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Follow Me-ow! 2.41
One for the kids, this is a memory buildinggame in the classic style of Simon. Follow the pattern of betweenthree and eight meowing cats. Try to keep up as the pattern growsand remembering which cat meows next becomes ever more challenging.With eight different cats and four different scenes to play in,this one is sure to keep the little ones amused!A separate music studio lets you create songs using all eightcats. You'll be able to record, playback and even save yourmasterpieces to enjoy later! There are a few well known children'sfavorites preloaded for you to enjoy as well!
Play, Cat, Play 1.13
Tuxedo Cat Games
This is a tablet game for your cat! Iknowthere are a few out there already, but this one has a fewuniquequalities that both you, and your cat, are sure to enjoy.*No score! Cats don't keep score, they just want to play!*No in-app purchases! You get the WHOLE game (all 4 modes) foronevery low price!*No advertisements! Advertisements for cats?!?!Howridiculous!*No malware! I can't believe I even have to say this!*Full screen, immersive play so your cat can't leave the gameonyou!So, on with the game! There are four modes for your kittytoenjoy:Mouse Chase - Watch the mouse run in-and-out of its holes!Whack-A-Mole - See if your cat is fast enough to bop themole!Laser Pointer - A classic crowd pleaser!Bell-Toy - A feathered toy with jingly bells on the end of it!This game is rated E for Every Cat!!If you and your feline friends enjoy this game, please rateandreview it!
Galaxy Blaster 1.9
Take on the role of a space fighter pilot and save the Earth fromthe invading Aliens. You'll get to battle against five differenttypes of enemy ships before reaching the Mother Ship. Do you havewhat it takes to save your friends and family from certain doom?You control your ship by tilting your device in the direction youwant your ship to move. Press the red button (right side) to shootthe enemies and the green button (left side) to activate yourshields. Shields have a limited, recharging power supply, so keepan eye on the meter! While battling the Aliens, you will sometimessee a colored orb floating by. If you are able to capture this orb,you will be rewarded with one of the following power-up bonuses:Orange - Smart Bomb that will destroy all enemies currently on thescreen Blue - One extra life Green - Shields bonus that lastsapproximately ten seconds **** Before playing, please press thesettings gear and calibrate the game for your device. Propercalibration makes controlling the ship much easier. (don't try"steering" like a racing game, think of it like rolling a marblearound inside of a tin can)