Alpha2 1.1.22
Welcome to download Alpha2 Control app for Alpha 2 Robot.Customerscan use the App to set,control and interactive with the robot, andvoice command the robot to do diverse actions, such assing,dance,story-telling,chatting,translate and more.
Combine this app with one of many Jimu Robot kits to create andprogram smart robots. The app uses 3D, 360° instructions to guideusers step-by-step through the building process. Blockly codingmakes programming simple and fun. Drag-and-drop interlocking blocksof customizable sequences to make your JIMU robots react or use thePRP (Pose, Record, Play) system for even more fun. If you're new tocoding, the app contains fun lessons for you to become a Blocklycoding master. For true innovators, the app also allows users todesign customized JIMU robot creations and share them with thecommunity. Download today and start creating!
Alpha 1
'Alpha 1' is a application which can enable smart phone to controlthe robot by bluetooth. With this application,you can control therobot to perform different types of action. The detailed functionsare as below: 1. Scan the robot via bluetooth. 2. Connect andmanage the robot. 3. Control the robot to perform differentactions. 4. Add actions for robot by programming. 5. Downloadactions through Action Library.
UBTech EDU is an educational app which contains comprehensivecourses and robotic technologies, dedicated to STEAM. With theconnected robots of UBTech, UKit, Alpha1 and Alpha2, kids can notonly create theirs own robots, but also learn programming, even getto the most advanced robot technology, such as robot kinematics andspeech recognition.
First Order Stormtrooper Robot 1.6
Introducing the Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot withCompanion App featuring a cutting-edge AR app experience, voicecommand, facial recognition, and sentry patrolling capabilities.RULE THE GALAXY.FEATURES Include: FACIAL RECOGNITION Customizeinteractions by storing up to three faces using facialbiometrics.VOICE COMMANDSIssue orders by speaking directly to yourFirst Order Stormtrooper ROBOT.AUGMENTED REALITYProtect the firstorder with a fully immersive app experience with both first andthird-person views.MISSION MODECommand your First OrderStormtrooper Robot to carry out pre-selected missions or build yourown in the companion app. Use the included blaster in mission modeto achieve success.SENTRY MODEOrder your First Order Stormtrooperrobot to patrol a designated area of your home.CAMERAFUNCTIONInspect and protect the region with first-person viewsthrough the built-in camera on the First Order Stormtrooper robot’shelmet. ACCELEROMETER & GYROSCOPEBuilt-in accelerometer &gyroscope to Ensure your First Order Stormtrooper robot is alwaysready to implement orders in any direction.INFRARED SENSORTheinfrared sensor allows your First Order Stormtrooper Robot tonavigate steep drops while patrolling the area.TRIPLE ARRAYMICROPHONECommand your First Order Stormtrooper robot from anydirection with three microphone arrays for maximum implementationof its direct order.NOTE:If you have a Google Pixel 2, during setupand direct connect mode, you will need to turn off your mobile datato connect to the robot successfully. Once the robot is setup andconnected to your home network, you can turn mobile data back on.
Cruzr 1.32
Through this app, you can achieve remote control, video monitering,video customer service, real-time monitoring of robot performancestatus, and so on. This app also allows you to grasp the robot'sbehavior and what it sees and hears: 1. Remote control: Throughthis software, you can use your mobile phone to control themovement and angle of view of the Cruzr to make the interactionmore natural. At the same time, you can also control the robot to aseries of emotional actions like human-beings for giving users moretrust and security. 2. Video Communication: Through Cruzr's camera,you can control what it sees and hears in real time on the mobilephone, real-time all-around video surveillance and mobile patrol.In addition, you can also use Cruzer's U-Meeting video function toachieve mobile office; Apart from that, you can also receive videorequests from customers via mobile phones thereby the service willno longer wait. 3. Interactive editing: Through this function, themobile app allows editing and using the behavior of the Cruzr robotin real time. 4. Electric power detection: With the software powerdetection function, you can detect the change of electricity of theCruzr robot in real time and let Cruzr search for the chargingstation when it shows low power without having to visit the site.5. Remote shutdown: You can shutdown Cruzr by using this function.
Jimu Robot
The Jimu robot App connects with the Jimu robot viaBluetooth.Builds your Jimu robot at building factory with 3Ddynamicdrawings, or exert your imagination to create your ownrobot.Program your robot with blockly and share your work tocommunitywith Jimu fans all over the world and develop kid’scommunicationand social skills.WorkshopWith 3D instruction, you canfree zoomand rotate the robot 360 degree. Learn how to build arobot andenlighten children's space imagination.Testing LabTherobot can bemanipulated by official actions, and more new actionscan becreated. The App built-in remote controller is used tocontrol therobot to complete various instructions.Training LabBuiltin 86interactive programming tasks and learn how to a programarobot.Coding LabStart program you Jimu robot with the knowledgeyoulearn at Training Center. The Jimu blockly contain flexibledragand drop modules, making programming as simple asbuildingblocks.Creative centerThe new free Creative Center containlots ofcreative material. Learn how to apply scientific knowledgeto reallife.Let’s Join in the creative world of Jimu robot.
Alpha 1E
Alpha 1E is an application which can enable mobile devicetointeraction with the robot. The detailed functions are as below:1.Talk with the robot when it is offline. 2. ExperienceBlocklyprogramming and learn relevant courses. 3. Control robotwith ajoystick. 4. Create robot actions and learn relevant courses.
Iron Man MK50 Robot 1.0.2
The Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH with companion app is your portalinto the events after Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Use the appto connect and interact with your Iron Man Mk50 Robot. Engage enemydrones in robust, artificial reality combat. Program uniqueanimated sequences for your Iron Man robot, or place the Mk50 intoautonomous Guard Mode. With an innovative bipedal design, the IronMan MK50 Robot by UBTECH and companion app experience includes thefollowing features: • NANOTECH DEVELOPMENT Enhance your Iron ManMk50’s nanotech and complete Augmented Reality (AR) Missionsagainst nano-drone enemies. • MOBILE COMMAND PROTOCOL Use yourmobile device to take direct control of the Iron Man MK50 Robot’smotors, lights, and sound. Select catchy Tony Stark phrases orupload your own face and custom audio phrases into the robot tomake it appear that you're wearing the Iron man armor. • IRON GUARDPROTOCOL Place the Iron Man Mk50 Robot into Guard mode, byselecting unique animated responses for each sensor. • CUSTOMPROTOCOLS Create custom animated sequences for your Iron Man Mk50Robot to perform using block-based programming. ** This companionApp requires the Iron Man MK50 Robot. To purchase or learn moreabout the Iron Man MK50 Robot by UBTECH, visitwww.ubtrobot.com/products/ironman. **
Lynx Robot
Control Lynx with Amazon Alexa with the Lynx App. In Avatar Modeyoucan access Lynx’s camera and speaker, take screenshots, haveLynxmove, wave hi, give a high-five, and give a hug. You can alsousethe Lynx App to turn on the Surveillance Camera, which willtake30-second videos of moving objects.