UniversalTVRemotes Apps

TV Remote Control 21.0
Take control over your TV using phone! Use your phone as auniversal remote controller for every TV! Our tool is the best waywhen you want to turn your phone into the universal remote for TVs.It has simple calibration and can be used to switch TV channels andcontrol sound volume. It can be also used for more advanced usagesuch as selecting input source for television set.
Phone As TV Remote 22.0
If you want to make a step into the future - turn your phone intoremote controller for TV. Now you don't have to look for a physicalTV remote. Just display TV remote on phone's screen. It's as easy!Just calibrate your connection between Android and TV. It takes fewseconds and can be done with a single click.
TV remote controlling 3.0
With this app you can change tv channels, change sound volume anddo everything you want with your TV! This tool will replace yourold, boring remote for TV. This one is universal and easy to use.You can connect it to any TV set - even the oldest one, because ituses iRDa, Bluetooth and Wifi to connect to the television set.