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Time Boss: Time Billing 1.07
Looking for a time tracker that automatically createsPDFinvoices for you and makes time billing a lot easier? Time Bossisyour solution.Whether you’re a contractor, consultant, freelancer, own yourownbusiness or just want an easy way to create billable timerecords,Time Boss is for you! Effortlessly manage time records,clientinformation and invoices while tracking time with the pressof abutton. Ready, set, start your time tracker!- Pause and resume time record at any time or manuallysettime- Input hourly rate and total amount earned will becalculatedautomatically- Create and customize invoice (PDF) with company logoandpersonalized message- Save billable invoices and e-mail to clients asanattachment- Assign unique codes to each client and add expensestoinvoice- Timer continues tracking even after app is killed or phone isshutoff- Preview invoices directly on your device