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Trivia.Town - Quiz Duel 6.0.0
Knowledge is the key element in Trivia Town. You compete to see whoknows the most and can come up with the biggest amount of rightanswers. Trivia Town is all about quizzing, and you battle friendsand new faces. With 20,000 questions, the game is a constantchallenge. If you are a genius, it will soon become apparent toall, when you take part in this fair and fun online pop quiz feud.Even though fairness ranks high within Trivia Town, you still havethe opportunity to influence your fight against your opponents.When you play the game, you can bet on your answers. For everyquestion, you can choose whether to bet 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 points whenyou submit your answer. In this way, you can crack your opponent inone of two ways: By being the biggest knowledge genius, or byplaying the game strategically. In other words: Trivia Town is achallenge for all types of players. A battle within Trivia Towntakes just under two minutes, so finding time for a quick pop quizand a fun game between friends is nearly always possible. The20,000 questions are divided into ten topics: Music, Movies &TV, Geography, Society & Politics, Science & Tech, Nature,Sports & Games, Food & Drink, History and Art &Literature.To help you look for the right answer every question hasbeen equipped with a picture. At the same time, you get to play inpeace, free from disturbing ads and unfair power ups. We haveworked hard to make sure that Trivia Town is a “clean” brainexercise with no interruptions. The game is and will remain allabout knowledge and brainwork. Trivia Town is a new game every timeyou log in. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that you andyour opponent get fresh, new questions every time you play. You canplay real time, or whenever you have time to accept your friend’schallenge. There is no max to how long you can keep the quiz feudgoing. At present, the game contains over 20,000 questions, and newones are being added all the time. You can even add questionsyourself and see how well they do among the other players. Thisway, if you have special knowledge in certain areas, everyonebenefits from it. Trivia Town was born to grow indefinitely interms of both questions and knowledge. So, if you are a trivia nerdand you love to quiz and use your brain, get started right away.Download Trivia Town and get to know the most amazing things. Forinstance, did you know that Tacos de Sesos means “brain tacos”…?