Tree of Dreams Apps

Manaus Runner 1.0.05
Manaus Runner é um jogo que desafia suas habilidades em dirigir nasruas esburacadas de Manaus.Compartilhe, convide, desafie seusamigos e apoie essa forma de protesto divertida para chamar aatenção das autoridades de Manaus para melhorar nossa maravilhosacidade.Manaus Runner is a game that challenges your skills indriving on potholed streets of Manaus.Share, invite, challenge yourfriends and support this form of fun protest to draw the attentionof Manaus authorities to improve our wonderful city.
Cannon Man Adventures 1.4.0
Get ready for the great show!The amusement park, The World ofAdventure arrived, and you, the player, will be immersed in thegreat show of the brave and young CANNON MAN!Be prepared to be shotthrough colorful cannons among amazing scenarios that takes youfrom the depths of the ocean over to the space until reach themoon!But, don’t expect a peaceful ride. Be smart to avoidobstacles, dive into rings, while turning and spinning in the air,making the audience go crazy!Incredible challenges, spectaculartricks, all of this and more on the fantastic Cannon Man Show!