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Cube Warships - Naval Shooter 0.1
Naval Cube Warships Shooter is a arcade naval sea ship shooterwherehordes of enemies try to sink your ship. There are differentleveleach having a extra dimension to challenge your skills. Firecannonsand shoot the enemy ships, improve your player level andearn moneyto buy upgrades for your ship. Collect power ups toenhance yourship temporarily. The hordes of enemies are neverending, set ahighscore by shooting as much enemies as you can!Features: - Arcadenaval cube warship battle shooter - Small openocean free roamlevels - Different enemy ships - Upgrade your ship- Collect powerups - Improve your player level by earningexperience points - Facethe endless waves of enemy ships
Line Wand Magic - Follow Track Drawing 1.4
Draw quickly and track the magic line to complete the spell andgoto the next level, touch and draw without leaving the tracktounite glowing the balls and complete the magic spell! Howmanylevels can you rush through! Become a drawing finger wizardbyuniting the balls and draw your way to the next level! Touchtheblue ball to cast and begin drawing the spell, draw quickly alineto the green ball without leaving the track. Do not go outsidethewhite line or you will have to start drawing all overagain.COMPLETE SPELL TRACKS AND PROGRESS YOUR PLAYER LEVEL.Earnexperience points by completing levels. PLAY TWO DIFFERENTMODES.Do you want to complete drawing spells with a checkpointsystemwhere you must return to your previous checkpoint whenfailing or amode where you can restart every level without the needofcheckpoints. SIMPLE CONTROLS, SIMPLY FUN. Simply touch the blueorbto start casting and trace the white line quickly to the greenorbto complete the spell. FEATURES: - Use your finger to draw thelineand complete the spell quickly - Draw spells in differentlocations- Simple drawing gameplay
Super Island Quest 3D - 3D Platformer Game 0.2
Super Island Quest 3D is a 3D platform land game. Go on acoastalplatform journey in this 3D platform adventure game andbecome aplatform jumping master. Jump and run on the movingplatforms andget yourseld safe to the finish star. Use your windforce to glideand reach your platform with more control. Do notfall in the oceanor get hit by any trap or monster. Explore andcomplete differentlevels, try to collect all the stars in eachlevel. Explore somelarger open island levels and unravel were eachbutton is to openthe gates and complete the level. USE YOURPLATFORM AND FIGHTINGSKILLS TO MASTER THE DIFFERENT ISLANDS Useyour fighting skills anddefeat monsters with your mighty sword.This game lets you choosefrom a range levels, you must complete alevel in order to unlockthe next level. In each level there arethree stars for you tocollect, this included the big star which youmust collect tofinish the level. There are a couple of biggerisland levels whichrequire you to sharpen your search and discoverskills to find thebig star. Each level has no time limit, so youcan roam around aslong as you like! OVERCOME THE DIFFERENTCHALLENGES THAT LAY AHEADEach level has some challenges you mustovercome, these challengesare fighting monsters, exploring islandsand find the button toopen a gate and evading different kinds ofdangerous traps. JUMP,RUN AND FIGHT Jump on platforms to cross thedistance between youand the finish star, hold jump to use your windforce and glide tothe platforms. Use your sword the defeat the twodifferent types ofenemies. Time your sword swing to block theattack of the enemy byswining at the same time the enemy attacks.Each level has no timelimit, so you can roam around as long as youlike, this will giveyou enough time to collect all the stars!FEATURES: - Multipleisland levels - 3D island platformer - Swordcombat - Use your windforce to glide to the next platform - Searchfor three stars ineach level, can you collect them all Discover andexplore the lostislands , ready your adventure boots to run andjump around the 3dplatforms and collect all the stars there are tofind. Super IslandQuest 3D is FREE to download and FREE to play,enjoy the adventure.
TrendVer - Social Travel Guide 2.1
TrendVer is a social app where users can share trends fromallaround the world. Discover what trending is in your area.Alocation is connected to each post so that you can easilyexploreyour environment. Each post has a category ranging fromart,bars/cafés, beauty products, clothing, entertainment, food,games,hotels, museums, restaurants and more. TrendVer features: -Searchtrends based on there location. - Filter searches with gps -Uploadand describe your own posts. - Search posts based oncategories -Search and follow users to keep getting updated ontheir latestposts. - Create a profile page where other users canfind yourposts.
Super Snow Land Adventure 3D 0.1
Super Snow Land Adventure 3D is a 3D platform land game,discoverand collect all the jewels in the island levels. Beware ofthe redmonsters, to destroy the red monsters you will have to jumponthere head! Run and jump your way through every level, bewaredonot fall in the water or step into a trap or you will havetorestart the level all over again. With how many stars willyoucomplete the adventure, collect more jewels to increase yourstarend score! Each level has no time limit, so you can roam aroundaslong as you like! Super Snow Land Adventure 3D is a relaxingandfun platformer and it is free to play! Play this simple andfunplatformer! Super Snow Land Adventure 3D Features: - Jump andrunaround the traps and moving obstacles - Collect all the jewels!-Encounter monsters Super Snow Land Adventure 3D is FREE todownloadand FREE to play, enjoy the adventure.
Switch Color Master - Bump Game 0.5
Switch and bounce to change color and glide to the next tile. Setahighscore by switching color as many times as possible. BOUNCEONDIFFERENT COLOR. Clash your ball to make the ball switch colorandglide to the next tile! DIFFERENT MODES. Each mode having auniquechallenge! TEST YOUR REFLEXES. When your score increase theballwill move faster! EARN XP POINTS AND LEVEL UP. Earn experiencetoprogress your player level and unlock new levels. SIMPLECONTROLS,SIMPLY FUN. Simply touch and hold the screen and move yourfingerto make the ball change position. FEATURES: - Switch colors-Become a bouncemaster - Different challenges - Easy touchcontrols- Win rewards and to progress your player level - Differentlevelsto choose from - What will your highscore be in thedifferentlevels?
Ninja Jump Master 0.3
This ninja game requires you to focus on keeping the ninja dry,donot let the assassin fall into the water by jumping on thewronglycolored platform. Master your reflexes and become the bestninjajump assassin in this relaxing arcade japanese style game.COLOREDPLATFORMS YOU MUST SWIFTLY TO JUMP ON There are threeuniquelycolored drums, when you press one of the drums the ninjawillswiftly jump to the next platform. It is your job to make surethatthe drum color you pressed matches that one of the nearestplatformthe ninja will swiftly jump to. If you pressed the wrongcolor theninja will fall into the water. Also if you wait too longthe ninjawill hit the cliffs and also fall into the water. So donot let theninja fall in the water because this ninja hates water.CALMINGSURROUNDINGS Enjoy the peaceful zen garden with the greatmountainsin the back and the calming red trees on both sides on thestairleading to two shrines. Jump and wonder in the night under themoonlight or help your ninja during dusk and enjoy the sunsettingdown. TRAIN AND IMPROVE YOUR REFLEXES Focus your sensesbecause thewater's stream will flow faster when the ninjasuccessfully jump onmultiple platforms, thus making the platformsincrease theirmovement speed and making it more challenging for youto swiftlyreact and jump to the next platform. ENDLESS AMOUNT OFLEVELS TOCHALLENGE YOU Jump successfully on a number of platformstocomplete a level, each level will become more challengingbecauseyou will have to jump on more platforms. EARN A REWARDProgress andunlock the ninja master santa, make sure santa is drybecause hecant swim FEATURES: - Peaceful japanese style zen garden- Easy toplay tons of fun offline 3D arcade game - Simple threebuttoncontrols - Unlock santa - Jump during sunset or under themoonlight- Test and train your hand eye coordination in this jumparcadegame full of fast fun. - Calming cartoon waters This ninjagame isa fun little 2020 game for you to kill some time, enjoy thisarcadejump game with a ninja japanese theme.
Ball Hop - Tile Bounce Game 0.7
Touch to bounce the ball down, drop the ball on the samecolorbefore the time runs out! Click and hop at the correct timetotwist the camera! How many times can you bounce? BOUNCE BEFORETHETIME RUNS OUT. Bounce the ball down on the tile with the samecoloras the ball. Beware do not let your ball hit other coloredtiles!PLAY DIFFERENT MODES Each having a unique perspective! WITHEACHBOUNCE THE CAMERA POSITION WILL CHANGE EARN XP AND LEVEL UP.Earnexperience to progress your player level. SIMPLE CONTROLS,SIMPLYFUN. Simply touch the screen to make the ball bounce.FEATURES: -Touch to bounce the ball on the same color - Hop tochange thecamera angle - Earn xp and to progress your player level-Different modes, with different camera perspectives
Night Ball Runner - Dodge Obstacles 0.2
Run and race through this endless running game, collect orbstopower your flashlight and keep racing against the darkness.COLLECTORBS AND COINS to set an amazing highscore! GAIN SPEEDbycollecting as much coins as you can and DODGE the incomingwalls.COLLECT LIGHT ORBS. Fuel your flashlight by collecting lightorbs,or you man will be lost in darkness. COLLECT COINS. Improveyourscore by collecting coins. STEP INTO THE FIELD AND RUN AS FASTASPOSSIBLE. Collect coins to increase your running speed. EVADEWALLOBSTACLES. Swipe and slide to dodge and evade walls fromhittingyou. JUMP OVER OBSTACLES. See any small walls simply swipeup andjump over them. SIMPLE CONTROLS, SIMPLY FUN. Simply swipecontrolsto move your character. FEATURES: - Darkness themed game -Simplescreen touch control - Collect orbs to fuel your flashlight -Whatwill your highscore?
Knock Down Magic Books 1.8
Shoot spells from your wand, hit books with the spells andknockdown all the books! Knock down books in different levelsaround theacademy. Touch and fire spells to see different spelleffectscoming from your magic wand. DESTROY ALL THE BOOKS TO GO TOTHENEXT LEVEL. Touch to shoot spells from your wand and hitthemagical books, make sure all the books are knocked downanddestroyed. Beware when not all the books have been knocked downandyou can not cast anymore spells you must return to yourpreviouscheckpoint. DIFFERENT LEVELS. Knock down books in differentlevelsaround the academy. PROGRESS YOUR PLAYER LEVEL. Earnexperiencepoints by completing levels. EARN REWARDS TO UPGRADE YOURSPELLPOWER. Earn orbs to upgrade your spell casting force andfirestronger spells! SIMPLE CONTROLS, SIMPLY FUN. Simply touchtheplace where you want to cast a spell. FEATURES: - Knockdownmagical books - Shoot spells from your wand to hit books-Different locations around the academy - Progress your playerlevelby earning experience points Download now and fire spells fromyourwand and knock down all those magical books!
3D Platform Adventure 0.4
3D Platform Adventure is a 3D platform game, discover andcollectall the jewels in the day and night levels. Run and jumpyour waythrough every level, beware do not fall of the map or stepinto atrap, or you will have to restart the level all over again.Destroythe enemies by jumping on their heads. With how many starswill youcomplete the adventure, collect more jewels to increaseyour starend score! Each level has no time limit, so you can roamaround aslong as you like! Super Land Adventure 3D is a relaxingand funplatformer and it is free to play! Play this simple andfunplatformer! 3D Platform Adventure Features: - Moving platformstotransport you to higher grounds - Jump and run around the trapsandmoving obstacles - Do not hit the enemy monsters, jump ontheirhead to destroy the monsters - Collect all the jewels!Controls: -Touch and hold anywhere on the screen and move thejoystick in thedirection you want to move - Press the jump buttonto jump
Running in the Night 0.2
Run and race through this endless running game, collect orbstopower your flashlight battery and keep racing against thedarkness.COLLECT ORBS AND COINS to set an amazing highscore! GAINSPEED bycollecting as much coins as you can and DODGE the incomingrocks.How far can you run? COLLECT LIGHT ORBS. Fuel your flashlightbycollecting light orbs, or you man will be lost in darkness.COLLECTCOINS. Improve your score by collecting coins. STEP INTO THEFIELDAND RUN AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Collect coins to increase yourrunningspeed. EVADE ROCK OBSTACLES. Swipe and slide to dodge andevaderocks from hitting you. JUMP OVER OBSTACLES. See any smallrockssimply swipe up and jump over them. SIMPLE CONTROLS, SIMPLYFUN.Simply swipe controls to move your character. FEATURES: -Darknessforest themed game - Rush and run as fast as you can -Simplescreen touch control - Challenge yourself to set the highestscore- Collect orbs to fuel your flashlight - Endless runner game -Whatwill your highscore?
Traffic Smash - Spaceships Crossing 0.4
Tap and stop spaceships invading their space, thus stoppingthemfrom clashing and crashing into each other. HELP A LOTOFSPACESHIPS. Tap your finger on the spaceships to make sure theydonot get destroyed. Beware do not let any spaceships rest to longora spaceship will hit it from behind! EARN REWARDS AND BUYNEWLEVELS. Each saved spaceship will give you a coin. Collect asmanycoins to buy new levels. SIMPLE CONTROLS, SIMPLY FUN. Simplytouchthe spaceship you want to stop or start. FEATURES: -Helpspaceships cross the roads - Easy touch controls - Win rewardsandbuy new levels - Touch to stop and start spacecrafts -Differentlevels
Monster Night - Orientation Game 0.1
In Monster Night you must collect as much gems as possiblebeforethe monsters catch you. Because it is night the levelsarecompletely dark. Your flashlight give you a sense ofdirection.Rotate your device the look around and press the screento walk inthat direction. Collect power ups to enhance yourskillstemporarily. Features: - Night game with monsters - Threesmallfree roam levels - Different monsters - Collect power ups -Improveyour player level by earning experience points - Face theendlesswaves of monsters
Coin Toss - Master Flip Up Game 0.3
Blast the cannon to flip the coin higher and higher in the sky.Howhigh can you toss the coin? Set a highscore by achieving anamazingheight. FIRE CANNON. Fire the cannon to flip and toss thecoin inthe sky and reach the stars! SET HIGHSCORE! Master the artofflipping the coin, and fire the cannon to toss the coin higherandhigher! TEST YOUR REFLEXES. When the coin is higher in the skyitwall fall faster to the ground! SIMPLE CONTROLS, SIMPLY FUN.Simplytouch to fire the cannon when the coin is in range! FEATURES:-Toss the coin high in the sky - Become a coin toss master -Tosshigh and see the different space planets - Easy touch controls
Magic Road Rage 0.1
Duel with your magic wand to fight against dragons and othermagicalcreatures, touch to cast spell and blast magic spells fromyourwand. Become a hero and seize control of the dangerous roads.Buynew spells from the shop and become the ultimate duelingspellmaster. Wands at the ready and start dueling now, becausethewizard world needs a heroic spell caster! CAST DIFFERENTSPELLS!Touch to flick your wand and cast fire, ice and poisonspells orconjure a stun charm to stun enemies. Blast your enemiesand evokespells to become the victorious witch or wizard! BUY NEWSPELLS.Earn crystals and buy new spells to become a master ofwitchcraft,can you unlock all the spells? You can only use twospells in thebattlefield, in the shop you can select which spellsyou want touse in battle. BATTLE IN DAY AND NIGHT. Duel enemies inday andnight levels, ride the cart along the forest and othermagicalhouses. SIMPLE CONTROLS. Touch to cast magic spells.FEATURES: -Touch and cast different spells from your wand - Duelwretcheddragons and other magical creatures - Earn rewards and buynewspells Use your wand to duel the dragons and othermagicalcreatures in mysterious levels and show what true witchcraftlookslike. Can you call yourself a heroic witch or mage, Downloadandduel now!
Fruit Wizard Ninja - Spell Slice Game 2.1
Slice, touch or swipe to cast magic spells and splice fruitindifferent modes. Play the swipe mode where you must swipe inthecorrect zone to slice the fruit, or play the slice mode whereyoumust make magic slices to crush to fruit or play the touchmodewhere you must touch the fruit to crush it. Can you become afrenzyninja wizard and splice fruit with your spells! DESTROY A LOTOFFRUIT. Blast your spells at fruit to make sure all the fruitaredestroyed. Beware do not let any fruit splash on thefloor.PROGRESS YOUR PLAYER LEVEL. Earn experience points bysplicingfruits. EARN REWARD AND BUY UPGRADES FOR YOUR SPELLS. Earnorbs toupgrade your spell range in swipe mode and splash even morefruits.PLAY DIFFERENT MODES. Do you want to splice fruits byswipingspells in the correct zone. Or do you want to click to castandsplash the fruit. Or are you more of a slicer wizard, andyouprefer slashing spells to slice fruit and make combos to scoremorepoints. SIMPLE CONTROLS, SIMPLY FUN. Simply touch the placewhereyou want to cast a spell. Each mode have slightlydifferentcontrols. FEATURES: - Swipe and slice falling fruits inswipe mode- Slice fruit in slice mode - Touch fruit to crush intouch mode -Earn rewards and upgrade your spells in swipe mode -Progress yourplayer level by earning experience points - What willyourhighscore be in the different modes?
Helix Fall Around 0.1
Fall and turn to avoid CRASHING THE PLAYER into the red walls!DODGEOBSTACLE. Avoid clashing with the red slices to keep theplayerfalling. RUSH TO THE GROUND. Complete levels by reaching theground.SIMPLE SHORT HELIX GAME. The rounds are short SIMPLECONTROLS,SIMPLY FUN. Simply touch and rotate to the side you wantthe playerto move. FEATURES: - Rotate around the helix - Rush theplayer tothe ground - Easy controls - Infinite amount of levels
Fantasy Monster Shooter - Arcade Game 0.1
Shoot lasers and battle against monsters, destroy them tobuyupgrades! Fight monsters and destroy them to unlock new levels.Seta highscore by blasting as many enemy monsters as possible.FIREDIFFERENT LASER. Blast different lasers, and destroy theenemymonsters! UNLOCK AND PLAY DIFFERENT LEVELS! Master the artofevading and firing by playing different levels! DAY ANDNIGHTLEVELS! Are you brave enough the fight zombies and monsters inthenight. EARN REWARDS AND LEVEL UP. Earn experience to progressyourplayer level and unlock new levels. UPGRADE YOUR CHARACTER.Userewards to buy upgrades for your character. COLLECT POWERUPS.Collect powers ups to increase fire rate or movement speedSIMPLECONTROLS, SIMPLY FUN. Two joysticks, one for walking and oneforfiring your weapons. FEATURES: - Day and night levels -Fighthordes of monsters - Different lasers - Easy touch controls -Winrewards and to progress your player level - Fire and evadetheenemy monsters - Different levels to choose from - What willyourhighscore be in the different levels?
Magic Wand Duel - Spell Casting Wizard Battle 4.9
Duel with your magic wand to fight against witches anddragons,swipe and flick your wand to cast and blast magic spellsfrom yourwand. Become a hero and seize control of the variousbattlefields.Conquer your enemies for the glory of your heroichouse. Buy newspells from the shop and become the ultimate duelingspell master.Wands at the ready and start dueling now, because thewizard worldneeds a heroic spell caster! CAST DIFFERENT SPELLS!Swipe to flickyour wand and cast fire, ice and poison spells orconjure a shieldcharm to destroy incoming enemy spells and protectyou from thedark magic of your enemies. Stun your enemies and evokespells tobecome the victorious witch or wizard! FIGHT FOR YOURSORTED HOUSE.Wonder in which heroic house you belong? Answer arange ofquestions and get sorted in the house you will duel for.Conqueryour enemies to score points for your house. Unite withyourmagical powers to become the strongest of all the houses!CONQUERTHE BATTLEFIELD TO EARN XP POINTS TO PROGRESS YOUR PLAYERLEVEL.Earn experience points to level up and unlock new levelsaround theacademy! BUY NEW SPELLS. Earn orbs and buy new spells tobecome amaster of witchcraft, can you unlock all the spells? Beforeyouenter the battlefield you can select in the character menutheunlocked spells you want to use in battle. BUY DIFFERENT WANDS.Buynew wands, these wands have an unique abilities, unitingthemagical essence of a certain spells thus giving this spellmorepower! BUY MYSTERY CHESTS. Spend your orbs on mystery chest togaineven more orbs or lose some. PLAY FROM A RANGE OF DIFFERENTMODES.Do you want to fight you enemies in waves, duel with yourenemieswithout allowing them to cross the border, fire spells atthecorrect time to destroy magic books or fight and win to progresstothe next level. Explore the academy in these differentmodes,because some modes will show different parts of the academythenothers. EARN ACHIEVEMENTS. Complete and gather achievements tohavea rpg kind of experience! BATTLE IN DIFFERENT MYSTERIOUSLEVELS.Duel enemies in library levels, academy levels and near theforest,use the environment to evade the witches wraths! SIMPLECONTROLS.Tilt your phone and swipe to cast magic spells. FEATURES:- Swipeto cast different spells from your wand - Duel wretchedwitches anddragons in different locations - Earn rewards and buynew spells -Buy mystery chests giving a random amount of orbs - Buydifferentwands, each having a unique ability - Duel for your heroicsortedhouse - Play different modes around the academy - Progressyourplayer level to unlock new levels Use your wand to duel thewitchesand dragons in mysterious levels and show what truewitchcraftlooks like. Unite your willpower and become the mostpowerful andmightiest wizard or witch of all the houses. Can youcall yourselfa heroic witch or mage, Download and duel now!
Wand Orb Duel - Arena Magic Battle 0.2
Shoot spell from your wand to battle witches in the arena, useyoursorcery skills and flick powerful fire spells to blast and settheENEMY'S RED ORB ablaze, and DEFEND YOUR GREEN ORB. FIGHT ANDDEFENDTO BE A HERO! Cast fire spells with your wand and use yourbody toconjure a shield, protect your magical orb from the darkmagic ofyour enemies. Fire a volley of spells to hit and set ablazethe redorb of the enemy to become the victorious wizard or witch!FASTPACED BATTLES. Step into to the arena and conquer your enemiestogain experience points and rise in player level. FIGHT FORYOURSORTED HOUSE. Answer a range of questions to see in whichancienthouse you belong. Duel and conquer your enemies to scorepoints foryour house. Will your house become the strongest ofallwizard/witch houses? EARN REWARDS AND BUY NEW LEVELS. Earncrystalsto buy amazing new levels! SIMPLE CONTROLS, SIMPLY FUN.Touch andmove your finger where you want the move and release tocast a firespell. FEATURES: - Duel witches in different arena's -Easy tocontrol magical combat - Win rewards and buy new levels -Progressyour player level - House sorting system and house pointsystem Areyou the magical hero that will defeat all the witches?
Ring Dots Puzzle 0.1
Focus and concentrate to solve the different ring dot puzzles.Turnthe different rings to align and connect two dots of thesamecolor. Complete the dot puzzles within the goal moves or youwillhave to restart all over again. Solve and progress through atotalof 50 levels, the levels start easy but will become hardereachlevel you will complete. Complete puzzles with 16 dots, 32dots, 64dots and even more dots. Keep your focus and concentratewhen thedots amount increase because it can become difficult tosolve thepuzzle. However there is no time limit, so take your timetocomplete each dot puzzle. How to play: - Turn the different rings-Align and connect two dots colors with each ring - Ringstouchingeach other needs to be aligned by two dot colors tocomplete thelevel Features: - Easy to play coloring dots ring game.- Relaxingto play and a great circle puzzle game. - Enjoy all therainbowcolored dots - Flat minimalistic design