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Quiz It - Best Online quiz 1.3
✮✮✮✮✮ QUIZ IT 2016 ✮✮✮✮✮The best of all the multiplayer quizfinally available! With Quiz it challenge your friend and randomopponents on different topics. Beat your friends in a logo quiz ora flag quiz. • Over 2000 illustrated questions • Over 20 topics tofind your happiness • Custom your own avatar with face and flag •Over 50 statistics to help you being better • A nice design thatstands out with animations✮✮ QUIZ IT HAVE OVER 2000 QUESTIONS ✮✮Tryto challenge your friends on the following topics : • Logo quiz •Flags quiz • City of the world • Mathematics • Roman numerals •Sport • Famous place • Animals • Astronomy • Chemistry • Celebrity• Etc...✮✮ DISCOVER MANY FUNCTIONS ✮✮We've create for you many freefunctions : • Create your own friend list. • Customize your ownavatar • Unlimited game history • Over 50 different statistics toimprove your skillsQuiz it is a online multiplayer quiz, jointhousands of players and challenge your friend or random opponentaround the world in second. Our main category is logo quiz and flagquiz. We're working everyday to add new question and topics.
Compteur de Calories Gratuit 1.0.2
✮✮✮ TÉLÉCHARGEMENT GRATUIT ✮✮✮Le compteur de calories gratuit vadevenir votre meilleur amis, régler vos informations et objectifsfacilement. Votre nouveau coach vous informera tous les jours devotre progression selon votre alimentation et vos exercicesphysique.✮ CALCUL D'OBJECTIF CALORIQUE ✮Notre application vousindique combien de calorie vous pouvez consommer chaque jour pouratteindre votre objectif.-Insérez votre age, taille etpoids.-Définissez votre objectif : • Perdre du poids • Prendre dupoids • Maintenir votre poids.✮ TRACKER VOS CALORIES CONSOMMÉES✮-Vous venez de manger ?Chercher dans plus de 700 aliments ce quevous venez de consommer. Notre base de donnée connait le montant encalorie de ce que vous mangez.-Vous venez de faire du sport?Cherchez votre activités dans plus de 300 exercicesphysiques.L'application se mettra à jour automatiquement, vousinformera du nombre de calorie restantes à dépenser ou consommeraujourd'hui. ✮ FONCTION EXTRA ✮-Tous les jours, indiquez votrepoids, regardez votre progression sur un graphique détaillé. -Vousavez oublié de tracker une journée? Pas de problème, vous pouvezremonter toute la semaine pour ne rien oublier-Vous avez atteinsvotre objectif et souhaitez maintenir votre nouveau poids? Changezvotre objectif à tous moments dans les options.-Réinitialiser toutet repartez de zero à tout moment.-Une erreur? Le compteur decalories vous propose d'ajouter et de supprimer des aliments etexercices physique très facilement.Le calculateur de calories estune application gratuite et sans aucun article à acheter. Noussomme une équipe passionné par la nutrition, les régimes et lesgens en bonne santé !FREE DOWNLOAD ✮✮✮ ✮✮✮The free calorie counterwill become your best friends, set your goals and informationeasily. Your new coach will inform you every day of your progressby your diet and your physical exercises.✮ ✮ CALORIE CALCULATIONLENSOur application tells you how many calories you can eat eachday to achieve your goal.-Insert Your age, height andweight.-Define Yourgoal:       • Losingweight       • To gainweight       • Maintain yourweight.✮ ✮ TRACKER YOUR CALS-You Just ate?Search more than 700 foodyou just consumed. Our database knows the calorie amount of whatyou eat.-You Just exercising?Search your business in more than 300physical exercises.The app will update automatically inform you ofthe number of calories remaining to spend or consume today.EXTRAFEATURE ✮ ✮-Daily, Enter your weight, watch your progress on adetailed table.-You Forgot to tracker day? No problem, you can goall week to forget nothing-You Reach your goal and want to maintainyour new weight? Change your lens at all times in theoptions.-Réinitialiser And leave everything to zero at any time.-Amistake? The calorie counter offers to add and remove food andphysical exercises very easily.The calorie calculator is a freeapplication and without any items to buy. We are a team passionateabout nutrition, dieting and healthy people!
Naughty Truth or Dare game! Angel or Evil? 5.0
➾ DOWNLOAD TRUTH OR DARE FOR FREE ! ➾ A free game that anyone canplay! ➾ Download for loads of fun #LMAO ➾ Download to get to knowyou friends better ➾ Download to get to show them your freakyside!! It’s time for things to go crazy with a free dirty truth ordare game for friends and couples. Leave your inhibitions at thedoor: our truth or dare app will have you telling adult storiesthat will make you sweat and in no time our dirty dares will haveyou showing a side you didn’t even know you had! Like playing spinthe bottle, no one’s getting off easy. But, if you do want to getoff, we might be able to help. lol O:) Our free game comes in 5flavors: ☯ ANGEL ☯ Our tamest adult truth or dare game. Great forgetting the party started. Grab a couple drinks and get ready tolearn more than you ever wanted about friends, new and old, withour app’s adult games. ☯ DEMONIC ☯ We dare you to play our mostadult sexy game content! No one is innocent and everyone will gettheir naughty truth or dare turn. This sexy app is full of adultgames that’ll Really bring on the heat. We dare you to keep yourclothes on. ☯ PSYCHO ☯ Our craziest questions for a couple or groupof friends who love dirty games. These sex games are for adultsonly! Adults with a screw loose… lol You’ll be bouncing off thewalls and acting like a lunatic. But, don’t worry. You won’t bealone ☯ ADAM AND EVE ☯ Every couple likes a good adult erotic game.These dirty questions are the ultimate XXX love game. Every playerwill end up with much more carnal knowledge than you get from yournormal party. Just a warning: Adam and Eve weren’t afraid to getnaked… A great couples app to spice up the night for happy couple.☯ THE PACK FROM HELL ☯ No one’s getting into Heaven after playingour most sexual truth or dare pack. Brought to you by the Devilhimself, the question will make you sweat like never before. And,our couples game and sex game will leave you screaming for mercy.If you’re lucky. ☯ ULTIMATE GAME PACK ☯ For the best dirty truth ordare experience save a few bucks with our biggest and best dirtygames mega-pack. All our questions brought together for thecomplete Truth or Dare experience. Love games, sexy games, darethat are crazy, wacky, funny, sweet and red-hot sexy. Spin thebottle—who knows who’ll be coming back… _____________________ *This awesome free app supports in-app purchases. * For your safetyand your friends’ safety, don’t drink too much, fam! * Above all,don't drink and drive! * If you chicken out, you can skip yourchallenge. Our free game doesn’t judge - only your friends’ll holdit against you. lol
Glace 2016 Recettes de glaces 1.0
*********************Vous allez régaler votre famille et amis quivous redemanderont une glace toutl'été!*********************Découvrez les meilleures recettes deglace par "Délice Celeste", apprenez à cuisiner des sorbets, yaourtet glace :-Glace à la fraise-Glace au beurre de cacahuète-Glace auchocolat-Frozen yogurt-Sorbet à la groseille-Sorbet aucitron-Glaces au sésame noir-et bien d’autres recette pour votreété rafraichissant !*********************You will enjoy your familyand friends that you ask for more ice allsummer!*********************Discover the best recipes of ice with"Delight Celeste", learn to cook sherbet, yogurt andice:-Strawberry ice cream-Ice Peanut butter-Chocolate icecream-Frozen yogurt-Sorbet Currant-Sorbet Lemon-Glaces Blacksesame-and many other recipe for your refreshing summer!
Driving theory test 2016 free 1.1.1
*** Driving theory test 2016 free - UK DVSA practice ***You want topass your DVSA Theory driving test easily? This app is for you:practice on your phone. Learn faster thanks to a maximum number ofdifferent questions similar to the official ones. Youd didn't passit? Discover why you failed and how to improve thanks to theexplanation. **** How does it work? ****You will be facing a serieof 50 questions, very close to the official driving DVSA theorytest questions. For each question, you have 4 answers given. Onlyone is true. Check the one you think true and go to the nextquestion. At the end of the serie, your results will be given. Youneed to have 6 or less mistakes to succeed. Click on the button "i"on the right of the screen to see why you were wrong and learnfaster !*** What to learn? ***No matter if you drive a car or amotorcycle, you will learn all you need to succeed thanks to a widerange of questions treating about :driving general questions,signs, lane usage, traffic rules, behaviour, general safety, roadmarking and so on. Download this app, get ready now and pass yourtest and your licence with confidence!
YOGOM - Yoga free for beginner
•••More than 2 hours of yoga with music, stopwatch function,pictures and descriptions of 77 postures organized in 2programs.••• •HOW DOES THE APP WORK ? Thanks to its simple designnavigation is very easy: you just need to launch the program ofyour choice and you will see a series of positions, illustratedwith a picture and a description. We have even developed astopwatch function to guide you and show you how long you shouldhold the positions. You can even break if you want to stay longeron a position, go back or move forward if a position seems toodifficult, for example. Note also the small boutton Auto-Play onthe top left of the screen: check it if you want the positions keepcoming. We tell you which muscles each posture solicits. Pleaseread the description of each position before doing it. Hold theposition as long as you feel comfortable, if it takes too much oncertain muscles stop. It is better to stay longer in a positionwithout forcing. This is the principle of yoga : softly but deeply.•BEGINNERS PROGRAM : A beginner program combines restorative softyoga postures and yin yoga for a period of 60 minutes. This programhas been designed by our expert yogis. It will bring you deeprelaxation, power and a great well-being feeling. Perfect topractice in the evening, before to go to bed or when you arestressed. It can be good to practice this program even for expertyogis because it restores the bodies in depth and provides acomplementary practice to more powerfull or cardio yoga. •PROPROGRAM : An intermediate level program designed for those of youwho already practice yoga for some time ; Bodybuilding in depth,advanced postures. You want to progress ? This is the program foryou. If you are unable to perform the positions, try the followingor find a similar variation of the position to feel morecomfortable . •••MUSIC••• The famous Manu Om is an expert yogi andcomposer of songs for yoga. We hope you enjoy his music speciallycreated for the practice of yoga, meditation and devotional love toexperience.
Code de la route Francais 2017 1.4
********** CODE DE LA ROUTE 2016 GRATUIT**********Entrainez vous gratuitement au code de la route 2017 avec plus de500 questions officielles.Entrainement - Test blanc - Explication //// Vous ne pouvez plusrater votre code avec cette application!********** Entrainement **********Nous vous proposons de vous entrainez uniquement dans les series dequestions qui vous pose problème. Decouvrez des questionsofficielles du code de la route avec les explications sur lesthemes suivants :-Signalisation-Route-Circulation-Autre********** Test blanc **********Vous pensez connaitre votre code par coeur ? Retrouvez plus d’unecentaine de serie du test blanc.40 questions - 5 erreurs MAX pour réusssir********** Explication **********Chaque questions est accompagné de sa réponse et d’un texteexplicatif.Vous n’avez plus aucune raison d’échouer avec le code de la route2017 gratuitLa version gratuite vous propose un test blanc différent toutes lesdeux heures : 40 questions choisies aléatoirement dans une base dedonnées de 500 questions.Pour pouvoir enchainer les tests et les entrainements, téléchargezla version pro (et débarrassez-vous en plus de toutes les pubs!)********** TRAFFIC FREE2016 **********Practice for free the code of the road in 2017 with over 500official questions.Training - white Test - Explanation //// You can not miss your codewith this application!********** ********** TrainingWe propose to you train only in the series of questions that givesyou trouble. Discover official matters of the highway code withexplanations on the following topics:-Signage-Road-Circulation-Other********** ********** White TestThink you know your code by heart? Find more than a hundred whitetest series.40 questions - 5 MAX errors réusssir********** ********** ExplanationEach question is accompanied by his response and explanatorytext.You no longer have any reason to fail with the code for the 2017free roadThe free version offers a different white test every two hours: 40questions randomly selected from a database of 500 questions.To chain the tests and trainings, download the Pro version (anddispose in addition to all the pubs!)
Drink Roulette 🍻 Drinking Games app 3.2.3
So, you’re drinking with your buddies, maybe pre-gaming, maybeafter-gaming. Maybe right in the middle of the game… You loveroulettes but you haven’t got the cash to splash at a casino. Thoseplaces are expensive. You’re just not in the right mindset for around of Russian Roulette, plus there’s so much clean-up after...Don’t worry - we got you covered 🍻 We have JUST what you need tostep your night on the booze up a notch: a drinking game that isoff. the. hook. ▪️ A sweet ‘n slick design ▪️ Totally originalbooze fuelled rules ▪️ Battles where the winner takes all and theloser… CHUGS. ▪️ Dirty “ never have I ever ” games ▪️ Hilarious “most likely to …” votes ▪️ Wild “ would you rather ” games ▪️ Speedand reflex house party games So, that’s what awaits in DrinkRoulette with its 5 drinking game modes, each designed around themood of your soiree, from “I gotta work tomorrow, dudes” to “let’sdrink ‘til we can’t feel feelings anymore!” And, since we’re coolguys and since you’ve already invested in sixers and your favoritebottles of booze, the first drunk mode is absolutely FREE 🤑🤑💸💸,with no pop-up ads or annoying subscription requests. By the way,we are Ultimate Party Apps. If you take a look at what we do,you’ll see we like livening up your nights drinking with friendsand just making fun happen by whatever means necessary. If you wantto support a team of young guys, passionate about the perfectdrinking games to fire up when the sun goes down, play DrinkRoulette and let us know what you think of it by leaving us acomment. We are always updating our apps based on what we hear fromall of you out there. So, thanks!________________________________________ - Includes in-apppurchases - Please drink responsibly - Never EVER drink and drive -No one should ever be forced to complete a challenge they’re notcomfortable with.
Dirty Truth or Dare 👄 18+ ADULT APPS 2.3
The hottest truths and dares are waiting for you! Anyone can play:guys, girls, couples... What you will find in our DIRTY TRUTH ORDARE 👄 18+ ADULT APPS ◆ 5 game modes designed around unique themes:you choose how deep and revealing the truths go (soft, hard...) orhow crazy your dares, which can go from a little naughty to muycaliente ;) ◆ All our dares, truths and dirty games are designed toget people laughing and blushing: this is very much an adult gamecreated by and for young adults. ◆ Both 100% free content andcontent to be unlocked. Free or paid: it’s up to you. ◆ Dumb funguaranteed, with or without alcohol: we can assure that you will(re)discover who your buddies really are or, if you choose thetruth or dare couples games, rekindle something steamy with yoursignificant other. ◆ Fun, fun and yep… more fun: personalize yourgame with our original avatars. What you WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT findin DIRTY TRUTH OR DARE 👄 18+ ADULT APPS ◆ No free trials that areactually weekly or monthly payments... In other words, money spentseveral times! When you unlock a game mode in our app, you unlockit forever. ◆ No unwanted advertising! Zilch! Nada! We will neveruse your personal data and locations for commercial purposes. ◆ Notruths or dares for kids or teens. This is an adult application,for 18 year olds and up. ◆ No boring gameplay. The truths and daresflow fast and everyone will get in amongst it from the get-go. Howto play our 5 hot games: It's very simple. You fill in your names,select your avatar (which could be cute, sexy or just plain weirdaccording to your personal tastes!), choose between TRUTH or DARE.The app will take care of the rest, challenging you to perform awild dare or to reveal a shocking truth. Yep, everyone has dirtysecrets... For the more timid amongst you, forget your inhibitions.What happens during a Truth or Dare dirty session will stay righthere ;) For lovers of naughty 18+ games, this adult truth-or-darewill satisfy your basest appetites with a truly dirty mode. Forthose who are even more hardcore, we suggest the latest extremetruth or dare mode. WARNING: this one really pushes the envelope...play at your own risk :D So, get ready to set your evenings alightwith this hot adult truth or dare, whether playing with friends orgiving our truth or dare for couples a try. Prepare yourself for anevening that will stay in your memories for a long time! Please becareful not to hurt yourself or others or abuse certain substancesif you turn the Truth or Dare part into a drinking game.______________________________________ ◆ In-app purchasesavailable. ◆ For your safety and that of your friends, drinkresponsibly. ◆ Never EVER drink and drive. ◆ If you don't like atruth or a dare, OBVIOUSLY you are free to simply move on to thenext one. ◆ Thanks to your feedback on the store, we continuallyupdate and improve the app. You’re the best!
Gay couple games for party 1.2
•• BE NAUGHTY AND DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW ••Have fun tonight withTruth or Dare Special Gay, the best naughty game for gaypeople!Truth or Dare special gay has been made for Gay couple andadult friends to spend dirtiest night of your life. Find out thingsabout your friends you would never imagine. Are you ready ?•DOWNLOAD TO HAVE FUN ! •• Between girlsA Truth or dare’s nightbetween girls is always a success ! Make it EPIC thanks to our app! Who have the most naughty secret and never told you before ? Whotold you than a party with only girls can't be super hot and fun ?:)• Between guysEvery guys keep some secret deep inside, evenadult. Find out what are they hiding with this awesome Truth orDare special Gay. The party is going awesome, and we’re sure youwill open the app every week-end ! Spend the best party night everbetween guys and enjoy the power of this simple, but awesome game!Download for free !
Drunkin' Dirty drinking games 3.6.4
Finally, a useful app in the Google Play! Great for pre-gaming orfor finishing off the night. The ultimate anti-boring nightinitiative. The perfect way to impress your crush ;) Stop everypointless thing you’ve been doing up until now and just installthis amazing drinking game to kick off the party! 🔵 5 UNIQUEDRINKING GAME MODES “Classic” to ease into the game. “Naughty” ifyou want things to get a bit heated. “Crazy” for hilariously dumbchallenges. “Hardcore” for the perfect mix between risqué and totalmadness. or “Team battle”: same as the other modes, but withteammates that are probably drunker than you are (choose wisely). 🔵WITH TONS OF SPECIAL FEATURES ▸ ALL THE CLASSIC DRINKING GAMESOriginal challenges (some of which are timed), games like “neverhave I ever” or “would you rather”, group votes and obnoxious (yethilarious) rules that must be followed till the end of the night… ▸THE OPTION TO CREATE YOUR OWN CHALLENGES Make the game even betterwith customized challenges. ▸ LANGUAGE OPTIONS Great forinternational groups. Or just for when you’re at the point of thenight where you’re convincing everyone that you speak Swedish. ▸FREE TRIAL FOR ALL GAME MODES Don’t know which one to choose? We’resuper nice...try them all out for free! ▸ NO SUBSCRIPTIONS, NO ADSIt’s simple. You’re here to drink with friends and not to watchrainbow pony ads every 30 seconds. By the way, we are UltimateParty Apps. If you take a look at what we do, you’ll see we likelivening up your nights and just making fun happen by whatevermeans necessary. If you want to support a team of young guys,passionate about mobile games to fire up when the sun goes down,play Drunkin' and let us know what you think of it by leaving us acomment. We are always updating our apps based on what we hear fromall of you out there. So, thanks!_____________________________________________ NOT SO FAST!! Alcoholabuse is dangerous so please enjoy our drinking app responsibly. Bychoosing to continue, you accept responsibility for your actions.Should you decide to play our drinking games somewhere further thancrawling distance to your bed, have a plan in mind about where tostay or fork out the cash for a taxi. Never EVER drink and drive.OK nag over. Have fun!
Code de la route 2017 Gratuit 1.5.2
********** CODE DE LA ROUTE 2017 GRATUIT**********Entraînez-vous gratuitement au code de la route 2017 avec plus de500 questions officielles.Entraînement - Test blanc - Explication //// Vous ne pouvez plusrater votre code avec cette application!********** ENTRAÎNEMENT **********Nous vous proposons de vous entraînez uniquement dans les series dequestions qui vous pose problème. Découvrez les questionsofficielles du code de la route avec les explications sur lesthemes suivants :-Signalisation-Route-Circulation-Autre********** Test blanc **********Vous pensez connaître votre code par coeur ? Retrouvez plus d’unecentaine de série du test blanc.40 questions - 5 erreurs MAX pour réussir !********** Explication **********Chaque questions est accompagné de sa réponse et d’un texteexplicatif. Vous n’avez plus aucune raison d’échouer avec le codede la route 2017 gratuitLa version gratuite vous propose un test blanc différent toutes lesdeux heures : 40 questions choisies aléatoirement dans une base dedonnées de 500 questions.********** Téléchargez la version pro *********** Enchaînez les tests en illimité* Accédez aux entraînements* Découvrez les 500 questions qui peuvent tomber lors del'examen* Débarrassez-vous en plus de toutes les pubs* Achat à vie. Si vous changez de téléphone, il est possible derestaurer votre achat********** TRAFFIC FREE2017 **********Train free to the rules of the road in 2017 with over 500 questionsofficial.Training - Test White - Explanation //// You can not miss your codewith this application!********** ********** TRAININGWe propose to you train only in the series of questions that youhave problems. Check out the official matters of the highway codewith explanations on the following topics:-Signage-Road-Circulation-Other********** ********** Test WhiteThink you know your code by heart? Find more than a hundredstandard white test.40 questions - 5 MAX errors to succeed!********** ********** ExplanationEach question is accompanied by his response and explanatory text.You have no reason to fail with the code for the 2017 freeroadThe free version offers a different white test every two hours: 40questions randomly selected from a database of 500 questions.********** ********** Download Pro Version* Chaining unlimited tests* Access to the drives* Check out the 500 questions that may fall during the review* Get rid of in addition to all the pubs* Purchase for life. If you change phones, you can restore yourpurchase
Führerschein Theorie Test 2016 1.0.1
*****************************Führerschein Theorie Test - KOSTENLOS!!!****************************Führerschein Theorie bestehenkostenlos! Die beste App um für die theoretischeFührerscheinprüfung zu lernen! Bereite dich mit dieser kostenlosenApp und hunderten offiziellen Fragen erfolgreich auf deineFührerschein Prüfung vor.*****************************DrivingTheory Test - FREE !!!****************************Driving theoryexist for free! The best app to learn the theory test! Prepareyourself with this free app and hundreds official questionssuccessfully before on your driving test.
com.gtm.fitness 2.7
Tailor-made workout programs just for you, designed by professionalfitness coaches, with over 200 fitness sessions and healthyrecipes, pictures and videos; healthy eating and exercising havenever been this easy! This is the most efficient way to workout,lose weight, get fit, improve your muscle tone, with exercisetraining and diet coaching. • Intensive and efficient 10-15mntraining sessions designed around bodyweight. • No need forequipment - only grab some water and training clothes! • Trainwhere and when you want • Fits every level of fitness and ability •HD video exercises designed by our coaches • Over 200 fitnesssessions for a fast and constant progression • Hundreds of healthyrecipes so you get all the nutrients you need • A blog chock-fullof nutrition and diet tips and recommendations •••• FITNESS ••••Sessions specially created by our professional coaches with a focuson all body parts. 101 Fitness adapts to you and gives you apersonalized training program with bodyweight exercises, the rightnumber of sessions/week, level and goals. • Register your personalinformation • Define your goals; lose weight, get toned or slimmingdown. • Give your coach feedback about your progression by usingthe calendar and activating the notifications. • Get yourpersonalized training plan • Watch the videos carefully in order tounderstand the exercises and keep safe. • Follow the plan - asweeks go by you will start to enjoy the results! •••• NUTRITION•••• Eating healthy doesn't necessarily mean frustration diets. Youjust need to understand what your body needs and how to get it. •Hundreds of free and healthy recipes • Food-related articles • Fullnutritional menus for all your meals • Food your body needs ••••MORE ABOUT THE APP AND THE SUBSCRIPTION•••• The app is available inEnglish, French, Spanish, Italian and German. Download 101 Fitnessfor free and use our training programs and our recipe book. You canalso sign up for the Pro version for full and adapted trainingsessions. Download the sessions so you can watch them offline. Wesuggest you use wifi. In order to access your personalized program,choose the length of your subscription: • 1 month : 9.99$ • 3months : 19.99$, i.e. 6.66$/month (save 33%) • 1 year : 49.99$ i.e.4.17$/month (save 58%) Once you've chosen your subscription andconfirmed your order, the payment will be charged to your account,with the right price for your country. The subscription willautomatically renew at the end of your subscription, and your bankaccount linked to Google play will be charges. You can stop theautomatic renewal any time. To avoid the renewal, cancel it atleast 24h before the end date of your subscription. No refund isavailable for unused time. Terms and conditions:http://www.101fitness.org/terms Follow 101 Fitness on Facebook andInstagram ! Any more questions about our app? Write us at101fitness.contact@gmail.com
What Would you rather do? Fun quiz game 1.1.1
*****WOULD YOU RATHER ?*****The funniest game on the PlayStore!Pick an answer and compare it with the rest of theworld!Would you rather to play Quidditch or go out with Hermione?Would you rather to go on holiday in France for 2 weeks or onehour on the moon ?Would you rather slay the dragon or rescue theprincess?*****EASY TO USE****It's never been so easy to play :you’re facing a conundrum : 2 questions and one impossiblechoice. Click on the one you woul rather. Did you choose the sameanswer as most people ? Check it out thanks to thepercentages. ****ADD YOUR OWN QUESTIONS****You have in mind other« would you rather», feel free to add you own conundrums andtrap the other players. You can find your ranking in differentcategories : who has more likes on their questions ? Whoposted the most ? Who answered the most ? Download theapplication to discover much more.If some questions posted by otherusers aren’t politically correct, are misspelled, etc. You cansimply dislike them and we will fix the problem.
101 Personal Development 1.0
101 Personal development is a revolutionary mobile application thatcombines very simple and fast exercises (5 min on average perexercise) to do anywhere in order to feel better in your life, toget rid of your blockages, and to become the person you dream of.-1exercise is offered every day: introspection exercises, miniassertiveness challenges, feel good missions, letting go exercises,emotions management, and self-esteem, self-confidence, stop guilt,gratitude, meditation, comtemplations, breaths, mindfulness,etc.-We have put together all the best easy-to-apply tips from theworld's leading personal development and happiness specialists.Feeling better and achieving happiness in just 5 minutes a day and101 days is possible because we have already done the research workfor you. Here you will find applied principles such as the 4 toltecagreements, the power of the intention, the principles of theSecret, the scale of emotions, the quotes of the greatest sages.The promise of a Zen life in 5 minutes a day and unprecedentedexperiences you will not come out the same as you were before youstarted this challenge! To do at home, from your bed, on your sofa,in the subway: wherever you are you can do these experiments and donot need any tools.CONCRETELY :5 minutes a day, or 1 attitude toadopt all day, or 1 action to put in place through an experience.Wehave designed experiences that are not binding at all so it's easyfor you to do it every day.These challenges are not one moreconstraint in your day, it's the opposite, you will see that youare going to love it and your family will jump in the game!WHY THISAPP IS REVOLUTIONARY :Because it brings together the teachings ofdozen personal development books, sages and spiritual concepts ofthe world and that in addition to synthesized all that knowledge inone application it reflects these lessons in practical exercises sothat it is as easy as possible for you. Personal development workswhatever if you understand the concepts or not. We believe that itis through experience that deep-rooted changes are anchored inourselves. We propose you a revolutionary method: first toexperience, then to inquire and to read if you are interested.
Abs 101 Fitness - Get in shape, six pack workout 1.0.3
"Get the body you want"Without the gym, without equipment, apersonalized program and according to your schedule, Abs 101Fitness, created by professionals, will allow you to reach yourgoals with exercise, using only your own body weight! You want tolose weight, strengthen your abs, have a six-pack, a toned body andall that with effective and fast exercises? Start now and our appis free!This app is part of a series of programs for people whohave targeted goals. It offers fast and effective trainingaccording to your goals and your body type, for people of alldifferent shapes and levels.The app is accompanied by a video thatwill show you how to do each exercise in an efficient and clearway. It also includes a few stretches and cardio exercises tooptimize your workout. Set up alarms for scheduled workouts, withthe desired length, and track your results throughout the week.They will come faster than you think!••• How does the app work ••••Fill in your information• Choose your program: weight loss, perfectabs, get perfect and muscular abs, or simply a flat stomach to fitinto your swimsuit• Choose your level of difficulty: beginner,intermediate, advanced• Choose your workout length• Water, snacks,workout clothes and we’re off!• Begin your session••• Our app’sadvantages •••• Whether you have 5 minutes or 1 hour, our programwill adapt• HD video exercises accompanied by instructions•Sessions adapted to your goals, your level, and your body type•Music that will motivate you throughout your workout• No equipmentnecessary only your motivation• Exercises target specific parts ofyour body• A program including stretching and cardio for toned andstrong muscle• Schedule workout times in your calendar• Track yourprogress••• Why upgrade to Pro? •••• Unlock all abdominal programs•Tailored workout created by professionals• Access to more videoexercises• Create your own custom workout• Purchases do NOT expire,they are indefinitely linked to your account. Simply restore thepurchase if you change smartphones or delete the app by mistake. Ifyou would like to change your program or would like a completefitness program, don’t hesitate to check out our other appsdirectly on our Abs 101 Fitness apps.Terms and conditions:http://www.101fitness.org/termsFollow 101 Fitness on Facebook andInstagram"
Yogom 2 : Free yoga coach 1.1.2
"Yoga with music, stopwatch function, pictures and descriptions of77 postures organized in 9 programs"••• HOW DOES THE APP WORK ?•••Thanks to its simple design navigation is very easy: you justneed to launch the program of your choice and you will see a seriesof positions, illustrated with a picture and a description. We haveeven developed a stopwatch function to guide you and show you howlong you should hold the positions. You can even break if you wantto stay longer on a position, go back or move forward if a positionseems too difficult, for example. We tell you which muscles eachposture solicits. Please read the description of each positionbefore doing it. Hold the position as long as you feel comfortable,if it takes too much on certain muscles stop. It is better to staylonger in a position without forcing. This is the principle of yoga: softly but deeply.••• DISCOVERING & BEGINNERS PROGRAM •••Abeginner program combines restorative soft yoga postures and yinyoga for a period of 6 minutes. This program has been designed byour expert yogis. It will bring you deep relaxation, power and agreat well-being feeling. Perfect to practice in the evening,before to go to bed or when you are stressed. It can be good topractice this program even for expert yogis because it restores thebodies in depth and provides a complementary practice to morepowerful or cardio yoga.••• PRO PROGRAM •••An intermediate/prolevel program (5-60 minutes) designed for those of you who alreadypractice yoga for some time ; Bodybuilding in depth, advancedpostures. You want to progress ? This is the program for you. Ifyou are unable to perform the positions, try the following or finda similar variation of the position to feel more comfortable .Youcan access to your pro program by subscribing to an auto-renewablepurchase of the length of your choice :• $49.99 per year with 30days free trialPayment will be charged to iTunes Account atconfirmation of purchaseSubscription automatically renews unlessauto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of thecurrent periodAccount will be charged for renewal within 24-hoursprior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost ofthe renewalSubscriptions may be managed by the user andauto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's AccountSettings after purchasePrivacy policy and terms of use :http://www.yogom.fr/termsFollow Yogom on Facebook and Instagram!••• MUSIC •••The famous Manu Om is an expert yogi and composer ofsongs for yoga. We hope you enjoy his music specially created forthe practice of yoga, meditation and devotional love to experience.
Quit smoking in 101 days 1.0.2
••• Today, you made the right decision. It's a tough one, but thatwill make it all the more rewarding! •••The day of your lastcigarette has arrived, and quitting starts now, so your health canswing back up. Thanks to our free app, get rid of the poisonousaddiction that also destroys your finances. Gain back your controlover your life and quit smoking now. The initial period will seemhard, and you will be tempted - which is why you need us! ••• Whyquit smoking? ••••Cigarettes, cigars and any tobacco product putsyou at a very high risk for cancer. •Get rid of your dependency.•Your physical capacities and your lungs will thank you! •Saveupward of $3000 a year! •Reclaim your wasted smoking time and yearsof your life. •You won't have to see daily horrible pictures onyour cigarette packs anymore. •Become a member of the very selectclub of smokers who quit for good! ••• How do you quit smoking?•••Download our free app, follow our training, say goodbye tocigarettes. •••Quit smoking now and download our app! •••How doesthe app work?The app is designed like a sports coach - it supportsyour evolution in your fight against cigarettes. It rewards each ofof your efforts. You can improve and eventually beat the addiction.Be steadfast! If you yielded to temptation, tell the app so it canadapt your personalized program. Keep reading our advice and smarttricks, which will help you overcome your urges. Visualize themoney you spent as the days go by, as well as the days of your lifethat you're earning back! We all know how important it is to have ahealthy lifestyle - that lifestyle has NO ROOM for smoking. •••Whyuse our app to quit smoking? •••You tried it all but nothing works,you're still a smoker. It may be that the other methods don't workfor you. Our app may be the solution, as it follows your evolutionthroughout the day. If you feel like smoking, read our articles andadvice so you get your motivation for quitting back. "92% ofsmokers quit for good after using our app for 30 days."Download itnow! •Reminder: Our app is not all-powerful, but your willpower is.We are here to motivate you, support your efforts, urge you on, dayafter day. YOU CAN DO IT!
Truth or Dare ⁉️ Dirty games 2.6.1
An awesome Truth or Dare party with this app, whatever if you're acouple or partying with your friends. 5 different games: 🆓 Truth orDare FREE PACK 😝 Truth or Dare CRAZY PACK 🍑 Truth or Dare DIRTYPACK 🔞 Truth or Dare EXTREME PACK ❤️ Truth or Dare COUPLE PACKAfter years spent lovingly creating truth or dare games, groupgames, house party games AND couples games, we can say with someconfidence that we know what we're talking about. With this app,rest assured: all your squad’s secrets will be revealed and thedares will see off their dignity as well. To sum up, this game issimply the best Truth or Dare you can play on a smartphone. 🆓 Truthor Dare FREE: a good way to kick things off without losing anyfriends. A nice mix of challenges at the gentler end of thespectrum. What’s more: "Daaamn, it's free!" 😝 Truth or Dare CRAZY:Things are about to take a turn for the totally insane. Anonslaught of ridiculous truth or dare games to be carried out inthe shortest time possible will leave you wondering why you didn’tjust play cards with memaw. "Daaamn, that escalated fast!". 🍑 Truthor Dare DIRTY: Turn up the heat with this hot house party game modemade for adults. Our dirty truth or dare will soon have inhibitionsand underwear out the window. “Daaamn, that was hot!” 🔞 Truth orDare EXTREME: only the hardest adult dares and sickest truths awaitin this mode. Be ready for an evening that will remain etched inyour memory for a long time. Even if you may wish it didn’t."Daaamn, what just happened?!...." ❤️ Truth or Dare COUPLE : Heythere all you beautiful, filthy people! Message for the girls:discover all your guys' secrets with this truth or dare couplemode... Message for the guys: discover what "bae" is capable of inthe sack with our sex games... "Daaamn, girl!...". Brave enough totry it? Straight or gay, anyone can play this Truth or Dare forcouples! Play with unique features and thousands of crazy rules. Tofully enjoy the game, you have to power right through to the end!We’ve included a surprise feature that we’ll let you discover foryourself - at your own risk. Anyone can play! And if you want tothrow a few drinks into the mix, all the better!
DRiNK iT 🥃 Lit drinking game 2.1.7
DRiNK iT 🥃 is a drinking game app you can download for free. And weguarantee awesome house parties with this ! Call your drinkingbuddies, fill up your fridge with some beers and stronger fuels andget ready with this amazing drinking game. This hot game is madefor adults whatever if you're with your friends or only as acouple. This drinking game for adults is just waiting for you.Everyone can play ! 🥃 5 DRINKING GAME LEVELS ✴ I AM TIPSY: Yourpre-game starts now. Everything you need to get the drinks flowing.✴ CRAZY CHALLENGE: When tipsy turns to tanked: this will now getvery real. You’ve been warned!! ✴ TEAM FIGHT: A booze-fuelled royalrumble! Choose your brothers-in-arms, suit up your liver! Who'sgonna be the loosing team in the end? ✴ DIRTY: Things are gettinghot! All inhibitions have drowned in bubbly tonight! ✴ HARDCORE:"la cerise sur le gâteau" - excuse my French - it's time for evenmore!... Only for cow-boys.
Recette pour l'été 1.1
Les meilleures recettes de cuisine pour passer un étérafraichissant.Vous allez régaler votre famille et amis qui vousredemanderont tout l'été!*********************Découvrez lesmeilleures recettes de cuisine par "Délice Celeste", apprenez àcuisiner de nombreux plats facilement :-Tartines d'avocat et oeufspochés-Tartines provençales-Clafoutis fraises et fruits de lapassion-Tarte à la truite fumée-Quiche aux asperges-Gaspacho detomate et piment d'espelette-Rolls de courgette-Tarte auxcerises-et bien d’autres recette pour votre été rafraichissant !Bonappetit !The best recipes to enjoy a refreshing summer.You willenjoy your family and friends that you ask for more allsummer!*********************Discover the best recipes with "DelightCeleste", learn to cook many dishes easily:-Tartines Avocado andpoached eggsProvencal -Tartines-Clafoutis Strawberries and passionfruit-pie With smoked trout-Asparagus quiche-Gaspacho Tomato andEspelette pepper-Rolls Zucchini-Cherry pie-and many other recipefor your refreshing summer!Enjoy your meal !
Sexopoly 🍑 Couple Sex Games & Truth or Dare 1.8
Feeling naughty? Whether you’re looking to add a little passion inthe sheets, add some sexy spice to a special occasion, or just havesome dirty fun, you NEED to try out our sex game app! Unleash thepower of Sexopoly! Download THE couple games app for free today.Sexopoly is the best game for all couples whether gay, straight orotherwise, with an endless stream of sexy games designed just foryou. ● THE WORLD-FAMOUS (SEXY) TRUTH OR DARE GAME! ● Try a round ofcouples’ truth or dare today to (re)heat things up in the bedroom!🔥 You’ll have the choice of taking on fun and risqué dares –naughty foreplay ideas you never would’ve thought of, excitingKamasutra sex positions, secret fantasies – or revealing all byanswering our often hilarious, always sexy truths. And you only getONE “joker” each for that truth or dare you just don’t have theguts to take on ;) ● A TRULY HOT DICE GAME ● We’ve done ourhomework, guys: we know what those other adult game apps out thereare offering and don’t worry – we’ve got you covered right here inone spot. Roll the erotic dice and wait for awesome things tohappen... a cool breath on your neck, a sexy back rub, a tantricmassage! Just go ahead and roll; you won’t regret it. 🔞 ● GIFTIDEAS ● We get it – it can be really hard to come up with giftideas that’ll make your other half smile. Don’t worry, we’ve gotyour back. As you play our app, cool, sexy (sometimes downrightdirty) gift ideas will be unlocked. Wait till you see the look ontheir face... ● 4 GAME MODES ● Sexopoly caters to all couples andbudgets with 1 free mode and 3 premium modes packed with evenhotter content for those who want to take their sex game evenfurther. All it takes is one little click and a roll of the eroticdice to move into whole new worlds of pleasure...will you dare togo there? ● WE’RE PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR APPS ● Here at UltimateParty Apps we respect your privacy. While other apps use targetedads to make money, we are totally opposed to this form of invasivetracking and outright refuse to include it in any of our products.We are experts in apps that let you have a good time, whether theybe couples’ games, drinking games or games to be played withfriends. We also make sure to keep our content fresh with newupdates every month in which we incorporate your comments andideas, adding more of what you want to see and also keeping the newfeatures coming. So that’s us. Now this is where you come in! Havefun guys—it’s what we work for.
Drinkopoly! Drinking Game 1.9
We've built you a ridiculously simple and intuitive drinking gamefor adults that is 100% guaranteed to get you and your posse drunkand ready for the night ahead. What makes Drinkopoly so cool? It’sdifferent from other apps because it’s full of mini games you canchallenge your friends with while pre-gaming and find out who holdstheir alcohol the best! Whether you need to spice up a night in,pre-game for a big night or just hear your friends spill the beanson their s** life, this app is your one-stop shop. Who will survivethis awesome drinking game? 5 original modes, 5 drinking games: -LIGHTWEIGHT - CRAZY - TEAM TIME - DIRTY - HARDCORE Who’s ready towin the craziest of the drinking games? Let the drinking start!_____________________ * This drinking game contains in-apppurchases for even more madness * For your health and that of yourfriends, know your limits * Feel free to skip any challenges thatmake you uncomfortable
Pause - Guided Meditation & relaxing sleep stories 3.3
With hundreds of guided meditations, Pause introduces you tomindfulness, various forms of meditation, stress management, deeprelaxation and better sleep. Pause is suited to beginning oradvanced meditators, and was designed by an innovative team ofexperienced meditators, psychologists and cognitive scientists! •••PAUSE - GUIDED MEDITATION ••• Learn to meditate for free with our"Foundation" series, which helps you develop your own understandingand practice of meditation. You will learn all the ways meditationcan support you in your life, with many helpful tips. Our manySeries focus on specific issues, such as Stress, Anxiety,Self-Esteem, Compassion, Emotions, etc... Our Basic Skill seriesguide you through the core of the meditative process - simplysitting down and focusing on your breath. Our SOS session isdesigned to help you deal with a rising panic attack. When you feelconfident enough to meditate by yourself, you can use our timerPause has many other gifts to give! So click Play and start tobreathe. Let Eleonore’s soft voice guide you, and dive into ourpowerful meditation sessions ••• PAUSE - MEDITATION AND SLEEP •••Problems with insomnia? Trouble getting to sleep? Our "sleep story"and relaxing sounds will guide you to deep, restorative sleep. Ourstories designed to help you drift off will finally take you to thehealing sleep you've been searching for. Take our relaxationmelodies, mix in some sleep-inducing sounds such as white noise,add a meditation sound effect and enjoy long nights of deep sleep.Sweeten your dreams with Pause - Meditation and sleep ••• PAUSE -THE BENEFITS OF MEDITATION ••• According to numerous scientificstudies, meditation can have a direct effect on our brain and body.Within this greater sphere, the practice of mindfulness can help tomanage or combat: stress, general anxiety, mental distress,insomnia, social anxiety, depression, insomnia, burnout, diabetes,hypertension, lack of concentration, self-esteem issues, etc.Meditating for ten minutes a day can help you feel better withinyour body and mind. Why wait? If you suffer from stress, anxiety,distress, insomnia, use Pause and its guided mindfullnessmeditation exercises every day. You will see positive results inyour health, personal fulfilment and happiness Make friends withyour inner self, and cultivate a state of calm and serenity. Findthe most comfortable spot and position, away from distraction Enjoyhundreds of hours of smart meditations, and our regularly updatedcontent. Hit play and start breathing! ••• MORE ABOUT THE APP ANDTHE SUBSCRIPTION ••• The app is available in english, spanish,german and french. Download Pause, sign up and get started on ourFoundation series. Then sign up for the Pro version in order toaccess more guided meditations and relevant themes. Download oursessions so you can access them offline. Pause offers twoauto-renewing subscription options, choose the length of yoursubscription: • 1 month : $9.99 ($2.50/week) • 6 months : $39.99 -save more than 30% Once you've chosen your subscription andconfirmed your order, the payment will be charged to your account,with the right price for your country. The subscription willautomatically renew at its end date, and your Google Play-linkedbank account will be charged. You can stop the automatic renewalany time. To avoid the renewal, cancel it at least 24h before theend date of your subscription. No refund is available for unusedtime. Terms and conditions: http://pause-app.org/terms/ FollowPause - Meditation on Facebook for some advice and content aboutmindfulness meditation Any more questions about our app? Write usat contact@pause-app.org
Truth or Dare ⁉️ Spin the Bottle 1.9.6
SPIN THE BOTTLE AND DIRTY TRUTH OR DARE GAME Explore the greatestTruth or Dare app with a spin the bottle game that’ll get the uglytruths and risqué dares out of you! This heated, and sometimesdirty Truth or Dare session has got hundreds of funny questionsthat will have you revealing your dirtiest secrets, and crazy, hotchallenges in store for you. Our app isn't just classic Spin theBottle, it actually mixes Truth or Dare and a drinking game! Ofcourse, if you don't feel comfortable performing a dare orrevealing a truth, you have another option, which is to push themystery button that will tell you to drink a random number of sips.Don't take this too lightly! Our Spin the bottle and truth or darecan be played with friends or even lovers! Get ready to see a sideof yourself you haven’t seen before. A fun game with challengesmade for adults or for kids — what more do you need for a memorablenight? For even more fun, our spin the bottle game is available ina range of themes, based on your mood: Ⓞ SOFT: Perfect for kids andteens, this free truth or dare game will crack you up withoutcrossing the line. Good for family game night. Ⓞ COOL: Also free,this version is perfect for getting the night started with avariety of entertaining questions. Ⓞ CRAZY: Get ready for some wackdares with our mad truth and dare ! Ⓞ DIRTY: For those who want toturn up the heat...check out Google Play’s hottest version of Truthor Dare with our naughty dares and our dirty truths! Ⓞ COUPLE: Wedidn’t forget about the couples out there with our spin the bottlegame made just for you. Tested and approved ;) Ⓞ HARDCORE: Forthose who think they can handle anything—this mode of Truth or Dareis strictly for people who are totally out of their minds! Foradults only ;) What are you waiting for? Start testing this unique,dirty Truth or Dare game with our 18 bottles of booze. So, whatwill it be— truth or dare? __________________ - In-app purchasesare available in Truth or Dare ⁉️ Spin the Bottle - For your healthand safety, be aware of when to stop with the alcohol! Drinkingchallenges are intended for adults only. - Don’t drink and drive!If you drive: just spin the bottle, don't drink it! - Nobody shouldforce a player to do a truth or dare that they’re not comfortablewith.
DRIN'KISS } Kiss or Drink party games 1.9
●●●● TRUTH-DARE-DRINK-KISS ●●●●● This game has things you've neverseen before: original content, unbelievable challenges, but most ofall...a new concept allowing you to mix up the party: the choicebetween Truth OR Dare OR Drink OR KISS. Choose "Kiss"? ...Forbetter or for worse... Choose "Dare"? ...Your friends are gonna dieof laughter... Choose "Truth"? ...Reveal it all, you don't have achoice... Choose to drink? ...Ok, but you don't get to pick thenumber of sips (keep in mind, the wheel is vicious) ● 5 GAME MODES● Between Friends Nuts Libertine Ultimate For Couples--------------------------------- ●●●● DRINKING GAME ●●●● Sufferingfrom a mediocre party, or a boring pre-game? Save the night bydownloading the app that will turn up the heat! There's somethingfor everyone in this drinking game, especially for those who like(un)forgettable nights... ● 5 GAME MODES ● Tipsy Crunk Hot messWasted Team Fight And hundreds of categories: Theme game, TrivialPursuit, Never Have I Ever, What Would You Rather, Roles, Rules,Battles, Votes, etc. DRIN'KISS IS GUARANTEED TO CRACK YOU UP WITHITS INSANE CHALLENGES, IT'S THE BEST DRINKING GAME FOR FRIENDS!
Abracada Drink - Drinking game for parties ! 1.0.1
What if your pre-parties magicly became memorable? The drinkinggameAbracada Drink makes it possible! Don't wait and discoverourfunniest questions and our craziest challenges. You can play asagroup or even as a couple. To play, nothing complicated:Bringfriends, alcohol (a llllllot), download the app and it's on,wetake it from there! Get ready to discover each other from anewangle with this brand new drinking game. A fun game withhotchallenges for adults: Nothing better to spice up your party!Foreven more fun, we declined the game in different modes: -TheSorcerer's Apprentice: For freshmen of the wizard academy. Learntohandle your potions... ahem, drinks, with this perfect modetostart off the night. - Drunk Sorcerer: No escaping it, thismodewill allow you to push the limits of magic! Ideal to take thenightup a notch. - Debauched Sorcerer: For the cheekiest ofsorcerers.This mode for couples will help increase the temperature.Get readyfor torrid challenges... - Depraved Sorcerer: For thosewho aren'tafraid of anything anymore! - Among Sorceresses:Becausesorceresses deserve a special mode for a girls night! Don'twaitand immediately download this unique drinking game! *Thisgamecontains in-app purchases for more fun* For your health andthehealth of your friends, drink responsibly
Third half | Fun drinking game app to watch soccer
For the World Cup, we've launched the Third Half, the world’s1stdrinking game app dedicated to soccer. Playable before, duringandafter a game.Having seen the success enjoyed by our otherdrinkinggames such as "Drink Roulette", we decided to come upwithsomething all soccer fans have been waiting for... Acompletelyunique app for lovers of the round ball game, biggestures andpassionate fan evenings with mates. This drinking gameapp will bethe 12th man during your footie-filled afternoons andeveningsduring the World Cup. Too bad the US are not in this time.Butwhatever your team now, the app will make every goal, everymatch,every scandal even more charged with alcohol-fuelled banter -win,lose or draw. SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE PLAY.⊝ Call your mates to catchalive game together⊝ Stay at yours or hit a bar that is showingthelive match of your choice⊝ Fire up the app and pick one ofthisyear’s WC teams⊝ England, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Spain,France,Germany, Argentina, Poland, Egypt...⊝ Then kick off thegame!!FOURGAMEPLAY MODES IN THE APP MODE 1 – PREGAMEYour team isn’ton for anhour? Not a problem – use this mode to warm up, get someatmosphereinto your get-together and start to show your soccerknowledge offto your mates. Remember though, you’ve still gotninety minutesahead of you – pace yourself or you’ll be passed outby half-time!And you don’t want to miss our second mode.MODE 2 –LIVEOk we’reoff! With the anthems sung and starting line-upsconfirmed, the refhas blown for hostilities to commence. Time foryou and your matesto commence your own with our booze-fuelled rulesand challengessynched with the real players and action of the gamehappening liveon screen.MODE 3 – AFTER THE WHISTLEThis mode is forcelebrating aglorious victory with mates or drowning your sorrowsafter acalamitous defeat. And hearing the expert tactical analysisyourbeered-up mate spouts is always a laugh.MODE 4 – PUBPUNDITSWhatabout when there’s no game on that day? Never fear – thePub Punditmode will mean you still have an excuse to break out thebeers andtalk soccer. With around three matches a day being playedduringthe World Cup, this mode shouldn’t be too necessary, but forthemost die-hard fans amongst you, this mode will give you anexcuseto grab some footy-based beers with mates even when it isn’tgameday (as if you needed one).So now you know what Third HalfDrinkinggame is all about. “But”, we hear you say, “the World Cuphasn’tstarted yet!”. Well then, do this: download the app andreceivenotifications just before each game gets underway. So,forecastsfor this Summer are:Drinking games and crazy challenges +insanedribbling and speed skills + Icelandic claps + cold beers +soccerjokes and anecdotes = the best World Cup ever!SOURCESOurinformation sources and influences, whether they behumorous orfact-based are: THE Internet, our pizza-beer-soccernights in, ourrosy-cheeked childhood memories, our own experienceson some muddypitches, the official websites of huge soccerorganisations whosename it is perhaps best not to mention, and manyothers... WARNING-This app includes in-app purchases- For yourhealth and safety,drink responsibly- Never EVER drink and drive- Noone is obliged tocarry out any of the actions contained in this app
101Jours pour arrêter de fumer
••• Aujourd’hui vous avez pris une bonne décision, certesdifficile,mais vous en tirerez davantage de bénéfices ! ••• Lejour de votredernière cigarette est arrivé, votre période desevrage démarre pourretrouver une santé d’enfer. Grâce à cette appgratuite,débarrassez-vous de cette addiction qui empoisonne votresanté ainsique votre porte-feuille. Reprenez le contrôle de votrevie etarrêtez la cigarette maintenant. La période d'arrêt va vousparaîtredifficile et la tentation sera grande, c'est pourquoi noussommes là! ••• Pourquoi arrêter de fumer ? ••• •La cigarette et lecigare,ainsi tous les produits contenant du tabac augmentent vosrisquesd’avoir un cancer •Ne soyez plus dépendant de la nicotine•Vosperformances physiques ainsi que votre organe respiratoirevousdiront merci ! •Économisez plus de 3000€ par an •Redécouvrezletemps perdu à fumer et gagner des années de vie •Ne voyezplusd'images horribles sur vos paquets de cigarettequotidiennement•Faites partie du club très fermé des anciensfumeurs à avoirarrêté la cigarette ••• Comment arrêter de fumer ?••• Téléchargezl’app gratuitement, suivez nos conseils et ditesadieux à lacigarette. ••• Arrêtez de fumer maintenant ettéléchargez l’app!••• Comment l’application fonctionne ? Comme uncoach sportif,l’application est faite pour suivre votre évolutiondans votrecombat contre la cigarette au jour le jour. Chaque effortserarécompensé ! Faites des progrès et finissez par battre letabac.Soyez assidu ! Si vous avez fumé, mentionnez-le àl’applicationpour pouvoir adapter votre programme. Consultez nosconseils etarticles pour tenir le coup et dépasser cette envie dereprendre lacigarette. Visionnez l’argent que vous avez économiséen arrêtantde fumer, ainsi que les journées gagnées dans votre vie.Vous saveztrès bien à quel point il est important de vivresainement, et letabac ne fait pas partie d’un mode de vie saint,c’est pour celaque cette application est faite pour vous.•••Pourquoi tenterd’arrêter de fumer avec notre application ?•••Vous avez tout tentémais rien n’y fait, vous continuez à fumer descigarettes.Peut-être que les méthodes ne vous conviennent pas.L’applicationpeut être une bonne alternative pour suivre toute lajournée votreévolution. Si vous avez envie de fumer il vous suffitde lire desarticles et nos conseils qui vont vous motiver àcontinuer lecombat contre la cigarette et le tabac. "" 92% arrêtede fumerdéfinitivement après 30 jours d'utilisations ""Téléchargezgratuitement dès maintenant ! • Rappel : La volontéd’arrêter esttrès importante, l’application ne fera pas tout.L'application estlà pour vous motiver et vous montrer que tous vosefforts vousseront bénéfiques en vous suivant quotidiennement. Vouspouvez lefaire et y arriver ! ••• Today you made a good decision,albeitdifficult, but you will reap more benefits! ••• The day ofyourlast cigarette has arrived, your withdrawal period starts toregainhealth of hell. With this free app, get rid of this addictionthatplagues your health and your wallet. Take back control of yourlifeand stop smoking now. The shutdown period will seem difficultandthe temptation will be great, that's why we're here! ••• Whystopsmoking ? ••• • Cigarettes and cigars, and all productscontainingtobacco increases your risk of getting cancer • Do not beaddictedto nicotine • Your physical performance and yourrespiratory organswill thank you! • Save more than € 3,000 per year• Rediscover thelost time smoking and save years of life • Do seemore gruesomeimages on your cigarette packets daily • Join the clubof formersmokers to have stopped smoking ••• How to quit smoking ?•••Download the app for free, follow our tips and say goodbyetosmoking. ••• Stop smoking now and download the app! ••• Howtheapplication works? As a trainer, the application is made totrackyour progress in your fight against cigarettes daily. Everyeffortwill be rewarded! Make progress and get to fight tobacco.Bediligent! If you smoke, please mention it in the application tobeable to adapt your program. Check out our tips and items to holdonand overcome the urge to resume smoking. Watch the money youhavesaved by quitting smoking, and earned days in your life. Youknowvery well how important it is to live healthily, and tobacco isnotpart of a holy way of life, this is why this application isforyou. ••• Why try to stop smoking with our application? •••You'vetried everything but nothing works, you continue tosmokecigarettes. Maybe methods do not suit you. The application canbe agood alternative to track all day your evolution. If you wanttosmoke you just read articles and advice that will motivate youtocontinue the fight against smoking and tobacco. "" 92%stoppedsmoking for good after 30 days of use "" Download for freenow! •Recall : The desire to stop is very important, theapplication willnot do everything. The application is there tomotivate you andshow you that all your efforts will benefit byfollowing you daily.You can do it and do it!
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Read thrilling chat stories on Addict! Every story on Addict istold the way of an SMS conversation, as if you were reading someoneelse's message history, even with their pics! Don’t miss thesuper-popular videos and chats everyone is obsessed with. New chatstories added weekly! TRY FOR FREE now and GET HOOKED! Choose theright story for your mood: Horror, Romance, Sc-Fi and many more tocome! Begin an adventure even if you have only 5 minutes for aquick read. Unfold its mysteries by tapping on the screen, anddiscover thrilling and unique chat stories coming to life. AddictUNLIMITED SUBSCRIPTION: - You can subscribe for unlimited access toour full chat stories in English - You have access to all picturesand content - The subscription is $2.99 weekly only, with a free 3day trial - You'll be able to read unlimited stories for theduration of your subscription - Payment will be charged to yourPlay Store Account upon confirmation of purchase - Subscriptionautomatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least24-hours before the end of the current period - Account will becharged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the currentperiod at the cost of the chosen package - Subscriptions may bemanaged by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going tothe user's Play Store account after purchase - Any unused portionof a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the userpurchases a subscription to that publication
See it off!!! ⏎ extreme drinking games ⏎ 1.0.1
You like drinking and party games? Drink and let the app tellyouhow to party! The best board game for 18+ people is in yourhands.Play the hottest game of the year and kickstart parties withadultswith this amazing drinking game. This is the most addictiveandextreme game. Made for friends or even couples, you will startthedirtiest party thanks to this drinking game! With thisdrinkinggame for party, make the most extreme and trash dares in 5awesomegame modes. They will make your parties with adults orcouplesdefinitely hot. The drinking games are in young adult's lifefor along time. During the beginning of a party, a dare game canbestarted to make the night hotter than ever and to discoveryourfriends. 5 GAME MODES, AS FOR EXAMPLES: CLASSIC You andyourfriends are around a bottle and the party is starting like acharm,you’re still nice and innocent, that’s cute. It’s time tomake thispeople hot as hell with the « Classic Mode ». Have fun andfollowthis colorful game mode, you can handle this mode easily,everyonecan play, you will not be disappointed. DIRTY The « ClassicMode »isn’t enough for you. You want more awesome and dirty dares.Noproblem with the « Dirty Mode »! You will really have fun withyourfriends thanks to the trashiest challenges ever made.Onlyhot-headed people will be able to play this game mode, will youbeone of the most crazy player ? HARDCORE Okay, I understand.You’reall really drunk, alcohol worked like a charm and you can’tevenread this sentence. You seem to be ready for the “HardcoreMode”.This top secret pack is the best of the best in term ofdrinkingapp. I don’t have the right to tell you more about that,it’sclassified. The only thing that you need to know is that youwillremember this night, even with the biggest hangover in yourlife.Enjoy this game now, it’s free ! ✮ There are some in apppurchasein this awesome game ✮ For your safety and your friends’safety,don’t drink too much buddies