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Tweekaboo: Baby Photo Book 0.1.8
As featured in Mashable, Cool Mom Tech, theSan Francisco Chronicle, Techcrunch and New York Family: Tweekaboomakes it easy for parents to timeline their pregnancy and baby'smoments, share them privately with family and print their memoriesinto beautiful, social scrapbooks.Tweekaboo is the easiest way to keep a diary of your pregnancyand your baby's first years. Think of it as a private version ofFacebook, but for both you and your partner. No need to worry aboutscrapbooking or compiling that photo book: with Tweekaboo, you canprint your timeline into a beautiful scrapbook in minutes.With Tweekaboo both parents can:- Create a private Family timeline for their pregnancy and babymoments- Share photos and videos privately with family on our privatenetwork- Save their most precious moments securely in the cloud- Keep grandparents updated with our daily email updates- Print beautiful pregnancy journals and baby books inminutes- Save posts from Facebook including all those comments!Still not sure? Here's what our users say:***** by Wilton77717Exactly what I was looking for! - As a busy mom, I know I won'thave the time to make year books of my kids. With this app, I'mable to post photos throughout the year and just press print whenI'm ready for a book! With everyone's comments! It's a great way toshare photos with my family and friends!***** by NinimylieSo easy - I love this app! It is so easy to capture all theimportant moments in my children's lives. No need to print outphotos and put them in albums (which I rarely had time to do) Withtweekaboo I can be sure little memories are saved for the kids tolook at in years to come. I love it!***** by QuintjzabsLove this! - Love this! This app makes it so easy to document thespecial moments in my daughter's life! I love that we can finallycompile all into a printable book.***** by Elleg23Thank you Tweekaboo! - I am so happy I found this app! I love thatI can privately share pictures with family without posting all overFacebook. My favorite feature is that I can print photobooks witheveryone's comments! I will treasure these scrapbooks forever.Thank you Tweekaboo for making it so easy to document my kids'lives!We're parents too - so we built Tweekaboo to save you time. WithTweekaboo, you can easily journal photos and videos of your baby onthe go. On Tweekaboo, you can invite grandparents, family and closefriends and add them to private sharing circles. You can share yourphotos and videos privately with them on our secure network. Yourfamily and friends can only view your moments with a username andpassword.On Tweekaboo, your photos and videos are backed up securely onour Amazon cloud, so if you lose your phone, you won't lose yourlife.Try it for free now!
indeemo | Ethnography Platform 0.3.11
indeemo: Mobile Ethnography Platformthatenables Market Research Agencies and Brands increase theircustomerunderstanding through real-time, in-the-moment responsesfromrespondents.• All tasks and instructions are delivered to respondentsviamobile• No more paper: respondents document in-the-momentresponsesusing photos, videos or notes.• User responses are displayed in real-time on anagencydashboard for analysis and curation.• Invite clients to login so they can monitor responsesinreal-time.