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Past For Future 1.4
From the creators of Father and Son. A man struggling to accept hiscurrent life and time discovers the story of a brilliant andeccentric woman who was able to travel through time to escape herpresent unhappiness. As a player you travel to the beautifulcoastal town of Taranto to uncover her real tragic story, track herdown through time and maybe escape your own present. This is a gameabout escaping an unhappy present and romanticising the past. PastFor Future has been produced by the National Archaelogical Museumof Taranto (MArTA).
A Life in Music 1.42
Antonio and Silvia will never forget the Summer of 2008, thefortuitous meeting of two high school students who share a passionfor music will upset their lives forever. "A Life in Music" is a 2Dside scrolling game with rhythm game elements in which the lives ofthe protagonists will cross with the life and music of MaestroGiuseppe Verdi. Produced by the Teatro Regio di Parma, theemotional experience combines multiple choices dialogues, dozens ofcharacters and locations and over 20 original tracks to bring us onthe screen dreams, friendships and fear. Main features: - 9exciting chapters to play all in one go; - A graphic adventure setin the city of Parma and in the places linked to Giuseppe Verdi; -Over 30 tracks: solo piano, indie, pop, rock; - 20 characters; - Achallenging rhythm game that will allow you to unlock uniqueVerdi's life postcards.
Beyond Our Lives 1.25
With Beyond Our Lives you can experience an exciting narrativeandinvestigative adventure game set in Tuscany, between pastandpresent, in ancient Etruria. Sergio and Lavinia, fraternalfriendssince childhood, are united by a passion for archeology andforstudies on the ancient Etruscan people. An unpredictableevent,however, disrupts their lives by unleashing a surprisingtreasurehunt that will push the protagonists to investigate themeaning oflife, death and the nature of their relationship. Mainfeatures: -An adventure and investigative game that will requireyou tocollect clues, interrogate people and explore over 15locations; -Visit Chiusi, Volterra, Populonia, Vetulonia, andtheirsurroundings among nature and archaeological areas; -Originalmusic composed by the well-known Polish musicianArkadiuszReikowski; - Original screenplay with over 1000 dialogues.Videogame made in collaboration with Toscana Promozione Turisticaaspart of the IN-Etruria project.
The Medici Game. Murder at Pitti Palace 1.0.1111
A murder in the night at Pitti Palace. The story of the Medicifamily, two secret societies that have fought each other forcenturies and a young art historian who suddenly finds herself inthe middle of a dark plot. Puzzles to solve, close encounters withpeople who have changed the course of history and suspense are themain features of this new videogame, that will catapult you into aworld where anything can happen and nothing is as it seems. As thesun rises, a long hidden secret comes to light. Discover this new3D adventure game set in the historic residence of the Medicifamily in Florence and you will be drawn into a thrilling quest tosolve a centuries-old mystery. Features: - 3D adventure andinvestigation game - Palazzo Pitti in 3D in over 10 game backdrops- Lots of puzzles to solve - An exciting quest based on acenturies-old war between two secret societies - Discovermysterious underhand dealings in the Medici family