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Limousine Mechanic Garage 2017 1.0.1
The ultimate car repairing game is here to make you utilize yourinterest and car mechanic and car repairing skills. The optimumplatform for those who love engineering and working on cars cansharpen their tools and get their workshops ready to explore thetechnical world of auto repairing game. Get it all done here, fixthe tires, buy spare parts, smooth down the machinery, equip yourworkshop, diagnose the problems. You are the perfect car mechanicand you have the best car garage and service station in the town.Repair the luxury car and sports cars in your garage just liketruck mechanic and bike mechanic workshop garage You are in areal-time competition of getting orders and what else !! earnmoney. Expand your expertise and buy new inventory. Get andinspiring automobiles, handle limousines all by yourself. show yourfascination toward the mechanical and auto repairing games world,live a life of a lifesaver, bring back customer’s cars to life.Here the tools the advance, the machinery is smooth, the processesare competitive and orders are rough. You are blessed with a widerange of customers with progressive objectives for that makes itstand out among all other car repairing platforms. This is not justa repairing game, it's a life of a mechanic. You gain full commandof luxury mobiles with smooth controls. Get ready to enter themajor breakthrough in car games with the finest quality, eyecatching details.Fold up your sleeves, grab the tools and get itDone. Diagnose it, repair and let’s steer !!Key Features ofLimousine Mechanic Garage 2017:- Easy and accurate controls- Choosethe most suitable tasks out of many available- Highly equippedworkshop and Car mechanic Garage.- Exciting car models- Stunninggraphics- Featured cars, various parts- Real-time activities-Flawless sounds
Airplane Moto Bike Transporter 010217
Blow the coop with irrational moto bike transporter skills. Enjoy asmooth realistic flight of fantasy to your airplane flying dreams.Ready to become a real business tycoon in the the transportationindustry? Airplane Moto Bike Transporter simulator USA 2017 is anew thrill where you can cargo your favorite motorbikes on grandtrucks, big roads and in Airplane You could be very much familiarwith transportation of different things via grand trucks and etc.But, to cargo moto vehicles in an airplane is really something newto cherish about. In this 3D simulation game, you will find achance to drive and park many sports Quad bike in a big container.After this, you have to take this Amercian truck simulator towardsthe airport. Driving a big truck like this is itself a challengingtask. After loading modern sports bikes into the plane, you have tofly in the air. In this way, you can imagine and enjoy flying carsconcept. Flying the plane like a pilot will give you anunforgettable experience. This will not be an easy task to do. Yourdriving skills on grand roads in a city environment will really betested there when you have to land this airplane on an island. Thiscargo plane flight will fly in your memories for long times. Owningan airport being a pilot and Flying in the air has always been afascinating thing for everyone. Our transporter airplane willfulfill your this dream in a real 3D airport environment. Landingon an island will also be a worthy thing to recall. This enjoymentwill be manifold when you will enjoy a ride of a sports vehicle aswell. Like Cargo Plane Car Transporter you will be given with somewonderful bikes to load and park in the cargo compartment of cargofreight plane. Take off the city airport flight carrying cars inyour big airplane and navigate the landings properly.This is notonly a delivery but a safe delivery of expensive sports cars, motovehicles, and big Amercian trucks are mandatory. The safety andsecurity of the motorbikes are on you now. Fly over the blue waterand travel to different countries to transport cargo through yourairplane. Cargo transportation is for relief or some other causeyou have taken up the duty of international cargo transport. Flyhigh and reach destinations safely. Ensure the safety of yourcargo. It requires perfect flight pilot skills to take off and alot of precision for an accurate landing. Time to finish the motoairplane bike transport simulator 2017 with some flyingcolorsFeatures of Airplane Polit Moto Bike Transporter: - TheRealistic 3D cargo airplane flight simulator.- Real-time PlaneControls and Handling- Transport sports bikes on your cargo plane-Real experience of driving heavy bikes- Real-time Physics Controlsof Driving Heavy Vehicles- Different camera angles that give youmore control- A Complete Transportation Game to play- Thrill ofFlying Plane
Real Car Mechanic Workshop Sim 1.0
The all big and advanced sports car game is in town. The mostdemanded platform, most skillful car mechanic workshop and servicestation lead you a wonder drive in luxury cars that you have alwaysfascinated. This is the practical sports car sim game give bigobjectives to enhance your car mechanic and car repair skills. Youhave wonder sports cars, advanced equipment and a workshop full ofextreme mechanic assets. You assist the tourist, males, females allsort of customers in repair, wash and speed up their cars.Providing a large number of responsibilities starting from scratchrepairs to car washes, leading from drive tests to real time crazyauto reparations, you are a known as the expert mechanic. Auto fixluxury sports car mechanic workshop has plenty of auto repair toolsfor you to play suitable car repair tasks along with car fixspecial tasks and different car driving tasks. Play around withcars, experience the crazy tasks, utilize the extreme advancetools, Wash out all other mechanics from the site. Get the crazyfeeling of a pro sports car mechanic who does his car repair jobvery professionally. Color the cars just like real bus mechanic andbike mechanic do the job in their mechanic garageShow your mechanicmuscle in car repair services in your own auto workshop mechanicfactory. Now repair a car with ease and extreme perfection. Playthis sports car repair and car mechanic shop game and quickly learnthe car repair and its other tricks or trade. Repair your car andwash it in Service station to clean all the dust. Service stationgames are best to get Entertain. So let’s gear it up !!KeyFeatures: - perform repairs and gain experience- Buy licenses torepair new cars- Replace or fix damaged car parts- Finish specialtasks and obtain rewards- Expanded Car Mechanic workshop and Garage
Stay quiet, Keep it down and get the work done. It’s a secretmission handed over to you by the government to secure the mostvaluable information that got leaked by an Imposter agent. Theinformation is now in hands of gangsters and is split up to keep itaway from governments spy. Now you are an undercover secret agentwho has a training of military and fighting crimes as a stealthsoldier.Your mission is to rescue the information. The informationis in the form of a major key, split into 7 pieces and kept in thehands of mafia, soon they are going to escape the national bordersand get all the keys together with a chief criminal plan in mind todestroy the government stability. You have to aim and reach all thegang players that are helping the mafia in this mission. Use yourtraining potential to spy on their secret mission, get the keys andescape the platform in a clever. Take quick glance over yourraining school sessions, sharp up your soldier abilities, take thesecret hints, hunt for the Mafia agents, fight them like a stealthsoldier be the agent who saves the basics of the country and rescueits security. Different challenging missions are given to thissquad and your duty is to rescue your nation safely. Feel thethrill of patriotic blood. Enter the red zones and Smack down themafia agents, Kill the terrorist splinter groups from stealinginformation and selling to crime syndicate. Feel the drama andintense game play.  It is time to load out your firearms andrescue as a stealth spy. Once you enter the mission zone there isno turning back, be sharp, be sneaky, you will face many agentsbefore you know it. Think of tricky spy training escapes that youwised in training school. Let the killing begin.Key Features:-Blazing sounds- Breathtaking graphics- Interesting gameplay- Rigidspy skills- Advance Weapons
Anti-mafia Counter-Terrorist 1.0
Welcome to the counter battle strike of nerves. Swirl into the epicbattle counter war in a way to help release your king from theterrorist mafia gods criminals. Sneak into the walls of the castle,target the terrorist and attack the enemy army camps. Counter waryour rivals to escape mission the fury castle with your kingsurvival wars who has been tortured for bringing the anti-terroristgods mafia master. You are the one army sniper shooter who has beentrained as stealth agent to save the assets from the mafiacriminals, as your king is one the most precious assets that youhave to save in this gangster mafia encounter war. Enter thecastle, dodge the sniper shooter squad, defeat the god's mafiagangsters and criminal mafia, open the gates to the biggestAnti-mafia survival mission and reveal you're the true power againthe terrorism. Plan Escape mission the tricky sniper shooter, blowtheir minds with your fastest escape from their sights. A countersquad strike of terrorist is here who has made your king a Modernassassin Action, stole the wealthy riches of your nation and havekept the king’s crown hiding in the combat premises. Theseunderworld gangsters mafia is in a fury to get their hold back onthe country and are here counter the best-known commando agent spywho will swoop the castle without any army in no time. Flash theminds of the terrorist with your trickiness. Show them your realanti-terrorist spirit. Let the mafia have a taste of their ownmedicine in gangsters town. Jump into the mafia gang war and driveinto the castle and escape like a hero. No longer the soldier wholed from the front line battle, you still relive the glory days inthe army; awaiting an adventure that will fulfill the destiny ofbeing the best shooter Commando Assassin. So, let’s bring the knifeto a gun fight in this Anti-Mafia gangster mission and let's fightthis battle fire with fire.KeyFeatures of Anti-mafiaCounter-Terrorist FPS 2017:- New models of latest sniper and otherguns- Spectacular Graphics- Real Time challenges- Spontaneous 3DEnvironment- Engaging gameplay
Army Sniper Shooter War 2017 1.0
Welcome to the wacky world of the gangster mafia with the aim tokill, target to shoot, struggle to murder and never let anybodyknow. That’s right, we got best army American war sniper shooters,upgraded weapons, army training from army training school, andskills, we got dignity to fight for and our repute to defend.Wandering around alone in a scary dessert with bravery, surroundedby the deadly terrorist, sharpshooters who have got innocentcivilians as hostages waiting for the army to surrender or elsethey are brutally gonna kill them. This a rescue war for hostagesbetween army and underworld mafia criminals.These are not just Godsmafia criminals; they are rivals of Army, civilians, and peace.Come on and buckle up, warm up the maniac inside your veins andlose the senses in your brains as you going to be the ultimatewarrior agent who owns a battlefield, wins it and conquers thesurvival rescue mission. It’s the final call for duty to the realarmy secret agent, indulge and demolish the enemy’s roots. Thechallenge is in front of you, be the bravest one to Take yoursniper, load it and silently dive down to the nerve of the criminalmafia, start from where their killing spirit ends. They have amission, wipe out the distractions from your mind attack them,don’t just kills the criminals, and counter attack their strikemission in such a manner that they are never going to reconsiderthat. Fill your terror in their imaginations, scare them to deathand crunch out their souls. Access the advanced inventory, rely onyour marksman skills and never let a mafia criminal escape fromyour sight. Gun loaded!! Target set! It’s ONKey Features of ArmySnipeval & Rescue Mission 2017: - Advance US Army SniperShooter guns.- Impressive Graphics- Grand Game View- Spectacularsound effects- High accuracy - Amazing 3D Gameplay- Realisticallychallenging shooting Survival mission
Russian Commando Training Camp 1.0.1
Welcome to the best platform to sharpen upyour army training school skills and prove yourself to be theultimate warrior to defend the name of the military. Stretch it outand ready… Set… Train... Basic Training is designed to be highlyintense by following the chain of command and is challenging whichmany can’t absorb. Military Commando Training 3D will take into thearmy training school where you can do all these drills. Focus onthe end point, clear the mud, avoid the hurdles, dodge theobstacles and run through the path of your training success.Russian Army has played its part now it's your time to show thereal essence of training a real time practice that trains you howto survive among the deadly enemies with unpredictable hurdles inyour way. Modern commando, you're shooting, climbing, fighting, andsneaking skills will be tested to the ultimate level. Your aim isto be powerful enough to knock down the obstacles, Athletic enoughto defeat the water, Intense enough to tear down the wooden blogs,huge metallic balls and rolling around the surface. You are trainedenough to wreck the dumbbells stretching out in your way to own thebattle.You will provide safety to your nation as a guard. It is not onlyyour army training ground, get ready to be taken on the coldestnights, hot deserts, dense forest, hiking on muddy rough inclinedmountains and more difficult areas with challenging situationswhere you have to survive. In school, you also have to learn how tobe a disciplined individual. When you will clear all the tests youwill be selected as a commando in your battalion. Train well, makethe nation proud.Key Features of Russian Commando Training Camp 2017:- Demanding hurdles and drills area- Intuitive controls and realistic sounds- Dense Complete army training package- Real-time Complete military obstacle course- Grinding Levels
Police Car Gangster Chase 1.0
You are about to get in a police car gangster chase that has noequal in the existing crime platforms. You the police officer in acar, who is going to chase the gangster to escape from shootmission and crime mission. Your ultimate action is to be the driverin a police uniform and drive around the city, chase the gangsterand arrest the xtreme crime mafia. Show everyone the strength areal police officer and chase away your dream to be the well knowncar chasing police officer. You are in a city full of dangers andcrime pressure, the streets full of gangsters, the valley full ofblood and crime. Shoot the mafia and make them your prisoners,punish them in their wrath of crime and shoot. Get a realistic carchase experience through stunning environment, the platform andaction figures. This is the finest police car chase you will everexperience. Move with crime twist along with rusty streets, face thxtreme shoot escape, encounter the gangster car, chase the prisonerto complete the mission. Roll up your sleeves, get the real policefeeling and give it a gear. Chase it up a bit. Enter the car, Showyour police brilliance, and give it a go to follow the gangstercar. Make this car chase, one thing of a history. , Perform crazystunts. Enjoy the escape adventure; destroy the gangster car in adeadly escape. Collide with other cars to enhance the action andmake them feel the pain of crime. Show your nerve to them, showyour black mood and blow a fuse for crying out load. Excite it up.Key Features : - Stunning HD graphics- Huge world environments-Realistic police car chase- - Dynamic camera angles- Authenticpolice car lights and sounds
US Police Training War Academy 1.0
Run, Duck, Walk, Swim, jump or else you are done!!In a field fullof combat battles, corps, survival struggles you are not going tobe left alone without any police war training. You have a chance tojoin police war training academy in order to enhance your warskills that make you survive in the dangerous times of 2017.You aresoldier well trained to face a war mission, massive shooting,setting camps, combat trainings who is not afraid of shooting , waror even death. The ultimate US Army training game, the hype of 2017is here as the worth playing game to let you experience as a policetraining soldier standing in center of field, with no weapons, helpor instruction, all alone just basing on the training that you hadin the school, you are trusted enough to get through any mission orpolice war that comes your way. Look around what massive shootingand war survival challenges you are going to face in this real campand get a glance of the training you had in the US police trainingacademy sessions. You have been devoting, hard working and you havea zest to face all this thrill and survive any war. Now let’s seewhat remarkable challenges you would be facing. So, it’s not achild’s play, the going is getting tough, these are not good timesto live and let live, it’s time to kill or get killed. Your missionis to survive through shooting, fight the waters, live throughdangerous camps, aim the targets, jump the ropes, avoid thehurdles, and dodge the deadly dumbbells and much more.This is justa glimpse, are you ready to see the whole picture? Brave enough??Let’s get going!! Key Features for US Police Trainign War Academy :- Fantastic gameplay- Fluent controls- Challenging and interestinglevels- Stunning sounds- Impressive Graphics
US Army Secret Agent Rescue 1.0
Are you ready to destroy the enemies? Are you ready to die for yoursoil? And ready to face the fury and a real combat war? If you arebrave enough to say yes then getting ready to face the ultimatearmy war of 2017 that includes, Killing, shooting, weapons, fightercommandos and an invitation to death. You have accepted it, nowprove it. You have been assigned a city by the US army to cleansweep the terrorists and pure clean the name of US Army and itscommandos. US Army secret agent rescue is a stunning game and itsreal 3D environment, great fight and a fury war make it stand outin the world of ordinary games that have been experienced by thereal players. This game is here now to finally satisfy your innerfury and war spirit. You can prove yourself to the unbeatable USArmy commando with a use of your sharp senses, bravery, advance2017 weapons and war training. Aim and fire, make a préciseddecision while making a target and taking down enemies with yourshooter skills. Be careful while you do so because one wrongshootout will invite and alert the other fury shooters and you willbe exposed, now it's hard to win a war like that will so manycombat shooters but still, you can do it. Make a strategy to winthis secret rescue war, be an agent of no example, set a story anda lesson for the people who doubt your war spirit. Beware of lethalprofessional rifleman weapons, assault shooters, and the mostrecent army apparatus to finish the shootout. You'll venture to thefar corners of the premises looking for deadly dangers. This is awar of nerves and you are out to win this secret combatshootout.Key Features- Smooth controls- Best Story Line and 3Denvironment- Strategy required gameplay- Fantastic visuals andsounds- Weapon accuracy
SWAT Counter Terrorist Strike 1.0
Time for kill and thrill. The legendary fighting and commandosurvival mission is here to shake your way. Terrorism attackspreads rapidly around the whole world, the anti-terrorismmaterials show that all these mafia terrorist activities arerelated to dark forces you are in stunningly deadly premises,inviting enemies to kill them or else die. Be the ultimate SWATcommando anti-terrorist shooter that everyone has always feared of.You are entering the hub of the Anti-terrorist squad who is readyto strike and kill you. You have to give them a glance of yourkiller power and army sniper shooter strengths. You have called aterrorist mafia gods for an anti-terrorist shooting mission andrescue mission. Hold your breath to face the powerful snipersaround you; they have been through terrorist squad training andshooter scenarios that are new to you. So strike the headquartersof your rebels and give them a killer mission that is worthremembering. You have some serious sniper training and deadlychallenges to face. Enter the shooting killer area, shootingenvironment, you will be stunned by the Action and thrill that youhave dreamt of. Start by entering the headquarters office of thecounter terrorist squad with high shooting skills and recklessweapons, face them, shoot and kill the terrorist master mafiamembers. Show off your anti-terrorist moves with threatening swatstare. Take the charge, kill them in their own houses and find yourway to the biggest strike in a confusing maze. Make your waythrough the killing mission, tearing the terrorist squad apart withyour anti-terrorist spirit. Sneak outside the maze. Enter thesecret agent spy dungeon and save the president from the killerhands of god mafia shooter. Kill all the underworld god mafiamaster in this warsTime to stand up and become a legendary SWATteam! Make this fight a fight of your lifeFeatures of SWAT CommandoAnti-Terrorist Squad FPS Survival Mission:- Army Epic battleaudio-visual effects!- A collection of deadly weapons like US armySniper Shooter Gun, M 16, etc.- Intense battle scenes andchallenging missions.- Spontaneous targeting- Complete trainingsecret spy agent from army training school.
GT Bike Stunts 2017 1.0
Are you ready to show off the Tricky driving skills with boomed GTStunts that you have in the crazy platform of GT stunt city? If youhave a record of crazy bike drive, experiencing dangerous bikestunts, showing off drifts and exploring the fast speed racing bikestunts, than GT Bike stunts 2017 is the best choice that you aresoon going to make. GT Bike stunts is a rival of all the bikestunts race games that are unable to step up to the level of thisultimate game that we have rushed in the crowd of extreme bikegames. You are bound in the best 3D tricky environment of 2017 tospeed up your stunts level from immature to the dangerous stuntsman in era of bike racing and crazy tricky drifts. So warm up yourcrazy nerves and get on your fast bikes for such extreme stunts tolead a drive that will leave the audience stunned and wanderingabout your expert stunts and racing level. Enter the most talked GTBike stunts city and pick up fast bikes to ride, tricky pathways tomove on extreme hurdles to drift on. You have got flying stunts,tricky fire loops, extreme bike racing and drifts speed up yourdare meter and exhibit your stunt rider skills. Take a look at theextreme tricky path; ride on the bike drifting passage, passthrough racing loops, speed up to your racing standards and flyabove the crazy 3D hurdles, Ride above the rings as an expert stuntbike rider, drift above the GT City containers and on your way tothis extreme bike stunt ride, race your bike to collect thevaluable coins from tricky places that only a stunt expert and getto. Key Features- Great Pathway intro- Unmatchable difficultylevel- Real 3D Stunts- Remarkable sounds- Splendid game play
Forest 3D Ghost Escape Mission 1.0
Interestingly this Forest 3D escape mission is a survival missionof life for you. The fear to enter the forest, the secret missionto scream out the scary truth, the struggle for survival. You arein the middle of a 3D forest full of scary ghosts, ready to ride onthe most haunted nightmare of your life that is gonna creep you toevery sense. Your horror nightmares are your survival Horroradventure. You fear is your weakness. You are in the very deepforest ready to know and reveal the real scary truth of yourlifetime.Get ready ghost game to escape mission your haunted houseand dare to enter the forest with ghosts living in it and waitingto scare you and make your all fears come true. This is yoursurvival mission, scream all you want, you got no help you got noclue what's gonna haunt and scare you for the rest of your life,the only thing that you have is Fear of scary ghosts and fear toknow the strength of real you. Escape the forest knowing the horrorreality of your inner soul. Evil or pure let the ghosts decideeither they kill you in the forest and eat off your creepy flesh orthey let you go leaving you haunted in the forest for the rest ofthe mission. This adventure is to decide who are a haunted mentalpatient or else he escape with something paranormal leaving a cursebehind that makes him go on the same creepy and horror adventurefor whole his life until the ultimate evil is haunted by his death.Start with some creepy escape notes, letting you know that yoursurvival is must you’re not alone, accompanied by ghosts. Get tothe charmed necklace and save yourself from your fear and the realghosts, this way your escape death. Every creepy night you spend inthe forest you are accompanied by scary ghosts friends making youenter the haunted areas from where no one ever came back. Stepthrough all the scary ghosts notes that you get on your horroradventure in the forest. Find out clues and hints were to escape,how to maintain your survival among ghosts and what action to takeon this mission. Key Features of Forest 3D Ghost Escape Mission: -Stunning graphics- Eye catching fear Environment.- Dreadful Soundsof the real ghost.- Fascinating storyline of ghost story- Enjoyablefear
American Army Sniper FPS Game 1.0
You came to the final battle on the grounds of fury sniper mafia.All gone and you are the only commando left in this USA Armymission, surrounded by battlefield full of weapons, shooters,snipers and gangsters ready to hunt you down. You are the only hopeof US Army to kill the fury sniper shooters and challenge them toattack you standing on their battlefield. You are the commando lefthere to kill the mafia gangster shooters and win this survivalmission by saving the life of hostages. So you must be ready toshot fight this combat mission, you are the frontline USA Armycommando and you are the brave back up, so plan your legendarysniper strategy to kill the fury mafia gangsters. Take a glance ofthe final battlefield of your USA Army career and make your mind toKill the gangsters or else die for your commando dignity. See forthe mafia gang members, aim their weapons and show your braveshooter skills to remove their existence by playing off this furychallenge given to you by USA Army.Encounter different mafiagangster each with their own strengths and combat battleobjectives. Save the citizens grab the most fury guns and shoot theenemies to fulfill the challenge. Shoot to kill and wait to die.You are a modern USA Army sniper ready to play your part indangerous attacks and combat assassin missions. Eliminate the mobof mafia gangsters from the battlefield. Utilize your skills andfury training to kill dead the legendary enemy commandos and ownthe survival challenge.Key features of USA Army Commando SniperShooter FPS Game: - US army Sniper Gun and other Latest Weapons.-Thrilling and RealisticSurvival Mission.- Stunning Location.-Drastic Sounds and HD Graphics.- Striking challenges and gameplay.
Secret Mission Robbery Rescue 1.0.2
Get a chance to live a life of a secret agent, show your drasticsecret rescue skills to the enemies. You are here to rob thevaluables from the hands of terrorists. You were known to be theprotector of that valuable information but some secret mafia gangmanaged to escape with that secret information. Now you have toclear your name, you are going to attack the mafia gang as a secretspy agent and get back what you lost in a crime. Attack the godmafia crime members with your Shooting skills, spy on them whilethey are unaware of the surroundings. Come up with a secretstrategy and eliminate the mafia shooters to win this mission.Secret Spy on the crime scene, enter the walls of premises, hidefrom the restricted view of master mafia agents, attack them frombehind, kill them to save the hostages and get inside their mindsto developer new fears of secret spy agents. Keep cover in shadowfor stealth mission behind walls. Just get started using your elitesneaky skills in this secret shooter game to win the war againstcriminal mafia gang. You sometimes need to be hidden by the radaroperator, and stealth your way through highly secured areas. Takerevenge using your tricky skills and strategy, escape mission witha win. Attack them by spy agent’s forceful hands, shoot them usingadvance snipers. Lock and unlock doors, disable bombs and lasersthat you learned in secret spy agent training School. Play as a topagent to rescue and escape with the irreplaceable piece ofinformation in the wrong hands. Complete your mission. This is nota choice your only option is to win!!Key Features Secret MissionRobbery Rescue Game 2017:- Amazing HD graphics & shooting soundeffects.- Survival mission planning and attack strategy based game-Highly challenging stealth game mission- Real-time lock picking anddoor hacking gameplay- Interesting features and gameplay
Secret Guardian Ancient City 1.0
When the world is in danger only the light of purity can save theuniverse. You are the only one brave enough and pure from insidewho can be the secret agent guardian of the temple and saveeveryone. You have spotted the Secret ancient city that hasartifact which belongs to the Gods and is bewitched by evil beings.Your secret mission is to have to steal those artifacts and getthem to the Guardian temple to pure them. With your secret commandoguardian training, daredevil actions you are ready for dodgysurvival missions in the stunning 3D environment. You are the bestSecret agent commando and you have best army training from trainingschool.Your mission now is to Get the secret belongings of the Godsand escape from the temple using your sneaky tricks. Charm theenemies and monsters with your stealth escape capabilities. Jumpover the traps, avoid the hurdles, use tricks to unlock the doorand escape mission every room full of danger and deathly traps. Theguardian temple is waiting for you to complete your secret missionand come back from the merciless escape to preserve the purity ofancient city. After every few steps, you encounter the boss of theevils. Utilities you army commandos fps and sniper shooting skillsfor the protection of secret guardian training school.They are morethan one and they come in a secret undetectable way ready to eatthe meat of the commando assassin that comes in their way. Shootand attack the boss, he is not easy to kill but let’s see for howlong it can survive your attack. Stay away from hurdles; make outstealth solutions to escape the temple. So if you can handle thedreadful pressure and excitement of devising your own secretmission than download the stealth spy secret agent mission game andexterminate your enemy. No support! No help! It’s just you. Allalone… here to win. Key Features Secret Agent Guardian AncientCity- Use parkour moves to create death-defying last minuteescapes- Ruthless Boss fights- Modern sniper weapons- PitilessSurvival Mission- Fascinating environment and story.- New andlatest guns like US army Sniper
Gun Shoot Hunter : Fury Killer 1.0.3
Commando alpha has been a well performing undercover secret agentwho is a superhero to all the military commando agent men in USarmy training camp. He was known to be the best secret agent inmilitary and army in survival mission camps, sniper shootingtargets being the best US military commando. Alpha has made amistake and blew his US military camp cover so he has been chargedby the US Military as one the under performed secret agents.Alphais now in a rage to prove himself as the best commando agent; he isoutside the secret world and is now in the open fields to show hishero skills, He is on his way to being the best commando agent spyof US military. On his path, he needs to survive through somestrict survival training, elite difficulties and US army shootingtraining.With his secret commando and tricky skills, he is there toface all the survival challenges and conquer the military trainingareas. After this, he can show his opponents that even after heblew his cover as a secret agent he is still living as a hero ofall the US Army and military commandos. Sweat through the hurdlesof survival training camps, run through the electrical fences, ownthe US military outdoor hurdles that have been placed to defeat thecommando who is here for training. You are welcome to the heroicarmy survival training and elite shooting game where cadets aretransferred into US Army war commandos. Practice obeying the ordersfrom the commando leader. Increase your shooting and timemanagement skills. Win among the rough training squad. On thissecret stealth spy & survival military training, an armycommando services are required. Key Features of Gun Shoot Hunter :Fury Killer 2017 3D : - Play as US Army War Training Commando-Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay- Real school obstaclecourse simulation missions.- Amazing Academy Environment with HDGraphics- Nice 3D sound effects.- Act like a fearless commando withhigh-quality visuals and dazzling console
Amazing Taxi Driving Sim 2017 1.0
Do you have the worst craze to earn money, experience a crazydrive, tear through the fast traffic rush or even kill realisticpeople?? IF yes, City taxi transporter Sim 2017 is here to win yourcrazy imagination through a realistic 3D city environment. You havethe fast cab, cars, crazy traffic all in one rush city whichunderstands and supports you adventure types. Get behind the wheelsof the fast taxi, anyone from our realistic transport collection ofcars with high speed and good simulation. Enjoy rides in any one ofour transport facilities which are apparently cabs but are no lessthan any sports cars. Your tasks as a crazy driver are to pick upthe passengers from the specified stops and drop them, drivingthrough fast transport of crazy traffic and car rush. Enjoy therealistic Taxi driving through city taxi transport sim 2017 thatmake this Taxi Simulator stand out from other taxi and cab games.Being a realistic and freak driver your job is to pick up thepassenger, on your way to the destination in the city, Avoid theconstruction areas with hurdles, If you hit something you will becharged for that, Be careful while driving crazy or else you willget a ticket for every violation. Stay away from paths, buildingsin order to simulate your taxi appropriately and to become awell-ranked driver. On your fast taxi rides, you earn money fromfares that you get from passengers. Your deductions will be fromyour earning that are caused by crazy cab driver trying to leaveeveryone behind in the fast traffic rush of the city. You earn thefare and unlock the high speed, the crazy new cab that will giveyou an experience way more than just a taxi. Hit a passenger andyou latest will get locked again as a charge for killing thecitizen. Be crazy but not enough to kill someone. Receive a callbefore every pickup order and go crazy for that ride. Not enough???Enjoy the free ride mode and wander around the fast and heavytraffic rush of 2017 in the Realistic 3D City drive. Passengers arewaiting for Gear up!!! Don’t hang them waiting… Key Features ofamazing city taxi driving Simulator 2017:- Smooth and realistic carhandling- Detailed vehicle interiors- Stunning and realisticsounds- TAXI mode, FREE mode- Amazing weathers changings- Incomeand deduction in every task- Rewards and fine on tasks- IntelligentTraffic system- Virtual currency fine
Modern Action FPS Mission 1.0.5
On a business tour, the great business tycoon Mr. John: is in thecrime town with his daughter, Emma. While Mr. M was busy attendinga charity conference his daughter got kidnapped inside his ownmansion by some enemies. As soon as Mr. John got informed about thekidnapping he sent his one of his best man: Agent Delta Moderncommando to save Emma and wealthy treasures as well. Emma is key toall the possessions of MR John so she is going to be rescued bymodern army agent action Agent Delta. He is a brave Modern commandoaction, Trustworthy employee and reliable resource. He is thesneakiest and bravest of all with army commando rescue training anda nerve to wreck the enemies. Agent Delta knows his moves aroundthe deadly counter combat strike fields and he has a heart full ofvalor to save the hostage and fulfill the commando rescue andsurvival mission. Army Commando Agent Delta enters the mansiongrounds with a bash of murder and courage. He snipes with the bestaim and strikes down the enemy. His boldness is heuristic; he isfearless like no commando ever. He has been through tough armytraining and he is all set to show what he got. There are 3 floorsof the mansion and criminals mafia are sneaky enough to transferEmma from one room to another room without letting anyone know.It’s hard to figure out where she is. All you have got is a map,follow that and it will lead you to her without a doubt. Kill allthe gangster criminal mafia in every cunning way possible, movearound the giant mansion find the major key to unlock Emma and comeback to her within remaining time before its to regretfully lateand unlock her, release her, rescue her and defend her. A life’sstake is in your hands now; show your best moves and accuratetarget to take down the enemies. Use a knife or gun; we have anenormous collection of guns. Kill enemies. Every time you kill anenemy you get massive rewards in the form of cash, buy giganticbundles of gold and from that buy Sensational Guns. Equip them andno one can defeat you.Agent Delta, off to Defense. So, Lock target…Engage and Rescue mission.Key Features of Modern Action FPS Mission: - Massive Shooting with interesting Gameplay- Huge collection ofguns, gold, and cash.- Sensational sounds.- Perfect graphics.-Challenging and realistic missions.- Strategy base levels.
Hoverboard Sniper shooter War 1.0
Supercop is flying like a superhero soldier on his way to eliminatecrime and mafia gangsters by chasing them in this escape missiongame. He has been asked to chase the god gangster shooters andfight a war on crime. This crime city is stuffed with prisonerescapes from jail, massive crimes and gangster squads who haveruined the peace of this 3D Crime city. Supercop lost his family inthe hands of gangster shooters and army sniper squad; they killedhis family in a merciless way under the shadows of Guns and snipersjust to gain the identity of supercop. Supercop might not be readyto work in crime with the gangster squad and the killer team but heis all set and ready to walk, run a fly or even crawl his way totake the revenge of his family that became assassinated by cityshooters and action killers. On the way to his killer revenge, heis welcomed to the stunning hoverboard flying and sniper shootergame.Being a part of an undercover Crime shooter police officersupercop has been assigned a shooting and gangster killing policecase that will release the anxiety of his family getting killed.Now you are the expert police agent who knows his way throughshooting with snipers and flying using hoverboards. Chase thekiller gangster’s squad in each mission, trap them, aim the killersand shoot the criminals with super actions and killing cleverness.Fly above the crime city buildings on your hoverboard and take thehigher view of the gangster’s crime moves. Use your hoverboardflying skills to reach the top of building safely to aim thegangster and utilize your sniper shooter skills. Clear the crimecity from gangster and their crime war traditions. Fly inhoverboard just like in flying car simulator sim 2017.Key Featuresof Hoverboard Sniper Shooting War: - Dangerous crime sweepmissions- Tactical Hoverboard flying- Flying and killingchallenges- Ultimate shooting simulator game- Realistic soundeffects
Raft Survival Wild Island Plan 1.0
Traveling happily with your family for the vacations you were notready to face any trouble. What happened was never supposed to bethought of. The airline had some major International personalitieswho were targeted to be killed by mafia members. The flight was alla set up the terrorist and criminals to mess up with the innocentlives. You and your family were once of the innocent ones whoweren’t targeted intentionally and befouled but you lives gotruined anyway. The plan’s functionalities were horriblydisorganized. During the flight, it started stumbling and gotmuddled as plan. There was specific disfunctionality about thecontrols and its pitch started to flounder midair. Poorcommunication with the base and technicians of airline lead to thelack of any chief support. With no help and assistance, the planesomehow got out of control resulting in a plane crash. Everybodyterribly died some got stuck by the rocks on grounds, few drownedin water and some got eaten by wild sea creatures by the island.You managed to swim and survive through the plane crash but theterrible time is not over yet. Not to forget getting dumped inwater but to live on the island alone is the scary part. You aregoing to face life-threatening dangers, vulnerable creatures, wildsharks, insane animals and no shelter. Look around for food,gathered up all the usable items you can find on the island. Findfruits; hunt down the animals for food. Your main aim is to survivethrough this time and get away from this place as soon as possible.For that, you must need a strong ship or raft to get on it runaway. This is not going to be easy, everything here is raw and youhave to make everything by hand. The raft, the food, and the firenothing is here available. You will find fruits, live on it, findweapons, save you from wild creatures, find wood to set up thefire, find rope and wood to make up a raft.On this strategy basedsurvival adventure, you will go through some tough times and onyour way outside the island you will get to find some pricelessitems. Good luck, Go survive yourself.Key Features: - Fascinatingenvironment- Wonderful sounds and affects - Wild creatures and seamonsters fight- Challenging missions- Strategy based game play-Finest tasks and levels.
Dinosaur Shooting Park 2017 3D 1.0
The new phenomenal reality based spectacular park was set up by thegovernment in order to increase the tourism in the state. This wasby far the craziest tour sites in the country and was flourishingwith flying colors. The giant set up was convincing enough to bringthe whole elite from around the globe to come visit the area andmake an unmatchable memory. With its high demand there comes theenvy in the hearts of competitors and the people who were not theadmirers of this project. Keeping in view that the park had themost dangerous animals worldwide and they were could be stray tokill anyone that comes in their way. The enemies had no lessruthless plan in there. They made a hassle in the park, made allanimals wild the park which one was famous for the friendly dinoswas no longer safe for family and kids to visit. All the dino arenow wandering around in the park with no supervision and nocontrol. You as a valiant caretaker of the whole place now have tostake your whole life to save the innocent people from gettingwildly tore off by deadly animals. Your work is now to be thesavior and save the native lives. The park was a big hit and theVIPs and elite came to visit it from every possible place. Beingknown that they were the most important personalities around it isimportant to save the people instead of wild animals. Everybodywanted the animals to live, right now that is the least possiblething that could happen. So one possibility is to kill the animalsand save their eggs vigilantly, raise those animals in a friendlyway and make a new start up that would be much safer. SO, go intothe woods, locate the animals, aim at them with high precision,shoot and kill them before they hunt you down. Find keys to theircages, make them free from their cages before they ruin the eggsand kill them, pick and collect the eggs to save the species andlittle creatures. Go find your perilous prey and hunt them downwith wild bravery. Key Features of Dinosaur Shooting Park 2017 3D:-Perplexing sounds- Astonishing and exemplary graphics- Furious andchallenging missions- Interesting gameplay- Flawless controls- Highaccuracy weapon
Survival Mission SPY Agent Jail Prison Escape 1.0.1
A commando is never off duty all his life. On a journey as a topsecret agent, you had the biggest project in your hands and by onemistake you blew it. Now, with an aim, never to do that again, youplan and fight again. Two days back you furiously got in theboundaries of most deadly state around the globe in order to steala secret of the cure of a fatal disease that the daughter of yourboss knows; if they get to make her speak about it. They are soongoing to use it in a no less lethal way. Underestimating therepower and unknown with their high-end security measures you gottrapped by them during the mission. Two years have passed and youare all set to escape those boundaries that have kept you hostagefor a good period of time making it the most humiliating two yearsof your life. Unknown of you being alive, your agency has no ideaif they are supposed to assist you or not. You are all alone in thehands of cruel enemies. A precautionary escape mission plan hasbeen made and now you have to jail breakout through this secretmission in a valiant manner by hook or by crook. Set up your mindto wickedly get killed by the army commandos fps outside or seek tosurvive in the most uncertain way possible with the boss’sdaughter. All you managed to get is a knife, it is up to you andyour unpredictable skills to collect more weapons from around theplace and manage to get away. Your main tasks are to find keys,kill the enemies with the knife and get new weapons, with thathelp, get the boss’s daughter saved from the wrath of commandos.Remember your savage training, plan to escape, invest all yourefforts and put in your best to fight the crime. Show them yoursplendid power and strategic planning cover all the grounds up anddown the building search for keys and boss’s daughter. Escape withher like a superhero. Your enemies are all over the place, you’llface them anywhere everywhere at every single moment with a threatfrom them to kill the hostage. Rise up out of destructible coverfocuses on bringing down epic Battle off progressively troublesomerushes of adversaries over an assortment of battle mission sorts.Kill one and don’t let the others know. Key Features of SurvivalMission Jail Breakout 2017 : - The most immersive and great sciencefiction First Person Shooting Game.- Smooth game controls to makenavigation and shooting easy- Outstanding game sounds- Thrillingmissions- Threatening enemies - Accurate and sharp weapons
Real Stuntman Run Game 2017 1.0.1
Three losers: Abby, Shaggy, and Larry from the school are known tobe good for nothing. Someone might be a nerd, someone is a fighter,few of them are good with numbers but these three, who known theycan be the most fun guys around. There has been a championshipgoing on that no athlete or gymnastic has ever been able to win butthese three fine daredevils have appeared in the Wipe Offchampionship leaving a momentous look on everyone’s face. The boomof adventure industry has brought a fun change in the world. Everysingle person wants to prove himself; all substandard games areleft behind with a thrill of this new competitive atmosphere. It’sa fun war that we play for the fortune of adventure. So it startsoff with Abby who is one of a kind, works with tremendousstrategies is here to show the impressive skills that all playersfailed to perform.The success of Abby qualifies Shaggy to play thepart; Shaggy is fast and striking to the fears of competitors.Shaggy goes all the way without any glitch. The astonishing look onthat champion’s face is making everyone feel that they are notcapable of stepping in this raging competition and gives the headsup to the team losers. Shaggy gives a stand-up welcome to Larry toenter the grounds, show the instincts, perform the best and glidealong the hurdles with no trouble. Larry is good with stunts andquick reflects that makes Larry the most desired one of all. SoTeam Losers dare you to step in, defy you to show what you got.It’s the war of stunts win it like a hothead.Real Stuntman Run Game2017 Features : •Amazing 3D hero racing and quad stuntsgame.•Smooth and easy controls.•New and Exciting racing stuntmissions•Different Hurdle & stunt and racing modes•Realisticcool sound effects
Real Smart Car Parking 2017 1.0.1
Real Smart Car Parking 2017 is a game which narrates a story of ataxi driver who used to pick and drop his passengers from and totheir destinations respectively. Once he got a phone call, therewas a lady who asked him to pick her from some address. That ladywas a hustle, she kept calling him over and over again. The taxidriver got worried and drove his taxi as speedily as he could.After reaching to the place, where that old lady asked him to come,the taxi driver got mesmerized after seeing that lady. She wasabout to die. The lady asked him to take her to the nearesthospital and gave him a briefcase along with a bunch of keys. Afterdropping that lady to her location, the Taxi driver was in a stateof hurly-burly. He got confused and he kept staring at thatbriefcase. He wanted to open it but his inside was not allowing himto. Suddenly he controlled himself and made that briefcaseunlocked. There was nothing but a tiny sack full of money attachedwith a letter along with a picture of her three grandchildren andher husband. The letter had an address to her home as well. Afterreading all such stuff taxi driver got nervous, he went back to thehospital. After reaching there he came to know about that lady shewas no more left. He went to the place mentioned in the address.Nowas his mission is to take care of the entire family of that ladyand without any doubt, taxi driver started training them for thethings he is mastered in. Our mission is to help him with theirtraining. This game narrates a story where we have to park multiplecars in a crane. Come let’s have a fun of this futuristic game.Here you have to take over all the responsibilities which are usedto be fulfilled by a taxi driver. It’s a career oriented simulator.This game is having multiple story based levels and in order tojump into next, you have to clear the level you currently are in.The best part about this game is that it surely will take you tothe world of a real taxi driver.This game all kinds of luxury carand you have the best car driving and smart car parking skills toplay this game. Forget about the offroad 4x4 Prado driving or ofoffroad truck driving you just need to drive the smart car drivingand park in the give place i.e car parking crane. Download and havesome fun!Key Features for Real Smart Car Parking 2017 : • Latestmulti-level Storey crane• Realistic car physics for extreme drivingcontrols and auto drifting• Amazing Sounds • Multiple levels •Career oriented simulator• Spectacular gameplay including cardriving & crane missions
Bicycle Racer & Quad Stunt 1.0.1
The only person around the town who loves nature and is againstadvanced machinery and advanced vehicles is you. You oppose to theexisting technology and advancement that spoils Mother Nature interrible manners. The goal of your life is to make it possible tosave the nature as much as possible in every achievable way. Whatyou do it instead of getting a ride that destroys the nature youprefer to walk or else get a the bicycle that is eco-safe. Now inthis advanced world where everyone is busy getting themselvesadvanced you are the one to be humble and simple and needsappreciation but instead you get humiliated by everyone around thetown. The best solution for this problem was for you to become isthe major thing in your life and turn it into a living. Your goalis to save everything and finally make a living out of it by doingstunts on it. You achieve your bravo aim like a hero by movingaround in the city doing stunts, earning money and giving outpositive vibes. You are the lucky one to have gone to bicycletraining school and have vast experience of handling a bicycle likea pro. Use your learning and vicious training to demonstrate howeasy and fun it is to save the natural resources from gettingextinct. Starting off with a simple ride, your tasks is to coverfew meters every time you are on a ride and beat yourself up bycrashing your own distance record every time you play. While youare on a smooth ride, show off some real stunts to impress andinspire the ones who are watching. Move from one area to anotherarea and enjoy different zones of the town. Ride it between heavytraffic in a unmatchable speed. Ride the luxury and eco-friendlybicycle. Key Features of Bicycle Racer Simulator 2017 & MotoQuad Stunts:- Traffic obstacles - Smooth controls- Amazing andtremendous environments- Interesting catching gameplay- Surprisingsounds
Limousine Car Wedding 3D Sim 1.0
This Limousine is used to carry the bride and groom to the placewhere they have to go for their wedding. This game is full of tenexciting levels and in order to get into next levels you have toclear the mission of the level you currently are playing. Yourwedding car sim gives a realistic effect when we drive it from onepoint to the other. Using this wedding limousine you have to drivefrom bride’s parlor to her wedding destination. Your weddinglimousine is beautifully decorated and your wonderful wedding limogame makes more fun than any other car simulation or car drivinggame. Enjoy the drives of limo car, play and enjoy the weddingceremonies. A limo works well with a traditional glam wedding. Usethis outclass limo model to take the bride and bridesmaids to theceremony. Experience the mega events with limousine car wedding 3dsim. So this is what you are looking for, come true your dreamswith party. It is a wedding game having fun of exciting episodes.Come! Let’s have an interaction with the real picture of weddingday.We hope you'll enjoy this new 3D limousine Car Wedding game.Thebest part of this game is that this game is fully free.This is thegame getting rapid downloads.Let’s start this game.Key features forLimousine car wedding 3d sim• Smooth Environment• Amazing 3deffects• Excellent sound effects and engine sounds!• Fantasticsound play• Beautifully decorated wedding limousine. • Easy toplay• 10 exciting level
Army Transport Truck Simulator 1.0
The Sky-high land was on the bet; both the armies were killing andgetting killed after the priceless land famous for its hiddentreasures. There was a war going on between your valor and yourenemy’s boldness. The death was one step ahead and so was theachievement of the land. There was the smoke of rage in the air,beads of anger on grounds and nerve wrecking war on minds ofsoldiers. Eventually, we won the tussle and named the land to us.After the invasion of foreign lands that we won using your viciousbravo potential and army truck driving simulator skills. You nowhave the task to own the land. Army transport truck simulator 2017is an offroad truck driving game that lets you possess the Sky-Highland and its all treasures like a pro. Recall your army transporttruck simulator training and get in action. Drive your armytransport truck and carry the army weapons to the land latestinvaded. You are the most skillful oil tanker hill and armytransporter cargo driver in the US army camps. So make your skillscount for your country.Go to your superb selection of vehicles,select one that charms you and goes crazy with its driving whilefulfilling your duty. Load the weapons on the vehicle, get set todrive it through the ups and downs of the Sky-high land, Bumps ofthe off road tracks and strikes with road hurdles. Go through thehighs and lows of off-road simulation thrill. Figure out thecorrect way to drive on narrow passages, bridges, and steep paths.Get to the destination and unload the material like an expert. Getready for the next thrill drive cuz that’s not all we got. There ismore… explore the environment, experience the bumpy hurdles and getcharmed with different car selection. Key features : - Army TruckSimulation- Thrilling Gameplay Missions- Explore the Hill Side offroad Environment- Perform your Duty as Army truck Driver- Realisticenvironment with 3D Graphics to show the real life simulation
Flying Car Free Racing Sim 3D 1.0
Let the flying colors go by your sight while you drive your way inthe air. Be a free bird in the City full of adventures and Extremestunt. You are flying car driver with extreme crazy and impressivestunts leading towards a journey of your dreams. Take the flyingcar on a drive full of racing, stunts and fly above the city in athrill. Leave all the ordinary vehicles behind with your flyingskills and kill the waves with your futuristic stunts. It’s 2017for crying out loud, you are in a era of advance flying vehicles,robots and simulation in air adventures which is an adventure initself. Look around you have robots, advance lifestyles, modifiedcars all in 3D to give it to portray a real image of what is aboutto happen. And the good part is we are not done yet, don’t be stuntby all the real views of above the city, you are after all anamazing flying car driver and an expert simulator as well. Soperform your duty as a racing driver and enjoy the extreme greatexperience. Pick up passengers and drop them accurately like arobot on there desired destination. Wander around in the city airlike a perfect driver who is racing his flying car with the windsand air. Fly through and amazingly detailed city environment, dodgeand weave between skyscrapers! Do the racing tricks, flips, carcrashes, flying stunts and get a futuristic approach to perform thetasks that you are responsible for. Chase your way in the air andreach to your destination. Activate your simulator skills andsimulate the flying car. Measure the road, feel the winds, enjoythe journey and let the road drivers envy your flying car racingwith their conventional ways. Key Features : - Amazing Bulletaffect- Thrilling missions- Challenging and addictive gameplay-Sensational sound effects- Smooth and accurate controls--Incredible HD Graphics
Water Slide Real Adventure 1.0
Water Slide Game for girls The fun and adventure have just touchedthe next level. Wobble Boy is therealistic Stunt rider of thesliding waterpark. Started from a park boy with the adventure ofracingthrough the sliding challenges and waterpark stunts, he isnow the realistic hero of extreme waterslidejumps, stunts, andracing adventures.Wobble boy is known to have mastered all thetactics and tricks of 3D stunts in water slide 3d game, how totackle hurdles, how to tear his racing path through the water, howto stunt down the hatches and the waterslide rider and sliderSuperhero. Going through this realistic racing slide, he will comeacross extreme water barriers, aqua stunts, fish, adventure, andextreme ride boats on his way to the realistic 3D pool. Not justthe adventures and troubles there is rewards and stunt relievers onthis water slide 3D free racing ride game. You get magnet rewardsevery few minutes to save your stunt energy and focus on racing andsliding, collect coins and get the higher rank as you qualify thisrealistic waterslide adventure. Get an extremely adventurous andfun riding boost from the nearby plane and slide on to your rideagain after few moments. Thrill your audience with this challengingwaterpark race and this bumpy stunt ride.This water slide 3D gameis a theme park just like Jurassic park 2017 Chase the extremeadrenaline rush as you twist and tilt your way round adventurouscorners, make loops and whizz through at lightning speeds. Go aheadwith a stunt jump, or duck down in your realistic adventure toavoid barriers, tilt on the sides to get realistic 3D rewards andget a riding boot to fulfill the objective with realistic rankings.So have a realistic experience of surfing on the water surface,mid-air adventurous surf and underwater stunt surf.Key Features : -Realistic and adventurous challenges- Amazing water slide stuntsand Quad Stunts- Waterslide stunts and feeling the real thrill ofsliding.- Interesting water slide paths.
Ninja Fight Survival War 1.0
Caution! This game can give you severe addiction to fun andadventure and could be lethal to the other games trying to comparewith it. It is an extreme revenge time now. You, son of a King ofseven states have a mission in mind to take back what once wasyours. The king had 3 trusted people, one was you, and second onewas a bravo warrior and a commando of the king’s army, the thirdone was a hypocrite. He was indulged in some kind of illegalactivities and got caught by king’s rivals. They blackmailed himinto being an hypocrite or else they will stone him to death. Theywanted to get three magical weapons from the castle and if theysucceed to do so, all seven kingdoms will be in their hands.Whoever own the three enchanted weapons, owns the seven kingdoms.The rivals, with this mission and help of the hypocrite, extremelyfocused on stealing the deadly war weapons, with help of theseweapons any war can be fought, any mission can be completed withinno time and battlefield efforts. You and your family, the royalones were held behind the bars. There was nothing you can do but toescape from the prison. At last, you have managed to show off theextreme deadly escape from the hands of terrorist type enemies likea bravo commando. One part of your mission has been completed inthis war. The next mission is to sneak and get into the castlesteal the three enchanted weapons back. Use all your ninja warriorskills. All the royal sword training that you had when you were aprince, all the practice that you received from professional ninjasand all the exercise that you got from fighters get back whatbelongs to you. The three weapons are a sword, Ninja stars and bowand arrow. What your mission is, you have to search, find theweapons and get them back. You have the royal blood and a spirit ofa ninja combine both of these extreme skills together and fightlike a commando. You are a prince, soon to be king and a bravowarrior as well who has to save the name and dignity of the landwith the heroic skills, war and combat mission potential and ninjafighting knowledge. It’s time to exhibit your extreme ninja movesin this ninja warrior fight adventure story. Be that warrior ninjasuperhero and take this mission to an epic revenge from castleopponents with your ninja stars, classic samurai sword, bow andarrows and with your super martial art fighting and survivalskills. Key Features : 1- Superhero ninja warrior skills2- Extremecombat missions and commando fight 3- Interesting game play andninja fighting difficulties4- Awesome 3D graphics and stunningsound effects5- Beautiful Castle Environment to Explore6- Amazingweapons and extreme fights
Mental Hospital Survival 3D 1.0.2
A great war was soon going to be finished with a spectacular endwhen you go back to your country with the ultimate nuclear secretyou heard from some political celebrities. These secrets can changethe world upside down if used by the wrong people. On the edge ofsucceeding a successful mission, just by a small rooky mistake yougot caught by the criminals and now the war is over, at leastthat’s what the world knows. But deep inside you still have thosevicious commando skills growing within your nerves that can wreckanything that comes in your path. With this bravo potential anddaredevil fighting skills you have a firm thought to pick up fromwhere you left, complete everything that was left undone and showthe world what you got. After being caught you have been torturedto reveal what you came to know here and instead you were abusedand molested to give secrets of your state. You were captured in amental hospital, mistreated for the information, punished for beinga bravo commando and stepping into their homeland, wounded as agrudge, tried to disable you and made you ill: mentally andphysically. This is what you are going to do, you are going to getall the courage together, make a arbitrary plan, an unforeseenscenario in the treacherous circumstances. Show them your fightingskills and leave the place with no hint to the rivals and winningthe mission after all. Fight and kill the doctors that are going totorture you by the dangerous and fatal doses of illegal drugs,runaway from them. Crash down all the guards on your way barehandedand pick up their weapons to kill them. Run towards the door andmake a heroic exit. Run and hide from guards and other agents,drive a car with a stealth car chase and win it leaving the defeatbehind.Get crazy, play insane, and survive against cops make asuccessful escape. Enjoy the reckless killing, sick fighting andtheft missions. Runaway before police car catches you. Key Features: - Epic car driving experience in hot pursuit.- Extremely toughscenarios of auto theft in stealth moves- Incredible policesurvival game with HD graphics & sound effects- Devastatingfights and amazing hospital escape - Challenging breakthroughs
Kids RC Car School Stunts 1.0
The crazy adventure car Racing is on its way to become an epic fungame. You are here for the extreme ultimate and giant adventure.The stupendous Racing environment is here to entertain you in themost joy full yet thrilling way. It tests your crazy race cardriving skills and enhances your interest factor by all the stuntsand stupendous looks.Mid summers, sweaty kids, boring chemistryclass, lazy teacher, too much work and one kid is still enjoying.Having so much going on in his imagination he dreams of his dreamcoming true. He is too much into extreme sports and love to playaround with cars, he imagine himself driving cars, drifting,showing off his stunts and epic driver skills. The boring chemicalreactions have taken part and reacted to produce the most fun andcrazy dream ever. This includes the extreme reaction of car stuntswith Racing car driving, Thrill reacts with joy and Dream reactswith crazy imagination. Ultimately bringing up the most challenginghill car race and driving combo in a new and most innovativemanner. The imagination has a lot of interesting driving stuff. Youare a car driver and your car goes around the pre-school and visitsevery room on the way to its drive. You enjoy the race ride inclassroom, experience your extreme Racing driving potential inlibrary, and show the crazy car stunts in the kid’s room. And ifyou don’t want to get trapped inside the school, let yourself goand find the fun outside the building, there is playground all setup for you to show off your heavy race stunts potential. Simulateyour dreams with your epic drifting skills, drive like a pro and bethe best car Racing driver of 2017, but of course in your dream.Fortunately, that is not too much difficult as your dream nevercosts you and is absolutely free. Just Install the game and catchwhat you desire. Buy new cars with the luxuries you catch duringthe drive and own the most innovative and extremely crazydistinguished race cars of 2017, everything is Giant around you butnothing is bigger than your dreams and driving skills.Key Features: 1- Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation2- Lots ofdifferent vehicles with unique upgrades3- Challenging yet funnymissions4- Epic Car selection and car purchasing 5- Diversedetailed environments6- Internal and external Giant views ofbuildings7- Collect luxuries in the game play
City Construction Airport Sim 1.0
After all the extreme hustle in your study life, it’s time for youcontrol the others in city by your work. You spend a lifetime ofplaying with heavy construction machine toys and had a dream to flyon the extreme sky of being a city airport constructor and a driverof builder and construction machines. You have always been told tobe extreme at what you do and be a doctor or an airplane pilot andbe the known one in 2017 but you had a runway of your own dreamsand you went to get the knowledge of builder and constructionskills, working and riding off-road with forklift and cranes. Youwanted to master all the vehicles, from the sky and from the hilland off road mountain lands. Constructing something big has alwaysbeen your dreams; you went against everyone’s will. Now you areresponsible and able to control what people think by showing themyour extreme 2017 city airport construction project. As now youwere all ready with extreme skills, jet speed, commando hardworkingskills and a construction project in front of you. It is just likeflying high on a sky like a pro. So, let’s get going gear up allyour heavy construction machines, fuel up your airplane and jet,test your forklifts and aircrafts, look on the runway, you have along way to go. The airline that has you this extreme buildingproject of 2017 only expects it to be nothing less than a Giantproduct. So you got to put in all your power and show the entirecity what you’ve got. Take care of the advance 2017 buildervehicles, buy trucks and cranes make them buy your driving skillsby showing them your off road skills, bring them to theconstruction site area, and bring the raw material for this extremeproject. Visit your airport heavy machines, take control of jetsand planes, use crane for the specific tasks, use forklift to liftup your courage, drive the vehicles with your dreams on mountainand off road areas. This is not just an ordinary project; it’s beenyour whole life so live this city airport construction project upand the airlines satisfied with your builder skills.Get set Build!!Key Features : 1- Awesome 3D graphics and eye catching looks2-Extraordinary environment3- Smooth and easy to use controls4-Extreme heavy machinery to use5- Interesting airport constructionmissions
New Euro Super Train 2017 1.0.3
After the basic, advance and bullet fast professional training ofultimate train driving skills, you are now all ready to take careof some proficient tasks in the train driving challenges from therailway station to subway and towards the diverse rail tracks of2017. You have been a perfect racing driver and have shown realextreme bullet speed stunts through some easy places and now youare the one known to take everything that is easy. Being notoriousas a simple driver and a train station mechanic is not acceptableto you at any cost. You have to prove some skills by showing themoff you r bullet train extreme driving in different places withdifferent people. Your goal is to perform the best drivingexecutions and perfect simulation actions in front of people fromdifferent areas. So go ahead with full zeal and potential, traveland work enough to buy different trains with epic specialties andhigh end advancements. Explore all the trains; starting from simplerailway. Drive them with super rushy driving skills like a pro.Make everyone stunt and see the vicious priceless expressions ontheir faces. Drive in an extreme inhumane manner to show that youare an exceptional driver. The other task that you have is to geton the tracks visit and see the new Euro environments that you canvisit. Go outside the world; drive the bullet train so fast like noone has ever done before. Stay careful of the twists and turns, theunpredictable signals of on the adventurous paths. See through theroads, there are next trains coming, right on time and so are you,respect the railway signals and stop when you are supposed to. Andstart again to be on perfect time. Don’t make it get delayed bymaking wrong turns. If you cross the signal you have to pay for itand it will cause some loss. So step up from regular and ordinarydriver you are a pro train driver for crying out loud and an expertat driving in all sorts of places, desserts, bridges or ground. KeyFeatures : - Challenging time restricted missions - Amazing trainselection - Adventurous environments - Stunning 3D graphics andinteresting locations - Amazing eye catching game play
Helicopter Mission Rescue Sim 1.0
Between the mighty jungles, there had been a flood that ruinedeverything with it. The flood made everyone leave the jungles allvillagers and survivors left the place in order to save theirlives. This gave away way to all the robbers to have a chance overthe left properties of villagers. They came in dreadfully androbbed the whole place in a heartless manner. You being one of thecitizens and by fortune currently serve the nation’s army, cameback here with a thought to collect all the left behinds of yourdead family to keep them with you as a memory. On your way to yourruined house, you saw few people crying and mourning in pain oftheir losses. You set up a new target to save the people who wereleft helplessly. You are the bravest man alive to come to thisDeath Valley and search for the living ones. Look out for clues andlocate the injured and the creatures that need your help. There isa massive chaos around the place, robbers have destroyed carscruelly, dismantle the houses in worse and merciless manner. Theyhave set everything on fire while sabotaging the villagers. Youhave to pull yourself up and get everything together. Clear all themess, rescue the villagers and save the animals as well. There hadbeen accidents, mess on the roads of destroyed cars being set onfire, bravely extinguish the fire, make the grounds unobstructedfrom broken trees, wood, and ruined objects. Use your helicopter,go to the peak of mountains and rescue rare endangered animals.People are stuck in the, dreadfully drowning in the sea crying outfor support and protection. Make the city safe, sinless andstainless. Key Features of Helicopter Rescue Mission Sim : -Challenging missions to save the villagers- Extravagant hugeenvironment- Spectacular sounds- Fascinating Gameplay- Grippinglevels- Captivating helicopter models
Gangster Battle City War 1.0
Commando Vic is well known agent who loves to fight against Mafiaand criminals. He is known for his battles against real gangs ofcriminals and all his successful missions where he had cut down theaims of gangsters. He has real tough training to face all type ofgangster gangs and escape the death. He has crucial training inshootings, attacking, killing the real mafia and thugs. is a 3D FPSshooting game, - Gangster Battle city War is one of the bestshooting games, felony simulator and gangster games available! Beready for the life full of dangers – gangs attacks, gunfights,intense shooting and other missions! Gangster Battle city War ismade for all action games lovers – drive fast, shoot, kill and doeverything you want like a real Russian bandit! Keep your gun alertto survive! The city is surrounded by dangerous criminals who haveno mercy for the people. They are expert in fighting, shooting andkill innocents. The gang war starts every time they make a crime.This gangster shooting game is one step ahead that leads to peacein the city. There is only need of one battle winning commando likeyou. They are not brave enough to make you lose such a threateningbattle, this is your war, kill them, shoot them with your marvelouskilling skills, complete every mission like a pro. Be the killer ofall gangsters and bring peace back to the cite by ending this war.So, are your ready for great criminal adventure? Be ready to rob,kill, shoot and fight! Act like a cruel mafia, kill the gangstersin such a brutal way that they never day to commit such war basedfights and crimes anymore. Knock the criminals out of their minds.Make them fear every thought of battle, fight or war. Upgrade yourlevel of fighting with this FPS game and degrade the level of Crimeand number of gangsters in the city. You are supposed to throw yourbout at the fighting event of the year. Become a big time gangsterkiller, FIGHT other mafia criminals across the city in real-time.Key Features - Gangster Battle city War :1- Crime Mafia and mobwars2- Real life weapons and gangster Battle3- Unbeatable Crime FPSshooting game4- Find your team make up a gang against thegangster5- Brutal killing and attacking6- Vicious sound effect7-All Free
Commando Action Gun War Shoot 1.0
Real commando action is here to make your modern battle and missionextraordinary. You are the newly appointed real commando in thecity. You are responsible for safety of the city. Commando actiongun war shoot gives you a chance to play the role of a real actioncommando who never fears any terrorist and always stands up infront of every modern weapon and fight like a real hero. You are amaster of all the modern techniques that a real commando needs fora gun war shoot mission. The mission in not only a war or a fightit is a real secret battle to fight with action and crime, beat thegangster by shooting and killing them with your real action andmodern guns, fight the terrorist using your sniper. Get reward onkilling every enemy and buy new modern guns from that reward. Thismakes the next action gun war shoot easy for a commando as you getthe big guns. You’ll have to kill terrorists & diffuse bombs inorder to save your country & each one of its city. It’s not agame; it’s a battle, a combat, a special ops army military mission!You are known as the finest army action sniper rifle shooter withbrilliant survival skills, having the experience of modern weapons& guns in various combats, battles, missions & war. Army isproviding you with modern weapons & super weapons to combat theenemy & win this war. Use the various modern weapons &military guns provided by military army to strike hard & killthe terrorists. Terrorist enemy will try to counter your attacks& strike back which you should allow him to do. Villain enemyis equipped with modern weapons & guns like sniper rifle guns,pistol & machine guns but what they lack are the skills youhave. Skills military army taught you. Survival, gun shooting,fight, combat & war battle skills that are unbeatable. Enemiesare aware of your modern action expertise and they will target youbefore they could attack on the base. So be alert with your sharpshooting skills and modern weapon to eliminate them. Terrorist willshoot the enemies and get access to the next level. We present youa game full of unlimited action. If you are getting bored and tryto make your time well passed, search for 3D sniper games, FreeShooting games, Shooter Games and get this thrilling &Unlimited Action Packed Commando game for free. Key Features ofCommando action Gun War shoot :1- Detailed Map position2- Survival,gun shooting, fight, combat & war battle skills that areunbeatable3- High-end, immersive game play4- Complete nearlyimpossible missions5- Advance and Modern weapon to chose from 6-Fully equipped modern weapon shop in real 3D war environment
Super Hero Secret Mission 1.0.3
A hero is always stealth and an inspiration for the other peoplewho try to escape their responsibilities just because they aren’tstrong enough to complete a mission or show some stealth actionsagainst mafia gangsters in the city, An inspiration is simple itmight come from the kids, a Super man who you think is a hero, asuperman or even animals. You dare to unleash this bravo secretinside you that you are in reality a hero, and everyone is afraidof you. Everyone is afraid how wild you can get in this missionlike animals, how crawly and productive are you like a Super andhow intelligent your are, like a secret agent, soon to be a hero.So, it’s time in Miami town when Superman has lost their couragewhere Super hero steps in look for the hope of survival.This secretStealth mission of Miami town against the gangster mafia is missionof your lifetime to escape all your fears and show mafia gangstersome thrilling fight. As a matter of fact you aka Super hero hasalready been in a thrill stealth fight with the gangster mafia, atthat time he was unable to escape their action in this survivalmission and you never escaped their inhumane manners. Now you havemade up your mind and you are now thinking of getting revenge byshowing the gangster mafia a smooth and terrifying escape that willleave them thinking that at what point the Super hero escaped theirsights. You have always been a threat to all the villains whetherthey are street thugs, mafia gangsters or terrorists because youare the super hero that has always stopped them from successfullyexecuting their evil plans. They have put you in a high securityprison jail. Your mission now is to survive, escape the prison jail& save your city from all the evil villains. You need a plan tosurvive, break out of the prison & execute your plansuccessfully in order to be free again. It’s not a game, your life& the future of your city depends upon you. Pick strange locks,solve puzzles, sneak past surveillance security cameras like aSuper, and Take down the security guards to escape the jail prisonin this thrilling survival game. Snatch the weapons & guns fromthe villains & use them to your advantage.This is the ultimatesurvival mission in the Miami town is your action, you are smoothand flexible like a Super, you are here for the survival of Miamitown’s citizens. Show some jam packed thrilling stealth actions,sneak out the jail and escape from the thrilling enemies that workas a gangster mafia.Key Features of Super Hero Secret Mission1-Easy to Learn but very difficult to beat.2- Beautiful newgraphics3- Amazing Super hero stunts4- Stunning 3D graphics 5- Jampacked Super hero action game
SWAT Anti Terrorist Commando 12-04-2017
After the attack at the secret agency, the whole headquarters havebeen banished by the deadly terrorists. There are terroristseverywhere with no objective but to kill. The top secret agency hasbeen taken over by the rivals of the nation. There is still manytreasures of information left in the building that the vulnerablecriminals don’t know about. You are the chosen one to go inside,explore the dodgy environment. The only task you have is to killwhoever comes in your way and find the hidden piece of informationthat you can never afford to let that go in the wrong hands. Allthe information of secret new inventions is right there in thatbuilding and you have to go secure it. Make it possible to do itwith all the danger and threat of life. Highly trained commandowill accompany you during the anti-terrorist operation. The game isabout SWAT counter-terrorism secret missions, army strike onenemies to destroy enemies and kill all terrorist through thecounter attack with rapid shooting machine guns, hand grenades, andother weapons. Terrorists are hiding out in a building, Hurry up;head shots all the terrorists now. User sniper rifles, head shotsterrorist, fight by hand, do it quickly there is a short time to dothe job, be a superhero and fight deadly shooters. Make it aremarkable gunship strike. Enemies are on the highly trained andknew all commando action and war games, forces of war to headshotfighting modern warfare in 3d counter-terrorist strike mobilegames, firing combat action and war against terrorism guild war. Doan honor to your nation by saving many lives with your breathtakingbravery and high combat skills. Fight for your country; proveyourself to be a shadow hero for all of them. Remove every threatby removing the criminals from your way. Take the assistance of thehighly trained helper who is willing to sacrifice his life on yourorders. You have limited time and limited bullets perform theseactionsKey Features of Elite Counter Terrorist Strike : - Multiweapon fight game - Addictive Game-play interesting challenges -Tremendous 3D graphics and stupendous sounds- Magnificent storywith extremely tough scenarios- Incredible killing and survivinggame
Real Ninja Amazing Fight 2017 1.0.2
Came along from a real faraway land and belongs from a family ofroyal warriors who had a royal survival from a war. They worshipedthe lord and his realistic noble deeds. This was the extreme timewhen the war has just ended all the warriors were changed intoinnocent people who loved, lived and played around the castle. Inthe crowd of these Ninja warriors there was on survival of the warwho was not fully recovered from the extreme wounds that heexperienced during his fight with the evil forces in the war. Hehad skills of a bravo ninja warrior and his fighting spirits werehigh than the sky. He alone killed twenties of enemies, attack thembravely and killed them fearlessly and like a legend ended this warand named the victory to the castle and his lord. He was mosttrusted warrior of the Ninja warrior army, most skillful andfighting courage was unmatchable. Somehow in this amazing fight theNinja who was considered to be the best one was caught by an evilsoul and it cursed the real ninja. The real ninja is now under thespell. He has a crazy but real curse on him, since he was known tobe the real warrior, real ninja, amazing fighter a survival amission winner, he will now be known as the real liar, the extremethief and a fighter who is a murderer. He is now on the will ofevil soul who has captured the real ninja amazing fighter of allthe times. The soul tells him everything to do and the warriorninja has to follow those extreme fight orders. You are the realninja amazing fighter, who has speed of a light, heart of gold andmind of a real ninja warrior. What your real mission now is youhave to invade in the castle of your real lord and your have toexhibit your warrior skills. Fight is the mission, survival is amust, war is an option and winning is a strategy all made by theultimate real ninja warrior who has been chosen to fight againsthimself and even against his real will. This extreme situation hasagain created a war and a real ninja fight. So pick up your sword,perform your duty as a real warrior and make yourself a proud ninjawho survives even the wrath of evil souls. You have to enter thegiant castle of Lord, kill the guards. Make your way into thecastle. Kill all the ninja warriors that come your way, find themfrom the corners of castle, find the lord’s ninja warrior guards,locate the, fight and kill them. Steal the three most preciousvaluables hidden inside the castle that belong to only the Lord.Make them yours, show everyone your real evil side. Your survivalwill prove that you have won this ninja warrior mission in thisgiant castle. Show your warrior ninja skills and enjoy the thunderof this amazing fight. Key Features : 1- Amazing giant lord castle2- Fight, war and survival based gameplay 3- Amazing real 3DEnvironment 4- Cracking sounds 5- Weapons, ninja stunts and realamazing fight 6- Challenging missions 7- Epic action levels withdifferent ninja warrior guards
Mafia Cartel Crime Story 1.0.1
Working with mafia people you have been a part of Cartel gang whichwas not the easiest gangster mafia group to work with. The Cartelmafia gangster members were famous for their shooting, killer acts,real gang wars and extreme high crime rate. The attacks that theymade left some serious killer effects on people. Shooting, killingand fight with other mafia gangsters is easy for them. You were aloyal Cartel mafia member; you did whatever they asked you to do.You killed people, tortured children and fight real crime mafias.Cartel Mafia and its extreme injustice The Cartel mafia wassupposed to chose their next leader, as you have been a loyal andmost threatening gangster among all you were a major option to bethe Cartel Mafia leader. The final day was approaching, more andmore guns, more deadly fights, higher crime rate, criminals escapedfrom prisons. Shooting was all around in the Cartel Mafia crimecity. They all were real killers and thugs. You were happy to bethe leader but you competitor played an extreme cruel game on youto attack your dignity as a cartel mafia gangster. You got into afight and as a result you lost your temper. Shoot down everyone infront of you, you shower your bitter actions when you got trappedin the crime games of your so called mafia gangster friend. Thepolice around you saw you, you never managed to escape the attackof cops. Eventually you lost the fight with cartel Gangsters. Allthe shooting, killing, guns, real fight and action let you down asa mafia gangster.Revenge of Cartel Crime Story After thedisappointing fight and a drastic loss you were attacked and caughtby the police. You got arrested for quite a while and you plannedan escape and big victory when you come back. The day you managedto escape the prison, it was the day when cartel mafia gangsterswere waiting for their beloved leader but they were under the wrathof your competitor. So now you have planned to attack his mafia,fight them, shoot them, kill them all and knock them down. You area real villain, real killer but that’s not all. You escaped theprison at a cost. Now you don’t’ work for the Cartel mafia but forthe police. You have to attack and kill them because police saidyou so. So now you are not the cartel mafia leader, you fight foryour country, you fight for your nation, you kill for the wellbeing of society, you attack the bad guys. Cartel mafia name hasbeen far left behind you now need.So pick up your gun, start theshooting chaos, forget the Cartel mafia it’s time to end the cartelcrime story and start the end of gangster mafia attacks, killingand shooting. Shoot up the spirits into your veins; this is yourrevenge from the cartel mafia. Show them with your good intentions.End the era of Cartel crime story, destroy these mafia andgangster. Eliminate the guns, finish the shooting, destroy theiractions and the kill the bad guys who are real killers of innocentpeople. Be the Cartel Mafia Hero. Key Features of Mafia CartelCrime Story : 1- Extreme mafia and gangster fight and cartel crimestory2- Fight, Shooting, attacks and escape, thrilling game play3-Hard and interesting challenges4- Amazing real 3D Cartel Mafiagangster environment5- Explore the mafia and gangster world6- Enjoymodern weapons, guns and disasters7- Extraordinary sounds
Miami Town : Hero 2017 1.0.4
Fight with real extreme enemies and zombies, kill them with actionand show your war and fighting skills to the enemy guys and trysome on zombies as well, just for FUN. Living like a bravoextraordinary person has been your dream since childhood. Let ustake you to a tour of your super heroic dreams. Where you are alegend, a savior and a super hero, who is here to save the world.Explore the stupendous real city environment. Show an amazing andextreme chase to the running enemies and crumbling Zombies, neverlet them escape your wrath. You are battle warrior with a missionin mind to eradicate the negative people around you. You aresurrounded by some evil people and some fatal zombies who are notordinary on their own they have extraordinary skills as well. Theyare the criminals with superpower they are here to make you a heroand a strange citizen who out of nowhere came to be the superherofor the people of Miami town. This adventure includes crime,action, fight, missions and an endless war because where allsuperheroes like Spiderman and superman lost their temper, youstepped in to make a change in the lives of citizens of Miami town.Use your guns to fight, your superpowers to demolish the enemies ina war, win this battle and own the mission. They are your assassinsand you have to show extreme actions towards the random zombies tomake them scare to death and let the people live with peace in thecity. So gear up all your strange super powers, start the adventureof being a hero, Run the real extreme battle chases. Boom up thisadventure and show off your strange heroic powers in every missionthat you face against the 3D enemy actions. Run through the citychase your mission, in your mission you will come across theenemies, innocent citizens and real thrilling zombies. Kill thezombies just for fun, enjoy the slow death of crawling zombies and.Enjoy this battle is includes all kinds of war dangers likeshooting, flying like a real superhero in Miami town, coming acrossenemies face to face, drenching their souls, hunt and kill thezombies and enjoy victory of your mission. Key Features : 1-Strange super powers 2- Action packed levels 3- Enormous real 3Dcity environment 4- Battle, chase, guns all in one 5- Zombies andhuman enemies 6- All free
Devil Adventure Crime City 1.0.2
Angel or devil, who cares unless there is real adventure? Fight andgangster fun. We bring the real and strange madness filled withthrill, crime and devil moves. Once you were the politest personwith charming skills and strange attraction towards everybody. Theless you spoke the more you get admired by real people around you.You were like the real superhero for the folks. You had very lessrudeness and people captured you as the real inspiring superheroand they had a strange respect for you. You never were a part ofany crime and you were involved very less in every negativity inthe city. Known as the real superhero of the city people withstrange positive aura around him, it was impossible for anyone toeven assume you as a devil and a negative action figure. Fight,guns, devil thoughts, crime activities were never a part of yourreal angel personality. You always thought of spreading love notcrime, you were a part of volunteering not fighting, you had lessinterest in being the rude one, you played around happiness notwith guns and you always focus on positive side of every person inthe city. A devil comes to you and you look to find the angel thatlives inside the gangster.One day on your way outside the city, youwere driving your car and were just about to leave the city thatthe police came to check out the car and investigate. Assuming thatthey won’t do this unless there is some issue you let them search.Unknowing some cruel devil hearted gangster had set you up in acrime and you have been accused of keeping an illegal gun in yourcar. Being accused of carrying a gun was less for them so theyblamed you for getting into a fight with police of the city like agangster and committing crime. There was a wait for that you gotnotorious for being the frightening action figure and a criminalwho is a part of a gangster mafia. Not even struggling to know thetruth and the whole city forgot how much angel hearted were and youand they started looking at you as a devil who is responsible forall the crimes and fights going in the city. You were no longer thesuperhero for the city people. Their real trust got shattered andthe city was against you. Those who thought you were theirsuperhero and carry a golden angelic heart accused you of havinggangster actions and not but more even more devil crime activitiesgoing on in the city were blamed towards you. What now? Whatevercrimes happens you can’t leave the city or stop being a real personyou can’t hide you gotta live unless you die. So why not be theperson who the whole city blames you of being. To hell with havingan angel heart, doing real good activities lets live like a realgangster. Let’s not fight the crime, let’s be the crime. Let’s notshow your actions to save the strange people who didn’t even fightfor you, let’s fight against them. Kill them like a devil. Use realguns with the help of what you were accused for being thedevil.Kill you inner angel and then fly off to killing everyone inthe city. Why not kill the bad guys as well, but who stops kill andfight whoever that comes your way unless there is someone who hasreal courage and skills to stop you, is there anyone? NoSo let’sstart the action, fly, use your guns, experience the realadventure, be the part of the crime, be the gangster in yourselfand don’t let anyone live with peace in the city unless they fightand beg for it. Key Features : 1- Amazing sounds and real 3Dgraphics2- Angel and devil actives3- Action, crimes, guns and fightall in one package4- Smooth running and flying controls
Airplane Transporter Bike 2017 1.0
Flying a real airplane by 2017 has been your most thrilling anddesired dream since childhood but unable to get there you somehowgot stuck in the real bike riding industry. Having a lot of realdriving skills and accomplishing all the missions with realisticbikes, the thrill to fly an airplane never decreased. As there wasno real Airplane in the town by 2017, only motto bikes were a wayof transportation but in 2017 an airport got constructed. Thisbrought the hope to finally get to the mission of fulfilling yourdream by flying an airplane. But getting towards the airplane hasnot been easy. It’s not an easy mission getting on board on anairplane with absolutely no driving or flying skills. It’s hard fora normal person to experience this transportation from Bike todirect airplane in 2017. You are a driving master of real mottobikes.So now that you have ease to availability of real airplanetransporter facility let’s get on board on this realisticallythrilling mission. But, duty first. Don’t forget your duty is as areal motto bike transporter. Keep that as a part of your thrillingmission as well. Get on the real bike and show some next levelthrilling driving skills. Get those bikes transported into the realairplane. And now from here on the thrill of being a real airplanetransporter begins. Enjoy the driving and flying of a realtransported vehicle, these are the new 2017 airplanes for you toenjoy a real thrilling flight. Steer through the traffic, followthe real map and complete your transportation job & missionwithin tight deadlines. Excited? Download Police Plane TransporterGame now! If this excites you and you want to be a part of realbike and airplane transporter, airplane Transporter game 2017 isthe right choice for you.Key Features of Airplane Transporter Bike2017 : 1- Challenging airplane pilot car transporter missions forreal airplane transporter2- Highly detailed city and airportenvironment unmatched by most plane transport games3- Perfectlytuned real airplane simulator controls4- Amazing sounds andchallenging simulation missions
Extreme Bike Rider Adventure 1.0
Bikes? Racing?Real Stunts? Rides? You want these? You get these.Allyou have to do is install the free game right in front of you andenjoy the extreme bike stunts and racing extravaganza. You haveracing mission in front of you,king rider’s experience, real stuntsadventures and extreme bike climbing trials. Show your bike riderand real racing potentials with extreme king power. Demolisheverything that comes your way. You have to upgrade your bike rideradventures and take your moto wheeling to the next level. Why allthis? Let me tell you why. There was once a time when every kidaround you had everything, they own the best of everything, allbikes, real extreme toys, speedy vehicles and all the fun in lifeexcept you. You didn’t have any bike, no riding fun and noadventure or thrill. You went to a real circus and started earningby riding bikes and showing stunts as a professional. Now you areable to afford a stunt bike on your own and fulfill all your wishesthat you had while growing up. You made up an extreme riders andstunts circus. You have stunt ramps, riders rolls and racingthrill. You got bikes in front of you, precious coins to collectand mountains to ride, face the extreme dragons and never lose yourbike rider thrill. Show off real racing skills and be the king ofthe bike riding and stunts land. Speed up your rider bike and scareeveryone with your riding abilities. This is your extreme racingtest that makes you lose your mind with an extreme bike rideradventure. On this stunts ride you will face many hurdles, troublesand speedy bumps, you will slow down but never let your bike ridingspirit slow down all keep up with good and real adventure skills.Key Features : 1- Amazing bikes stunts and rides 2- King of trials,rides and real adventurous stunts3- Real 3D mountain and riderenvironment 4- Interesting and challenging game play with ridesstunts and adventures5- Authentic 3D physics and feel goodgraphics6- Many defying levels and more coming soon7 Bikes withdifferent physics for a great game play experience
Spy Escape Jail Survival 2017 1.0
It’s time to escape from the cruel life and break the rules. Breakthe rules of life, rules of jail and rules of prison. The jail isfull of agents of crime and the whole area is surrounded by prisongangsters who never fear to shoot, kill or attack. All they know isthe fact that they will never let any spy get away an attack like asurvivor. They don’t want to leave any spy as a survivor.You needto be a survivor and you need to devise an elaborate escape plan toescape the prison and clear your name as a decisive spy. You werejust a spy who was in initial training of being a survivor you werenot a tough man but this Jail made you learn things you neverimagined you would learn in the survivor and escape spy training.You met with other criminals and prisoners of your kind and youcame up with a strategy to quit this unimaginable Prison. Get readyto execute your survivor plan by killing the gangster agents whoare the main objectives to be attacked by a spy. You are beingwatched through jail Cameras and security is all over. Now it’syour job how you kill them, attack them in jail and get to anescape not only to help yourself but also to free other jailvictims. The jail gangsters are equipped with all sort of advance2017 spy weapons they will not leave any stone unturned for thesearch of escaped prisoners who became survivors. So run and escapefor your life and be the feared survivor of 2017 jail. You survivalis your main objective as a spy you are aware of the strength andweakness of a gangster jail. Spy escape is the only thing tough todo in 2017.Be a trained secret spy agent and escape from max jailsecurity through survival strategy, Attack, kill and show asurvival. Jails are hard to escape especially when they areprotected by an expert team of prison gansgters. But here you are asecret service intelligence spy agent and you have been caught bythe gangster enemy forces. You were attacked when you were asleepin your hidden place. Keep cover in the shadows for survivalstealth spy operations behind the jail walls. As a spy you havebeen trained to escape the jails and prisons for your survival inthe toughest of conditions against gansgter as you are a braveheart and have the stealth power to escape the most advancegangster ajil of 2017. Now make spy escape plan and find out thesecret spy passages for your escape and survival from the prisons.You do not have any spy escape weapons for this jail survival touse except the spy stealth power. Spy the jail gangsters and fightthem like a bravo spy agent, attack them when the gangsters areleast expecting and Kill them. Once you kill the gangsters you havetheir secret spy escape passages open in front of you and fromthere on you would get to the main get to escape that leads to theultimate survival of 2017. Key features of spy escape jail survival2017 :1- Amazing 2017 3D jail environment2- Make survival escapestrategy to complete the mission3- Real life sound effects4- 3Denvironment5- Be a secret spy survival agent6- Chilling atmosphereand beautiful visuals7- An addictive prison escape game8- Easy andfun to play
Gangster War Mad City 2017 1.0
Mr Smith is a lost gangster in a mad city full of crime and realgangster street wars. After he ran away from the prison, his onlyenemy left behind is Police who is the defeater of the city mafiaand its crimes. Mr Smith is on his own to save his life and becomethe killer of all the policemen. He is a real mad gangster and isthreat to the peace of city. He has started another gangster war bybreaking down the prison and escaping the city police. Thesepolicemen are real commandos who have been trained to shoot thecriminal at site. A gangster like you is at no mercy in front ofcity police. The police is real mad at the gangster Mr Smith forescaping their cage and starting gangster crime activities in thecity. Mr. Smith is now most wanted criminal of 2017, he is thedesired one to be arrested as the head of all the gangsters. Policebelieve if they get to catch this big gangster, this will fear therest of the mafia and the war and crime will be stopped from thecity. 2017 will be the year of and mad gangster crime will beeliminated from the books of police. Unaware of your shootingskills and war activities, police is underestimating a gangsterlike you to be defeated and caught by the police. But you have hadthe worse war and shooting trainings, this mad game is in yourhands. You are expert at shooting and dreadful gangster activities.You will bring back the crime to the city and you will lead the madmafia once again. Only one mission you have in front of you is toutilize your shooting skills and kill all the policemen. Start thecrime again in 2017 in such a mad way that it was never seenbefore. Deceive real police, bring up the mafia, have shooting fun,drive the police crazy with your deadly gangster looks, earn moneyby shooting the police, promote your authority in the eyes of largemafias, be the unbeatable gangster! A huge number of real weapons,awesome missions, shooting trials, actions and street fight all inGangster war mad city 2017 ultimate real 3D game of 2017. In thisdeadly gangster game, take real revenge from high security policeofficers and like a real gangsters. This is a clash of 2017’s bestgangster and the trained police. Showoff your real furious gangsterand shooting skills against the police. Bring back the life to deadmafia and your gangster team in this dark mad city of 2017. KeyFeatures of Gangster war mad city 2017 : 1- Visually stunningupdated graphics, character and vehicle models2- HD qualityresolution and Realistic city environment with HD graphics &sound effects3- Additional customization traffic frequency4-Countless hours of gameplay5 –Amazing street gangster fight7-Terrific sounds
Night Parking Truck Simulator 1.0
Driving in crazy heavy traffic between the rush of automobiles,riding on luxurious vehicles in day and night time as a driver withpro driving skills sounds easy and it sure is. But getting on aride of a heavy truck in the darkness of a night time with heavypressure of parking the truck with crazy accuracy requires someskills and they aren’t so easy. Driving a truck itself is a bigresponsibility and the skills you have might not be enough forcompletion of this mission. The real riding skills are required forthis crazy and heavy mission. It is a realistic task to drive atruck in night time and park it. There might not be some heavytraffic in the city; parking might be easy in some open spaces theautomobile rush might not be too much for truck handling andparking. Crazy cars and bike riding in night does not need any sortof skills, wait till you drive a heavy truck in night time as amission in your mind. This Truck simulator game is here to satisfyyour crazy and extreme simulation needs. It justifies how actuallya night truck parking goes, what you have to do, and what skillsyou need, what kind of realistic driving skills you need to have.Let’s get out in this night time with loads of missions to becompleted. You have a truck in the night time, already placed nearthe place of parking. What your mission at start of every level isto join the two parts of truck in the darkness of night and afterthat show your crazy driver skills to show the night parking andtruck simulation potential that you have got. It might look boringto drive and park the truck in night time but this truck simulatorgame will make it so much fun.Key Features of Night parking trucksimulator : 1- Amazing truck rides2- Smooth controls and accuratetruck simulation3- Cool night parking experience4- Thrilling trucksimulator skills required to complete the challenging missions5-Drastic night time city environment free from heavy traffic
Desert Racing Quad Power Bike 1.0
This is an extreme desert quad power bike racing game. Racing withreal luxurious vehicles is easy but desert racing is not a child’splay. You have lots of real troubles coming in your way. You mayconquer the car or heavy vehicles driving and racing but right nowit’s time to test your power bike racing capabilities. This desertracing is 2017s most epic fun and adventurous realistic race. QuadATV realistic race will lead you to your professional career ofracing and make you world’s most desirable quad power bike racer of2017. Enjoy the realistic and unlimited fun and power spinetingling adventure. Desert racing quad power bike brings you amind-blowing motorbike racing game filled with crazy fun! Reach thedesert off-road finishing point by making your way through the sandand dust of desert around each obstacle. Challenge yourself anddevelop desert racing the ultimate skills for your power bikevehicle to take on new levels! join the ultimate crazy desertoff-road rush as you compete with other crazy quad power bikedrivers for the 4x4 championship! Hop right on your 4x4 power quadbike and come down for some all terrain mania racing action. Bustthe dust in this realistic desert sands and rally past youropponents in this crazy desert quad race! Quad bike racing is thechallenging but fun desert experience that pits you against theforces of nature and your quad power racing competitors. This realquad power bike stunt simulator game is simulation packed quadmotorcycle racing 3d off road game. This exclusive ATV quad motorcycle desert mission is the newest of realistic world of quad bikeoff road gamesry your hands on the latest quad power bike extremestunt game as a best racer mania. Here is a combo of excitingrealistic dessert challenges, breathtaking desert environments,drifting and crazy power racing. So, get in this game in crazy Rideand drift on your super four wheels power quad bike through deathoccurring obstacles. It’s dangerous but so much fun and thrill thatit will give you crazy and realistic addiction to this desert quadbike power racing. Drive your quad moto bike with fast speedrealistic engine in sandy desert and drift in this speed max quadbike stunt game. What do you say? Are you able to complete everythrilling mission on eye blinding desert power race tracks?? Willyou accomplish the name of being the best quad power racer of 2017?Are you ready face your desert and high speed fears? IF yes, thanhop on to 2017’s best quad power bikes and show off your amazingstunts in finely detailed desert environment. Take the power desertracing to the next level of highly ramp and races; give your motobike a drastic race over the desert stunt ramp in this high speedy3d arcade quad bike power race adventure. Become the most skilledmotorbike driver in the desert. Key Features : 1- Realistic physicscontrols for stunt desert racing2- High quality and detailedrealistic 3D graphics3- Rocking sounds4- Thrilling desert racetracks 5- Own a power ATV quad bike vehicle6- Insanely quad bikeracing experience7- Awesome quad power Bike model8- Challengingobstacles and hurdles