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URBN Jumpers - Parkour, Freerunning & ADD 2.2.1
The best parkour, freerunning and ADD app ! Ever wanted to quicklylocate the best places to train? Tired of going to the same spotbecause you don't know any better ones ? Want to learn new skillsand find other traceurs to train with ? URBN Jumpers got your back! Everyone's best parkour spots, skills tutorials, moves,challenges and jams... This is URBN Jumpers ! FIND AND SHARE NEWSPOTS Finding new spots has never been this easy. With an intuitiveinteraction with the app, you will be able to easily navigatethrough a map and see every spot added by other users in yoursurroundings. You know a spot that’s not on the app ? Amazing ! Addit to make it visible to other Jumpers. LEARN NEW SKILLS AND SETGOALS Have access to over 100 indexed skills. Each skill containsvideos of how to perform it, prerequisites, a difficulty scale anda list of related skills. You can also see clips of other traceurswho achieved it. Keep track of your training by marking a skill as“learning”, “achieved” and “mastered”. You can also set yourselfgoals including skills plus a specific height and distance. MOVESAND CHALLENGES Share your most recent runs and see what thecommunity thinks about it. Give your move a title, write adescription and tag the skills that are in it. That’s it ? Well… no! In one click you can challenge someone else to do your move. Youcan also get challenged and answer by sending the video of youachieving it. If you want to keep it personal, you can mark a moveas a goal to reach. JOIN AND ORGANIZE JAMS Want to make new friendswho like parkour as much as you do ? What better way to do so byseeing where they train or tell them where you plan on going !Scroll through a list of upcoming jams to join or call one yourselfto let everyone know you’ll be there ready to meet new traceurs !CONNECT WITH TRACEURS Use the chat to connect with other traceurs.Easily exchange tips, spots locations, moves and skills to achieve.See other Jumpers in your region with the “nearby traceurs”feature. Get in touch with us Email: info@urbnjumpers.comInstagram: @urbnjumpers Website: urbnjumpers.com