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Unit Converter - calculate and convert 1.23
Simple and easy to use currency and unit converter app to handleany conversion you need. With 40+ categories and more than 800units and currencies you will get a very handy tool. Need moreconversions, just drop us an email and we will check adding them.You can also create your own custom conversions directly in theapp. UNIT CONVERTER FEATURES: ✓ 41 predefined categories withhundreds of units. ✓ Offline mode, internet connection is neededonly to update currencies. ✓ Searching for units. ✓ Conversionbuilder to create your own custom conversions. ✓ Keypad withembedded calculator that supports percentage calculations. ✓Currency exchange rates from European Central Bank and other banks.Requires internet connection to fetch new rates. Once fetched,exchange currency rates are available in offline mode. ✓ Simple andclear design. Supports landscape mode on all devices: phones, andtablets. ✓ Unlimited favorite conversions for quick access. ✓Conversion history. ✓ Sharing conversion results by email. ✓ Copy /Paste functionality. ✓ Display instantly the results while typing.No need to press that annoying "Calculate result" button :). Onlarge screens the results are displayed for all units so you canmonitor all of them at the same time. ✓ Supported languages:English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian.More languages will be added. Below is the list of supportedconversion categories, all convert metric to imperial units andimperial to metric transformations. (convert metric to us units,convert metric to uk units) ✓ Basic dimension: length (distance),area, volume. ✓ For daily use: currency converter (European CentralBank and others), clothes and shoe sizes for men, women andchildren, cooking weights, fuel consumption and time. ✓ Mechanics:pressure, weight, force, torque. ✓ Motion: speed, acceleration,angular speed, flow rate ✓ Chemistry: density, dynamic andkinematic viscosity, mineralization. ✓ Computing: data storage anddata transfer. ✓ Energy: power, temperature conversions (Celsius,Fahrenheit), consumed energy. ✓ Electricity: electric charge,electric current, electric capacitance, electric potential,electric resistance. ✓ Photometry: luminescence, illuminance. ✓Radioactivity: radiation, radioactivity. ✓ Magnetism: magneticfield ✓ Mathematics: numbers, roman numerals, fractions, astronomydistances. ✓ Other: Typography. * For ad-free version withunlimited custom conversions get [Unit Converter Pro]. In case youwant to request new units, have a question, a suggestion or wantjust to give us a feedback on the app please send me an email [email protected] or leave a comment in google play store whilereviewing this unit converter tool. Unit Converter Calculator Plus©UUCMobile - convert metric to us units - convert metric to ukunits - unit converter - currency converter - convert app - convertapplication - converter unit - converter app - converter calculator- conversion of measurement units - conversion app - conversioncalculator - conversion calculator free
Unit Converter Calculator Pro 1.32.pro
Simple and easy-to-use conversion app to handle any conversion youmay need. With support for 800 units, currencies and unlimitedcustom conversions, it is perfect for work, engineering, school asmath helper, shopping, traveling or in the kitchen. Unit converterfeatures: ✓ No Ads. ✓ Unlimited personal conversions. ✓ Conversionbuilder to create own conversions. ✓ 41 predefined categories withhundreds of units. ✓ Offline mode. ✓ Searching across all units. ✓Keypad with calculator that support percentages. ✓ Currencyexchange rates from European Central Bank and other some otherbanks. Requires internet connection to auto-update exchange rates.Once fetched, exchange currency rates are available in offlinemode. ✓ Simple and clear design. Supports landscape mode on alldevices. ✓ Supporting unlimited favorite conversions for quickaccess. ✓ Conversion usage history. ✓ Sharing conversion results bymail. ✓ Copy / Paste capabilities. ✓ Display instantly the resultswhile typing the origin value. No need to press that annoying"Calculate result" button :). On large screens, the results aredisplayed for all units so you can monitor all of them at the sametime. ✓ Supported languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish,Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian. This intuitive and simpleapplication is very useful when you are traveling abroad with itscurrency rates and clothing measurements, for school with a lot ofcategories from basic ones, such as length, volume, mass,temperature to more advanced in mechanics, energy, photometry,radioactivity etc., and just for discovering something new. We alsointroduced custom conversions. Now you can create and manage yourown conversions and compare whenever needed: country area size,food calories, etc. The supported list, all with metric to imperialand imperial to metric conversions. Basic dimension: length(distance), area, volume. ✓ For daily use: currency converter(European Central Bank, Russian Central Bank, National Bank ofUkraine), clothes and shoe sizes for men, women, and children,cooking weight, fuel consumption and time. ✓ Mechanics: pressure,weight, force, torque. ✓ Motion: speed, acceleration, angularspeed, flow rate. ✓ Chemistry: density, dynamic and kinematicviscosity, mineralization. ✓ Computing: data storage and datatransfer. ✓ Energy: power, temperature conversions (Celsius,Fahrenheit), consumed energy. ✓ Electricity: electric charge,electric current, electric capacitance, electric potential,electric resistance. ✓ Photometry: luminescence, illuminance. ✓Radioactivity: radiation, radioactivity. ✓ Misc: magnetic field,numbers, roman numerals, fractions, topography, astronomydistances. In case you want to request new units, or have any othersuggestion please send an email to [email protected] or leave acomment in play store while reviewing the application.
Visual Memory 1.2
Improve your visual memory with Memcircle.This game helpspracticing your memory. It is very addictive through itssimplicity, and it is difficult to go beyond level #1o that makesit very challenging.The rules are so simple: just click the circlesin the order they appear on the screen. When a new circle is bornyou need to touch all the circles on the screen based on theirorder. Sounds easy ? The circles are of different size and spreadrandomly through the screen.Easy to remember up to 8 but when thirnumber increases it becomes very very challenging.Comunity bestscore 23.Give a try, test you memory.For questions and suggestionsplease contact by email [email protected]
Fractions Calculator - detailed solution available 2.7
Best and free offline fraction calculator ✌, supporting alsodecimals, percentages, and parentheses that shows a detailedsolution for all calculations. 😊 At school 🏫 or home 🏠 need tosolve simple or complex math fraction problems, convert fractionsinto decimals, or decimals into fractions? - this fractioncalculator will do it ✅ and will show how it was done 😺 Perfect forstudents, parents, teachers, and woodworkers to solve or verifyfraction everyday problems. Features of this fraction calculatorfree app ➕ ➖ ❌ ➗ 🍉 Supports combining decimal and fractionalnumbers. Automatically reduces fraction result to its simplestform. 🍇 Converts fractions into decimals and decimals intofractions. Calculated result is displayed using fractions.Equivalent value in decimals is also available. 🍌 Shows a detailedsolution, step by step for all fraction problems and calculations.🍎 History of previous calculations is available. 🍒 Besides basicmath operations such as add, subtract, multiply and divide;fraction calculator allows calculating percentages for fractions. 🍅Triple keypad available 🍍 Works with big numbers. No limits 😋 Wehave made this fraction calculator app available in multiple colors🌈 for you! Fraction calculator with the solution for free ©UUCMobile, 2018
Currency Calculator 1.8
Calculate and convert currencies with official exchange rates fromvarious central banks.The application has calculator withpercentage, integrated in it's keypad. Results are instantlycalculated and converted into desired currency. Traveling abroad?this tool will help you to calculate final prices either by addingtaxes or deducting discount %. So you can see the final priceimmediately in your currency.Contains more than 130 worldcurrencies: Euro, Dollar, Pound, Yen, Franc and others. Alsoexchange rates for Bitcoin and precious metals such as Gold,Silver, Platinum and Palladium are available.Features:- Very easyto use. All you need in just a single page.- Official currencyrates.- Simultaneously monitor selected currencies on a singlepage.- Embedded calculator with percentage calculations.- Performsinstant and precise calculations and conversion with precision upto 5 decimals.- Personalize, set conversion precision and frequencyfor automatic updates.- Choose your favorite currencies andpreferred bank.- Use it offline for all the banks and convertwithout internet access.- Can be installed on SD.- Lots ofcurrencies: EUR, USD, JPY, RUB, GBP, CHF, CAD, etc.Available inmultiple languages.Turn your device into a powerful and handy toolcalculate and convert currenciesIf you have a question or asuggestion to make the app better, send us feedback [email protected] Converter and Calculator Free©UUCMobile , 2017