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Listen and interact with your favorite podcasts for Androidenhancedwith Tunevu. Tunevu is a fully featured and easy to usepodcastplayer to get the most out of your podcast listening timeallowingyou to discover, engage with, and reward creators ofstories,podcasts, and other digital audio media by adding visuallayers tocomplement your listening experience. beautiful and easyto usepodcast player to get the most out of your podcast listeningtime.Free No-Ads Podcast App For Android See the another side ofthestory with rich contextual content that accompanies yourlisteningfor a deeper, more engaging experience. Explore anddiscover newways to interact with a Podcast and share captivatingmoments fromshows you listen to. No need to pause and search forwhat's beingmentioned in the podcast. Simply click on the image,website,hashtag, quiz, poll, or rating event as you listen to itbeingplayed. - Discover: Subscribe to any podcast in iTunes andmore.Browse by charts, categories and finder - Search and browsefor newpodcasts and the classics - Interactivity: the ability tointeractwith the podcast through pictures, trivia, polls, ratings,andsocial media - Activity Feed: Companion events enablingvisualpodcasts - Interface: Jump between episodes and easynavigation -Stream: Play episodes on the fly - Variable speed:Change the playspeed - Share: Interactive elements from the podcastand episodesharing. - Media Player: Works as a standalone player(MP3, localfiles, streaming) - On Demand: Listen on demand ordownloadpodcasts for later. Save for offline playback andimprovedusability through position recall - Notifications:Reminders fornew episodes that have been release of subscribedpodcasts -Selection: Includes some of the largest and most popularnames inpodcasting (NPR, Gimlet, BBC, Serial, Ted Talks, ...) -Manage:Organize your podcasts and easily discover new favorites -OPML:Get started easily with OPML import… and export yourexistingcollection as well Visit us online to learn more:www.tunevu.com