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RoadWiZ 5.3
DESCRIPTION RoadWiZ is an endless runner game where youmustovercome different types of obstacle and destruction to preventtheconquest of the world by the villains. As you travel, you needtosave most of the people in the highway especially yourself orelseyou will die in the hands of scary but crazy bunch of villains.Tosave them including yourself, you must survive all the threatsthatmade by the ruthless and no mercy enemies. GOAL: The goal issimplyto help more people along the highway as the enemiesandobstacle(s) prevent you from being a good samaritan. Their goalisto kill you. But don't worry, BONUS Character like ThePeople'sChamp (Manny Pacquiao), ANG PROBINSYANO (Cardo Dalisay),SerialKiller, ZuckTreyBlowConnection (THE TRIO), THE LOVERS, THEMASTERSand THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES will help you survive. Inreality,you must face and overcome all of your struggles in lifejust likesurviving in this game. TIPS: 1. While in the air, tapyour screento double jump the character. 2. Watch Ad to earnpotatoes so youcan buy characters such as ALDUB,JADINE,KATHNIEL andLIZQUEN. 3.Collect more powerups to save yourself from enemies. 4.Collectmore coins to activate the 10% chance of spawning enemies.5. BuyTHE MASTERS and THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES to become aMaster OfRoadWiZ. 6. Helped person as many as you can to receive abonusreward(potato).
PhiloMath 1.10
PhiloMath will challenge your mind by solving differentequationsunder time pressure. We recommend this game for all thepeopleespecially students because this will help improve theirmathskills and speed in solving equations. Already a math hater?One ofour goal is to change "Math Hater" to "Math Lover". MODES-Addition-Subtraction -Multiplication -Division -Square Root -CubeRoot-Exponent -Algebra Basic DIFFICULTY Level 1-29 = EasyDifficultyLevel 30-49 = Medium Difficulty Level 50-99 = HardDifficulty Level100-199 = Mega Hard Difficulty Level 200 &above = Ultra HardDifficulty CHALLENGE Enemies will try toeliminate you by touchingthe finish line! Your only goal is toprevent them touching it. Tostop them, touch each of them and tryto solve equation as fast asyou can. If you fail to stop them. Youwill need to answer anequation under mega hard or ultra harddifficulty under timepressure. TUTORIALS -Tutor Mode can helpbeginners to practicesolving equations. After you take exam fromEasy-Hard Difficulty,you will see your actual grade and statusimmediately. No worriesbecause it's unlimited. LEADERBOARDS -GooglePlay Games ServicesLeaderboard MISSION Complete all the mission toget cool rewards.UPGRADES -Coin Multiplier (X2,X3,X4 & X5)POWERUPS -eTAP (Youjust need to touch enemies without solving anequation.) -Mason(All people who touch him will die.) ACHIEVEMENTSYou will berewarded after you've reach a certain level / stage.-Level 100,200& 300 -Stage 100,200 & 300 Already anadvanced user? Youcan become a VIP Member of PhiloMath just bypurchasing an itemfrom us. It may help you get higher level orstage easily if you'readvance in mathematics :) For more info, justvisit our officialfacebook page and please do like and share:D