UnderAIR Apps

City 2048 1.4.8
City 2048 is an exciting, addictive and easy to play puzzle game.It is a unique version of the 2048 Number Game. Swipe to move thetiles with the blocks to build a huge metropolis! Develop yourcity. Get bonuses, and who knows what might be ahead...
Dots Tails 1.2.4
Dots Tails - is a puzzle game, an intergalactic time accelerator,with the goal of helping Captain Square gather his tails! Somewherein the far far galaxy, Captain Square was waging war against thetriangle invaders. In one of the heavy battles his ship wasseriously damaged, but the captain’s own spirit was not broken; heunderstood that he had to retreat, or he would be captured by thehated triangles. An intergalactic jump ship was launched. Butsomething went wrong. The computer set a route right through agiant quasar. When the captain found himself in it, he noticed thathe had turned into a huge string of dots, and his intellect hadceased to be a single whole, the whole world consisted of his past,present, and future woven together. In order to escape from thistrap, he must gather himself together piece by piece. With his lastsmidgen of strength he calls on you for help! Help him! Become ahero!
air.ru.underair.quadtris 1.1.5
Quadtris - addictive puzzle game based on the legendary Quadris!Draw the figures on the field, make a line, dial glasses and putnew records! Get bonuses for the number of lines, draw figures asyou like, change the figures places! All comfortably to pass time:)
Placid Place: Color Tiles 1.2.8
If you need to travel through time instantly this very moment. Ifyou are sitting in the subway or stuck in yet another traffic jam.If she is trying on a new collection of clothes or he is saving theworld from enemy tanks. Placid Place - absolutely free tile puzzle- time killer by UnderAIR. Collect a combination of colored tiles,unlock new tile, go through the levels and get the highest score inthe puzzle in the genre of match three: Placid Place!
Get aCC_e55 1.1.31
Now the near future, cyberpunk, and you are a local geek. Notascientist or a genius, but a very talented inventor. For thepastfew years, you have been living in a rented workshop next doorto abar. The bartender is your good friend and soul mate, howeveritwas his idea with an auction and with a very dubious lot"timemachine", yes. In general, now she is in the garage, and notalittle effort has already been spent on her, but, mostimportantly,this is the new T9 string engine. It remains to collectit, well,and a couple of little things ... Well? To the cause! GetAccess -isometric puzzle quest with the mechanics of rotatingrooms. Youhave to open what is closed, correct what is broken, finda way outof the rooms and solve various kinds of tasks andpuzzles.Features: ✩ Addictive gameplay ✩ Nice minimalistic graphics✩ Roomrotation mechanics ✩ Many riddles and puzzles ✩ Hints andhelp