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Color Notes Plus - by Ubyquit 1.4
Dinámicas notas de colores, ve como todo tu celular cambia de color(Android 5 +).* Crea Notas con categorías.* Crea tus propiascategorías.* Agiliza tus búsquedas por medio de los títulos quecoloques.* Notas mas organizadas.* Efectos de colores increíbles.*Full Material Design.Dynamic colored notes, looks like all yourcell changes color (Android 5+).* Create notes with categories.*Create your own categories.* Speed ​​up your searches by titlesthat put.* Notes more organized.* Effects of incredible colors.*Full Material Design.
Flappy Lol Plus 2.5.1
El juego es simple y a la vez complicado, tienes que evitar chocarcontra los huevitos y no solo eso poco a poco con forme avanzas lascosas se ponen mas difíciles, es un juego sin fin así que agárrateuna soda jalate una silla por que no dejarás de intentar, contieneeaster egg, EncuentralosThe game is simple, yet complicated, youhave to avoid hitting the eggs and not only that slowly with formeadvance things get more difficult, it is an endless game so grab asoda jalate a chair that you will not leave trying, contains easteregg, find them
Battery Speed Ultra 1.2
Battery Speed Ultra is an application that provide a great supportto your Phone with complete battery information. This amazingbattery optimizer app have a Great Easy to Use User Interface andbrilliant functions that support your phone by giving 50% morebattery life. This optimize battery app will show the battery levelas battery information. It can start working and saving batterylife on one touch. This is great power manager tool for yourdevice. It provides accurate battery status such as temperature,voltage and level. Provide battery details in a great Graphicinterface.
One Dollar Challenge 2.5
Do not shell out money out of your pocket, we recommend usingGoogle Apps Rewards and when you have, give us 1 dollar How manytimes have you been approached by a stranger asking for some cash?Did you ignore them or maybe you just didn't have any cash to give?What if you knew that the money you gave would go to a good causebut you didn't know exactly what it would fund, would you givethen? There are approximately 7,169,003,000 in the world so if just1% of the world's population gave 1 dollar to a person ororganization the total would be $71,690,030!! In the USA there areapproximately 316,668,567 if 1% of the US population gave 1 dollarthe total would be $3,166,685.67!! Who Cares!? I want to see justhow many people are willing to part with just one dollar with thepromise that I will do something amazing with their money! I won'tsay what I'll do or when I'll do it but I can promise that I won'tdo something stupid like make myself a solid gold shirt or burn iton live TV for shock value! What I can promise is that what I amplanning will make a global impact and I'm serious about that! Alsoif $500,000 is raised part of the procedes will go to fully stock.How can I prove what I am saying is true? Well that's the thing Ican't it's up to you to believe me or not all I can say is pleasecan you spare a dollar? Other Ways You Can Help If this campaignintrigues you please share it with everyone you know and help givethis campaign the global attention it deserves!
Crazy Game: StickMan Jump 1.1
Eres capaz de saltar y no chocar contra el muro, solo inténtaloYouare able to jump and do not hit the wall, just try
UniversitariaMente 1.1
Learn it play it se renueva. ¡Próximamente!Learn it play it isrenewed. Coming soon!