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3D 18 wheels truck driver 1.0
Tired of parking trucks? Then you have to play3D 18 wheels truck driver! Driving a big truck can be difficult,will you be able to finish all the jobs? 3D 18 wheels truck driveris set in world, inlcudes 11 big cities, cool trucks to choose fromand a lot of unexpected features! Try to be the best Truck Driverin the world, become the King of the road!Truck parking is nothing, become a real driver and play 3D 18wheels truck driver!3D 18 wheels truck driver Features:- map including all the major cities- Realistic truck physics- Traffic cars system- Different trucks to drive- Truck customization- Tilting, buttons and steering wheel controls- Cool and smooth graphicsComplete the jobs , become a real trucker!
Train Driver Sim 1.0
Have you ever tried of driving a train? Youwill enjoy this game, if you like train games and simulatorgames.Become a driver of trains and transport your cargo to otherstations.watch out for the red signals otherwise you will crash with othertrains.Check your tracks and do not collide with other trains. have funwith Train Driver Sim game.Train Driver Sim Game Features:Realistic LocationsDifferent types of trains to driveamazing animationDetailed view while drivingExcellent train controlschallenging Fun!!
Sniper Shooter Undercover 1.0
Hold your breath & Pull the snipertriggerin this real-life 3D graphics and sounds environment, thegamegives an exhilarating experience to complete this mission. Useyourlimited ammo wisely and kill the insane enemies at adistancebefore they get a chance to aim at you. Aim for head-shottopreserve your ammo. The enemy isn't aware of your presence sotakeyour first shot carefully, to begin the onslaught, becausethemoment you fire, your gunshot will be heard and the enemy willbeupon you before you know it. There’s no turning back, so lettheonslaught begin. Make sure you keep yourself well focusedanddetermined before firing your first shot.Wish you all the good luck that you would surely need forthismission.FIGHT the global war on crime and become theULTIMATESHOOTERAIM and SHOOT! Get yourself a gun and KILL THEM ALLSniper Shooter Undercover in 7 words: great gameplay,awesomevisuals and entertaining missions. And best of all? It's afreegame to pass the time!- Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations- ADDICTING gameplay (FPS)- EASY and INTUITIVE controls- FREE game: play it both on your phone and tablet
Helicopter Game 3D 1.0
Helicopter Game 3D takes you on aflyingadventure through the city skyline in this helicopterflyingsimulation game. Become the best helicopter pilot and flythroughthe city, making your way to the designated helipad whereyou mustland the helicopter to complete each of the 20 excitinglevels inthis helicopter flight simulation game. Be careful whenflying thehelicopter to avoid hitting into the skyscrapers or youcrash andhave to retry the level and fly safer.Helicopter Game 3D comes 20 fun-filled that will help you becomethebest helicopter pilot out there. So do you think you cantakecontrol of a helicopter and fly skillfully through the city togetto the helipads before the timer runs out? Then this game willgivethe one of the most fun and exciting times with flyingthehelicopter through the city. So if you're excited toflyhelicopters, you will enjoy playing Helicopter Game 3D.
Harvester Tractor Simulator 1.0
Do you think that you really know howfarmequipment really works? Not really?Don’t Worry Harvester Tractor Simulator is now here, downloadthisForage harvester beauty and enjoy several hours offarmingsimulator and reaping machine driving fun. So sit inyourharvesting farm simulator machine and get ready for reapingharvestthe farm lands in this amazing harvester game.Gear up for the most realistic farming experience--in all kindsofways! Play as a farmer and cultivate your own land by sowingthecrops using a realistic Seed Drill. Harvest and sell them inthemarket for cash and earn the proud title of the king or queenofagriculture. Learn to become self sufficient in thistougheconomy!Follow the step by step tutorial and foster new skills youdidn’tknow you had. You can grow Barley, Wheat and Canola in thecountry.You can effectively navigate farming equipment. Store,load, andpack to sell all your harvests!Features Inside Harvester Tractor Simulator:• Easy step-by-step tutorial• Realistic 3D Rustic environment• Multiple farming machine including Tractor, Harvester, SeedDrilland Sprayer• Grow Wheat, Barley and Canola at your farm• Sow and Harvest the crops with realistic Farming machines• Find the selling place offering highest price to maximizeyourprofits• Use the cash to buy better machines and improve your yield• Purchase more land to become the wealthiest farmer in town.• Heavy farming equipment like reaping machine waiting foryou• Smooth and easy forage harvester controls• Challenging levels of plow truck and combineharvestersimulator• Quality farm environment• All exciting elements of harvest simulator game• Works without internet – Enjoy your farm equipment where everyoulikeDownload Harvester Tractor Simulator now and get a chancetodrive your own reaping machine in this big harvestingequipmentgame.
Car War Demolition Mania 1.0
Are you ready for a CRAZY experience!!! Can you survive the deadlydemolition mania? Hit hard, smash, destroy, and blast everything tosmithereens. Its time for mayhem inside the demolition derby arena!Drive your awesome vehicle and thrash your opponents to pieces.Challenge your driving skills in the most dangerous derby game everto be released! Car Wars is an absolutely thrilling and actionpacked moto carnage game, where you have to drive cars and trucksat high speed and make sure that you're last survivor. Features OfCar War Demolition Mania: •Nerve wrecking high speed racing action•Real-time car destruction and damage •Surreal visual effects•Realistic Car Physics and smooth controls •Choose between a widerange of cars and massive trucks •Improve your cars performance andstrength through upgrades •Awesome environments
City Bus Stunt Simulator 1.0
What is City Bus Stunt Simulatorallabout?Who doesn't love the thrill that comes with performingseriousstunts? Are YOU ready? Tighten your seat belt and enjoyloads ofstunts while climbing massive hills! But avoid dangerousobstaclesor you’re toast! Enjoy the thrill of driving throughspectacularlandscapes. Control your speed, and enjoy the smoothcontrols withvibrant graphics that will make your ride epic.This game is all about living life on the edge! Get READYtodrive astonishing sports Buses through perilous road andcrazypaths! This is the game you have been waiting for!To complete the levels you need to avoid obstacles and masterthestuntsIn this arcade game you race between blazing fires,accelerateyour way through terrifying loops and crazy jumps. Driveat yourfull speed and you will complete the missions on time.Maneuverwith the skills of a pro stunt driver! There is no need tobrakedue to traffic, or worry about the police chasing you! A crazyyetdangerous adventure lies ahead of you!City Bus Stunt Simulator features♠ Variety of playable Sports Bus♠ Amazing Environments♠ Extremely Precise Driving Simulator♠ Realistic Driving Experience♠ Awesome 3D Graphics
City Excavator Simulator 3D 1.0
In this City Excavator Simulator 3D Game you have to park yourBackoe very precisely. Become a parking master by practicing yourparking skills in this game. This game is a very precisely CityExcavator Simulator 3D Simulator Game. This game have 20 excitinglevels, with more to come. And a realistic AI vehicle system. CityExcavator Simulator 3D game features: - Change camera view - AIVehicles - Very realistic physics - Very precise simulator - Veryrealistic sounds - 20 exciting levels - Realistic constructionenvironment Practice your driving skills in this free drive gametoday, in a very realistic construction environment. So you thinkyou can park your loader? Try it!. And it Free...
Firefighter City Rescue 1.0
Drive around in an awesome big city adventure san francisco andenjoy these realistic surroundings. Don’t get to convertible dobecause after the emergency alert you need to go full throttlespeed towards the emergency scene accident traffic while playingthis emergency car games and rescue simulator games. What makesthis sim emergency driver special is the awesome special features.For instance, you can choose between many different cool an luxurycar driving 3d. Get to feel like a hero driving these awesomeluxury car driving 3d while playing this emergency car games andrescue simulator games. This game is for all mobile gamers whoenjoy 911 rescue simulator games, emergency car games and firetruck simulator games. Firefighter City Rescue 2016 – KEY FEATURESsim emergency driver - amazing luxury car driving 3d with differenthorsepower engines - challenging fire brigade missions withrealistic accident scenarios - realistic and smooth controls for anamazing fire truck simulator driving experience - realistic smokeand fire hose and water through with real physics - large city mapwith multiple buildings and terrain in this sim emergency driver -cool background music and sound to give you an amazing gamingexperience
City Car Parking Drive 1.0
City Car Parking Drive is an enjoyable car parking simulation gamein a real parking area.City Car Parking Drive is back in the sequelto the biggest mobile parking simulation game of all time! City CarParking Drive starts a new era of parking simulation gameplay withsuper stunning graphics, challenging multi-stage levels. ✔20 uniquelevels ✔Realistic graphics and environment ✔Easy control withsteering wheel, gas and brake pedals ✔Real car physics ✔Highquality cars City Car Parking Drive, the best parking simulator.
Army Truck Battle 3D 1.0
DRIVE FAST!!! Enemy squad chasing your army convoy, you have torescue injured soldiers with your shooting power and drivingskills. Fire bullet with Gatling gun in this mayhem brutal war zonegame in slippery snowy hilly terrain. Army war truck driver is reallife based 3D simulation game where you perform duty of trainedarmy soldier. You have to show many abilities to completebattlefields missions. You have to rescue your country men behindenemy lines and transport them safe on your army base. You alsohave to accomplish some assault missions where you will attack onenemy posts with your army war truck. Best battle game for militarytruck experience, driving off-road 4x4 army truck with mounted gunon the top. Next gen military truck simulator full of challenge andthrill. Get into guerilla war against terrorist militia losing thiswar is not an option commando.
Heavy Excavator Simulator 2016 1.0
Heavy Excavator Simulator 2016 is Best driver and parkingsimulation game for youngster, teens and mature people who love toplay time race games in their smart phone devices. So, Get ready toplay as constructor worker in this newest constructor trucksimulation game “Heavy Excavator Simulator 2016”. Are you feelingexcited to drive mighty construction crane and heavy equipmentbuilder and excavating machines? Drive through the high ruggedrough terrain with amazing 3D animations and with this heavyexcavator you can perform all the hydraulic operations likeplanetary winch, rotation, elevation and extension. Use steeringthat allow easy manoeuvring in tight quarters. Test your skills ata real city construction site. ★★★ Heavy Excavator Simulator 2016Features ★★★ ● Amazing 4 heavy duty construction vehicles to driveon building site ● 20 realistic construction missions to testyou’re driving skills level ● Not some parking lot to park buildervehicles, drive in brand new open map for quarry location ● Superbcrane operator experience with real life physics in driving trucksimulation ● Smooth steering wheel control with hydraulic winch,brakes pedal and gearbox ● Real life graphics and great gameplay toenhance your driver experience for mega cranes ● You got limitedtime to clear your missions so be as fast as possible ● Highdefinition sound and cool camera views ● Real crane physics
Train Transport Simulator 2016 1.0
Train Transport Simulator 2016 is new exciting game for all fans ofTrain Simulators and Train Games and Car Games! Have you everdreamed to be a engine driver and had a whole train? I bet it wasthe biggest dream of your childhood! How To Play: Become a realengine driver in new train ! Drive your own train and reach yourdestination. Enjoy the ride and have a good time! Train TransportSimulator 2016 Features: - Realistic train simulator: opportunityto become a real engine driver - Realistic Car simulator:opportunity to become a real Car driver - Opportunity to visitcabin of engine driver - Perfect 3D graphics and well-detailedenvironment - 20 Level game - Great dynamic Game play - Excellentgame for all fans of Train Games and Train Simulators Download -Realistic Train Transport Simulator 2016 : opportunity to become areal engine driver and real car driver, put on your driver's capand prepare for a little ride.
CRUISE SHIP CARGO SIMULATOR, take control ofagreat little boat and fight your way through a crowdedharborsay.It is of course not necessary to have a boating license to playourgame parking boat, just a recent smartphone to enjoy thepleasuresof sailing at seaRemember, before you start playing Boat parking, a boat driver inacompletely different way than a car.Strengths of our game CRUISE SHIP CARGO SIMULATOR :- 20 Levels with progressive difficulty- Realistic physics of a boat- Beautiful Graphics-Location different parking at each level-Very beautiful yachts to admire during the game-Optimized for smartphones not very powerful
Sea Battle Warship 1.0
Experience most intense Sea Battle Warship with the furious fleetsof Enemy heading towards your Naval Defense Lines. Don’t let thearmored warships of the enemy to maintain Sea Domination. Navigatethrough the Pacific Ocean on your modern warship, Sneak up on therivalry naval forces, attack the Navy Battleships as a highlytrained Naval Captain. Strike them with the guided missiles andopen rapid fire. Destroy Fighter Helicopters of opponent forceswith bombardments from your battleship. Win the threatening SeaBattleship Combat by eliminating enemy navy ships. "Sea BattleWarship" is an interactive naval battle game with convenientoperation and rich in strategies that expresses the variousbattleships back on the scene. More than 20 famous ships of Jutlandto the Gulf of Leyte from the era of glorious naval battles arewaiting for you. On this trip, you can build an army to attaindominion over the world's oceans in collaboration with like-mindedpeople. Ultimate Sea Battle Warship is a battleship shooting gamewith several types of military ships fulfilling different roles. Bysinking the enemy, to enhance their combat effectiveness, expandthe scale of their navy, naval upgrade weapons, buy more advancedvessels. You will play a different battleships, cruisers ordestroyers to participate in the latest battle! ***********SeaBattle Warship Features******************** - Varied and powerfulweapons could be used in any situation! - Absolutely real navalbattle simulation scenarios - Extremely addictive gameplay ! -Fight with thousands of battleships ! - Smooth and simple shipcontrol system! - Varied and powerful weapons could be used in anysituation!
Horse Racing 3D Game 1.0
Horse Racing 3D Game is the most realistic 3D horse racing game onsmartphone. It's easy, exciting, fun, and highly addictive.Challenge yourself and see how much you can win! Live the dream ofowning a realistic horse and join the real world of horse racing!Horse Racing 3D is the most authentic racing simulation game. Racefor dominance in this high addictive horse racing game in immersiveenvironment. Will you be capable of riding your stallion to dodgeand jump over the obstacles in the fierce competitions? Remember tobalance the speed and stamina since if your horse runs too fast thestamina will be used up very quickly. Now saddle up, steer yourhorse to reach the World Championships! Horse Racing 3D Game[FEATURES] + Realtime 3D Graphics. + Virtual 3D Sound System. +Simple to Play. + Up to 8 runners per race. + Previewhorses/jockeys. + Horse details with unique ability. + Racinghistory (last 1). + Turf track. + Prevent device to sleep. + SlowMotion
Offroad Bus Simulator 2016 1.0
Offroad Bus Simulator 2016 is the latest simulation game that willoffer you the chance to become a real Bus Driver! Realistic maps,incredible vehicles, wonderful interiors will make you feel likedriving a real bus! It's time to get on board and drive the bus tocomplete all the routes! Next-gen graphics including peopleanimations, articulated, double and school buses will make this busgame the best on the market! Get Offroad Bus Simulator 2016 now!Enjoy one of the most realistic Offroad Bus Simulator 2016! Livethe dream and become a real bus driver in Offroad Bus Simulator2016. Start from the bottom and work your way up by completingdifferent kind of missions because as a bus driver, you need totransport passengers from A to B. And keep them happy while doingthat is also very important! These missions will keep you occupieduntil the break of dawn! Will the real Bus Simulator please standup? Real life cities from Amsterdam to Berlin, London to Paris,Vienna to Rome and much more are available to drive to in OffroadBus Simulator 2016! The many different missions types include theCity Bus missions, which will ask you to transport passengers as acity bus driver, so no long distances but short distances. Longrange, Intercity Bus missions are also a part of Offroad BusSimulator 2016 and they will take a lot more time to complete, butwith bigger rewards! It's time to drive various buses all over theworld. Offroad Bus Simulator 2016 game World Tour is very enjoyabledriving bus game. Experience extreme Thrill of Hill climbing Whenyou unlock next levels , you will see amazing environments. - Threecontrol types - Touch buttons to gas or brake the bus - Clickcamera to change camera view
Real Farming Tractor Sim 1.0
Harvest the different corps in this harvesting season and earn lotof profit by selling them. Be the tycoon of farming business in USAand beat all your farming rivals in this farming sim. Farm thecorps in new blocky farm and earn the fame among the other entirecountry farmers. Take your forage farming experience to the nextlevel and be the most experienced block farmer. Smash the otherbusiness rivals in this farming tycoon simulation in farming usaand crush them. Plow the fields in the blocky farm alongside thehighway and try to produce quality corps. Produce the corps inlarger quantity in order to save some for yourself and sell in tothe market. Earn heavy profits and buy more corps to plow in yourblocky farm and produce more corps. Be the king pin of the farmingbusiness in the open country road side and stay on the top.Harvests the Wheat, Rice, Cotton, Corn, Sugarcane & Sunflowerand sell them into markets. This massive block open world stylegame let you harvest and manage your own farm. Plow your fields,seed them, spray them for safety and then the harvest them aftercultivating. Expand your farming business by unlocking andpurchasing new type of corps to harvest. Take the control of yourharvester and drive it towards the fields by following thedirectional arrow. Complete the given task within time limit tocomplete the level successfully and upgrade the corps. If you arefailed to complete the mission within time then the level will befailed. Real Farming Tractor Sim Features: ◆ Experience the realfarming environment. ◆ Harvest the different corps with real toolsand machinery. ◆ Drive the harvester with real driving physics andfunctions. ◆ Cultivate the farm, unlock new corps and upgrade yourbusiness. ◆ Be the ultimate farmer tycoon and rule the farmingbusiness. ◆ Sell your corps and buy more from the market.
Offroad Bus Driver Tour Coach 1.0
Get ready to enjoy the off road adventure of Offroad Bus DriverTour Coach. Travel through the hills and dangerous paths to reachthe destination and also show your coach bus driving skills. Offroad Tour Coach bus driving is a 3d simulator where you play as abus driver of hill climbing roads to reach at the location on time.Feel the adventure of thunderstorm, rain, snow but do not forgetthe sunny days on the hills. It’s your real task to drive throughall kind of seasons. This game is special made for the fun drivinglovers. And if you are one of those who like precision drivinggames like hill climb simulator you will also like this OffraodTour Coach Bus driving simulator with real Off road coach drivingfeatures. Take people from one place to another may be onebeautiful resorts, show them amazing places and landscapes.Wonderful interiors, incredible vehicles will make you feel arealistic coach bus driving experience on the off road paths!Adventurous and craziest off road bus driving with real-timephysics, hill top driving, twisted turns and breathtaking gameplayscenes will going to add spices in your driving passion. Driving abus off road is never an easy task. Steep paths, dangerous turns,mountain tops and uncertain weather conditions. Tourists arewaiting for their pick and drop service. Hillside drive willshowcase your driving skills. Moving traffic will be a big hurdleswhile driving on these hills and mountains. Enjoy hours of non-stopfun with this hill climb racing bus simulator. Get ready foroff-road hill driving in this 3d bus simulator with hill climberadventure. Ensure safety but have fun too! ★★★ Offroad Bus DriverTour Coach GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★ • Offraod Hill Driving Simulator •A collection of Multiple Vehicles to Enhance User DrivingExperience • Enjoy the Dangerous Mountains, Hills, Steep Paths andAwesome 3D Environment • Incredible Indicators, Sirens and Lights •Amazing Weathers - Thunderstorm, Rain, Sunny Days & Snow •Multiple Gameplay Levels to Accomplish • Pick and Drop Tourist totheir Destinations • Epic 3D Graphics of Curvy Tracks • DetailedInteriors with Intelligent Traffic System • Realistic visual Damagewith Amazing Scenes
Train Simulator 3D 2016 1.0
Train Simulator 3D 2016 is new exciting game for all fans of TrainSimulators and Train Games! Have you ever dreamed to be a enginedriver and had a whole train? I bet it was the biggest dream ofyour childhood! How To Play: Become a real engine driver in newtrain ! Drive your own train and reach your destination. Enjoy theride and have a good time! Train Simulator 3D 2016 Features: -Realistic train simulator: opportunity to become a real enginedriver - Opportunity to visit cabin of engine driver - Perfect 3Dgraphics and well-detailed environment - 20 Level game - Greatdynamic Game play - Excellent game for all fans of Train Games andTrain Simulators Download Train Simulator 3D 2016, put on yourdriver's cap and prepare for a little ride.
Plane Simulator 3D 1.0
Plane Simulator 3D is a 3D Airplane Parking Simulator game. PlaneSimulator 3D is a super cool 3D car parking game look alike, butthis time you don’t get behind of the steering wheel of car, truckor other small vehicle. This time you are the pilot of an airplane,and parking an airplane is something totally different then parkinga truck, bus or car. After landing your aircraft safely on theground, flight control will give you the right directions where youneed your airplane safely without any damage. Plane Simulator 3DGame features - 20 different levels each level has its own parkingchallenge - Real life parking situations - Realistic Controls -Great dynamic gameplay - Extreme precision driving simulator - Parkaccording to the arrow in the parking place - More exciting PlaneSimulator 3D levels will follow Plane Simulator 3D - Enjoy theGame!
Archery 3D 1.0
The No. #1 Archery game is now on mobile! Archery 3D 2016 is thehottest and most realistic archery simulation game for you. Archery3D delivers ultra realistic archery experience that featuresstunning 3D graphics, amazing animations and simple intuitivecontrols. Shoot arrows at targets generally set at various distance. All you have to do is pull with your hands, aim and let go. Thissimple and addictive game helps increase concentration! If you areready, pull the bow string now! Get ready for the intensechallenges from Olympic Archery champions. Take a breath, aim thetarget, shoot the arrow and hit the bull's eye now! Will you be thebest archer or bowman? Archery 3D Features: - picturesquelocations: Pine Forest, Archery Field, Deadly Desert and RainForest - Polished animation and realistic 3D graphics - elaboratedesigned archery equipment - 20 addictive levels in normal mode -Excellent and Vivid animation effects with beautiful color themebackground. The physics animation used in Archery 3D game is verydetailed and accurate. Download and play Archery 3D , you willenjoy it very much
Car Wars Demolition 1.0
Are you ready for play Car Wars Demolition ? survive the deadlydemolition missions. Hit hardly with opponent cars or truck anddestroy them. Drive your awesome vehicle and crash your opponentsto pieces. Challenge your driving skills in the most dangerousmulti level and multi different attractive environments. This gameis very unique and different from other simulation games. you haveto drive cars and trucks at high speed and become a challenger.Each car have health, destroy health of opponent cars and explodethem.This racing game is addictive for you. Download and enjoy thisinteresting and unique game. Features Of Car Wars Demolition:•Nerve wrecking high speed racing action •Real-time car destructionand damage •Surreal visual effects •Realistic Car Physics andsmooth controls •Choose between a wide range of cars •Choose from 2control options to suit your driving style •Awesome environments:Derby Arena, Stunt Area.
Gangster of Crime City 1.0
What is Gangster of Crime City all about? Are you a fan of highspeed driving? Does the thought of flying your ride gives youthrill? Than fasten your seat belts! And experience the wildestdriving adventure! This game is all about racing around the town tocomplete cab driving missions. Get ready for a crazy cab ride. Feelthe thrill of speedily riding on free roads. Dropping passengersoff on time should be your first priority Pick up the passengersand drop them off on time. Don’t be Tardy! Speedily race around thecity and complete the mission. Use the Direction arrow to find yourdestination. Find the shortest route to save time! Your first orderof crime business in San Andreas is to put up your crime empirewithin the City of Angels. You just got of jail, after spendingfive hard years in the slammer of the San Andreas county prison.You can do two things struggle to make living or you can startplaying in the criminal underworld. The streets of San Andreas arefull of gangs crooked cops and other low life scum. Dive into thegang warfare and hope nothing goes sour, make sure you win backyour old influences over the City of Angels. Features of Gangsterof Crime City · 20 Interesting taxi driving missions · Smooth taxicontrols · Realistic city graphics · Extreme precision drivingsimulator This ride is definitely worth taking! Show your cabbyskills!
City Motorbike Racing 1.0
Turn the key, kick the starter, pull the throttle and push theenvelope on the bike ride of your life. City Motorbike Racing is anew and exciting physics based moto racing and motocross game .City Motorbike Racing is easy to pick up but hard to master whichwill keep you in the zone for hours. Race, jump and crash your wayand rivals through the amazing tracks as you master the physics ofmotocross in this high speed racing adventure. Here is your chanceto step up and prove that you are the most intense and competitivebiker! Features of City Motorbike Racing ∙ Amazing Selection ofBikes ∙ Awesome Fantasy City Environment ∙ Realistic DrivingExperience ∙ Breathtaking 3D Graphics ∙ Smooth Gameplay Get readyfor the ride of your life!
Truck Driver Cargo Race 1.0
Let’s start the heavy duty oil tankertruckengine, drive the powerful oil tanker & enjoy the oilcargotruck driving experience to facing the off road mountaintraffic.Truck Driver Cargo Race is one of the best liquid fuelcargotransporter truck game with an ultimate fun of oil tankerparking& driving simulator experience. Let’s play the oiltankertransporter truck game that has a real oil tanker drivingskills tocontrol heavy duty trailer on offroad tracks. Yourultimate duty isto make sure continuous oil supply to off road gasstations.Truck Driver Cargo Race is an off road oil delivery duty&professional driving game in which you have to drive andcontrol along heavy trucks with an oil tanker attached to it.Yourresponsibility is to maintain fuel supply mountain areas&first of all you need to fill your oil tanker from oilrefinery anddrive to deliver highly flammable gasoline fuel todifferent offroad gas stations within time limits to meet thedemand of petrolor diesel. You will drive this heavy duty oiltransporter truck toits destinations with extra driving care &accuracy.Truck Driver Cargo Race is a driving simulation game for you&objective of this game is to drive from oil refinery topicking upfuel and delivering oil to the offroad petrol &diesel gasstations. Your duty as cargo truck driver is to reachsafely ondestinations. Truck Driver Cargo Race is a driving game inwhichyou have to drive a long heavy trucks with oil tanker attachedtoit. The main objective of this game is to driving, parking&transport safely high dangerous gasoline fuel from oilrefinery todifferent off road gas stations. Now put your hands onthe oiltransport tanker steering and be the off road master of thehills.Challenge yourself to become an expert driver of this heavyfueltransporter truck.Truck Driver Cargo Race Game Features:Driving Experience of Heavy Transporter Truck withOilTanker20 Exciting Levels to Enjoy Oil Tanker Truck DrivingDriving Fun on Mountain Roads with Real TrafficHeavy Truck Driving Simulation with Smooth Steering &HydraulicBrakesDifferent Camera Angles to explore the 3D off RoadEnvironmentA Unique Concept of Mountain Oil TransportationAmazing Gameplay with HD GraphicsPlay As a Virtual Oil Transport Truck Driver Duty
Road Roller Simulator 2016 1.0
Road Roller Simulator 2016 - Driving, parking, excavation andconstruction all available in this Road Roller Simulator 2016. Wehave our newest 3d simulator game for you to work as a Road RollerSimulator 2016 in this construction simulator. This game will letyou have the full control over the heavy construction vehiclesincluding heavy excavator , construction truck , painter & roadroller. Road Roller Simulator 2016 FEATURES • Real Experience ofDriving Heavy Vehicles • Explore the Construction Site environment• Addictive Missions of Excavation, Transport & RoadConstruction • Smooth Steering, Hydraulic Brakes, Lifting andRotation Controls • Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment •Real-time Physics Controls for Driving Heavy Vehicles YourFeedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us
Archery World Champion 1.0
The World's #1 Archery game is now on mobile! Archery WorldChampion is the hottest and most realistic archery simulation gamefor you. Discover this completely free archery game with tournamentmode, great performance, small install size, and amazing features!Archery World Champion delivers ultra realistic archery experiencethat features stunning 3D graphics, amazing animations and simpleintuitive controls. Shoot arrows at targets generally set atvarious distance to earn coins for new bows, arrows and upgrades.Get ready for the intense challenges from Olympic Archerychampions. Take a breath, aim the target, shoot the arrow and hitthe bull's eye now! Will you be the best archer or bowman? ArcheryWorld Champion Game Features: - 4 picturesque locations: PineForest, Archery Field, Deadly Desert and Rain Forest - Polishedanimation and realistic 3D graphics - 20+ addictive levels innormal mode - Intuitive and super precise aiming, feels likerealistic archery - Multiple archery locations with awesomephotorealistic graphics - Great sound, visual and haptic toucheffects to complement the real archery feel - Endless archeryranking mode, beat the highscores with revolutionary checkpointendless system - Completely free, fully featured realistic archerysports game with tiny install size - Integrated with Immersiontactile effects Intuitive controls, realistic physics, multiplearchery locations and play modes make this one of the best Archerygames on mobile.
City Bus Simulator 2017 1.0
Choose between different buses, pick up passengers along the routesand configure your bus to make this driving simulator veryrealistic. Improve your skills and challenge yourself driving inmore then 360 routes with more than a thousand stops and stationscombinations in those routes! Featuring the best driving simulatorfor mobile devices, Bus Simulator 2017 is the perfect drivingexperience of driving realistic buses in a real city. Drive themost famous buses of public transportation in our high detailedsimulation. City Bus Simulator 2017 Features: • Categories: traveland urban buses, special sportive paintings and one fullarticulated bus! • Outside cameras and also a totally functionalinterior to each vehicle. • 360 routes in the travel planner. •Realistic traffic • Street lights, cars driving on city streets andpedestrians. • Bus stops, stations, travel schedules and stopsduring the journey. • People to get in and get out of the bus inthe stops. • Time and weather conditions. • Huge map, hundreds ofmiles to drive thought. If you played our other simulations youknow how committed are to this product, and to make it as perfectas we can, so you can experience a real driving simulation,compatible with as many devices as possible, in a high performanceand detailed simulation. Please, contact us to give your feedback!
Flying Train Sim 1.0
It’s time to drive a flying train. Travel to the future withfuturistic Flying Train Sim. Tired of playing classic train drivinggames. Want to fly a train? You can test your airplane pilot skillsand ability at the same time. Earn all railway achievements!Complete interesting driving tasks. Fly around the world discovernew landscapes, Drive your muscle engine, do stunts and drifts !Burn the asphalt road ! Be the best driver! Rail tracks and crowdedtraffic in the city streets. Welcome the futuristic theme of flyingautos and vehicles on your android. Drive your muscle car engine atrails or sky. Flying Train Simulator 2017 is the top futuristicsimulator of 2017 that will allow you to become the best driver!Forget all the classic flying games. Pilot your steam locomotive inthe futuristic city terrain or drive your engine in the air off theroad similar to an airplane. Transform wheels into quadcopter pushthe nitro and fly freely. You can test your airplane pilot skills.Fly your plane around the world discover new landscapes. Feel likea professional aircraft flight pilot in future city. You are freein a world that you can do what you want! Display Skills of aprofessional Aircraft flight pilot by driving this quadcopterengine with nitro blast in between the skyscrapers of the futurecity, Have the best flying experience in this Futuristic Game. Itcontain a fly engine like no other, just like a muscle engine, youwill forget the flight of Airplanes when you will go from car modeto fly mode, from city drive to high flight, its an simulation andracing adventure which will take you to the world of speed &heights. Tired of playing classic train driving games. Want todrive a flying train? Flying Train Simulator 2017 Free is best foryou! Flying Train Simulator 2017 is the top futuristic trainsimulator of 2017 that will allow you to become the best flyingtrain driver! Now you can drive your steam locomotive in dirtyoff-road or fly your train like an airplane, feel like aprofessional aircraft flight pilot in future city. You are free ina world that you can do what you want! Flying Train Sim Pilot ismade for all fans of flying car driving games, Simulation games andAirplane Flight games. Flying Train Sim - GAME FEATURES: . ✔Futuristic Flying Train Model ✔ Beautiful Future City and Off-roadenvironments ✔ Realistic Train Sounds (Steam, rail, locomotive) ✔Cutting edge HD Graphics ✔ Realistic and dynamic train physics ✔Realistic Airplane physics ✔ Easy and Free to use ✔ No WiFi? NoProblem. ✔ Offline Play Enjoy ツ
Harvester Farming Simulator 1.0
Harvest the different corps in this harvesting season and earn lotof profit by selling them. Be the tycoon of farming business in USAand beat all your farming rivals in this farming sim. Farm thecorps in new blocky farm and earn the fame among the other entirecountry farmers. Take your forage farming experience to the nextlevel and be the most experienced block farmer. Smash the otherbusiness rivals in this farming tycoon simulation in farming usaand crush them. Plow the fields in the blocky farm alongside thehighway and try to produce quality corps. Produce the corps inlarger quantity in order to save some for yourself and sell in tothe market. Earn heavy profits and buy more corps to plow in yourblocky farm and produce more corps. Be the king pin of the farmingbusiness in the open country road side and stay on the top.Harvests the Wheat, Rice, Cotton, Corn, Sugarcane & Sunflowerand sell them into markets. This massive block open world stylegame let you harvest and manage your own farm. Plow your fields,seed them, spray them for safety and then the harvest them aftercultivating. Expand your farming business by unlocking andpurchasing new type of corps to harvest. Take the control of yourharvester and drive it towards the fields by following thedirectional arrow. Complete the given task within time limit tocomplete the level successfully and upgrade the corps. If you arefailed to complete the mission within time then the level will befailed. Harvester Farming Simulator Features: ◆ Experience the realfarming environment. ◆ Harvest the different corps with real toolsand machinery. ◆ Drive the harvester with real driving physics andfunctions. ◆ Cultivate the farm, unlock new corps and upgrade yourbusiness. ◆ Be the ultimate farmer tycoon and rule the farmingbusiness. ◆ Sell your corps and buy more from the market.
Fire Truck Rescue 1.0
If you want to work at a fire department you need to know how youcontrol a big fire truck as the fire truck in this game. Learn theropes of driving and parking a fire truck in this fun and exciting3D parking game. So put on your fire fighter helmet and get readyto drive your fire truck as fast as possible to the right parkingspot. Help the fire man to park his fire truck in the right way. Becareful that you don’t hit anything or else you need to start allover again . This 3D parking game consist out of 20 different firetruck parking situations. Fire Truck Rescue is a cool new 3Dparking game that gives you the chance to drive something else thena standard car, truck or bus. Remember time is not on your side, sodon’t take too long with finding the parking spot and manoeuvringyour fire truck in the right position. Fire Truck Rescue is aparking game that you can download and play for free! Fire TruckRescue features - 2 different fire trucks, - 20 different parkinglevels each level has its own parking challenge - Real life parkingsituations - Realistic Controls - Great dynamic gameplay - Extremeprecision driving simulator - Park according to the arrow in theparking place - Time is not on your side, you got limited time topark successfully - More exciting fire truck parking levels willfollow
Archery Battle King 1.1
We invite you to slip into the forgotten forests of the hunters!Come of age, like a real hunter, proving your tracking skills,stalking your prey, and putting your hunting skills to the test inpursuit of real wild animals. Hunting season is coming and if youare planing for hunting jungle animals then archery animal huntergame is here for you to improve your archer skills and becomeultimate archery master. archery animal hunter 3d is most realisticbow shooting game for hunting beasts. you can hunt animals byriding horse or as a Stone age archery hunter in jungle. keep safedistance from the jungle beasts because they beware of you when yougo near to these animals and then they can attack you. Set your aimfrom cross bow and shoot animals in given time. this is verychallenging archery master hunting game. For the time being in thisarcher game you can hunt deer but in the upcoming version ofarchery animal hunter 3d we will update to many forest animals likeboar,bear,lion,stag,wolf etc. Hunting wild jungle animals witharchery is a fun. take your aim and shoot arrows on target to killand score points. this is the #1 archery deer hunting game you haveever played. shoot furious animals kill them and become life timearchery master animals hunting and enjoy hunting adventure safarifor lifetime. Archery deer hunting in best game of 2017.Enjoy theUltimate Archery Hunt Game and improve your jungle hunting skills.Archery Battle King game features: - Realistic 3D environmenthaving African jungle , Deserts and a beautiful lake. - Wonderful3D graphics and realistic animations. - Ancient archery player withold hunter dress. - Accurate bow shooting - smooth controls - Realtime game play animations - Realistic Ancient Arab World - Simpleand smooth aiming control - Tons of missions and objectives - EasyGUI and Control - Realistic sound effects Archery Battle King Freegame, just install and enjoy
Battle Town Crime 1.1
The citizen in New York are angry and want to riot ! The gangstersin town are taking the crime city over and it’s your job to getthem all behind bars in Battle Town Crime. In this police game youwill be hunting them until your last breath! Crime simulator gameswere never this much challenging! He there you low life thug areyou done with car theft games, are you ready to own New York?Download Battle Town Crime today and fight your way to the top ofthe criminal underworld of this major crime city. Battle Town Crimeoffers you loads of different gameplay types. As a low time thiefin a big city there are different ways to earn your money. Hunt thegangsters down in unlimited gangsters missions, chase them with acar, tank, helicopter, motorcycles and so much more ! It’s time toend this riot gangsters wars right now, or it could end up in a bigriot ! You have full control in this riot gangsters crime simulatorwith unlimited police game missions and a big open word to play in!For hours of gangsters police game gaming fun! Battle Town Crime ▶Watch out for the dangerous gangsters taken over the crime city! ▶Can you hunt all the gangsters down so their won’t be a riot? ▶Finish unlimited game missions and get paid! ▶ Big open world tohunt the gangsters in! ▶ Don't forget to rate us or give usfeedback!
Heavy Excavator Simulator 1.0
Heavy Excavator Simulator lets you become a real trucker! FeaturingEuropean trucks with lots of customizations, this truck simulatordelivers an exciting driving experience that will make you feellike driving real trucks. Travel across many countries from Europe,visit incredible places like Berlin, Prague, Madrid, Rome, Parisand more! Play the career mode of this truck simulator, make money,purchase new trucks and upgrades, explore the trucking world!Become the King of The Road by playing Heavy Excavator Simulator.Heavy Excavator Simulator Features: • European truck brands (4x2and 6x4 Axles) • More than 20 realistic level • Drive acrosscountry roads and highways • Easy controls (tilt, buttons or touchsteering wheel) • Realistic weather conditions and day/night cycle• Visual damage on trucks • Amazing engine sounds
Coaster Simulator Amazing 1.1
Feel and live through the excitement ofridingon a roller coaster only on Coaster Simulator Amazing.Control thespeed of the rides and be careful to slow down whilemaking sharpturns and at intersections! Chase the adrenaline rushas you dropfrom the skies and make loops and whizz through atlightningspeeds. This roller coaster ride is sure to drive youcrazy andfill you with the ultimate thrill! Enter this realisticsimulationto experience the roller coaster madness in yourfingertips!Coaster Simulator Amazing Game Controls :Left Button for making turns (Left and Right)Right Button for speed control(Top for acceleration, Downtobrake)Enjoy the best Coaster Simulator Amazing rides inpopularamusement parks. The 4th dimension rollercoaster game isendlessentertainment. Take the right rides of following types ofrollercoasters:> Space roller coaster.> Dive roller coaster.> Floor less roller coaster.> Flying roller coaster.> Mine train roller coaster.> Pipeline roller coaster Spinning roller coaster.> Steeplechase roller coaster.> Shuttle roller coaster.Coaster Simulator Amazing- Experience the real life sensationandexcitement of riding in this simulator game. Enjoy real freakyandcrazy ride through the realistic environments and get ready totouchthe sky with a simulation ride of roller coaster rush. Thisgameallows you to control the speed to keep it on track. Don't putyourpassengers lives in danger. If your speed goes high thenyourcoaster will be derailed. So avoid dangers by acceleratingthespeed and enjoy the zigzag tracks in this simulator.Coaster Simulator Amazing Game Features :1. 20 thrilling rides to play.2. 4 high speed and crazy roller coasters to upgrade.3. 4 different environments to explore like hill stations,seashore, city mode.
Transport Ship Simulator 1.0
Go back in time to the 20th century, and be prepared to take onyour enemies on the high seas, by commanding your naval vessel anddestroying your opponent’s ships. Ship Simulator 2017 is abattleship shooting game with several types of military shipsfulfilling different roles. The game provides players with a hugenaval fleet and grants an opportunity to take command of legendaryvessels and fight for domination on the high seas. Each machine hasits unique realistic combination of firepower, speed, armor, andendurance The naval action game has several features to keep youentertained, including a straightforward and clear game interface,as well as easy-to-maneuver game controls. Your mission is to takecharge of a fleet of powerful and varied naval ships, taking to therough seas to seek out and destroy your enemies in intense andbloody battles. Enjoy it! Transport Ship Simulator Features: -Varied and powerful weapons could be used in any situation!-Cutting edge 3D graphic! -battleships in real history! -Beautifulenvironments! -Smooth and simple ship control system! -Easy tolearn hard to master! -Exciting VFX effect!
Car Crash Demolition Racing 1.0
Get ready for the ultimate arcade racer! How long can you survivethe arena? Smell the petrol fumes and enjoy the carnage! Some ofthe awesome features of this Car Crash Demolition Racing game: ★Explore many events, including "last car driving" and demolitionraces (arena, 8 track, ovals and speedway) ★ Intense high speedracing action ★ Real-time car destruction and damage deformation +crash physics engine ★ Choose between wide range of thoroughbredall American (USA) muscle cars ★ Customize and improve your car byfitting upgrades ★ Incredible visuals and solid performance on awide range of devices ★ Choose and modify control system tofacilitate your driving style ★ Realistic car wreckage and debrissimulation Get ready to race and destroy your opponents indemolition derbies and full track speedway racers that will offeryou the thrill of a lifetime. Destruction has never felt so real asyou see doors and other car parts smash of your car. Tracks andevents The game offers various tracks and events across the nationfor endless racing and destruction driving pleasure. ArenaDemolition Derbies Play the traditional demolition derby events inan arena. All drivers start in opposite directions and the goal isto smash the other cars and be the last man (car) standing to winthe race. Race track / speedway events You can also drive on raceand speedway tracks which gives a different type of challenge andexperience. These races are referred to as a banger racing (forBritish and Europeans) and are mostly referred to as enduro racingin the United States. During these gatherings you are invited torace on (dirt) race tracks and you can try to win by reaching thefinish first or through endurance as you disable your opponents andsurvive to be the last (man / car) standing after the racingcarnage. The quest for destruction continues in the latest versionthat now also includes enhanced day and night scenery. Try tomaster all tracks with different vehicles and and test your drivingskills to the max as you aim to complete all tracks with the full3-stars! +Some game-play tips Have fun smashing and destroying youradversaries, but understand that the game is a quite accuratesimulation of the real thing! In this derby simulator limiting cardamage is key to becoming victorious and how you smash into othercars makes a big difference. Always try to smash rivals in the sideof their vehicle or from the rear. A reckless head-on collisions onthe other hand should be avoided to prevent your engine to die orother extreme damage to occur. To boost the damage you inflict onan rival you can get your motor rev up and run faster by using thenitro boost. Nitro boosts and other power-ups can be purchasedbefore the race.
Helicopter Rescue 2017 1.0
RESCUE THE PEOPLE OF THE LITTLE BIG CITY Helicopter shooting gamesare full of exciting missions, but with all these missions willcome casualties and somebody has to be the hero rescuer when thereare casualties… Are you the hero rescuer of this helicoptersimulator 3D. Helicopter simulator controlling games have neverbeen so exciting as this Hill Rescue Helicopter 2017 game! Help thepeople of the little big city like in the rescue bot games! AMAZINGOVERVIEW OF THE BIG 3D CITY OF NEW YORK Flight simulator games arefull of nice views from big cities, but none of them are as greatas this helicopter ambulance game. The rescue missions are made togive you a challenge, but are easy to play. Flying ambulancesimulator games like this real world flight helicopter simulatorwill let you enjoy all aspects and thrills of being a real herorescuer! Good luck with this flying ambulance simulator games andhelicopter ambulance city game! Main Features of Helicopter Rescue2017 ✔ Adrenaline filled rescue missions to complete this flightsimulator games! ✔ Amazing sceneries like no other flight simulatorgames have! ✔ Perfect helicopter ambulance game full of herorescuer missions! ✔ Epic flying ambulance simulator games and new2017 features! ✔ Complete all the rescue missions in thishelicopter simulator 3D! ✔ Rescue bot games and helicopter shootinggames are nothing like this game! ✔ More adrenaline filled flightsimulator games and flying ambulance simulator games coming soon!
Archery Shooter Expert 1.0
Archery Shooter Expert is the best shooting games of 2017. if youlove shooting from modern sniper weapons and rifles like ak47 ,LR-300 , M16 , M4 carbine and MKEK rifles then here we are withbest sniper 3d and assault rifles in range shooting practice forall users despite their ages as this game contains no violationaccording to age limits . Enjoy best practice range shooting gameswith real shooting experience without killing and hunting livingthing. Be ready to shoot in shooting practice range to be realshooter 3d of 2017 and enter your entry in best real shooter 2017.Archery was used century before and there is no fun of targethitting if it has no weaponry sound . deadly effects and livelymuzzle . If you want to injury free hitting and master your 3dshooting skills even with your sniper 3d weapon then real shooting3d is best for you to master your 3d shooting skills and be bestshooter of 2017. For the first time , its ready for you to enjoysniper 3d shooting without hunting animals or shooting in war .This opportunity is for all to be best shooting expert without anyharm to anyone. Control your breath and define your sight towardsthe target and eliminate the target from bull eye shot. bull eyeshot is the best precise and real conrtol shot that can only beshot by best sniper shooting expert. for being real shooting expertof 2016 , you need best sniper shooting 2017 skills. ArcheryShooter Expert of 2017 is the best shooting games of 2017 will giveyou best sniper shooting games experience with real sniper shooter3d skills and will encourage your duty target shooting skills in alegal way. So! you have ever think of sniper shooting , assaultshooting or you want to be best sniper shooter or assault shooterthen complete the variety of levels in lots of regions like desertrange sniper shooting , snow range sniper shooting and mountainrange sniper shooting. *** Archery Shooter Expert Features ***=> Real shooting simulator controls with all army commandotraining missions => Best army commando learning missions =>Real shooting experience => real shooting effects and sound=> best army shooting 3d environment for real shooter 3d =>lots of different sniper 3d and assault 3d weapons => enjoyhundreds of levels with real shooting progress
Emergency Helicopter Simulator 1.0
Emergency Helicopter Simulator presents forthefirst time an advance flight simulator rescue game. Startlevelsinclude small shipping boat had some problems with theirnavigation.A rescue team just knows their approximate location.The helicopterpilot finds their location and rescues them beforethe boat sinks.Helicopter rescue flight Sim is a 3D real chopperflightsimulator.Experience a real simulator and fly real chopper havingamazingcontrols. Flying in a helicopter has never been realistic asinthis rescue helicopter flight simulator. Become a lifesaverwithrescue helicopter simulator. Fly in a realistic chopper neartheemergency and bring the people to its destination. Go as fast asucan through the realistic 3D mountain hills as you proceedthroughthis rescue flight simulator game to save the people.In some levels terrible flood and the rescuers have a verylimitedresources. The rescue team needs to save as many people aspossiblebefore their fuel runs out! How many can they save? Playerhave tomake strategic decisions which people to rescue inwhatorder.At times of real need, take the rescue ambulance helicopter! Nomorebusy traffic when you fly over the realistic city hill climb.Therescue team also transports the injured people to thehospital.Become a helicopter pilot and fly with the wounded to savethem.Show off your helicopter flying skills in this rescuehelicopterflying simulator game!
Archery Ultimate Game 1.0
Discover this completely free archery game with tournament mode,great performance, small install size, and amazing features!Archery Ultimate Game - Intuitive and super precise aiming, feelslike realistic archery - Multiple archery locations with awesomephotorealistic graphics - Great sound, visual and haptic toucheffects to complement the real archery feel - Tournament archerymode with 4 preset tournaments you can play with up to 8 human orcomputer players to figure out who's the best - Tournament Editor,to make your own customized tournaments! - Endless archery rankingmode, beat the highscores with revolutionary checkpoint endlesssystem - Time Attack mode for a quick fun game - Completely free,fully featured realistic archery sports game with tiny install size- Integrated with Immersion tactile effects Intuitive controls,realistic physics, multiple archery locations and play modes makethis one of the best Archery games on mobile.
Heavy Road Roller Simulator 1.0
Get to experience this awesome roadrollersimulator. Feel like a real road roller driver who is drivinga bigsteam roller. With being a real steam roller driver anddriving abig steam roller comes big responsibility. Thisresponsibilitymeans keeping the big city 3d streets in goodcondition. So get inyour big steam roller and keep the big city 3dstreets safe and ina good condition so the big city 3d citizens candrive theirvehicles save through the big city.Driving a big road roller in a real big city 3d is really funbutcan also be a bit of a challenge. Driving around in regularcitycars or other small vehicles is easier than driving around inthisbig road roller. This steam roller game offers you the bestheavyequipment games feeling ever!When you love to play heavy equipment games, best drivinggames,real city driving games and best car parking games then youwillcertainly need to download this free road roller simulator.Getready for many hours of gaming fun while playing this steamrollergame.As a steam roller driver you are responsible to keep every bigcity3d street roads in good condition. Some of these street roadsareeasy to make and prepare but others might be verydifficult.Parking and driving your big road roller will be funandchallenging at the same time. All these elements combined makeoneof the best construction simulator games the google play storehasto offer. Get ready for some steam roller game action.During the steam roller game you have 20 real big city 3dgamelevels. The levels get more challenging with every levelyoufinish. Get ready for this construction simulator 2015!!Again, if you love to play heavy equipment games, bestdrivinggames, real city driving games and best car parking gamesthen youwill certainly need to download this free road rollersimulator.Get ready for many hours of gaming fun while playing thisroadroller simulator.Heavy Road Roller Simulator - KEY FEATURES- real life driving and parking experience playing theseheavyequipment games- awesome big city 3d playing this steam roller game- 20 real big city 3d game levels playing theseconstructionsimulator games- watch the clock playing these construction simulator games- on-screen steering wheel, accelerate / brake pedals playingthissteam roller game- more heavy equipment games and will follow shortly
Flying Auto Rickshaw 1.0
Tired of playing vehicle simulation games? It's to live your dreamwith Flying Auto Rickshaw simulator. It's not only an airplane thattakes a high flight, now you play as tuk tuk auto rickshaw driver.A complete city environment is there to enjoy your road drive andwhen tired of driving on the roads, let's take off and fly withyour tuk tuk auto rickshaw. This is the perfect futuristic game forthe lovers of flying simulators. Fly high into the skies and enjoythe thrill of controlling a tuk tuk flight. Ever wanted to fly avehicle? It’s time to get on the racing gears and flying your ownTuk Tuk auto rickshaw. Here is an opportunity for you fulfil yourdream and become a tuk tuk pilot. Enjoy as the tourist travellinginside the city high in the skies. Not only airplanes can fly butit’s your own tuk tuk auto that will fly with wings. Enjoy theflight simulation experience with your own driving vehicle. A newgenre in the market of games where your end up enjoying the thrillof flying a vehicle. A free roaming adventure where no objectivewill stop your air tour. A futuristic concept in the simulationgames to fly vehicles and acclaim yourself as a pilot. Drive youauto Rikshaw on the road and let it fly in the air like a flyingcar or flying bus. You are going to become a futuristic driver of aflying simulator game. Nobody needs an airplane to fly now!!!Relive the old tradition and let’s fly TUK TUK!!! Flying AutoRickshaw FEATURES ============= Flying Auto Rickshaw Free Modegameplay with no level restrictions Smooth Flying controls over thecity environment Amazing 3D Graphics & City Environment Newconcept in the market with vehicle simulators Thrill of flying tuktuk as a pilot
Oil Tanker Extreme Transport 1.0
Oil Tanker Extreme Transport is for you theaimof the game is to drive from station to station picking upanddelivering oil to the petrol stations in the your city andtheneighbouring cities.your duty is a transporter truck toitsdestination with precision and accuracyOil Tanker Extreme Transport is a driving game in which you havetodrive a long wheelbase trucks with a oil tanker attached to it.theaim of this game is to transport high flammable gasoline togasstation.★★★ Oil Tanker Extreme Transport Features ★★★◆ Challenging and outstanding environment.◆ Select any of the 4 big trucks.◆ 20 Challenge Base Missions.◆ Clock is ticking so transport oil on time.◆ Extreme precision 3D truck simulator.◆ Great dynamic game play.◆ Excellent sound effects.◆ Amazing 3D graphics.◆ Map of Whole City◆ Different camera angles that give you more control
Fly Train Offroad 2017 1.0
It’s time to drive a flying train. Travel to the future withfuturistic Fly Train Offroad 2017. Tired of playing classic traindriving games. Want to fly a train? You can test your airplanepilot skills and ability at the same time. Earn all railwayachievements! Complete interesting driving tasks. Fly around theworld discover new landscapes, Drive your muscle engine, do stuntsand drifts ! Burn the asphalt road ! Be the best driver! Railtracks and crowded traffic in the city streets. Welcome thefuturistic theme of flying autos and vehicles on your android.Drive your muscle car engine at rails or sky. Fly Train Offroad2017 is the top futuristic simulator of 2017 that will allow you tobecome the best driver! Forget all the classic flying games. Pilotyour steam locomotive in the futuristic city terrain or drive yourengine in the air off the road similar to an airplane. Transformwheels into quadcopter push the nitro and fly freely. You can testyour airplane pilot skills. Fly your plane around the worlddiscover new landscapes. Feel like a professional aircraft flightpilot in future city. You are free in a world that you can do whatyou want! Display Skills of a professional Aircraft flight pilot bydriving this quadcopter engine with nitro blast in between theskyscrapers of the future city, Have the best flying experience inthis Futuristic Game. It contain a fly engine like no other, justlike a muscle engine, you will forget the flight of Airplanes whenyou will go from car mode to fly mode, from city drive to highflight, its an simulation and racing adventure which will take youto the world of speed & heights. Tired of playing classic traindriving games. Want to drive a flying train? Fly Train Offroad 2017Free is best for you! Fly Train Offroad 2017 is the top futuristictrain simulator of 2017 that will allow you to become the bestflying train driver! Now you can drive your steam locomotive indirty off-road or fly your train like an airplane, feel like aprofessional aircraft flight pilot in future city. You are free ina world that you can do what you want! Fly Train Offroad 2017 ismade for all fans of flying car driving games, Simulation games andAirplane Flight games. Fly Train Offroad 2017 - GAME FEATURES: . ✔Futuristic Flying Train Model ✔ Beautiful Future City and Off-roadenvironments ✔ Realistic Train Sounds (Steam, rail, locomotive) ✔Cutting edge HD Graphics ✔ Realistic and dynamic train physics ✔Realistic Airplane physics ✔ Easy and Free to use ✔ No WiFi? NoProblem. ✔ Offline Play Enjoy ツ
Helicopter Parking Simulator 1.0
Helicopter Parking Simulator takes you onaflying adventure through the city skyline in this helicopterflyingsimulation game. Become the best helicopter pilot and flythroughthe city, making your way to the designated helipad whereyou mustland the helicopter to complete each of the 20 excitinglevels inthis helicopter flight simulation game. Be careful whenflying thehelicopter to avoid hitting into the skyscrapers or youcrash andhave to retry the level and fly safer.In Helicopter Parking Simulator comes 20 fun-filled that willhelpyou become the best helicopter pilot out there. So do you thinkyoucan take control of a helicopter and fly skillfully throughthecity to get to the helipads before the timer runs out? Thenthisgame will give the one of the most fun and exciting timeswithflying the helicopter through the city. So if you're excited toflyhelicopters, you will enjoy playing HelicopterParkingSimulator.
4x4Army Truck Check Post Drive 1.0
Get ready for an adventurous free drivinggame.Journey begun from an army base camp. You are a driver of amilitaryand being a military driver your duty is to drive an army4x4 truckthroughout a mountain and drop army commando to theircheck post.Challenging drive, limited time and mountain are thekey task for amilitary driver. So show your professional drivingskills andtransport solders from small base camp to main armycheck post.Solders are ready for a battlefield. They have enoughtime to reacha check post so your duty is to drive a real monster4x4 truck andhelp commando to fulfill their mission and drop themto check postfrom base camp. An adventurous drive start when youstart engine ofbig 4x4 truck. Tap speed and get ready for a thrillof drive arounda mountain.Drive throughout mountain has never been easy. Being amilitarydriver you have to put your driving skills into a shoe ofskilleddriver and prepare yourself for a dangerous ride with avariety ofcars to drive. So drive more and more and unlock yourdesire 4x4truck to transport army soldiers from base camp to armycheck post.Army check post truck gives you a real feel of an offroad driveand help you to simulate your off road drivingexperience. So drivean army check post and get ready for a realsimulation of an offroad drive. Drive army check post truck is afree game speciallyavailable for a cargo truck game lovers orparking games. You haveto drive an army truck and transport soldersat given location likea real parking game. So drive your 4x4 truckand complete allmissions in a limited time.4x4Army Truck Check Post Drive FeatureReal simulation of an army truck drive.variety of 4x4 heavy duty truck.An off road Challenging drive.Skilled army driver to transport solders.Clock is ticking with a limited time.Experience a sim of mountain drive.Challenging drive and loads of missions.Smooth game play with fun drive.Stunning sound effects and HD graphics.
Flying City Bus 2017 1.0
Like to drive fast down city streets? Fly high in a airplane? Lookno further and get straight into the fun that is the flying car!Get in the driver seat of the specially modified sports car, doamazing stunts and drifts in the city city streets or offroad oractivate airplane flight mode and turn your fast sports car into aunique flying car!! In an instance you went from a top car drivingexpert to a professional airplane pilot! !!!DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!!ONLYON ANDROID!!! -Fly through and amazingly detailed city environment,dodge and weave between skyscrapers! -Perfect the flying car andbecome the world's best pilot -Go to extreme speeds with supercharged nitro boosts Flying City Bus 2017 is made for all of youflight and driving simulation game fans, with all the best parts inone game! Flying City Bus 2017 GAME FEATURES: -Put your driving andflight controls to the test -Incredible HD Graphics -Real life Busmodified for flight capability -Detailed and immersive city worldenvironment -Fun, realistic driving controls -Dynamic camera angles-Intuitive airplane flight physics -Free to play and easy to use
Flying Air Ambulance Rescue 1.0
Flying Air Ambulance RescueWelcome to biggest open world Flying Air Ambulance Rescue. Inthiscrazy game you will be flying with an amulance.Everything including physics are created to be as realistic asareal flying ambulance as possible.Explore the beautiful open world with big cities and amazingwildnature terrains.Life and death is in the balance and everything depends onyourhelicopter piloting skills!aircraft Ambulance features finely-tuned controls, once youmasterthem you’ll be able to airborne quickly and smoothlyacrossbeautifully rendered 3D terrain.Detailed HUD system including all essential flightinformation:airspeed, ascent/descent speed, altitude, groundaltitude, motorblade rotation speed, and engine power switch. Youhave totalcontrol of your rescue emergency vehicles!Get ready to experience the endless Flying Air Ambulance Rescuewiththe simulation of city with high-rise buildings.Drive your muscle car do stunts and drifts ! burn the asphalt road!be the best car driver!You are free in a world that you can do what you want.Play airborne,ambulance to save people from disasters&accidents.Enjoy this ambulance simulator game and you will forget aboutschoolbus parking or ambulance parking games.This air ambulance airborne simulator games provides you withmanyhours of exciting and challenging game levels.Your mission is the same as normal, not aircraft simulator. A lotofreally cool features opportunities are waiting for you.HaveFun.Install now and feel the best airplane flight experience!Flying Air Ambulance Rescue key features:=> Amazingly realistic emergency game=> you are driving a ambulance which looks really amazing!=> Show off your skills with Flying Air Ambulance Rescue