SAS Survival Guide 3.0
For over twenty years, the SAS Survival Guide has been thedefinitive guide to surviving any situation, anywhere in the world.Now, for the first time ever, the million-copy bestselling book andthe hugely successful iPhone/iPad app, has been reinvented for theAndroid. ############# ACCOLADES ############## • Official HonoreeAward at the 15th Annual Webbys • Selected for iTunes REWIND 2010 •Apple Featured Application • Featured in iTunes 'Staff Favourites'• Also features in "WHAT'S HOT" and "NEW & NOTEWORTHY" in mostcountries • Has been ranked the #1 LIFESTYLE APP in almost allgeographic locations #### ABOUT 'SAS SURVIVAL GUIDE' #### Writtenby former SAS soldier and instructor, John "Lofty" Wiseman, thisapplication brings you the elite training techniques of Britain’stoughest fighting force in the most accessible version ever. Nowyou can take the original set of world-class survival skills withyou anywhere in the world – from the peaks of Kilimanjaro to thedeserts of Kandahar…or to your closest national park. This FULLYSELF CONTAINED app includes : * Full text of the bestselling bookoptimised for the iPhone and Android (over 400 pages) * 16 videosproviding invaluable survival tips from Lofty himself * Photogalleries of Animal Tracks, Knots, Edible, medicinal and poisonousplants, sea creatures and snakes * Morse Code signalling device *100+ question quiz to test if you've got what it takes to survive *Survival Checklist * Sun Compass * Search tool to scan entire bookby subject * Extreme Climate Survival: sections on surviving Polar,Desert, Tropical, and Sea * Comprehensive First Aid section ####ABOUT 'Urban SAS SURVIVAL' #### The ultimate guide to fending foryourself in an urban environment from the team that brought you themillion-copy selling SAS Survival Guide. Written by legendaryex-SAS man John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman, the guide comes stuffed full ofuseful tips for fending for yourself in every urban situation. Andmany more besides. This interactive edition contains: * The latesttraining on self-defence and the law * Dealing with fire andhazardous chemicals * Tackling snake bites and other animal dangers* Handling DIY: power tools, welding, machinery and more *Terrorism * Health information * Full search functionality * Urbansurvival checklist * And more During normal use, this app does notrequire an active internet connection however some assets, likevideos, need to be downloaded and features like social sharing willbe disabled without an active internet connection.
Handy Presidents Answer Book 1.0
The Handy Presidents Answer Book addresses more than 800 questionsrelating to the presidency. These range from why presidents refusedto act against states’ rights to extraordinary powers taken bypresidents during times of war, as well as actions in times of boomand bust, isolationism and expansion. Foreign policy questionsaddress Washington’s controversial neutrality, the Monroe Doctrine(and later expansions), the Cuban Missile Crisis, the War in Iraq,and much more. Arranged in fourteen topical chapters, the questionsbegin with background on the Executive branch and the officialduties of the president. Handy Presidents also answer intriguingquestions on personal characteristics, leadership styles,relationships with the people and the press, and, of course, thefirst ladies. Then the gloves and top hats come off to addresspresidential candidates, campaigns, and elections—including livelyaccounts of deals, slogans, and controversies, from smoke-filledrooms to election night surprises … and recounts.
Handy Math Answer Book 1.0
From modern-day challenges such as balancing a checkbook, followingthe stock market, buying a home, and figuring out credit cardfinance charges to appreciating historical developments like theuse of algebra by Mesopotamian mathematicians, this engagingresource addresses more than 1,000 questions relating tomathematics. Providing a complete overview—beginning with the earlyhistory of Pythagoras, Archimedes, and how some of the firstcalendars were invented—this guide helps answer questionssurrounding the basics and fundamentals of algebra, calculus,geometry, and trigonometry. Organized in 16 chapters that clustersimilar topics in an easily accessible format, this referenceprovides clear and concise explanations to paradoxes, theories,fundamentals of geometry, and other branches of mathematics, plusthe numbers we see daily in statistics, financial and marketreports, weather forecasts, real estate evaluations, games, andmeasurements of all kinds.
SAS Survival Guide - Lite 1.2
SAS Survival Lite is the FREE version of the complete SAS SurvivalGuide, available now in the app store. Based on the million-copybestselling book, this fantastic free app provides you with a barebones guide to wilderness survival. Jam-packed with basic survivaltools, you'll be equipped for any expedition to the outdoors withthis entry-level guide in your arsenal.###### ABOUT THE SASSURVIVAL GUIDE ###### For over twenty years, the SAS Survival Guidehas been the definitive guide to surviving any situation, anywherein the world. Now, for the first time ever, the million-copybestselling book and the hugely successful iPhone/iPad app has beenreinvented for the Android.Written by former SAS soldier andinstructor, John "Lofty" Wiseman, this application brings you theelite training techniques of Britain’s toughest fighting force inthe most accessible version ever. Now you can take the world-classsurvival skills of the SAS with you anywhere in the world – fromthe peaks of Kilimanjaro to the deserts of Kandahar…or to yourclosest national park. The Lite App Contains:* Basic survivalinformation including: building fires, finding water, navigating bythe stars, survival kit, signals and codes* Photo galleries ofcloud spotting, night sky navigation, and more* Video of 'Lofty'Wiseman demonstrating knife skills* 100+ question quiz to test ifyou've got what it takes to survive* Survival checklist to help youprepare for trips* Search the app by keyword for quickreference###### WHY NOT GET THE FULL APP? ###### The Full appcontains:* Full text, in 9 chapters, of the bestselling bookoptimized for Android devices* 16 videos providing invaluablesurvival tips from Lofty himself * Photo galleries of edible,medicinal and poisonous plants * Morse Code signalling device *100+ question quiz to test if you've got what it takes to survive *Survival Checklist * Sun Compass * Search tool to scan entire bookby subject * Extreme Climate Survival: sections on surviving Polar,Desert, Tropical, and Sea * Comprehensive First Aid section
SAS Urban Survival 2.0
The ultimate guide to fending for yourself in an urban environmentfrom the team that brought you the million-copy selling SASSurvival Guide. Written by legendary ex-SAS man John ‘Lofty’Wiseman, the guide comes stuffed full of useful tips for fendingfor yourself in every urban situation. And many more besides. Thisinteractive edition contains: • The latest training on self-defenceand the law • Dealing with fire and hazardous chemicals • Tacklingsnake bites and other animal dangers • Handling DIY: power tools,welding, machinery and more • Terrorism • Health information • Fullsearch functionality • Urban survival checklist • And more This appfits perfectly with the SAS Survival Guide, Editor’s Choice on theiPad app store.
Hack Learning: Simple Ideas 1.0
Hack Learning shows you new ways to teach andlearn with free podcasts, books, how-to videos, technology,strategies and inspirational stories produced by experts, who showyou how to be better every day.Hack Learning meets the individual needs of all teachers andlearners with multiple paths to content, including podcastinterviews with thought leaders in many fields, articles fromeducators with decades of classroom experience, renowned authors inall education fields and engaging how-to videos that providepractical, learn today, implement tomorrow strategies for betterteaching and learning.K-20 Educators use Hack Learning to understand how to encouragestudents to create and share content using education technology,social media and mobile devices. Teachers, principals, schoolleaders and college professors listen to podcasts, watch how-tovideos, read articles and books from experienced educators andinternational presenters who share best practices in teaching andlearnig at all levels. Educators can learn a new strategy today andimplement it tomorrow, as Hack Learning content provides immediateopportunities for action.Parents listen to, view and read content that shares a view ofthe strategies teachers use to improve a student’s learningexperience. Parents also use content to improve their own skillsand strategies for helping their children become better learners,who are college and career ready.All education shareholders use Hack Learning to understand 21stcentury education technology and how to use social media as a wayto collaborate and access billions of teaching and learningresources from around the globe.Hack Learning provides new content weekly and can be used on anymobile device: iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and Androidphones.
Juice Diet:Lose 7lbs in 7 days 1.0
How to look great and feel even better in just 7 days.**Lose 7 lbsin 7 days!**Whether you want to look good on the beach, fit into aspecial outfit, or kickstart a long-term weight-loss plan, one weekwith The Juice Diet is all you need to lose 7 lbs (3kgs).• 42simple recipes• Cleansing detox• Science behind the diet•Motivational tips• Exercise routinesWith 42 simple recipes fordelicious, be-good-to-yourself juices, this healthy, fast-trackdiet will cleanse your system so that you lose weight and rid yourbody of toxins.Including all you need to know about why the dietworks plus motivational tips, ideas for daily treats and gentleexercise routines, get ready to juice and lose with The Juice Diet!Amanda Cross has had a varied career as a TV presenter, health andbeauty journalist and author. She is the author of Curb the Carb,Quick and Easy Low Carb, Miracle Soups and Miracle Juices, allpublished by Hamlyn.
Sugar Counter 1.0
Check and record the exact sugar content of 1400+ everyday foods!Like it or lump it, sugar is a health baddy – the brand new SugarCounter app is your secret weapon to combat it. ***Limited-time-only launch price*** • 1400+ everyday foods covered –both branded and generic • Simple traffic light system markshigh/low sugar content • Per portion or per number of g/mlcalculations • Salt, saturates and calorie information included forevery product for FREE • Record and monitor your sugar intake •Daily food planners suggest a healthy level of sugar consumptionThis is not just another fad diet. Scientific research confirmsthat high sugar consumption can lead to serious health problemsincluding diabetes and heart disease. In the light of this, the USand UK governments launched the Action on Sugar campaign in January2014, which will reduce the sugar content of foods by up to 30%.Everyone's talking about sugar – and how we can eat less of it. Butthat can be easier said than done because sugar is present in manysurprising places, from supermarket ready meals to soups andsauces. Now you can check what's really in the food you put in yourtrolley as you walk around the shop or do your online order for theweek. Author Angela Dowden has worked in the food industry foreight years as a nutritionist. She was awarded Nutrition and HealthWriter/Broadcaster of the Year in 2012. Her nutrition philosophy isfad-free and pragmatic; she loves food and doesn't do lectures onlentils (although she thinks they're lovely!).
Push-up Pops 1.1
Well-known stylist and blogger Courtney Dial Whitmore knows what’shot!★★★★ “Push-up Pops are the perfect treat for any occasion. Thisis a must-have book for all party lovers!” – Tori Spelling★★★★Capitalizing on the popular trend of push-up pops, Courtney’slove of entertaining turns Push-up Pops into the perfect partyresource. These treats use the ordinary off-the-shelf clear plasticmolds but transform them into frozen fruit Popsicles, cake andpudding parfaits, cupcakes and 35 other treats. These beautifullayers are sweet additions to any party!This App Features:•30+ funPush-up Pop Recipes•Easy to use, intuitive and colorfulnavigation•Step-by-Step instructions•Share ideas, discuss andinteract with fellow Push-up Pop makers…directly from within theApp!•Awesome High-res images. Optimized for retinadisplay•Ingredient image look-upCourtney Dial Whitmore's expertisehas been seen in, Pawsh Magazine, Nashville LifestylesMagazine, Ladies Home Journal, AOL's DIY Life, Get MarriedMagazine,, and more. In addition to designingeverything from children's birthday celebrations to chic dinnerparties, she is also a writer for several online food and lifestylepublications including SHE KNOWS, Hostess With the Mostess, TheHuffington Post, and Tablespoon.“Filled with dozens of easy tofollow recipes, Push-Up Pops layers your favorite flavors with purefun to create adorable, individual tasty treats.” –Bakerella"Whether you're an experienced pastry chef or a homebaker, you'll fall in love with Courtney's fun interpretation ofPush-up Pops... These are a great activity to make with your kidsand will be a hit at any party!" - Amy Atlas"From frosting tips toinstructions for making a pie push-up pop, the recipes and ideasrange from simple and sweet (wedding cake) to the somewhat unusual(mini cinnamon buns)". - The Huffington Post
The Mindfulness Diet 1.0
Eat your way to your perfect weight! If you've always wanted to eatbetter and manage your weight, The Mindfulness Diet is for you.Mindfulness is the new attitude to living. Being aware of what youeat will not only help you appreciate every mouthful, but rewardyou and heal your food issues. The recipes in this app are simpleand nutritious, so you can cook fast, but eat slow, withappreciation and mindful awareness of every delicious bite.DISCOVER: * 70 quick and easy recipes – breakfasts, lunches,dinners and snacks * Freedom from cravings - how to beat emotionaleating * How to tune in to your body and eat the foods you reallyneed and achieve your best weight * Mindful eating planners to keepyou on track * The essential Mindfulness techniques that willtransform your eating habits forever **************** Dr PatriziaCollard is a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, stressmanagement consultant and lecturer in psychotherapy at theUniversity of East London.• 70 quick and easy recipes – breakfasts,lunches, dinners and snacks• Freedom from cravings - how to beatemotional eating• How to tune in to your body and eat the foods youreally need and achieve your best weight• Mindful eating plannersto keep you on track• The essential Mindfulness techniques thatwill transform your eating habits forever
Body Fit 1.0
►►►Cut through the overhyped exercise advice and get a simplestep-by-step path to better health◄◄◄If you have ever wondered ifweight lifting is for you or have been confused on what to eat tolose weight or what to do to get in the best shape of your life theBody Fit App is for you. Fitness expert Greg Marshall, who hashelped thousands of fitness beginners achieve their fitness goals,cuts through the overhyped exercise advice and provides a simplestep-by-step path to better health, more endurance, a stronger bodyand a happier you. Marshall carefully and succinctly explains thehow and why to specific workout programs, the importance ofnutrition, and the often ignored importance of understanding ourbody image. The Body Fit App empowers you with life-long fitnesslessons so you can stop the yo-yo effect and start seeing lastingresults that will improve every aspect of your life.The Body FitApp includes: • Full text from the Body Fit• A Jump-Start workoutprogram for each specific day of your workout• Video tutorials tohelp even the most novice exerciser have proper form• BMI and BMRcalculators• Nearly 200 individual exercises with videos• Fitnessrecipes with nutritional information• Individual 90-day fitnessprogram“My goal is to empower you to train yourself. This is why Iwant to give you a strong foundation of fitness education in weighttraining, cardio, nutrition, and keeping the right mentalattitude—so that you can live a healthy lifestyle forever.” --GregMarshall
5:2 Fasting Diet Recipes 1.2
►►► Author of the top 10 hit book ‘The 5:2 Diet Cookbook’ andNutritionist of the Year Angela Dowden brings you delicious recipesfor the 5:2 fasting diet that’s sweeping the globe. ◄◄◄ Make your500- or 600-calorie day easier and tastier with:• Delicious recipesdivided into 100-, 200- and 300-calorie sections.• A caloriecounter for looking up over 1,500 foods• Recipes for breakfasts,lunches, dinners and snacks.• Step-by-step instructions andgorgeous photography 5 days of feasting plus 2 days of fasting =live long, feel great, lose weight! We know the science works andwith 5:2 Fasting Diet Recipes you'll be able to put the scienceinto practice. 5:2 Fasting Diet Recipes provides 80 calorie-countedrecipes covering everything from snacks to main meals. It makes iteasy to keep under your 500- or 600-calorie limit and still eattasty food.Recipes include:• Lamb cutlets with herbed crust •Vegetable curry • Thai noodles and tofu• Artichoke pizza• Wildmushroom omelette • Stuffed mushrooms• Spiced lentil and tomatosoup • Lamb shanks with spiced beans and balsamic onionsSnacksinclude:• Watermelon and feta salad• Broccoli & spinach eggahs•Chicken satay• Gazpacho• Cranberry and hazelnut cookies• Mintedzabaglione• Hot & sour mushroom soupAll the recipes are quickand easy to make and taste delicious, so fasting need not be achore!5:2 Fasting Diet Recipes will help you change your life forthe better by dieting just two days a week.
The Complete 5:2 Diet 1.2
►►► Author of the best-selling 5:2 Bikini Diet, JacquelineWhitehart, brings you the complete 4-week 5:2 recipe and exerciseplan to get you into the best shape of your life.◄◄◄Make your fastdays as painless as possible with a huge selection of deliciouscalorie-counted recipes and hone your body with a choice ofexercise plans formulated by an expert Sculpt personal trainer,with accompanying videos.Features:• Stunning design• Customizable 4week diet and exercise plan that tracks your daily calorie intakeand work-outs• Over 140 mouth-watering recipes with a choice of 6meal plans per fast day• Choose one of 2-3 work-out plans for yourfeast days, linking to 19 exercise videos with clear instructionsby Sculpt Health and Fitness• Interactive calorie counter, BMI, BMRand target calorie calculators to automatically calculate fast daycalories• Snack on your favourite healthy nibbles without blowingyour fast day calorie allowance with the Breakfast Snack JarCalorie CounterRecipes include:• Slim spaghetti with cherrytomatoes, spinach and balsamic vinegar• Chorizo and green pepperflatbread• Butternut squash with rustic beans and chorizo• Roastedsweet potato with quick-cook chilli vegetables• Chicken with gingerand mango sauce• Prawn green curry• Peppered beef with mustardsauce
Handy Law Answer Book 1.0
Combining practical legal tips with an exhaustive review of the lawin the United States, this comprehensive reference answers morethan 1,200 questions ranging from Where did the word tort comefrom? and How are state court judges selected? to Where did thefirst U.S. Supreme Court meet? Useful advice includes how to find alawyer, how to file a complaint against a lawyer, how to documentdiscrimination in the workplace, and how to handle oneself incourt. Interspersed throughout are fun sidebars highlightingimportant cases and explanations of legal terms as well asentertaining information on bizarre and frivolous lawsuits,including one where a prisoner in Colorado sued prison officialsafter he injured himself during an escape attempt. With a widerange of information suitable for various knowledge bases—fromjunior high to junior college—this is an ideal source for anyonelooking to get a better understanding of the law. David L. Hudson,Jr., JD David Hudson, Jr. JD, is the author or coauthor of morethan 20 books, including The American Bar Association Guide toCredit and Bankruptcy, The Encyclopedia of the First Amendment, andThe Handy Supreme Court Answer Book. He works as a First Amendmentscholar at the First Amendment Center and teaches at Vanderbilt LawSchool, the Nashville School of Law, and Middle Tennessee StateUniversity. He lives in Smyrna, Tennessee.
Fairies Cookbook 1.1
From bestselling children’s cookbook author Barbara Beery comes adelightful new cookbook created just for aspiring sprites, elves,gnomes and nymphs! Fairies Cookbook brings a bit of fantasy andmagic to everyday snacks and treats, while teaching valuablecooking skills and encouraging kids to develop a love for creatingtheir own food. Fairies Cookbook transforms everyday fare intomystical treats for birthday parties, sleepovers, and specialoccasions-and these recipes are easy enough to use everyday!Fairies Cookbook offers recipes such as Cookie Fairie Masks, FairieFruit Wands, Sugar Cone Fairie Hats, Fruity Fairie Castles,Raindrop Punch, and many more. Children's cooking expert Beery alsoincludes dozens of tips and ideas for creating a variety ofenchanting fairie-themed parties. This App Features: • 30 magicalrecipes for snacks and treats • Easy to use, intuitive and colorfulnavigation • Step-by-Step instructions • Share ideas, discuss andinteract with other reader…directly from within the App! • AwesomeHigh-res images. Optimized for retina display • Ingredient imagelook-up
Handy Investing Answer Book 1.0
Appreciation, dividends, interest, and inflation all affect thevalue of investments. The concepts of compounding, portfolios, anddiversification should influence investment strategies. Whether youare a novice or budding expert, there is much to consider and knowwhen investing: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate,retirement planning, college, and tax strategies, just forstarters. It can be difficult and confusing.The Handy InvestingAnswer Book explains the basics of investing, and it explores avariety of investments and their differences, offering tips foravoiding poor returns and unnecessary risk. Most important, itgives valuable information on how to prevent banks, mutual fundmanagers, and financial advisers from getting rich at your expense.This handy primer provides 1,400 easy-to-understand answers toquestions range from the simple to the complex, such as:• Why isdollar cost averaging a beneficial strategy for investing?• Whatare some of the steps to establishing the right goals forinvesting?• What is a market index?• What is a home equity loan?•What types of risks could we see if we own individual stocks?• Whendid mutual fund
Handy Psychology Answer Book 1.0
Featuring more than 800 answers to questions of how the human mindand the science of psychology really work, this fascinatingdiscussion gives readers the real facts of modern psychology in afun, approachable way. Avoiding the entertainment fluff of poppsychology and the dryness of overly academic works, thisexploration gives insight into the current science of the mind byanswering questions, questions such as What makes a marriage last?Why do toddlers have temper tantrums? and What are the benefits ofgetting older? In addition to the question and answer section, anoverview looks at the psychology of money, sex, morality, andeveryday living.
Chambers 200 Words-Should Use 1.4
Address to Impress… Use words that make you sound smart andcommunicate better!There are several apps that purport to help youexpand your vocabulary, but which contain many words that you wouldbe hard-pushed to include in everyday usage. The premise of thisapp is different: all of the words included are not only impressivebut have real practical usefulness. You will probably already havesome familiarity with most of the words in this collection. Whatyou might not do, however, is think to use them on occasions whenthey would be apposite. By using this app and seeing how they canbe used effectively, you should become more familiar with theirmeanings and nuances, and so become confident enough to use themeffectively. If you do this, the words will serve you well, both inyour formal writing and in your conversation.A final word ofwarning, however: don’t try to use too many of these words all atonce. You will find that these words have the greatest impact whenthey hog the limelight in an otherwise simple sentence.The'Chambers - 200 Words You Should Use' includes:▸ A selection of 200words you can use to express yourself more clearly▸ Worddefinitions including a pronunciation guide▸ Roots of a word toshed light on the fundamental meaning ▸ Illustrative quotationsdrawn from books, newspapers, magazines and websites▸ An exhaustivequiz to help you master these 200 words▸ Functions to save tofavourites and share words with friends on Facebook▸ A carousel toserendipitously discover words▸ Refreshing graphic design, a farcry from boring dictionary apps▸ Intuitive user interface that’spractical and effectiveHow best to use thisapp------------------------There are several ways to study thewords in this app. ▸ If you like to simply browse words thatinterest you, you can click on a word from the main screen.▸ Ifthis is a word you’d like to study or use in the future, you canmark it as a favourite.▸ If you prefer to go through the words moresystematically, you can choose a word from the index and thensimply flick from one word to the next.▸ You can also search wordsby using the alphabetical scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. ▸Once you’ve gone through the words you feel you need to learn, trytaking the quiz. The quiz challenges you with a completely randomset of questions each time you take it, so you should be able totest yourself several times. Keep going back to your favourites toreview the meaning and proper usage of each word. Once you feelconfident, try to use your new words at least once each day. Youwill find that eventually they will become a natural part to yourrepertoire.
Chambers 200 Words–Don’t Trust 1.4
Don’t trust these weasel words. Never trust a weasel word. This issensible advice, given that the phrase comes from an untrustworthy,singular-looking creature. Coined by a lawyer, Stewart Chaplin, itis used to describe ‘words that suck all the life out of the wordsnext to them, just as a weasel sucks an egg and leaves theshell’.This app contains all sorts of words that could be describedas weasel-esque. Some were born weasely, while others hadweaselyness thrust upon them, clumsily stitched together fromvogueish buzz-terms. It can seem like they’re everywhere.Suchbubbling paranoia necessitates an app which confronts hollowbusiness jargon such as granularity and cloud computing,reality-denying military terms such as friendly fire and surgicalstrike, property-improving descriptors such as compact and bijou.This app also challenges a pic’n’mix selection of words employed inprose in an attempt to make the writer appear clever, such asquixotic and veritable, although they frequently sound awkward whenvoiced aloud in everyday speech. So, a veritable treasure troveawaits!The 'Chambers - 200 Words You Shouldn’t Trust' includes:▸ Aselection of 200 weasel words, you just can’t trust them!▸ Worddefinitions with correct usage▸ A description of the otherweasel-esque usage of the word ▸ Roots of a word to shed light onthe fundamental meaning▸ Illustrative quotations drawn from books,newspapers, magazines and websites▸ An exhaustive quiz to help youbecome a master weasel word hunter▸ Functions to save to favouritesand share words with friends on Facebook▸ A carousal toserendipitously discover words▸ Refreshing graphic design, a farcry from boring dictionary apps▸ Intuitive user interface that’spractical and effectiveHow best to use thisapp-------------------------There are several ways to study thewords in this app. ▸ If you like to simply browse words thatinterest you, you can click on a word from the main screen. ▸ Ifthis is a word you’d like to study or refer to in the future, youcan mark it as a favourite. ▸ If you prefer to go through the wordsmore systematically, you can choose a word from the index and workyour way through alphabetically, flicking from one word to thenext. ▸ You can also search words by using the alphabetical scrollbar at the bottom of the screen. ▸ Once you’ve gone through thewords you feel you need to study, try taking the quiz. The quizchallenges you with a completely random set of questions each timeyou take it, so you should be able to test yourself several times.▸ Keep going back to your favourites to review their meanings andthe potential pitfalls of using each word. Keep a mental note ofthe weasel words you encounter each day. You’ll soon find theycease to bamboozle you!
Chambers 200 Words–Don’t Use 1.4
Breaking news: Finally a cure for clichés, misused, overused andconfused words! ‘Which word should I use?’ It can be a dauntingdecision given the breadth of the English language. Other apps, notleast our own Chambers 200 Words You Should Use, lend a helpinghand, offering useful advice on the words you should introduce intoyour lexicon, and the best way to use them in everyday speech.Thisapp, however, offers the user the reverse: 200 misused, overused,clichéd and confused words from current English, all with realexamples from books, magazines, newspapers and websites. Thesources of these examples range from broadsheets to tabloids,fiction to non-fiction, highbrow to popular culture. Thesecitations are included not to embarrass or accuse the authors andeditors responsible: rather they are intended to illustrate thepitfalls and hazards of the English language and to act as areminder that no-one is immune. Chambers 200 Words You Shouldn’tUse provides easy-to-understand guidance on 200 of the trickiestand commonest usage problems in English and offers a fascinatingsnapshot of the language as it really is.The 'Chambers - 200 WordsYou Shouldn’t Use' App includes: ▸ A selection of 200 words termsto make you squirm ▸ Word definitions with correct usage orsuggested replacements ▸ Roots of a word to shed light on thefundamental meaning ▸ Content divided into four sections: Misused,Overused, Clichés and Confusables ▸ Illustrative quotations drawnfrom books, newspapers, magazines and websites ▸ An exhaustive quizto help you master these 200 words ▸ Functions to save tofavourites and share words with friends on Facebook ▸ A carousal toserendipitously discover words ▸ Refreshing graphic design, a farcry from boring dictionary apps ▸ Intuitive user interface that’spractical and effective How best to use this app------------------------ There are several ways to study the wordsin this app. ▸ If you like to simply browse words that interestyou, you can click on a word from the main screen. ▸ If this is aword you’d like to study or refer to in the future, you can mark itas a favourite. ▸ If you prefer to go through the words moresystematically, you can choose a word from the index and work yourway through alphabetically, flicking from one word to the next. ▸You can also search words by using the alphabetical scroll bar atthe bottom of the screen. ▸ Once you’ve gone through the words youfeel you need to study, try taking the quiz. The quiz challengesyou with a completely random set of questions each time you takeit, so you should be able to test yourself several times. Keepgoing back to your favourites to review their meanings and thepotential pitfalls of using each word. Practise avoiding andreplacing your most frequently misused and overused words each day.You’ll soon find they disappear from your repertoire altogether.
The Bible Bank 1.0
*** Over 100 ideas to help you, your church and your communityconnect with The Bible TV series.***The Bible Bank gives you over100 ideas to help you, your church and your community connect withThe Bible TV series.The Bible TV series has intrigued andcaptivated both Christians and non-Christians alike. Whether yourewatching it live or using the DVD, its a brilliant way to connectpeople with Gods Word and explore together what it is really allabout.The Bible Bank from Scripture Union allows you to chooseactivities to suit different age groups, lengths of time and youridea of fun. Activities are wide ranging and varied youll find lotsof things you or your church can do to encourage your friends,family and neighbours to engage with Gods big story.Download TheBible Bank now and make the most of this unique opportunity to takethe life-transforming message of the Bible to more people.
Papertrell 3.7
This app is the preview tool used in conjunction with thePapertrell platform. Papertrell is a new way of creating andexperiencing books and content. Apps are a dilemma and they areexpensive to build while ebooks are very limiting. And what aboutmarketing? These are common refrains from publishers and authors ofillustrative non-fiction, cookbooks, how-to books, reference booksetc. Papertrell solves these problems. It is the result of over 3years of pioneering work in book apps in partnership with some ofthe world's leading publishers. -----------------------------------Papertrell : re-imagining books !
Mary Berry: In Mary We Trust 1.3
Mary Berry's In Mary We Trust app features over 60 of Mary'sdelicious and reliable, step-by-step recipes including :- ▶ FamilyLasagne, ▶ Mexican Spicy Lamb, ▶ Orange & Honey Roast Chicken,▶ Double Haddock & Herb Fishcakes, ▶ Beef Wellington and ▶Chargrilled Vegetable Strudel, plus showstopping cakes andpuddings. For the festive season there are also recipes for atraditional Christmas dinner, including Traditional Roast Turkeyand all the trimmings. Let Mary guide you through the planning,shopping and timings for meal times with her shopping lists andunique multiple timers and reminders. Set the timer for differentdishes at a time and relax. Put your trust in Mary Berry.
Bikini Fit: beach body fitness 1.0
For a body you can't wait to show off, try the easy-to-followBikini Fit 4-week plan.Each Bikini Fit week is broken down into thefollowing focus areas to leave you looking and feeling great:▶Diet& nutrition▶Fat-burners▶10-minute toners▶Skin &beautyDetox, weight-loss, beauty and energy plans explainnutrients, workouts and health tips for each week. Step-by-stepfat-burning and muscle toning exercises target problem areas andfirm up your figure for the beach, while skin and complexion tipswill leave you glowing with good health.What people are sayingabout the Bikini Fit diet:* “I have just started the Bikini Fitprogram and in 3 days, I have lost 5 pounds and feel great.”*“Motivating, encouraging, just what I needed for lunch-break.”*“Perfect for right after the holidays to lose the cookie weight!”*“I have managed to lose 2 stones and feel so much better.”* “What Ilike is that everything in it is very simple to apply.” * “My hairis thicker, skin softer, energy levels up.”* “Sensible exercise andrealises that not everyone has hours each day to spend workingout.”* “I am already getting compliments that I look thinner andeven happier.”* “7-stage detox diet is safe and very doable. It'sgreat, especially for those who have never followed a detox programbefore.”
Flick-it 1.2
Introducing the world’s simplest app to TRANSFER your PHOTOS orCONTACTS to your friend’s phone! Transfer your photos or contactsin 3 simple steps: 1. Select PHOTO or CONTACT 2. Choose friend'sphone - supports Windows Phone 7 and Android! (iPhone coming soon!)3. Flick-it! Watch the photo or contact info magically appear onyour friend’s phone instantly. Once you have “connected” with yourfriend’s phone, you can transfer files at anytime from anywhere.Make sure you enable your notifications for the best experience. Weunderstand the pain when it comes to these simple tasks and havemade a conscious effort to keep things simple. Please send us yourfeedback to further improve this app. Oh by the way, did we mentionthat there is NO need to sign in, enter email ids or login viaFacebook or anything...
Candy Making for Kids 1.1
Well-known stylist and blogger Courtney Dial Whitmore shares childfriendly candy recipes! "There is nothing more fun thanentertaining children. They make the best guests! Pick any sweettreat from Courtney's book and dazzle the little guests and adultsalike!" - Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, editor-at-large SouthernLiving A creative and fun app full of easy-to-follow candy recipesfor kids. From traditional favorites such as toffee and fudge towhimsical creations such as candy caterpillars and candyplay-dough, kids of all ages will absolutely love these deliciousand cute treats. Perfect for children’s parties, holiday parties,packaging for friends, or simply enjoying at home, these recipeideas are sure to become a family favorite! This App Features: ・ 30fun Candy Recipes ・ Easy to use, intuitive and colorful navigation・ Step-by-Step instructions ・ Share ideas, discuss and interactwith other reader…directly from within the App! ・ Awesome High-resimages. Optimized for retina display ・ Ingredient image look-upCourtney Dial Whitmore, creator of is quicklybecoming a well-known stylist and writer in the field of partydesign and décor. Her expertise has been seen in,Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, AOL's DIY Life,Get Married Magazine,, and more!
The Art of Thinking Clearly 1.0
The Secrets of Perfect Decision-Making, based on the million-copybestselling book.Have you ever...• Invested time in something that,with hindsight, just wasn't worth it?• Overpaid in an eBayauction?• Continued doing something you knew was bad for you?• Soldstocks too late, or too early?• Taken credit for success, butblamed failure on external circumstances?• Backed the wronghorse?These are examples of cognitive biases, simple errors we allmake in our day-to-day thinking. But by knowing what they are andhow to spot them, we can avoid them and make better choices -whether dealing with a personal problem or a business negotiation;trying to save money or make money; working out what we do or don'twant in life, and how best to get it.Users will answer a series ofshort questions based on the type of decision they are making –Money, Work, Time, or People – then the most relevant cognitivebiases will be revealed, allowing them to avoid these commonerrors.Simple, straightforward and always surprising, this app willchange the way you think – at work, at home, every day.
Handy Dinosaur Answer Book 1.0
Featuring more than 600 questions about dinosaurs—such as Whatdinosaurs are thought to have evolved into birds? Did dinosaurstravel in herds? and Where and what is the Dinosaur Freeway?—thisfun-filled fact-book provides a wealth of information on the livesand habits of these astonishing creatures. From the Tyrannosaurusrex to the Stegosaurus, the guide profiles numerous species,chronicling their time on earth and exploring their roles inarchaeological expeditions and museums today. Delightful andintriguing, this comprehensive record includes the debates stillsurrounding the origins and fate of these creatures that dominatedthe earth for millions of years but seemed to disappear in theblink of an eye.Patricia Barnes-Svarney & ThomasSvarneyPatricia Barnes-Svarney has been a science writer for morethan 20 years, has a master’s degree in geography/geomorphology,and has worked professionally as an oceanographer. She is theauthor or coauthor of more than 30 books, including theaward-winning New York Public Library Science Desk Reference.Thomas E. Svarney is a scientist, a naturalist, and an artist. Theyare the coauthors of The Handy Geology Answer Book, The Handy MathAnswer Book, and The Handy Ocean Answer Book. He is the author ofSkies of Fury: Weather Weirdness around the World and The OryxGuide to Natural History. They live in Endicott, New York.
Scripture Union books 1.2
Download Scripture Union books for FREE and you’ll have ScriptureUnion’s extensive archive of great Christian books and resources atyour fingertips. We’ve been producing books and resources to helpchildren, young people and adults to engage with the Bible inexciting and challenging ways for over 100 years and thanks to thenew Scripture Union books app, we’re excited to be able to sharethat library with you. This treasure trove of great books andresources is free to download and comes with free bookspre-installed for you to enjoy. Once downloaded, you can browsethrough hundreds of other new and classic titles and add yourfavourites to your personal bookshelf at the click of abutton.Along with a range of traditional (fiction and non-fiction)e-books, Scripture Union books also includes a range of our dailyBible reading guides to help you meet with God through the Bible ona regular basis and some exciting interactive e-books, especiallydesigned to help children discover the Bible and all it has tooffer in exciting and engaging ways.Download Scripture Union booksnow - The only dedicated Christian bookshelf app, packed full ofbooks that will inspire children, young people and adults to get toknow God Better.
Business Secrets 1.1
Collins is one of the UK’s major business publishers and thesesecrets are purposefully written in an accessible manner to helpbusiness people at all levels and of all nationalities get ahead inthe work place.For each of the following areas there are 50 tips,all in one app and for one price: - Project management - Interviews- Negotiation - Selling - Marketing - Presentations - Leadership -Career Management - Dealing with difficult people - Getting thingsdone - Management - NLP - Mind Power - Team management - Peoplemanagement - Time management - Communication - Finance You can alsoadd secrets to favorites, mark as read and review case studies andkey insights for each section. With this wealth of expert advice tohand, you’ll be a business magnate in no time.
Easy Cut-up Cakes 1.1
Why stick to the same old sheet cakes from your supermarket bakeryto celebrate the special moments in your kids' lives? Ditch thetired Barbie and G.I. Joe themes and make something truly specialwith Easy Cut-Up Cakes for Kids! Perfect for birthdays, parties,holidays, and other special celebrations, Easy Cut-Up Cakes teacheseven novice bakers how to create spectacularly decorated cakesusing standard cake pans and cake mixes, plus easy homemadefrostings combined with your favorite colors, flavors anddecorations to make custom cakes that will be the hit of the party!This App Features: • 24 Cut-up Cake Recipes • Easy to use,intuitive and colorful navigation • Step-by-Step instructions •Share ideas, discuss and interact with other reader…directly fromwithin the App! • Awesome High-res images. Optimized for retinadisplay • Ingredient image look-up
Handy Mythology Answer Book 1.0
Stories centuries in the making, and many centuries worth ofstories, are an integral part of modern society. Whether modern orancient, every culture has its myths. Mythology forms ourunderstanding of our origin, history, and traditions. They tell ofour heroes and deities. Myths are vehicles for understandingreligion, for learning language, and for understanding society, butthey can often be difficult to understand and confusing. The HandyMythology Answer Book examines and explains, in plain English,numerous myths and mythology.From the ancient Greek and Roman toEgypt and Babylon, from Native North American Indian to Celtic,Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian, African, and the lesser known mythsfrom around the world, The Handy Mythology Answer Book has themcovered. Whether it is the modern retelling of a classic myth or anancient story about a Norse god, this helpful resource demystifiesthe myth, looks at different archetypes and motifs, and even showshow myths help explain our existence and institutions. It answersnearly 600 questions and offers fun facts about the treachery andviolence, the inspirational and epic, the supernatural monsters andheroic mortals found in mythology.
Clean Living with Luke & Scott 1.0
Want to change your life today?Life is all about choices. We all have the choice to have a bodythat is as fit and healthy as it can be. This can be achievedthrough optimal training, clean nutrition and adopting a positivelifestyle. Not only can we all attain this, this lifestyle can beeasy, economical and sustainable. It is widely accepted that ittakes around 21 days to change a habit, and Clean Living providesthe perfect daily planner that will kickstart the journey to ahealthy new you.INCLUDES:- The five principles you need to embody clean living- A fully illustrated exercise plan to help you move your body andimprove your health- A menu plan of delicious paleo-style food, complete withmouth-watering recipesFeaturing recipes and exercises from Luke Hines and ScottGooding’s books CLEAN LIVING and THE CLEAN LIVING COOKBOOK. Lukeand Scott appeared on My Kitchen Rules and their paleolithic styleof eating combined with their focus on keeping active has made thema worldwide success. Clean Living is their guide to being the bestyou can be.
Everyday Raw Detox 1.0
★★★★100 recipes for a healthier diet and lifestyle★★★★ Renownedchefs Matthew Kenney and Meredith Baird bring you 100 recipes for ahealthier diet and lifestyle Finding pleasurable ways toincorporate healthy food into your diet is what this app is allabout. Every recipe offering provides a level of detox—whether youwant to cleanse for a day, a week, or just simply exchange onemeal—with tasty raw, vegan drinks and dishes. There are recipes forblended fruit or vegetable tonics, appetizers, soups, salads, andmain dishes along with a special section of skin and body tonics.It includes 100 recipes. This App Features: • 100 recipes for ahealthier diet and lifestyle • Easy to use, intuitive and colorfulnavigation • List recipes based on ingredients and detox keywords •Step-by-Step instructions • Share ideas, discuss and interact withother reader…directly from within the App! • Awesome High-resimages. Optimized for retina display • Helpful tools for thekitchen
Wheat Cookin’ Made Easy 1.0
Finding 10,000 pounds of wheat delivered to her doorstep, graincooking expert Pam Crockett knew she had to learn how to use it.After cooking literally thousands of dishes over many thirty years,Pam become not only an expert on the whole wheat kernel, itshistory and its nutritional benefit, but she had become a graingourmet. Now, with more than 250 recipes, Pam shares in the WheatCookin’ Made Easy app how to create the best, the most nutritious,the most delicious and, of course, the easiest and quickest recipesavailable for those interested in cooking with whole grain wheat.The Wheat Cookin’ Made Easy app includes: • the history of wheat •breads and biscuits • recipes best suited for bread machines, •breakfasts • crackers and pastas • desserts • sourdough options •main dishes • muffins and sweet breads • soups and salads • andrecipes for the kids!The Wheat Cookin’ Made Easy app is the mostcomprehensive wheat app ever created for the wheat connoisseur!Let’s get crackin’!
RosettaBooks 1.5
Discover, explore, sample and download eBooks from severalbestselling authors! The FREE RosettaBooks app brings an excitingmix of features at your fingertips. As the leading independenteBook publisher, RosettaBooks publishes backlist works of severalrenowned and bestselling authors including Winston Churchill,Arthur C. Clarke, Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen R. Covey, Robert Graves,Barbara Taylor Bradford; and eBook lines in collaboration withAARP, Harvard Health Publications and Mayo Clinic. Designed formobile and tablet reading, our app allows readers to:• DISCOVERpersonalized eBook recommendations in curated editorial sets•EXPLORE various genres (biography/memoir, science fiction, romance,Books Into Film, bestsellers, nonfiction, literary fiction,mystery/thriller)• CONNECT with other users in the app readingcommunityFeatures• FREEBIES: Find free eBooks, giveaways anddiscounted titles each week! • SAMPLE CHAPTERS: Want to give theeBook a test read before purchasing? Read a sample chapter! •LATEST NEW RELEASES & BESTSELLERS: Discover the bestsellingeBooks in our catalog, as well as our new releases each week! • AREADING COMMUNITY: Like and comment on your favorite eBooks and seewho else is reading with you!Now let’s get reading!Find us onFacebook, Twitter (@Rosetta_Books_), Tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest.Have a question? Send an email to [email protected]
Cupcake Cakes 1.1
Cupcakes make the perfect building blocks for fun and creativelyshaped cakes. With this book, you can make the purple hippo,spotted puppy, princess tiara, dump truck, lollipops, a hedgehog,and much more. No special pans are required―just cupcakes. Andcupcake cakes are perfect for parties and crowds, because the cakecan be easily pulled apart into individual cupcake servings. ThisApp Features: ・ 25 fun and creative shaped cake recipes ・ Easy touse, intuitive and colorful navigation ・ Step-by-Step instructions・ Share ideas, discuss and interact with other reader…directly fromwithin the App! ・ Awesome High-res images. Optimized for retinadisplay ・ Ingredient image look-up
Handy Art History Answer Book 1.0
The major art pieces, most important artists, and significantartistic movements from 35,000 BCE to today are collected togetherin this easy-to-read resource on art history. It leads you on atour from the basics and beginnings of art to the variousdirections that art is heading today. You’ll not only learn aboutpaintings, but also every other medium imaginable, includingsculpture, architecture, pottery, photography, installation art,and even film and video games. The nearly 150 color imagesillustrate artistic concepts and highlight important and memorableartworks.Loaded with 800 questions and answers on art principles,techniques, materials, forms, colors and styles, movements, schoolsof thoughts, evolution and meaning, The Handy Art History AnswerBook is a fascinating journey around the world and through theages. Why do Egyptian figures have two left feet? What is thedifference between weaving and tapestry? What happened to the Venusde Milo's arms? What is considered beautiful in Islamic art? Howcan you recognize "a Michelangelo"? What is the significance of theAztec eagle-man? How did Cezanne “astonish Paris with apples”? Whatis the difference between Art Nouveau and Art Deco? Why do JeffKoons’s balloon animals sell for millions of dollars?
MAN v FAT 1.0
The no-nonsense weight loss tool for menIf you're just an ordinary guy who wants to lose some weight andget a body you're confident with, Man v Fat is the app youneed.This straightforward tool is here to help you track yourprogress as you battle the bulge. Whether you're using the app as astandalone device, or alongside the weight loss plans in the Man VFat book and free resources at, Man V Fat will be withyou every step of the way.INCLUDES• A weekly weight loss tracker so that you can chart your weightloss journey• A monthly health report to ensure you're becoming a healthierindividual whilst shedding the pounds• Top tips to help you keep motivated and overcome any challengesyou face
Roomies Foodies 1.0
Are you a hungry Indian student living abroad? Learn simple butdelicious college cooking with Meg and Lux’s recipe book for allseasons. From easy exam day recipes, to fancy one to impress yourdate, this is the bible for all college students.
HopeRoad 1.1
Read, discover and explore the best inmulticultural fiction by acclaimed andaward-winning authors from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. The FREEHopeRoadPublishing app puts a world of wonderful literature at yourfingertips, fromcontemporary literary fiction, young adult novels and short storiesby acclaimedwriters such as Balraj Khanna, Qaisra Shahraz and Jean Goulbourne,to the best intranslated historical fiction and biographies of leading figures inblack historylike Miles Davis and Mary Seacole.The HopeRoad app allows you to read extended samples of everyebook we publish, aswell as notifying you of exciting new additions to the HopeRoadlist, monthlycompetitions and giveaways of free digital downloads and exclusivevideo and audiocontent. The built-in social features of the HopeRoad app willallow you to like andcomment on your favourite ebooks and connect with like-mindedreaders who share yourlove of multicultural literature.About HopeRoad:HopeRoad is an exciting, independent publisher, vigorouslysupporting voices toooften neglected by the mainstream. We are growing a reputation aspromoters ofmulticultural literature, with a special focus on writers ofAfrican, Asian andCaribbean descent. At the heart of our publishing is the love ofoutstanding writingfrom writers you, the reader, would otherwise have missed.
My Must Reads 2.2
This robust e-book and audiobook app connects you to your favoriteindependent digital book merchant. (You’ll need an account from oneof MyMustReads merchants to use this app.) Choose from hundreds ofthousands of the most popular e-books and audiobooks from thelargest publishers to the smallest. Find your favorite authors inthe catalogs of HarperCollins, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster,Workman, Harlequin, Sourcebooks, Tor, and more than 2,700 others.Stephen King? Harper Lee? Janet Evanovich? Daniel Silva? MaxLucado? You bet. Looking for your next favorite book? it’s here.“What to Expect when You’re Expecting”? “The Nightingale”? “Good toGreat”? “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”? Jane Eyre? You bet. Books for kids,teens, young adults, and adults. Romance, sci-fi, mystery, history,biography, the arts, diet and health, crafts, computers, self-help,cooking, how-to—your selection is vast. Many books are free. A hugeselection is priced at less than $2.99. Read or listen to yourbooks on up to five devices—a great way to share a book with familymembers. Features you’ll find useful: Return automatically to whereyou left off reading. Highlight a word to get a definition or tosearch for it on the web. Bookmark passages. Search for new titlesby category. Adjust type size and line spacing. Adjust screenbrightness for nighttime reading. Choose from white, black, orsepia backgrounds. Search and discover new books from within theapp. Listen to audio embedded in an e-book. Watch video embedded inan e-book Choose to limit your search to audiobooks only. Connectwith Facebook and Twitter. New features added regularly.
Handy Geography Answer Book 1.0
From discovering why every map is distorted to why Rhode Island iscalled an island even though it's not, this comprehensive referencesimplifies geography in an approachable question-and-answer format.All aspects of the discipline are covered, including physical,economic, political, and cultural geography. Questions answeredinclude Who carved Mount Rushmore? What is the average lifeexpectancy in Japan? and What were the seven wonders of the ancientworld? Ideal for students and teachers, this resource is for allthose curious about our world.Paul A. Tucci & Mathew T.RosenbergPaul A. Tucci is the chief operating officer and a partnerat iwerk, inc., an innovative software developer and IT servicescorporation. Throughout his business career he has traveled to morethan half of the countries in the world. He is the author ofTraveling Everywhere: How to Survive a Global Business Trip. Helives in Birmingham, Michigan.
Handy African American Answers 1.0
Walking readers through a rich but often overlooked part ofAmerican history, this compendium addresses the people, times, andevents that influenced and changed African American history. Anoverview of major biographical figures and history-making events isfollowed by a deeper look at the development in the arts,entertainment, business, civil rights, music, government,journalism, religion, science, sports, and more. Mimicking the abroad range of the African American experience, showcasinginteresting insights and facts, this helpful reference answers awide variety of questions including What is the significance of theApollo Theater? What were the effects of the Great Depression onblack artists? Who were some of America’s early free blackentrepreneurs? What is the historical role of the barbershop in theAfrican American community? and What was Black Wall Street?Blending trivia with historical review in an engagingquestion-and-answer format, this book is perfect for browsing andis ideal for history buffs, trivia fans, students and teachers andanyone interested in a better and more thorough understanding ofhistory of black Americans.
Handy Religion Answer Book 1.0
Providing detailed descriptions of the beliefs, rituals, history,and organization of the world’s eight major religious traditions,including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism,Confucianism, Taoism, and Shinto, this fully revised and updatededition is an easytouse comparative guide for anyone seeking basicreligious literacy. Clearly and eloquently written by a scholarwith more than 40 years of study and teaching experience, The HandyReligion Answer Book is organized into chapters on each majorreligion and contains a wealth of information about their history,beliefs, symbols, membership, leaders, observances, and customs.The reference answers more than 800 questions, such as What is thesignificance of the Star of David? How did so many differentChristian churches come into being? What is the importance of themonth of Ramadan? What is an Ayatollah? and Do Taoists believe inheaven and hell?, as well as new questions concerning religion andviolence and suborganizations that claim affiliation with the majorfaith communities. A glossary of religious terminology, maps of thegeneral coverage areas for each religion, and suggestions forfurther reading are also included.
Handy Chemistry Answer Book 1.0
Simplifying the complex chemical reactions that take place ineveryday through the well-stated answers for more than 600 commonchemistry questions, this reference is the go-to guide for studentsand professionals alike. The book covers everything from thehistory, major personalities, and groundbreaking reactions andequations in chemistry to laboratory techniques throughout historyand the latest developments in the field. Chemistry is an essentialaspect of all life that connects with and impacts all branches ofscience, making this readable resource invaluable across numerousdisciplines while remaining accessible at any level of chemistrybackground. From the quest to make gold and early models of theatom to solar cells, bio-based fuels, and green chemistry andsustainability, chemistry is often at the forefront oftechnological change and this reference breaks down the essentialsinto an easily understood format.
Prayers on the Move 1.0
SPCK’s Prayers on the Move app is designed to enable you to getinto the habit of praying. Habits are formed by repetition, and ithas been said that it takes 30 days to build a new one. Each of theapp’s features is aimed at helping you to do just that. TheReminder feature will keep you on track and there is never a reasonto miss a prayer when you can choose between the audio or the textversion, depending on your preference or surroundings.The appincludes:31 prayers – one for each day of the month;audiorecordings of each prayer – three speakers read the prayers to you,so you can pray on the move;daily reminders – pick a time each dayto receive a prompt so that you never forget to pray; information –handy guides on how to find out more about prayer and the Christianreligion;interactive features – ‘love’ and comment on yourfavourite prayers to share your thoughts;share button – the prayersare displayed as beautiful images that are perfect for socialmedia; you don’t even have to worry about character limits!Trypraying for a minute a day and see what happens.
Burlington Stone 1.0
Burlington Stone extract and craft a diverse range of luxurious andsignature British natural stone products. Which exude the ultimatein opulent quality and permanence. With over 170 years ofexperience and a colour range of eleven sumptuous stones with avariety of finishes, Burlington’s product proposition is unique asit offers only the highest quality British Lake District naturalstone, is processed by our own British craftsmen, whose skills havebeen passed down through the generations, and is delivered directto our clients all around the world.Whatever the scale of yourvision or project, you can trust Burlington Stone to truly inspireyou. Its unique technical and aesthetic properties have been formeddeep within the Cumbrian Fells over 450 millionyears ago – so itsdramatic, beautiful and made to last.For almost two centuries,Burlington has been the stone of choice for bespoke interior andexterior stone and slate specifications and its intrinsic qualitiesand colours have been used to inspire iconic designs, to seamlesslyconnect indoor and outdoor spaces and to bring the projects tonatural life. Burlington Stone represents both a statement and aninvestment for today and the future.
Handy Answer Book for Kids 1.1
Kids ask the darndest things .. . and here are the answers---all inone helpful app!Anyone who has ever been a kid, raised a kid, orspent any time with kids knows that asking questions is a criticalpart of growing up. Kids have curious minds and they come up withsome very interesting questions. But the truth is adults don'talways know the answers. This app comes to the rescue. It addressesqueries with enough depth and detail to both satisfy the curiosityof persistent young inquisitors and provide parents with a securesense of a job well done.Written with a child's imagination inmind, this easy-to-understand book permits kids to help themselvesbecause it's organized by simple topical chapters: Outer Space;Planet Earth and Our Moon; Creatures Big and Small; Plant Life;People around the World; Politics and Government; How Things Work;Math, Measurement, and Time; All about My Body; and Daily Life.Each question posed is given a complete and satisfying answer,going beyond "because" and "it just is" and "I don't know."Why dodogs bark? • Why is the sky blue? • Why do people have to grow old?• Why do people speak different languages? • How does my body knowto wake up when morning comes? Enjoy!!This app features:• Intuitiveand easy navigation• A fun and engaging quiz with over a 100questions• Quick access to fun facts• A “Surprise me” button todiscover fun stuff• Post comments and “Ask your ownquestions!”Praise for the companion book ...."...the biggestproblem for parents with inquisitive children is not knowing theanswers. For those times, consider The Handy Answer Book for Kids(and Parents)...." - Boston Globe"Now...parents have a resourcethey can reach for when their kids throw a doozy of a questiontheir way" - San Diego Union Tribune"I'd judge it as a perfect bookfor an audience of curious children ages eight to thirteen or so,and the parents of children who like to ask questions.""Having this nearby will equip every parentfor those difficult, absurd, or sometimes funny questions fromtheir kids. The book is well organized with tabs marking eachsection for easy reference." -"TheHandy Answer Book for Kids is a great little reference book, filledwith pictures and charts and other visual delights. The questionsare a lot of fun, ranging from the profound--"Who is God?"--to thetrivial--"How does a vacuum cleaner pick up dirt?""Visible Ink has been publishing the HandyAnswer books for over a decade now and they have been a favorite inboth school and public libraries. This informative resource willsuit public and school library users well." - American ReferenceBooks"The Handy Answer Book for Kids (and Parents) is of stronginterest for any parent who wants to arm their child with generalknowledge." - Children's BookwatchThe Handy Answer Book for Kids(and Parents) by Gina Misiroglu, Visible Ink Press, ISBN:978-1-57859-219-7 $21.95 available online or at better bookstoreseverywhere.
Brash Books: Best crime novels 1.2
The Brash App brings you the best mystery, espionage and thrillernovels by the most acclaimed & award winning authors in thefield and delivers them to your favorite device – iPhone, iPad,Kindle, Kobo, tablet, laptop etc – so you can enjoy the mostcompelling crime stories in existence when, where and how you wantto read them. We’ve got it all: psychological thrillers, murdermysteries, international espionage, and police procedurals fromestablished masters of the craft – as well as premiere books fromnew voices who are sure to become crime fiction stars. Life isshort – don’t waste your time on bad books. Browse through ourfantastic library of mysteries, thrillers and crime novels anddownload a sample. We make it easy to discover and own the bestbooks you’ll ever read.