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Free Kids Fidget Spinner Game 13
A game that lets anyone use a fidget spinner free of charge. Thiskids fidget spinner game will pushes no micro transactions.Thereare 9 free fidget spinners.In Free Kids Fidget Spinner Game MobileEdition you have 5 spins to try and beat your personal best.Why buya fidget spinner when you can get a free fidget spinner on yourphone?
Ballz Breaker 1.1
In Ballz Breaker you attempt to use your balls to destroy incomingblocks, and get more balls. We have also added half blocks thatamong impact will redirect the ball.
Match 3 for Kids 1.0
A match 3 game perfect for all with no in app purchases, and twofun modes. It has good art design to hold the attention of any kid.It also features many game mechanics that can even cause an adultto need to really think about each move. Why give your kid a gamethat is going to drive him to beg you to buy this and that, whenthere is a Match 3 game with none of that? Match 3 for Kids doesn'tpush you to buy anything nor does Match 3 for kids offer anythingthey could buy. There is also no energy timer to force your kid tohave to quit in the middle of their game session, so the Match 3fun can go on for however long as you desire. With no profanity,violence, or in general adult themes Match 3 for Kids is childappropriate. If your kid has ever played a match 3 game they willlikely be fine playing it. As controls are straight forward in thatthey are the same as other match 3 games, however if they havenever played a match 3 game they may require assistance for thefirst level or two. Though it is an easy game for kids to get thehang of fast.
Rabbit Endless Runner for Kids 1.1
You are a rabbit tasked by your rabbit community to collect as manycarrots as you can before being caught.If hit they will be in thehands of the rodents until you free them by hitting the play againbutton.In this kid friendly animal themed endless runner youcontrol a rabbit.Rabbit Endless Runner for Kids goes on untilcaught by another animal, or hit by a tranquilizer. If your kidenjoys endless runner, and likes animal games then this may be thegame for them.To add on to the kid friendly nature there is nomicro transactions to lead your kid asking for money.