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Turnoutt 1.0
CREATING THE WORLD MAP OF PEOPLETurnoutt’s design enables millions of users to be view-able onauniversal map.The simplicity of dividing the map into quadrants with countersnowallows users to obtain usable information when viewinglargepopulations of people.PEOPLE WITH SIMILAR INTERESTSA simple profile can be setup to allow users to Shade (filter)themap by a range of fun and safe filters that promote bringingpeopletogether. i.e. Age Range, Relationship Status, FavoriteMusicGenre, Favorite Sports Teams, etc...Have fun and share your Vibe. Whether you’re in the moodtoparty, mingle or simply chill you can now locate your scene.Thereare a total of 9 vibes so don't worry, we've got yourvibecovered.PICKSType a unique word or phrase for your event and share itwitheveryone so that they can see how many people are attending,intransit, or already there.POLLCreate a “Poll” using Picks and quickly obtain the resultsofeveryone participating. See where people are voting from as wellastheir interests and demographics.SAFETY PLUS ANONYMITYThe key features that allow users to anonymously locate everyoneareas follows:GPS locations of all users are not pinpointed on themap,instead, they are aggregated in quadrants and are readwithnumerical values. Users cannot identify one another andinformationprovided will not be shared with other users.Specificlocations,such as your home or work, can be set as “Counted Out”within theapp so that you are no longer visible on the universalmap.DYNAMIC ADVERTISINGHaving a slow business day? Instantly upload anadvertisementthrough our dynamic ad services. Draw in large crowdsby offeringspecial deals, discounts, or entertainment that will beview-ableto everyone within a specified radius purchased throughour“Advertise” section.Ad space is now available at the bottom of our mapwhichbusinesses can use to post specials, deals, or upcoming eventsinorder to entice customers passing by their area to drop by.Ads can be updated and changed at any time. Businesses willbeable to easily create, edit, or delete ads through the appasneeded.Our instantaneous ads feature will allow businesses tointeractmore fluidly with current and prospective customers.Customers willbe able to add your business to their Favorites andin doing sowill be able to view all your instant ad updates.*Continued use of GPS running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.