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Treds 1.3
UC San Diego
The Driver Orientation Screen for CognitiveImpairment (DOSCI) is a tool for use by law enforcement whenencountering drivers who are confused or slow to answer questions.Nine simple questions will assess an individual’s orientation toperson, place and time. Results of the screen can provide objectiveinformation when completing re-examination forms for the DMV. TheDOSCI is intended for use by Law Enforcement and requires apassword from their agency or from TREDS.
now@ucsandiego 2.4.1
UC San Diego
now@ucsandiego connects you to the UC SanDiego campus with mobile-focused:• location based shuttle arrival information• real-time news and events updates• weather and surf reports• nearby points of interestAdditional new features will be added regularly.
UC San Diego 6.5
UC San Diego
The official UC San Diego mobile app connects you to the UC SanDiego campus with mobile-focused: • User login with Single Sign-On• Class and final schedule information • Location based shuttlearrivals • Parking availability • Real-time news and events updates• Weather and surf reports • Directions to nearby points ofinterest • Quick access to campus services • Dining locations,menus, and hours • Interactive searchable map Additionally, you canaccess a UC San Diego suite of services to find your classes, lookup staff contact info, find a building, log your time, read campusnews, reconcile your trip on the go lectures and much more!
Features: • MyTritonLink: View your class schedule withpersonalized walking routes and map. View your account balance,holds, TRIP status, and more. • Directory: Look up students,faculty, and staff by first or last name. Tap to contact people byphone and email. • My Time: Staff who use My Time Entry can accessthe mobile version to input time. Managers can approve timesubmitted by staff. • My Travel: Use My Travel Mobile to inputexpenses, take pictures of receipts and reconcile your trip whileon the go. • News: Browse through several campus news sources,including research, Medical Center, Blink, Scripps Institution ofOceanography, Jacobs School of Engineering, Calit2, and thelibraries. • Podcasts: Under the Courses icon, listen to coursepodcasts on your mobile device. • Athletics: View UC San Diegosports news, schedules, and scores.
 • Libraries: View hours,locations, and search the catalog. • Tours: Take a self guidedvirtual tour of some featured campus landmarks or sign up for anin-person tour on your mobile device. • Bookstore: Look uptextbooks by term/section, find current information about Bookstoresales and events.
DOSCI 1.3.1
UC San Diego
The Driver Orientation Screen for Cognitive Impairment (DOSCI) is atool for use by law enforcement when encountering drivers who areconfused or slow to answer questions. Nine simple questions willassess an individual’s orientation to person, place and time.Results of the screen can provide objective information whencompleting re-examination forms for the DMV. The DOSCI is intendedfor use by Law Enforcement and requires a password from theiragency or from TREDS.
VR Sally Ride Tour 1.02
UC San Diego
Experience a virtual reality tour aboard Scripps InstitutionofOceanography’s newest research vessel, R/V Sally Ride. Thisapptakes viewers on an interactive tour of the exterior of theship,from the working deck just a few feet above the surface oftheocean all the way to the mast more than 70 feet up. See whatit’slike to live and work aboard one of the world’s mostcapableoceanographic research vessels as a crew member orscientist. Checkout state-of-the-art equipment used to deploy andrecoverscientific instrumentation used to study the ocean. On thebackdeck is the ship’s A-frame, which can handle a 30,000-poundload.Make your way to the upper decks to see the winches and cranesasthey stand ready to lower research gear over the side of theship.Each winch has 10,000 meters of wire spooled onto it, and thecranecan lift more than 10,000 pounds, even in rolling seas.Viewthisapp using any phone with a gyro sensor, or for the fullexperienceview using Google Cardboard or a similar virtual realityviewerthat is equipped with an input screen trigger. Operated byScrippsInstitution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, R/V Sally Rideis partof the United States academic research fleet. The ship is238 feetlong, weighs 3,034 gross tons, carries 45 people (25scientists and20 mariners), and has an endurance of 40 days at seaover a rangeof 10,545 nautical miles. As a general-purpose researchvessel, theship is configurable to support all oceanographicdisciplinesincluding geology, geophysics, physical oceanography,biology,acoustics, chemistry, atmospheric physics and much more. AsanOcean Class ship, Sally Ride serves throughout the PacificOcean,from the polar ice margins to the steamy tropics.Moreinformationabout R/V Sally Ride and the amazing scientists who sailon boardis available online:scripps.ucsd.edu/ships/sally-ride
No Butts 1.1
UC San Diego
Quitting smoking is hard - we get it. Whether you’re trying to quitfor the first time or you’ve been down this road before, the mostimportant thing is to keep trying! And it wouldn’t hurt to havesome help along the way. That’s where No Butts comes in. No Buttswas created by the California Smokers’ Helpline, a stop smokingservice and research-based program at the University of California,San Diego. The Helpline has been helping smokers quit since 1992,using clinically proven methods. We also understand that you’re abusy person who may need help while on the go. The followingfeatures will help you prepare to quit, and stay quit, withstrategies you can get right from the palm of your hand. 1. My Plan- Tell us a little about yourself. Answer a few, simple questionsso we can get to know you better. Once you’re done, No Butts willcreate a stop smoking plan just for you. 2. Log - Keep track ofyour triggers. This can help you understand your smoking behaviorbetter. It will also help you with your stop smoking plan. Loggingyour triggers can get you ready to deal with those times when youmost want to light up. 3. Dashboard - The dashboard offers a quickview of how you’re doing, as well as important reminders. Thisincludes your main reason to quit smoking and how many days it’sbeen since you quit. You’ll see this each time you open the app.You’ll also learn about positive changes happening to your bodyafter quitting. And you’ll get a summary of all triggers that youentered in the Log together with helpful strategies. 4. Quit Tools- You’ll find a lot of helpful things in this section. You can readabout the different quitting aids available, see checklists to getyou ready for your quit date, and click on links to resources thatyou may find helpful. Be sure to check these and the many otheruseful tidbits in this section.
NeuroRes 1.0
UC San Diego
Quickly and securely message other faculty of the UCSD Neurosciencedepartment.