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The world of Tapventures is an ever growinguniverse of creatures, who live their lives on the majestic titanislands floating in the sky. Explore what's there and beyond, fightenemies, summon heroes and slay the gods!Tap to fight your enemies, earn gold, increase your power and tapagain!Earn magic runes, Learn magic spells, train more skills, do crazycombos and win boss fights.Fill your chest with golden coins every day! Keep tapping and makeit rain with coins!Arguably most polished tapper on google play store! This is yourchance to become the fastest clicker.Unleash your strength and quick tap titans 2 defeat them in astress free idle rpg!Features:★ HIRE 32 unique clicker heroes for your journey★ DEFEAT 70 unique destructive monsters★ VISIT 12 stunning islands (including caves, olympus and center ofthe earth)★ FIGHT Gods like - Thor and other monsters★ Dungeon, Leader-boards and Trophy room! Earn achievements andcompete in clans.★ Tactical rpg game for Android TV, Phones and Tablets. Do bossraids with friends!★ Adventures Mode including Age of Invention, and MysteryLab!* rpg idlePlay fast attacking battles or long strategic RPG games.it’s your choice how to play. Adventure lies ahead!Have ideas for our next improvement? Join our subreddit!http://www.reddit.com/r/tapventures/
Balloon Boom for kids 3.0
How many balloons can you pop in 60 seconds? This game is amazinglyrelaxing and strangely addictive.Touch and pop, watch them go"boom"! Tons of colored balloons come and fly up in the sky, popthem all and have fun!Tweaks Reaction, and can keep your or yourchild playing long time. In fact, we really tested it.Enjoy nicecartoon like and playful atmosphere. Also suitable for Preschoolkids.Why your Kid will love it?+ Extremely Easy to play! Touch andPop, that's it!+ Tweaks the Reaction!+ Super Fun for bebys+ Verybeautiful Cartoon Graphics made specially for Kids+ AwesomeMusic!Ballon boom provides variety of Baby Balloons, that you canblow up. Besides the main balloon pack, there are - animalballoons, educational pack with numbers and letters as well as toyballoons.Most of babies love just watching them fly, after one yearthey start enjoying touching the screen to blow them up and hearthe fun POP (burst) sound. So they way to use the app depends onhow old is your child.
Kids Toy Car 2.4
Hugo needs to collect flowers from the field during the day, beforenight begins.The More flowers Hugo collects, the faster it goes.Tap the screen to jump to avoid cactus on your way, and enjoynicecartoon like and playful atmosphere.Why your Kid will love it?+Extremely Easy to play!+ Tweaks the Reaction!+ Super Fun+ Verybeautiful Cartoon's made specially for Kids+ Awesome Music!YourKids will love it! Game is suitable for everyone including:preschool kids, school kids and others (It's also a part ofUnderwater Labs free preschool games and children collectionbest)Main Categories: free games, action gamesKids Car is a fungame for children and kids, it's an android arcade, a free game -with premium quality.Download If you were looking for: Games forKids, kids games free, preschool games, car games, Child, Children,Kindergarten, Car, Toy, Cartoon, Toy Car, free games.If you haveproblems, we're happy to assist, just contact our support team.
Desert Run - Worms 1.6
"Desert Run" is a cute free game, where you control a little desertworm in a hot desert!Super easy one tap controls! tap and wormopens mouth, otherwise it's closed!Find the blue boost to perform aworm jump!It's an endless run in underground tunnels of Desert,Worm is always moving faster and faster.Gem on the way? Eat it andget a bit of speedup! Miss it and a strong hit will make you almoststop.But you need to gain speed! you need to move fast, orsomething bad is gona get ya!The orange water is traveling onalways increasing speed through the underground tunnels just afteryou!Eat and Run! That's where salvation comes. How far can you goin a desert full of little worms!? Beat 1500 Meters, get frombeginner to expert!Features:- Extremely simple controls - touchanywhere to open worms mouth, and release to close it back!-Unforgettable atmospheric desert, and great soundtrack.- Go as longas you can to get the highest score!- Incredibly addictive-ChallengingMain Categories: free games, action gamesIf you are afan of one tap Action games, and like game mechanics present inlike Tiny Wings, Tiny Bee, Cut the Rope or Jetpack then you shouldlove Desert Run! It's incredibly Addictive action game. Game worksgreat on most of android phones, we've tested in on Samsung, xperiax8, sony ericsson, htc wildfire, nexus e.g.If you still haveproblems, we're happy to assist, just contact our support team.
Fluffy Friends 1.2
Fluffy Fluffs live in the ocean, but sometimesthey get trapped in air bubbles!Pop the bubbles, make chain reactions and let fluffs free!Incredibly relaxing game, just tap on a fluff, and enjoy howamazingly beautiful chain reaction is happening.Great music, great atmosphere, cute sound effects, everything foryou to enjoy!Try to rescue as many fluffs as you can with one tap, go though12 levels, and then improve your total score by revisiting themall.More levels, modes, bonuses and challenges are coming with nextupdate.Fluffy Friends is a cute game suitable for school and Preschoolkids.Features.+ Extremely Easy to play!+ Think - then act.+ Super relaxing+ Very beautiful Cartoon fluffs made specially for Kids+ Awesome Music!Your Kids will love it! (By "Games for Kids" and "Free games")Game is suitable for everyone including: preschool kids, schoolkids and others.Main Categories: free games, action gamesFluffy Friends is a fun game for children and kids, it's anandroid arcade, a free game - with premium quality.Download If you were looking for: Chain reactions, relaxing,relaxation, cute game, Children Games, Game for kids, Preschool,School, Kindergarten,kindergarten games, game for little ones, pop bubbles, poppinggameGame works great on most of android phones, we've tested in onsamsung, xperia x8, sony ericsson, htc wildfire, nexus e.g.If you still have problems, we're happy to assist, just contact oursupport team.
Fruit Candy 1.8
Find yourself at candy factory, where candies are made from fruits!It’s very simple - connect all candies to fruits of same color. Youcan rotate everything with one tap, but can't change positions! Itis a classic delicious and free puzzle game, so sweet and yummythat this description cannot even cut it.Unleash your innerautopilot and smash through levels. If you like a good pipe game,then this free candy puzzle is just for you.What you get:Ultra HDGraphics for tablets5 FREE episode packs200 FREE challenging andhand-carved levels45 unique achievements with Google PlusHelp usimprove our games. We love your feedback. Contact us [email protected]
Toy Box - Kids Room 1.1
Toy Box is a unique digital sandbox for your kid where a randombunch of toys is taken from the toy box, so your child can playwith them, explore how they interact with each other, and builddifferent things like towers, rockets or other constructions, becreative without limit. This will keep your child busy for aprecious time you need, and will also give him/her toys withnumbers like one two three, or letters like ABC, to learn newthings. Some toys are harder to balance on each other then theothers, and that will teach your child about how things in thisworld work and interact.Toy Box is best played on Tablet, becausebigger screen is easy to manipulate with this small tiny hands ofyour baby.How old is your child?1 or 2 years old: At this age it isfun to just throw little toys around, stack them together and enjoyhow they fall, this will keep your child entertained at all times.Toy Box is a great way to explore how different shaped objectsinteract with each other and the gravity.2, 3, 4 or 5 years old:Toy Box will give toys with numbers and letters on them as well, sokids can stack them in required order, and learn alphabet ornumbers.Toy Box is great for both little girls or little boys. Andwe plan to add more and more new toys every week for your child tocome back!
Kids Toy Car: ABC 1.7
Hugo needs to collect all the letters of an alphabet with a bravehelp of your Child! It's Super fun, and will keep your childplaying and learning!There are 26 levels as you may guess, eachdedicated to one letter in English alphabet.In each level, you needto control Hugo - the little car, to collect only the letter thatis needed and leave others! Controls are very simple, wherever youtap - car will follow. Learning alphabet early is a greatopportunity for preschool kids.
Candy Pop For Kids 1.5
How many candies can you pop? This game is amazingly relaxing andstrangely addictive.Tons of sweet candies come and fly up, pop themall and have fun!Enjoy nice cartoonlike and playful atmosphere.Also suitable for preschool kids.Why will your kid love it?★ SuperFun★ Very beautiful Cartoon Graphics made specially for Kids★Awesome Music!You know you need this if you were searching for:Candy, Toddler.This educational kids game is awesome for yourchildren.Candy Pop made for your baby. They will fall in love withsweet and explosive colorful candies.We hope you will like thisfree kids game and will allow your children to enjoy it.
Jumping Cars: Kids Toy 1.1
Meet Slipper, Hugo, Joerarri, Benjamin andTravis! The funny toy cars that jump drive and fly to collectstars, while they meet funny sheep on their way! (Who make veryfunny cartoon noises)Easy to control - Tap the screen to jump to avoid cactus on yourway, and enjoy niceHours of Fun - super easy to play, your child can enjoy this forhours. Cartoon and playful atmosphere.Why your Kid will love it?+ Looks great both on Phones or Tablets+ Extremely Easy to play!+ Tweaks the Reaction!+ Super Fun+ Very beautiful Cartoon's made specially for Kids+ Awesome Music!Game is suitable for everyone including: babies, preschool kids,school kids and others (It's also a part of Underwater Labs freepreschool games and children collection best for ages 2-6)Main Categories: free games, action gamesKids Car is a fun game for children and kids, it's an androidarcade, a free game - with premium quality.Download If you were looking for: Games for Kids, kids games free,preschool games, car games, Child, Children, Kindergarten, Car,Toy, Cartoon, Toy Car, free games.If you have problems, we're happy to assist, just contact oursupport team at [email protected]
Happy Clouds 1.2
Super Cute game for babies and preschool kids! Fly up high, and seethe happy clouds play together! Super easy to play,l et your littlecutie enjoy peaceful, fun clouds in the sky, and clear it from badclouds with one tap! Happy Clouds is a free game for kids, it helpssee the difference between positive and negative! Tweaks Reaction,and can keep your baby playing long time.Here, at Underwater labs,we're dedicated to create best games. That's why we value youropinion and would love if you give us a feedback! Why your Kid willlove this game and what will your child benefit?+ Extremely Easy toplay! Touch bad clouds to clear the sky!+ Tweaks the Reaction!+ Seethe difference between good and bad+ Super Fun+ Colored clouds, 6for each type.+ Very beautiful Cartoon Graphics made specially forbabies+ Awesome free Music!Your child will learn a very importantlesson - it's important to look at stuff more closely, and notjudge by first impression.
Vampire Night 1.5
In Vampire Night, you play for a little cuteVampire who avoids hurting humans, instead it collects nice redpotions,in the dark black forest, under the moonlight.Get it for HALLOWEEN today!But beware, morning is coming! and Sunlight will be here soon. Ourlittle vampire does not like sun..So run as fast as you can, and do not let the morning to catch up!Collect as much red potions as you can to run faster.Avoid Crosses on you way, Little vampire can't look at themlong.Download game for free, and start running! Eat and Run! That'swhere salvation comes.How far can you go? Beat 1500 Meters, get from beginner toexpert!Not every Vampire is a bad guy, because this one - is definitelygood one!Features:- Extremely simple controls - touch anywhere to jump, and releaseto fall down!- Unforgettable atmospheric Dark forest, and Romaniansoundtrack.- Go as long as you can to get the highest score!- Incredibly addictive- Challenging- Save Little Vampire for the greater cause!If you are a fan of one tap or tap and go Action games (or huntinggames) like Tiny Wings, Tiny Bee, NinjumpOr If you love Vampire games or movies like: Twilight, Blade, Buffyor Dracula you will too love this game, bring the night to yourphone! If Vampires and Zombies are your passion, this is foryou!Vampire Night is a free game, and it works fine on most phoneslike, Samsung galaxy, htc, xperia, nexus e.g.And even if you have problems, feel free to contact our supportteam, we're here to help!
Kiki Fish 2.0
Games for Kids"Kiki Fish" is a cute game, where you control littleterrified fish Kiki.It's really simple, you pull from Kiki's tailand throw it forward for an adventure!The goal is simple - longtime ago Kiki has lost all the sea stars it had, and it is up for ajourney to get them back. Ocean is dangerous, but fear not - Kiki'sfate is in your hands!Avoid sea urchins and collect as many starsas possible while you enjoy the story.There are 42 fun, excitingand sometimes crazy levels including ones from Arctic AdventuresExpansion, plus a challenging survival mode that can keep youplaying for hours!Features:- 42 levels and 2 episodes (3rd comingsoon)- Advanced 2D physics engine- Throw fish in differentdirections, it is fun!- Unique Game Mechanic and Simple Controls-Great music/soundtrack- Power Abilities like Frozen Ice Star andArmor Bubble- Super Challenging Survival Mode- Super smoothGameEpisodes:1) Pacific Adventures2) Arctic Adventures3) (comingsoon)Kiki lives under water, and as bird can fly with it's TinyWings, Kiki Fish tries to swim with her Tiny Fins, and she isreally funny and cute tiny fish!If you are a fan of one tap Actiongames or Adventure Games, and like game mechanics present in likeTiny Wings, Tiny Bee, Cut the Rope, Saving Yello or Jetpack thenyou should love Kiki Fish! It's incredibly Addictive action game.If you have kids, make sure to show Kiki to them! Youngsters willlove it, as it is really great game for kids!Your Kids will loveit! Kiki is brought to you By "Games for Kids" and "Free games"Underwater labs devisions.Game is suitable for everyone including:preschool kids, school kids and others (It's also a part ofUdnerwater Labs free preschool games and children collectionbest)Main Categories: free games, action gamesReviews:"Kiki Fish isa challenging and addictive game. It should keep you hungry formore." - AppAdvice.comOur Site: http://kiki-fish.com/Game worksgreat on most of android phones, we've tested in on samsung, xperiax8, sony ericsson, htc wildfire, nexus e.g.If you still haveproblems, we're happy to assist, just contact our support team.
Spear Warrior 1.2
Shield and Spear - Swap and Pierce,Spear Warrior is a retro oldschool medieval jousting runner with one tap gameplay. Become thestrongest knight and chop mountains of your enemies, and avoidshielded foes.(Mostly because you have the longest spear in thekingdom). With 3 difficulty modes,It's easy to play but hard tomaster. How far can you travel? Master your skills for the toprecords on the leader boards.Take your spear, and gallop!
Car Maker - for kids 1.0
Make and Color your very own cartoon toy car! Choose from severalcar makes, then paint it with your favorite color, add someaccessories and animals to ride in andchoose tires! Now it isperfect time to go for a family trip to one of your 4 desiredlocations.Kids love this awesome car makeup coloring game!Creatingcars with this car creator is fun, and you can also save your carsas images to view later!You can create best kids cars on market,paint and repaint them. Not a doodle car, but a mini car.Createyour own customised vehicle for kids. Part of games forboys.Upcoming futures: carwash, minicars, more colors and moreparts!
Postman Adventures 1.9
Postman Adventures is a brilliant game about cute little town,where parcels are delivered with a Postal Catapult! Throw boxesover houses and trees, collect rockets to jump high, usetrampolines and rainy clouds,portal manholes, black holes, brokenfire hydrants, crazy fans, and Bakeries use them all to do your onetrue job - deliver parcel to it's destination and try to collectall 3 stars on the way!Overcome challenges using all things aroundand make nature work for you!Postman Adventures featureschallenging physics-based game play and hours of replay value.Eachlevel is different and requires you to figure out the way usinglogic and intuition!Features:- Realistic Physics- 100 completelydifferent Levels to start with!- 2 Episodes!- A different grades ofchallenge for every level.- Mindbogglingly beautiful cute graphicsand soundtrack!Grown up person, teenager or child - everyone willfind this incredibly fun and addicting!If you have questions,suggestions or just what to say hello, we're happy to hear!Email [email protected] us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/underwaterappsOr follow us Twitter:https://twitter.com/UnderwaterApps
Beat Jumper 4.1
Your goal is to jump to the highest possible floor. Move left orright and auto-jump from platform edges, to jump up and collectgoodies!Beat Jumper rewards you for playing risky instead punishingfor playing safe. The faster you make decisions, higher youjump.Slide-jump platforms, bounce, swirl and have a great time inan endless tower jumper where future meets retro. Choose to play asmultiple characters by collecting coins to unlock new ones. Competewith your friends for the highest score.Get into Zen mode, and jumpso high, where no jumper have been before.Great techno music, neonlights and geometry!Selected for the Indie Corner of Google PlayStoreFeatures:* Unlock cool new Characters * Unlock cool newThemes* Play with 2 fingers - crazy reaction learning curve*Challenge your Friends for the High Score * Extremely Fun &Addicting!How to Play:1. Touch screen on the left to move left andright to move right.2. Character will jump from the edge ofplatform automatically.3. Get combo bonus for jumping immediatelywithout hesitation.
Aliens vs Sheep 1.3
Aliens really need sheep, lots of them,like,tons of them! For a proud martian like you it is never aproblem!In this awesome Android line runner game, your UFO hasjustarrived to planet earth, so go ahead and abduct all the sheepyoucan. Sheep are crazy though, they are fed up with all thisalieninvasion stuff, and ready to crush and destroyeverythingalien!Crazy sheep on rockets, mad berserk sheep, meditating ninjasheep,alongside with FBI agents in black, helicopters, militaryplanesand more - all hell brakes loose, in this retro old schoolalienabduction story!Highlights:- High quality HD graphics- Free game app- 18 different areas.- Simple ControlsRetina display-optimized graphics make it look great onanydevice! Tested on 7 inch tablets, 10 inch tablets comingsoon!Aliens vs Sheep is available now for free download, andisawesome, so - you're welcome :)
Slingshot Santa - 2014 1.0
New expansion of Slingshot Santa specifically made and revamped forthis years Christmas and New Year!Christmas is back again, andSanta need to deliver gifts to houses!Your role is to help him usea slingshot to deliver gifts exactly where they should be, whileavoiding obstacles!How to play:Throw Gifts in the air withslingshot, Use house chimneys, and rainy clouds to modify giftflying pathCollect Candies to gain Tap-Boosts!It's a very nice andcozy Christmas Game after all.Slingshot Santa 2014 - featureschallenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value.Eachlevel is different and requires you to figure out the way usinglogic and intuition!Features:- 36 epic levels and more coming soon,specifically designed for 2014- FREE, just enjoy it.- Extremelysimple controls - swipe to throw, touch to boost!- Unforgettableatmospheric Christmas Eve, and Winter night!
Christmas Sleigh Maker - Kids 1.0
Help Santa this Christmas! all you have to do is to make and coloryour very own Santa sleigh!You can choose from tons of colors,sleigh types, mini decorations, deers, elfs and candies!There arealso cute animals to help. When done decorating, you can finallytake it for a test drive!This game is for children who enjoyChristmas and would like to customize Santa's sleighThe wholeatmosphere screams Christmas and winter wonderland! with lots ofsnow the winter grows, this app is very cute and easy to use forsmall children and kids!Features:- 6 Adorable X-mas Santa sleighs-Decorations like - Santa, Elf, Snowman- Tons of Christmas Stickersfor a sleigh- Variety of Paint Colors- Christmas Holiday Music- Funfor All Ages - Happy Holidays app- Free Game
Circle Attack 1.5
Circle attack is an incredible journey of relaxation. minimalisticdesign, mesmerising ambience, and... philosophy.They say - "you arewhat you eat", so you are circle. that eats circles.While filledwith wise words of wisdom, it is not always about parallels,sometimes circles are just circles.And simple games, are justsimple games.Tap download, and as always, thanks forreading.Postmortem:Inspired by minimalist 2D design, philosophy andthe world around us.A beautiful story of inner piece is definitelynot a game of warA minimalist, retro game that mixes casualgameplay with gorgeous graphics and intuitive controls. Easy touse:Tap and drag anywhere on the screen to rotate thecircle.Sound:Audio provides a surreal and beautiful soundscape.Best experienced with headphones.Tablets:Circle Attack is optimizedfor both tablets and phones.
Color Hockey 1.1
Color Hockey is a cool physics based game for all kids from 2 andup. Have your dose of crazy fun with colorful pucks bouncing of thebeautifully lighted table while enjoying the awesome music andsound effects. Magical and yet challenging atmosphere of colorfulitems and visual effects will keep kids busy and entertained. Wemade this game with one goal in mind - make something that our ownkids can play so now we want to share it with you. Have fun!
Slingshot Santa - FREE 2.1
It's a Gift Delivery time! And Santa needs your help! Help himdeliver gifts to every houseas soon as possible, using Santa'sMagic Slingshot! Throw Gifts in the air, use house chimneysandrainy clouds to get the gift to it's destination! Collect Candiesto gain Tap-Boosts!Give it a try, It's a very nice and cozyChristmas Game after all.NEW: Episode 2 - Winter TaleSlingshotSanta features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours ofreplay value.Each level is different and requires you to figure outthe way using logic and intuition!Done playing? Try to beat eachlevel for A+ Grade, and wait for new levels to come soon!Features:-Extremely simple controls - swipe to throw, touch to boost!- Thinkahead, there are more then one ways to pass the level!-Unforgettable atmospheric Christmas Eve, and Winter night!- 40 handcarved levels, with more coming soon. (Actually entire episode atmid January!)- Want more challenges? Complete each level specialrequirement to get A+ grade! If you have problems or suggestions,we're happy to hear, just contact our support team [email protected] Or just let us know what you think!
Egg Chains 1.0
Egg Chains is an action game all aboutcrazychain reactions, bonuses, powerups and combos!Specially build for this easter! tap on flying eggs to startthechain reaction and get as many eggs as you can!Use Bonuses and beware of black eggs! A Must have easter app!When you tap an egg, you claim it, and like a chain reaction,itstarts claiming all eggs around!3 BRAND NEW GAME MODES:Arcade Mode:- Time is limited, but you've got plenty of bonuses to use,bewareof black eggs, make chains, and score!Survival Mode:- Unlimited game time! But you can touch a black egg just 3times,be careful and get the high score!Chain Mode:- The Developers favorite! No bonuses, no black eggs, get intochain mode, and focus on getting the longest chains ever togetmore time.Features:- Extremely simple controls - just touch an egg to makechainreaction or claim bonus!- 3 Game modes- 5 Bonus eggs- Super Beautiful and Cute Graphics- Easter app - Special Exclusive- Amazing Music!- Heyzap integration - check in when you play, andsharescores- Unforgettable atmospheric game with hardcore gaming elements.The Game mechanic is a bit similar to Fruit Ninja becauseeggsfly randomly all around, if you played it before - you shouldbereally good in this one as well. It's an Addictive action gamewithtotally different stuff in it.Egg slasher - reinvented.It has different element, so if you like thinking games,oradventure games or just looking for some cute stuff to do, thisoneis a good fit!Supported Devices:We support almost all devices like Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S 2,HTCDesire, Kindle Fire,and others.Originally lunched at Easter it is a game to play everyday!As always it's part of our free games for mobileinitiative,enjoy it for free, and do not forget to give us yourfeedback, wevalue it a lot!tags: easter games, egg game, eggs, egg games, chainreaction,chain games, easter, colorful eggs
Geo Quiz 1.5
Whether you think you're a geographical genius or just want toremember basics,Geo Quiz is just for you! Kill time, and practiceyour brain.High quality game with beautifull graphics.Recogniseflags of the world and national flags, with this incredible geochallenge!Challenge your skills, learn geography, and test yourIQ.3 Different Game Modes:a) Guess Flag by Countryb) Guess Flag byCountry Capitolc) Guess Country by Country Shape! (NEW!)Flag Quizis designed to improve the level of your knowledge, exercise yourmemory and develop the color sense.Noticed inconsistency? contactus!
Snowman Adventures 1.7
In Snowman Adventures, you're playing with a terrified snowman whois late from Christmas! Santa awaits, but you need to go as fast asyou can to get away from the avalanche! The Fate of Super CuteSnowman is in your hands!Controls are super easy, tap to jump, andthat's it, but beware of trees on your way! Don't forget to collectChristmas Candies to get more score and a speed boost!Eat and Run!That's where salvation comes. How far can you go? Beat 1500 Meters,get from beginner to expert!Features:- Extremely simple controls -touch anywhere to jump, and release to fall down!- Unforgettableatmospheric Christmas Eve, and Winter night!- Go as long as you canto get the highest score!- Incredibly addictive- Challenging, sowhatsapp ?- One of Best snowman gamesMain Categories: free games,action gamesGame is suitable for kids and everyone including:preschool kids, school kids and others (It's also a part ofUdnerwater Labs free preschool games and children collectionbest)If you are a fan of one tap Action games or Adventure Games,and like game mechanics present in like Tiny Wings, Tiny Bee, Cutthe Rope or Jetpack then you should love Snowman Adventures! It'sincredibly Addictive action game. Game works great on most ofandroid phones, we've tested in on samsung, xperia x8, sonyericsson, htc wildfire, nexus e.g.If you still have problems, we'rehappy to assist, just contact our support team.
Salon FairyTale - Girls Games 1.0.4
Ball in the royal castle is a dream for every single littleprincess!Salon FairyTale is a fairytale game for little girls wholove balls, weddings, and who enjoy to play spa salon games!Looking for a great dress up salon game? This one is for you.Thereare 4 princesses 2 of them are Elf girl and Vampire girl that areinvited to the ball! Good fairy is helping them in her FairyTaleSalon, to clean and dress for the ball. Will the girl be a perfectbride for the prince?There are many dresses, earrings, hair styles,hair colors, eye colors and much more to choose from!Come on andplay it now! It's a special beautiful girls games and salongames!Have fun! And good luck with the ball!