Super Xmen 2016 1.0
Let's fight and destroy all for a newandbetter world.No guns No Peace!Kill all the terrorists !* HOW TO PLAY *- Tap left button to Jump.- Tap right button to Attack.- Shoot Items in the sky to increase blood or change bullets SorB.- Game Play like as game Contra , Rambo .- Now, Let's go !
Hooligans.io 1.0.1
You are a passionate football fans ?Try as a cute hooligan break upall on the football field. Flee the police if you do not want to becaught.You can throw bottles at the police or others.Pick up coinsto earn points.- Hooligans.io is very easy to play , very funnycharacters.- There are 50 people, including police and otherhooligan on the football field. You naughty with each otherfreely.***** HOW TO PLAY *****- Tap on screen to move.- Tap thebottle icon to throw bottle.- Move to coin to pick it.Now, Let'splay !!!