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Stealth - hardcore puzzle 1.2.1
Stealth - is your second name. The game in which you need to thinkhere and now. Each delay can cost you a level failure. Onlymeaningful actions, quick and sharp movements will help you to getto the end of the level. Hide or eliminate enemies using soundbombs, rescue hostages, this and much more interesting await you inthe minimalist Stealth world. Main Features: 100 unique levels Notstep by step Stealth Additional objects in the game The ability toeliminate enemies Enjoyable graphics Lots of options for levelpassing If you do not understand how to receive training, watch thevideo before you rate!
Space station 1.0.1
With pleasure we introduce you a game in a genre of infinite spacesimulator with puzzle elements.In this game you should staying onthe Earth's orbit build up a space station which could protect notonly itself but whole the planet from disappearance. But do notthink it will be another easy game.In space you should operatemoduls in 3D world. At the same time you should think over how andwhere build the moduls for station could function and at the sametime do not make difficult to build it longer.And also you shouldwatch the consumed energy and station crew, install new weapon andradars which will define asteroind and space debris.But else you'llsee a beautiful interface graphic, pleasant musical registration,which make an unforgettable atmosphere.
Invisible shadow Online 1.2.60
Invisible shadow is the only and the best stealth action withasynchronous multiplayer in which you will not only attack, butalso protect your base. Open new premises and install weapons forprotection, create your own puzzle so that enemies can't steal fromyou. Main features: - stealth with shooter, strategy and top viewelements - different ways of gaming: tactics or brute force - theability to steal another player resources - 8 unique maps withdozens of their options - the editor of the base (you choose whereand what trap to place) - you can play for a person or for a drone- control settings (change position or size as convenient) -characters improvement STEALTH. Plan your attack thoroughly. Somesay that leap into battle with arms atilt is not the best way. Usebaits to eliminate enemies one at a time. Slightly reduce thenumber of enemies. Turn on the invisibility mode, go without aaingle shot, and the rival will not even know that you were on hisbase, the rival will see an empty bill only. TACTICAL FIGHTING. Usethe environment to your advantage. Avoid attacks, hiding behind thecover. Go on the enemies from the back effectively, but don'tforget to defend yourself! In order to take the advantage, usesound and combat grenades, drones, turrets and much more. Send thedrone for the room reconnaissance or turn on an automatic mode andthe drone will follow you, defend you or shoot at your enemieswhile you steal their resources. IMPROVE. Collect drawings thatallows you improve not only your character, but also protectivestructures. LEADERBOARDS AND LEAGUES. Participate in leagues andgradually move to the level above. Win and get a reward. Become thefirst in the general rating or in the rating of "Shadows". THEALLIANCES. Create or join alliances. Chat in the chat. Participatein leagues and in alliance battles. Compete inside your alliance.Raise up your alliance to the top of the local or world ranking.This game downloads additional content on first launch that can beup to 130Mb based on device. We recommend connecting to WIFI thefirst time you play. This game is also supported with regularlyoccurring content updates that require additional downloads whenreleased. IMPORTANT! Please note that this game requires a screenresolution of at least 800 x 540, which is required for proper userinterface elements display. The game can be played with a smallerscreen resolution, but in this case, official support is notprovided. For assistance, please contact Visit our website: Read us on Twitter: @twobeardsgamesWatch our YouTube videos: Follow uson Facebook: to us at VK: Sign up for usat Instagram: Useragreement:
Mondrian Puzzle 1.0.2
Piet Mondrian - Dutch artist, in his works he usedcolorfulrectangles of different areas. Inspired by hispaintings,mathematicians came up with a logical puzzle. TheMondrian Puzzleis a puzzle that asks for a rectangle tiling of ainteger-sidedsquare. All used rectangles must be integer sided andpairwisenon-congruential. The score of such a tiling (of whichmultiple arepossible) is the difference between the areas of thelargest andthe smallest used rectangle. The ultimate challengeconsists offinding a tiling that has the lowest score possible.Is aproblemthat is easily explained but seems to be hard to solve. Wecollectdata as you have collected the puzzle. If you first set arecordthat no one surpassed you can help solve the mathematiciansthispuzzle and enter the story. For assistance, please Visit ourwebsite: Read us on Twitter:@twobeardsgamesWatch our YouTubevideos: uson Facebook: to us atVK: Sign up for usat Instagram: Useragreement: