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ATM Finder, ATM Locator 1.2.2
ATM Finder developed for all over the worldtofind out nearest ATM and Banks easily. User can find outnearestATM or banks around the current location of user and alsonavigateto the atm. ATM Locator or ATM Finder is very easy to use,fast andprovides accurate information about location, distance andtimewith some following updates :1 – It’s having full material design approach with less usageofmemory which will not slow down user’s mobile.2 – It’s released in 30 different languages to help people fromallregions of different countries.3 – User Interface is pretty much easy to use.4 – Find’s all bank and atm with high accuracy and user can savethelocation with the enhancement of virtual maps.5 – New atm finding, bank fiding, atm locating and banklocatingtechnique flourished with less data require features.6 – ATM finding and Bank Locating techniques are easy onofflineapproach with the saved virtual map and get the real timeupdatewith net connectivity on path information.Ultimate coders develop this technique to help people to get ridoftheir problems across the world’s in finding ATM and Banks.