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Truece - The app for today's co-parent 1.0.3
Co-parenting support at your fingertips. Truece provides a fullsetof tools to help you manage the details of co-parenting; use ittotrack custody, record expenses, manage your family calendar, keepaparenting journal, and more. Generate court-admissible reportstoshare with your legal team or to keep for your personalrecords.Connect with your entire co-parenting community, or use theapp asa single user. Truece was created by and for parents ofdivorcedand separated families, and is the only truly free mobileapp tohelp organize and streamline the process of co-parenting.Connectwith others or use independently - In addition to yourco-parent,you can connect with your kids, their grandparents, yourspouse,your legal team, your childcare team – anyone who is part ofyourco-parenting community. Send messages, update schedules,requestreimbursements, and more. - If your co-parent chooses not tousethe app, that’s not a problem! Truece does notrequireparticipation from both sides in order to be effective.Importconversations and calendars you share with your co-parent inothervenues, document when you arrive at custody transfers,recordparenting-related expenses, and more, all independent fromyourco-parent. No hidden fees Truece will never require you to payasubscription fee. With the Standard Truece package, youhaveunlimited use of all Truece Tools, and you can generate reportsonyour parenting history as far back as three months. ExtraBonusFeatures Available Upgrade to Truece Enhanced or Premiumforincreased data retrieval and storage capabilities – all forlessthan the cost of one hour of legal fees. Truece ToolsInclude:Parenting Time - Keep track of overnights, pick-ups, anddrop-offs.Time-and-location-stamped check-in/check-out system makesit easyto document accurate, down-to-the-minute custody history.Calendar- Update and manage your family schedule. Give yourkids,co-parent, or other members of your Truece Community theability toadd or edit events – you choose who has access. Expenses- Recordchild-related expenses. Snap pictures of receipts orpurchases andupload to the app. Request reimbursements from yourco-parent, andkeep track of reimbursements you’ve sent to them.Messenger - Sendand receive messages in-app. Import conversationsfrom othermessenger tools, so you can keep track of allcommunication withyour co-parent, even if they’re not a fellowTruecer. Notes – Usejust like a parenting journal! Documentimportant interactions withyour co-parent, screenshot conversationsor emails to keep for easyreference, make note of important eventsor changes in your child’slife, and more. All notes aretime-stamped, to lend accuracy andaccountability to your records.Reporting - Generatecourt-admissible reports in any category to addto your personalrecords or to submit to your legal team. Getreports on custodyhistory, expense history, communication historyand more, or searchby keyword to refine the focus of the report.*Document storage andsharing coming soon! See more at