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Epic Sword Fighter
Take down forts, castles as a group of eliteknights have occupied your place and prepare for war to kill allthe enemies. So put on your swords, cross bow and prepare yourdeadly spells. It is your time to attack into the battlefield.Because you are one of us, who can complete this mission. Explore afantasy kingdom world as you attack enemies and take control ofcastle defense, and become a most powerful fantasy hero in theland.while using sword , when enemies are attacking then first youshould slightly move backward to secure yourself and then attack toenemy.During war u can get health pack to maintain your health.The epicsword fighter android game is completely free to play; allequipment’s are totally free.Game Play Features:- Simple and easy game controls- Use the standard sword to obtain points and hits- Mounted combat game play- Multiples swords and power-ups- Use Cross bow to kill long range enemies- High quality 3D graphics- Lots of unique levels and multiple environments.
Frontline Terrorist Killer 1.2
It is an action packed shooting and terroristkilling game. Kill the terrorist with armor, Ak-47, shotguns andnew destructive weapons. Shoot at site! You are the brave soliderfrom the army force. Aim to shoot the head shots of your rival,strive hard so that no ferocious terrorist can run away. With everytargeted gun shots you would get in practice with your targets.Accurate and precise aim practice will lead to more accuracy andeliminate terrorism in frontier shooting showdown. Keep in mind; heis the vicious terrorist you are going to swat & haveaccess to a variety of light and heavy weapons, as well as powerfulheavy machine gun too. Travel deep into enemy territory to locateand eliminate showing and hidden targets by the help of radar.Stare down your rifle scope, zoom in to find and identify thetarget. Take a breath...and pull the trigger to make the perfectkill Shot.Stop the terrorist in this full action shooting game andparticipate in keeping the peace.Game play Features:• Complex situation, hijacked buildings and cross firing• Short & long shooter weapons.• Exciting Map with Real time battlefield environment• Shooting all the terrorists will lead you to the next stage• Different auto loader Guns• Four different Critical missions.• Best Shooting Game, Especially for the people who likes hardcoreactionHow to Play• Choose your mission• Shoot with fire button• Move up down jump button• Use anti-terrorist 3D pistol to fire your gunshot.• Auto target whenever close to enemy.
Epic Bike Race : Championship 1.0
Epic bike racing is a simple racing gamewithrealistic motorbike physics and amazing graphics that areperfectlyoptimized for high-resolution devices. Your biker willhave to rushthrough the racing path for completing the lap,defeating his opponents by performing different pro-tricks. It'sachallenging game where you can speed the motorbike toperformexciting, amazing and realistic stunts. Also build upincrediblespeeds with boosts option.How to Play:- Tilt to Steer your motorcycle- Use boost to go very fast and perform different stunts!- Be careful while jumping from the hurdlesGame Features:- Quality graphics with excellent bike sounds- Exicting motorbike stunts- Smooth controls and AI- Addictive and fun play.- It's completely free to play
Epic Sword Fighter : Zombies 1.0
Zombies have occupied your place and preparefor war to kill all the zombies. So put on your swords, cross bowand prepare your deadly spells. It is your time to attack and killall zombies. Because you are one of us, who can complete thismission.while using sword , when zombies are attacking then firstyou should slightly move backward to secure yourself and thenattack to zombie.During war u can get health pack to maintain your health.The epicsword fighter : Zombies android game is completely free to play.Game Play Features:- Simple and easy game controls- Use the standard sword to obtain points and hits- Mounted combat game play- Multiples swords and power-ups- High quality 3D graphics- Lots of unique levels and multiple environments.
Jungle Dino Rampage Simulator 1.0
Best dino simulation game for dinosaurlovers,where they use sharp teeth to attack on rabbit, sheep anddeer etcto kill and eat them , some attacking animals like Lion ,Bears areused to attack on dinosaur. Hunt out innocent animals,also killsthe attacking animals and make them your prey . They cansmell you,so don't make any noises when you're out to get them.Jungle DinoRampage Simulator is filled with different types ofinnocentanimals like rabbit, sheep and deers and also differenttypes ofattacking animals, you can jump, pounce and scratch.• Easy controls• Actual thrill of chasing down animals• Amazing 3D graphics and jungle environment• Many thrilling levels• Awesome gameplay with attacking animations• A lot of animals to prey: rabbit, goat and deer• 100% free gameHave fun playing Jungle Dino Rampage Simulator.
Icy Fruit Juice Maker 1.1
Hello come on lets find out how barattendermakes juices for you behind the bar. Make a juice for thecustomersand help them to fresh up by serving them the fresh juicesand thatwill also help you earn some valuable coins.Different characters will be coming to your bar to get freshjuiceto get their order, make their juice by putting all therightingredients in the blender and shake it up. Pouring the juiceinthe glass and serve it to the customers.Shake it after putting the lid on, or you will make a mess inthewhole bar and you will fail.FEATURESi) Put ingredients in the blenderii) Turn on the blenderiii) Pour juice in the glassiv) Serve it to customers
Survival Death Highway-Zombies 1.1
Survival Death Highway-Zombies.Survival Death Highway-Zombies contains enthusiastic soundTracks,3different cars with defensive guns to fight with zombies.Racersneed to maintain health bar by shooting zombie highwayattackersand carefully cross the road hurdles. Be a zombie hunterand smashthem all with your powerful and NOS fuel can gain extra points by killing zombie with your armedvehicle.By playing this game racer can earn more points to unlockdifferentcars and ammunition including guns and much more.Features of Survival Death Highway - Zombies• Different cars with outstanding look and modifications• Inherited zombies, different modes of attack androadhurdles• Endless game for unlimited fun and racing thrillHow to play• Select your required car from selection menu• Tilt your devic or use buttons to move and cross hurdles• Shoot zombies through gun by pressing shooting button• Gain points and scores by shooting zombies• Maintain your health to avoid end of the game
Crazy Bucket Ball 1.0
Crazy Bucket Ball is fun, free game forkids,preschooler and family members.Catch relevant color ballintobasket and avoid other color balls. More balls you catchmorepoints you gain.It helps your child to distinguishbetweendifferent colors.This game contains 3 modes easy , mediumand hardto make it challenging.
Counter Zombies Attack 1.0
Counter Zombies Attack is an ideal 3Dshootingand attacking game. You have been hired as a contractkiller tofinish the deadly zombies(especially deadly zombies dogs)and clearthe old buildings. Your mission is to fight with deadzombies withbone-crushing weapons like pistol,machine gun ,handgrenade ,AK47,400 shotgun etc . You must have to target and counterthe deadzombies on right time to shoot and kill them all with yourzombiesdefensive skills .So keep your finger on the trigger forsurvivalin a deadly world. You also have shooting and attackingskills asan army soldier, so enhance your weapons from store anduse yourskills to kill as many of your enemies as you can. Yourmission tokill all the dead zombies coming out from buildings ,streets andsave yourself from dead zombies attacks.Zombies game Features** Easy and smooth FPS game control** Stunning graphics with advanced lighting andpost-processeffects** Multiple 3D environments (maps) 100% free** Fast action! Run, fire, and beat all the walking dead tocompletea level.** A light trigger so you can target and kill fast*** All 100% Free! ***How to Play** Choose your mission** Shoot with fire button** Move up down jump button** Auto target whenever close to dead zombie** Choose different type’s ammo during action war** Zoom to target.
Mission Counter Terrorist 1.0
You are the brave commando from specialservicegroup. Aim at the opponent's vital part to shoot ,so thatthoseterrorists nowhere to escape. Accurate and precise aimpractice willlead to more accuracy and eliminate terrorism infrontier shootingshowdown. Keep in mind; they are viciousterrorist you are going toswat & have access to avariety of light and heavyweapons, as well as powerful heavymachine gun too. Travel deep intoenemy territory to locate andeliminate showing and hidden targetsby the help of radar. Staredown your weapon scope, zoom in to findand identify the target.Take a breath...and pull the trigger tomake the perfect killShot.Game play Features:• Short & long shooter weapons.• Exciting Maps• Shooting all the enemies will lead you to the next stage• Full addictive control , Especially for the people wholikeshardcore actionHow to Play• Choose your environment• Shoot with fire button