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Rocket Crisis: Missile Defense 1.5.5
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The Rocket Crisis is upon us and you are themissile commander, defending the cities of the world againstmassive rocket attacks! In this missile defense game, get ready touse all your skills, you will need it!Immerse yourself in old-school arcade defense gameplay! Blastattackers out of the sky, keep track of your own missile supply,fire nuke warheads and upgrade your defense systems. This missilecommand game will keep you engaged for hours!Rocket Crisis Key Features:★ MISSILE COMMAND - Simply tap to shoot your missiles, and catch asmany enemies in the explosive radius as possible!★ DESTRUCTION - Earn nukes and use them to clear the airspaceagainst overwhelming odds! Activate your flak cannons to cover thesky in fire!★ DEFENSE - Deploy barrage balloons to take the brunt of theattack! Order emergency repairs of your buildings to save them atcrucial moments!★ UPGRADE - Use your spoils of war to upgrade all parts of yourmissile defense!Game Modes:★ CAMPAIGN MODE - Experience 38 levels of increasing defense: MegaWarheads, City Destroyers, Laser Blimps, Hunter Rockets and multiple Boss Fights!★ CHALLENGE MODE - Survive as long as possible against unendingwaves of enemies, as you defend your city from certaindestruction!Join the Rocket Crisis now!If you were looking for missile command game, missile commander,missile defence, missile defense, rocket games, missile defender ormissile games for free you will love this Rocket Crisis!
Traitors Empire Card RPG 0.93
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Journey through the story-driven fantasy campaign as you gain newheroes, level up and loot cards for your collection. Refine yourtactics as you set up battleground defenses and attack otherplayers to increase your rank and earn legendary treasures.Gameplay Set up a your party of heroes and assign them weapons andarmor and a deck of ability cards, before you take them to thebattlefield. Engange in turn-based tactical battles, where choiceof cards played, careful movement and special abilities of alliesand enemies will determine the winner. Join a Clan and fighttogether to defeat tough enemies and claim their loot. Features -Turn-based combat: Engage your enemies on numerous battlefieldswhere positioning, tactics, planning and card management make thedifference between winning and losing. - Single player PVE: Battlethrough the rich campaign story, make your choices, fight yourbattles, defeat bosses, discover amazing loot and at last, pityourself against challenge mode difficulty. - Multi player PVP:Attack other players and earn unique cards as you rise in the warranks. Set up your defense, deploy allies, banners and landmarksthat change the rules of the battleground and foil the attacker'stactics. - Multi player PVE: As part of a Clan you fight againstepic bosses, requiring your combined strength, and set yourselfagainst other Clans in epic events. - Crafting: Improve your cardcollection by crafting new cards or by upgrading your existingcards. - Events: Participate in periodic events, competing againstother players in PVE or PVP and earn superior rewards. This is thefirst chapter of the story, containing 50+ hours of gameplay. Theconcluding chapter will arrive in 2020. PLEASE NOTE: The gamerequires an internet connection to play. Also the game is inenglish - we realise a lot of users would prefer it in their ownlanguage, and we will work to accomodate this in the future. GameDiscord Join the Traitor's Empire community here: Support Please submit anyfeedback/issues either through the game interface, through GooglePlay or email