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Trulia Real Estate: Search Homes For Sale & Rent
When searching for a new home, the more you know about the home andneighborhood, the more you know it’s right. Trulia helps youdiscover the perfect home AND neighborhood for your lifestyle tobuy or rent. Get a genuine feel of what it’s like to live therebefore you buy with 34 neighborhood map overlays like crime statsor schools, 30M+ neighborhood reviews from locals, and virtualneighborhood tours. Browse 1M+ real-time MLS listings with Trulia’srobust search filters, easily plan open houses, and customizeinstant alerts to stay ahead of the real estate market. Trulia RealEstate Key Features: NEW! Trulia Neighborhoods - more neighborhooddetails than any real estate app • Browse 34 neighborhood heatoverlay maps such as crime, schools, amenities, and commute • Tourthe neighborhood with original photos, local stories, and dronefootage • Learn about everyday life with the What Locals Sayfeature, ranging from whether people feel it is safe to getpackages delivered to if neighborhoods are friendly. • Researchschools in the neighborhood with trustworthy reviews from parentsOver 1M+ Real Estate Listings - sourced from MLS databases, takeyour search on-the-go • Browse and save your favorites listings andsearches to easily access them later • Get an overview of thesurrounding area with Street View • Access the map in normal,satellite or terrain mode • Connect with highly rated agents tofind a home you love Search Customization Tools - find a home andneighborhood uniquely suited for you • Draw your own map boundariesto focus on the neighborhoods you care most about • Be in controlwith 30+ filters and custom keyword search • Find any type ofproperty such as a condo, apartment, single family homes, orforeclosures Detailed Home Listings - simplify your home searchwith an intuitive experience • Browse large and beautiful photos ofhomes • Get the financial details you need like property tax, saleshistory, and more • Leverage pricing info on recently sold homes tospot high-value properties • Calculate multiple commutes bydifferent transportation modes • Understand local LGBTnon-discrimination laws for housing, employment, and publicaccommodations House Buying Alerts - take your search on-the-go andnever miss a listing • Stay up to date on the market andneighborhoods with alerts on new listing recommendations, pricedrops, or nearby open homes • Customize email and push notificationalerts to only see what you care about • Check out your daily feedof new listing recommendations based on your search behavior andfavorites Open Homes Scheduling Tool • Plan and manage open houseswith calendar sync and mapping directions • Get open houserecommendations near you Affordability Calculators • Calculate thefull cost of owning your dream home like mortgage, interest rate,HOA, homeowners insurance, and property taxes Trulia Rentals KeyFeatures: 1-CLICK REQUEST • Contact landlords and rental propertymanagers on the go with just one click - it's that easy! • Setyourself apart by easily applying with our rental resume EASILYFIND APARTMENTS, CONDOS, & RENTAL PROPERTIES • Discover diverselistings in a beautiful, intuitive way • Check out floor plans andavailabilities FILTER BY TRANSIT &/OR PETS • Find rentals neartransit and calculate commutes • Sort for properties by whetherthey allow cats or dogs Discover a place you’ll love to live. Welove feedback and requests! Send us yours anytime
Trulia Rent Apartments & Homes
Trulia helps you discover a place you’ll love to live. We go beyondthe typical facts about rental properties to give you a feel forwhat it’s really like to live in a home AND a neighborhood. We getyou straight to the info you need (no more digging through piles ofrental homes & apartments). And you can get instant updates onthe rentals you care about, so you’ll never miss out. Now you canchoose your new rental with confidence. KEY FEATURES: NEW! TruliaNeighborhoods - neighborhood information, all in one place • Tourthe neighborhood with original photos, local stories, and dronefootage • Get a genuine feel of the neighborhood with the WhatLocals Say feature, ranging from whether people feel safe walkingalone at night to if people decorate their homes for the holidays •Browse 34 neighborhood heat overlay maps including crime, schools,price trends, amenities, and commute Additional Features: • NEW!Search for homes to rent in your desired school district • 1-ClickRequest: Contact landlords and rental property managers to set upviewings with just one click—it's that easy. • Instant Updates: Getreal-time push notifications when a new rental listing matches yoursearch. You’ll never have to worry about missing that perfectrental when it comes on the market! • Open Houses: Find open housesnear you and easily add them to your calendar. • What Locals Say:Learn what’s to love about a neighborhood—like whether people feelsafe walking alone at night, if there’s easy parking, and wherepeople like to shop and eat—all from the people who know the areabest: the locals! • 34 Interactive Maps: Get a complete picture ofthe neighborhood with different overlay maps such as crime,schools, restaurants, affordability and commute. Get things likeschool ratings and median price information for any area. View anymap area in normal, satellite or terrain mode. Trulia helps youdiscover more about what’s outside the front door and in theneighborhood than any other site like Craigslist or Airbnb. •Diverse Listings: Discover any type of rental property, like ahouse, apartment, or townhome—even rooms for rent. • FlexibleSearch: Use filters to quickly search rentals by location, price,number of beds and baths, and more. Want to see apts withfireplaces in SF? Looking to lease a dog-friendly loft in LA? Wecan help. • Rent Near Transit (select cities): Set a transit searchfilter and we’ll help you discover a home that’s walkable to atransit station, whether you want to live near BART in SanFrancisco, the NYC subway, or Chicago’s L train. Download theTrulia Rentals app today and discover a place you’ll love to live!Comments, suggestions, feedback? Email us Note: Trulia is only for properties inthe USA at this time
Trulia Mortgage Calculators 2.9.0
Simplify the home finance process with Mortgage by Trulia, thedelightfully easy way to calculate your mortgage or refinancepayments, see what you can afford, anonymously shop for mortgagerates, and contact a lender the instant you find the perfect home.Quickly understand what it takes to finance your new home with anintuitive mortgage calculator. Or see how much you can save everymonth with an easy-to-use refinance calculator. When you’re readyto talk to a lender, current interest rates and local lenders arejust a tap away. With Mortgage by Trulia, you can spend less timeworrying about your mortgage and more time focusing on finding thehome for you. Key features: • Mortgage calculator: Get an accurateestimate of monthly payments. • Refinance calculator: See ifrefinancing your mortgage makes sense for you. • Affordabilitycalculator: Find out the maximum you can afford to spend on a newhome. • Scenario planning: Instantly see the impact of a differentloan type or a bigger down payment. • Payment breakdown: Aninteractive pie chart shows you what makes up your mortgagepayments. • Shop current rates: Shop current mortgage rate quotes24/7 from multiple lenders, anonymously. • Find local lenders:Quickly contact local lenders to get pre-approved for a mortgage.Note: Mortgage by Trulia is for properties in the USA only at thistime. We’d love to hear your feedback. Email us anytime
Trulia for Android TV 1.1
With Trulia’s free real estate app, you can easily browse homes forsale with the simple click of your remote, all from the comfort ofyour couch.Scroll through collections of similar homes and let ushelp you discover new properties in a beautiful, intuitive way.Bring each house to life on the big screen. Browse throughimmersive home photos, watch video walk throughs, and reviewproperty details. Narrow your search by saving your favoritehomes.With Trulia, finding your next home is just a click away.