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Pisti (Basra) 3.14
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Do you like card counting gameslikeBlackjack?Do you want to make practice and improve your countingskills?Do you want to train your brain & improve yourmemorizingabilities?Are you looking for a few minute fun with your friends?This game is just for you!Pishti (a.k.a Basra) is very popular game in Anatolia basedoncounting cards and beating opponent by making Pishti.Your goals are simple:* Get the middle pile by using same card of the top card ortheJack. Each Jack is 1 point* Collect special cards: Aces (1 point each), Two of clubs(2points), Ten of diamonds (3 points)* If there is only one card on the middle pile and you get itwithsame card it is Pishti and you gain 10 points* If single card on the middle pile is Jack and you get itwithanother Jack then it is Super Pishti and you gain 20points* You earn additional 3 points if you collect most cards* Reach to final score before your opponentYou can train yourself by playing against computer beforeplayingonline. Once you beat the computer then you are ready toinvite& beat your friends with this awesome multiplayergame.