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Remote Assistant 2.6
Contact centers are increasingly looking to implement a mobileworkforce. They want their agents to be able to log in from theirphone and interact with customers from wherever they may be. EnterOpenScape Contact Center Remote Assistant. OpenScape Contact CenterRemote Assistant provides agents with a new way to work – fromanywhere. What you can do: - Set the phone you want to receiveincoming OpenScape Contact Center calls on (mobile, smartphone,office, home, etc.) - Change your routing status (e.g. fromunavailable to available) - View detailed contact information onincoming calls like source, target, queue, etc. - View thereal-time status of your fellow agents - Access queue statisticslike the number of contacts in queue, queue availability, servicelevel, abandon rate, and more Note: This App is designed to workwith OpenScape Contact Center and requires additional software toenable. For further information on enabling the app, please contactyour local Unify Account Manager
Reporter OSC Fault Management V1.0.7 (built V9 R0.20)
OpenScape Fault Management Reporter (FMR) is a mobile client forOpenScape Fault Management. Automation, visibility and control overthe network drives operational efficiency and guaranties a highavailability. With OpenScape Fault Management Reporter you arealways in touch with your network. The FMR gives an overview of thecurrent status of the monitored systems and alarms(events).OpenScape Fault Management provides smart filtering –making sure the right people are getting network status andalarming information quickly. The OpenScape FMR client is availablewith the latest version of OpenScape Fault Management (V9 &V10).
OpenScape Web 2.4.0
OpenScape Web Collaboration for Android helps companies reduce overspending on business travel and third party web conferencingservices, while enabling employees, partners and customers to sharemore ideas and information, at a moment’s notice, and at a fractionof the cost. Using OpenScape Web Collaboration you can: • Minimizecosts for third party conferencing services • Reduce the need fortravel • Enhance collaboration and team productivity • Improve yourcompetitive advantage Desktop Sharing & Remote Control InstantMessage Chat: All participants can exchange real-time text messageswith other participants or the presenter using an instant messaging(IM)-like interface. Multi-party Video Chat Full motion multi-partyvideo chat capabilities are built into the solution to engage youraudience and deliver a more personalized and natural collaborationexperience from your Android-Device. For more information aboutOpenScape Web Collaboration, please visit us at www.unify.com
Dashboard 2.3
Contact Center managers are constantly on the move. They need tohave a view into their contact center operations wherever they are– at home, in the car, at work, at lunch. Enter OpenScape ContactCenter Dashboard. OpenScape Contact Center Dashboard providesreal-time monitoring and management of OpenScape Contact Centeragents, skills, and more on your phone. It allows you to monitorthe current state of your OpenScape Contact Center and to make thechanges necessary to keep your operations running smoothly. It’ssimply the better way to manage your contact center. What you cando: Monitor and control all of the important aspects of yourcontact center, including: - Agent Summary: Number of agents loggedon, logged off, idle, away, busy, active - Queue Summary: Number ofwaiting calls, oldest call, number of received, answered, abandonedand redirected calls - Agent Status: View the real-time status ofall agents including their routing status, presence status,registered media, etc. - Queue Status: View all waiting contactsfor all available media like voice, callback, email, Twitter andFacebook as well as queue availability, service level, abandon rateand more - Change the routing state of an agent (e.g. fromunavailable to logged off) - Configure which agents you want to beincluded in the view - View all available skills for each agent andremove skills from an agent or assign new skills to the agent -Change queue parameters on the fly: activate emergencyannouncements, adjust the maximum queue length, and more Note: ThisApp is designed to work with OpenScape Contact Center and requiresadditional software to enable. For further information on enablingthe app, please contact your local Unify Account Manager
Circuit by Unify 1.2.5503
Circuit collaboration software improves teamwork by bringing voice,video, screen-share, messaging, and file sharing together into asingle platform with one unified view. To trial Circuit for free,click here: http://www.circuit.com Features include: • PrivateConversations • Open Conversations • Conversations synchronizedwith other Circuit device • Plain text messaging • Commenting andreply • Flagging • Deleting messages • Audio and video calling •1-2-1 and group calling • Joining active calls • Active speakerdynamic calls stage • Mute • Moving calls between Circuit devices •Access to conference details • PSTN dial in • Search • Basicconversation management – leaving and adding people • Manage datawith wifi only calling options • Presence status • View usersprofiles • Application notifications Note: Rooted devices areblocked for systems where the provider running that system hasrequested it for security reasons. Please contact your local IT ifyou believe they should not have done this and if they request it,the restriction can be removed.
OpenScape Mobile Pro 10.0.28
IMPORTANT NOTICE: OpenScape Mobile Pro is not a standalone clientbut part of a Unified Communications solution. In order to functioncorrectly all mandatory solution components must be installed andin operational state. Be advised by your administrator beforeinstalling or upgrading the application. The solution requires anOpenScape UC applications server, an SBC server, a HAproxy, amobile Façade server and a suitable PBX (OpenScape Voice orOpenScape 4000). Version compatibility matrix can be found in theproduct release notes. Today’s reality - A mobile, global,distributed and virtual workforce. But you still need fast accessto people, from wherever you are, at the lowest possible cost.OpenScape Mobile Pro enhances your communications experience withrich Voice over IP (VoIP) and Video capabilities from your Androiddevice. Plus it allows you to seamlessly move calls between deskphone, Wi-Fi and cellular. OpenScape Mobile Pro reduces cellularcharges through lower air-time minutes and roaming charges bymaking and receiving calls over Wi-Fi from your home, a Wi-Fihotspot or on the corporate Wi-Fi. With a simple finger gesture,OpenScape Mobile Pro call swipe lets you seamlessly move calls fromyour mobile device to a desktop device, and vice-versa, and fromcellular network or the Wi-Fi. What you can do OpenScape Mobile Proworks in three modes (depending on the license you purchased):UC-only mode: Gives you access to OpenScape Unified Communicationsfeatures (also see OpenScape UC) ● Set your user presence statusand preferred device or device list ● Be reached on a singlepublished phone number ● See your OpenScape contacts and theirpresence status ● Manage your OpenScape contacts and place calls toyour contacts through your corporate network ● Initiate conferencesand join a conference, plus see the conference status ● Chat withyour colleagues ● Set time zone, location and status note ● Viewmissed calls in the Journal Voice/Video-only mode: Gives you accessto VoIP and Video, plus call transfer, call forwarding and callswipe. Combined mode: Gives you both UC and VoIP/Videofunctionality in a single mobile application. OpenScape Mobile Prorequires the connectivity to either OpenScape UC, OpenScape Voiceor OpenScape 4000. For more information about OpenScape, pleasevisit us at www.unify.com
Unify Office
Work from anywhere with the leading all-in-one team messaging,video conferencing, and phone calling solution. You and your teamcan stay more connected, focused, and productive while staying homeand keeping your social distances. Here’s how Unify Office helpsteams stay efficient during this time: *Collaborate with superiorteam messaging* Message individuals or teams in real time to stayconnected and bring remote workers together. Easily collaboratewith file sharing, task management, and a shared calendar. All forfree. No plan required. *Stay connected with seamless videomeetings* Launch video meetings directly from the app for real-timecollaboration with screen sharing, chat, and markup tools. *Make HDcalls with an enterprise phone system* Get HD voice quality, callforwarding, and advanced call features all while displaying yourbusiness number as your caller ID. Use Wi-Fi, carrier minutes, orcellular data on any mobile device. *Send a fax from anywhere* Sendfiles through your mobile device with secure and easy onlinefaxing. Attach files from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or anyMicrosoft Office application, or submit faxes online via email. AUnify Office subscription is required for certain product features.Features will vary by product and plan. A free subscription isavailable with limited capabilities.
Mobile Supervisor V9R0.111
OpenScape Contact Center Mobile Supervisor provides theContactCenter Supervisor with quick access to real-time agent andqueuestatus. The Supervisor can change the status of an agent aswell asaccess summary and detailed agent and queue stateinformation.