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USL Mobile Coach 4.0.7
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US Lacrosse Mobile Coach Welcome to the most versatile coachingresource ever developed for the dynamic sport of lacrosse: MobileCoach! This new resource, developed by US Lacrosse and theirCoaching Education Program, is your single source to take advantageof US Lacrosse’s coaching resources. Mobile Coach allows you to: •Browse a library of lacrosse videos and drills different abilitylevels • Seamlessly build a practice plan for your team • Shareyour practice plan with your team and others • Show your teamdrills and videos while they are on the practice field All USLacrosse members have FREE access to Mobile Coach for the length oftheir membership. Not a member of US Lacrosse? to see the benefits that will connect you to thegreater lacrosse community and allow you to take advantage of allour coaching and education tools. © Copyright 2016 – US Lacrosse.All rights reserved.