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Slot Machine 1.0
Slots Simulator Free - best slotomania appever made.You will face the big fish casino inside and feel the realslotomania.Better than real-life bellagio or panther texas casino.This application is only for entertainment! No real money!Nice animation, amazing graphics, and the atmosphere of slotomaniaand bellagio style are waiting for you!Download now Slots Simulator Free and feel the charm of texas andlas vegas casinos.Play now!
Super Shoot: Red Hot 1.15
Free game about incredibles who can make time slowSuper shoot: redhot is a arcade game about daredevil swat that defends citizensfrom terrorists with time control ability. When you move the timegoes faster when you stay still it goes slower. You are like ramboin world of time and shooting. And terrorists.Features:1. Awesomegameplay2. You so cool in that game, like rambo, you know3. Supercool mechanic.4. Hot graphics.5. Hardcore arcade style ofgameplay.Download super shoot: red hot right now and do not forgetto leave a comment.
Cluster Traffic: Robot Truck 1.0
Cluster Traffic: Robot Truck is a gameaboutdaredevil robot parkour jumps from one truck to another.Get ready for crazy robot parkour jumps in cluster traffic fulloftrucks that drive trow falling obstacles! Cluster Traffic:RobotTruck is for daredevil adrenaline fans. But be careful: trucksblowup if they flip over!Features:Awesome robotCool game mechanicAwesome graphics10 super levelsDownload Cluster Traffic: Robot Truck and play now!
Plumber hunting 1.0
Have you ever imagined what it consists of,andlife of the tortoise in platformer world where some freakyplumberstep by step kills guys like you? Now you can revenge andkill theplumber. You can kill the plumber by crush in his face orback oralso you can fall to his head. But be careful. If he jumpon you youwill die. Remember you are tortoise and you must killthe plumber.How to kill the plumber in plumber hunting:1. Select the mission you want to complete2. Use the move buttons to control the tortoise3. Kill the plumber4. Enjoy the victoryDownload Plumber Hunting right now!
Flight Madness Simulator 1.0
Flight Madness School Simulator - is afunarcade games for adrenaline funs who like war ship planes.Noslimes, just plane simulator in abstract area with madnessenemyplanes that try’s to be better pilots than you. That pilotsknowthat there is no airport and that’s why they has to be madnesstobe the best in Flight Madness School Simulator. It’s realmadnessbecause there’s flying mountains and lot’s of warshipplanes.The controls of the pane in the Flight Madness School Simulatorareeasy to use. You can switch between acceleration andstickcontrol.If you want to be the best in flight madness schoolsimulatordownload this game right now!Features: Awesome graphicsSuper nice gameplayGood controlsDownload Flight Madness School Simulator and play now!
Slime Farmer 1.06
Free game about incredibles slimes who live onthe farmSlime Farmer is a simulation game about daredevil slimesthat lives as citizens on the farm with rancher. You are therancher and you have a lot of slimes. Rancher and farmers use tocatch slimes and put them in the cage. If you a good rancher yougonna feed your slimes with carrots and you definitely will lovethat because fed slimes produce shiny gems. Every framer andrancher loves gems. What ever even some other people like them,people who doesn’t work as farmer or rancher. Be like a rambo inworld of slimes. Have fun!Features: 1. Awesome gameplay!2. You will love the slimes!3. A really big area!4. Hot graphics!5. Easy controls!Download Slime Farmer right now and do not forget to leave acomment.
Russian Police 1.1
Russian Police - the best Russian Police simulator 3D!Have you everimagined to become a real Russian Police? Now you have the chanceto experience the life of Russian Police.Russian Police is veryeasy to use.1. Select the Russian Police mission you want tocomplete2. Use the joystick to control the Russian Police3. Enjoythe Russian Police game!Download Russian Police and play now!
Berlin Police 1.1
Berlin Police is a game about daredevil Berlin police that protectsblocky liberty in 82.Get ready for simulation of police chase insmashy berlin traffic in a nice blocky town that has buildings likeuniversity and mall! Drive carefully, don't drift, it's 82. Patrolthe Berlin town and smashy chase the 82 criminals. Protect libertydon't be dirty cop.Features: Sweet GraphicsAwesome controlOpenWorldDownload Berlin Police and play now!
Gazelle Minibus vs Zombies 1.0
Gazelle Minibus vs Zombies - russianironstagecoach simulator.Now against zombies!Turn the gear of russian highlander and smash all thedeadmen.Zombie Apocalypse, so you must to survive using your minibus,realrussian stagecoach.Save the world and the final girl!Beware of contagion and zombie pandemic!Check the gas and go!Beat all the recordsm smashing contagion men!More zombies = more score!Download Gazelle Minibus vs Zombies now!
War Flight Sim 2016 1.0
Planes: War Flight Sim 2016 - notanothersorority app, this is game for true mean man!Let's check your fatigue! Download now and play!As cool asSanAndreas!10 different planes and 15 fatigue missions are waitingforyou.Not for disney channel, only rockets and gunplay.Control is simple, lead the laserpointer and than shoot.Enemies are mean and hard. 3 bosses check your fatigue.Download Planes: War Flight Sim 2016 and beat therecords,pilot!Play now!
Slime Farmer 2 1.06
Slime Farmer 2 is a simulation game in thebeautiful wood location about daredevil slimes that lives on thefarm with rancher. You are the rancher and you have a lot ofdifferent types of slimes. Rancher and farmers use to suck slimesand shoot them in the cage. If you a good rancher you will feedyour slimes with carrots and you definitely will love that becausefed slimes produce shiny gems. Every framer and rancher loves gems.There are 6 types of slimes to produce jems! Every slime type livein peace and don't eat each other! What a nice slimes! What evereven some other people like them, people who doesn’t work as farmeror rancher. Be like a rambo in world of slimes. Love them! Havefun!Features:1. Awesome gameplay!2. You will love the slimes!3. A really big area!4. It's free!5. Easy controls!Download Slime Farmer 2 right now and do not forget to leave acomment.
Panty Heroes: Super Party 1.0
Free game about incredibles on panty party in school classroom.They are allpanty that party all day by fighting each others like areal superhero. PantyHeroes Super Party is a arcade game aboutdaredevil panty that have a warbetween good and bad stuff. You areplaying as a superhero panty and youneed to defeat all yourenemies. That's what's called panty party withsuperhero. If you area good panty hero fighter you will beat at least 10panties. Everysuperhero panty has a sword a magic ability. Be like a ramboinworld of panty superhero party! Have fun!Features:1. Awesomegameplay!2. You will love the panties!3. A really nice classroomarea!4. Hot graphics!5. Easy controls!Download Panty Heroes SuperParty right now and do not forget to leave acomment.