it to CircularGallifreyan. You can then share the converted text with others aswell as export it to a generic image file. A great app for allDoctor Who fans. Circular Gallifreyan contains some letters withlines extending from them. These lines point in random directionswhich will change every time the letter is redrawn (which includeswhen you rotate the screen). The lines are supposed to move around.Only the number of lines is important to the translation.
Blend Calculator 1.1
Travis Redpath
Calculates the fertilizer blend and the total application rateneeded to apply the required amount of nitrogen, phosphate, potash,and sulphate. The products can be changed to whatever ratios youwant to use.
919 Tables
Travis Redpath
When using a 919 moisture tester to find the moisture content ofyour grain instead of pouring through mountains of charts simplyenter the measured values into this app. Select the grain type andinput the temperature and dial meter reading from your 919 moisturetester and the moisture content will be displayed to you. The appwill also display to you whether your grain is considered dry,tough, or wet based on the specifications set out by the CanadianGrain Commission. In addition to being able to do the standardmoisture conversion this app can also do a conversion for cornwhere, when the moisture content is high, a correction is requiredbased on the density of the corn. For people who want to know themoisture content of their grain when the grain is above the rangemeasurable by the 919 moisture tester the app can also calculatethe correction to the measured moisture when the grain has beendried prior to testing. This is done by inputting the weight beforeand after drying as well as the moisture content of the driedgrain.
Seeding Calculator
Travis Redpath
A calculator that allows you to input the density of the seededplants that you are hoping for as well as the kernel weight of thesewn crop to find out what application rate you should use and thetotal weight of the product you will need to be able to sew afield.