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Bellini nella città di Bellini 1.0.2
The “Bellini in the town of Bellini” app is offered as a tool for avirtual tour of the mainsights of Catania, which have a connectionwith the human and artistic experience of Vincenzo Bellini.Itstarts from the birthplace, today seat of the Museo CivicoBelliniano, then moved to the Church of St. Francis Borgia, inwhich Bellini was baptized, and continues with the monumentalcomplex of the Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò l'Arena, thePalace of the University, the Cathedral, the Palace of the Princeof Biscari and finally the Teatro Massimo Bellini, built after thecomposer's death and inaugurated with the staging of Norma.Byclicking on the appropriate bookmark in the map, for each of theseven historic sites are available: a series of photos, a conciseinformative text and a short music listening that describe theBellini opera in its wealth of genres and forms. With the arrows atthe top right, you can also navigate from one place to anotherwithout having to manually scroll the map.
Università degli Studi di Catania - Area dei Sistemi InformativiStudium.UniCT is a portal to support the teaching activities at theUniversity of Catania. From Studium.UniCT the students can accessthe infomational pages of the courses and the educational material,take online tests, submit assignments, comunicate and interact withteachers, tutors and other students. This app allows users toaccess some services of Studium.UniCT from Android devices. To beable to use this app, users must have accessed at least once theStudium.UniCT web portal https://studium.unict.it. This proceduremust be repeated for each academic year the user wants to access.At the moment, the app allows students to consult the coursesyllabus, infomational pages, announcements, educational materialpublished on the Document section of the courses, and subscribe forevents; they can furthermore view te professors info pages andconctact them by email, and upload a profile picture. It ispossible to download on the device the availabe documents and sharethem. For each course there is also the chance to access directlyits web page Users can also manage their courses, subscribing tothem, unsubscribing, organizing them into categories, and alsoconsult all the courses of the university whose content is openalso to the other users not subscribed to that course. Professorsand tutors, as privileged users, can also intervene on the accesssettings of own courses, modify the visibility of the tools used inthe app (documents, announcements, description, events), manage theannouncements (publish, update and delete them), and view the usersof their courses, with the chance to view their profile picture,and contact them by email. Users, starting from the academic year2019/2020, will furthermore receive real time notificationswhenever an announcement or document gets published or modified ona course the user is subscribed to; these notifications will besaved on te device. To report bugs, for suggestions orinformations, please contact Studium.UniCT Supportadmin@studium.unict.it
Rubrica UniCT 1.0.8
Università degli Studi di Catania - CEA Rubrica del personaled'ateneo. Questa app permette, previa autenticazione concredenziali CAS (Sistema di Autenticazione Centrale), laconsultazione e l'utilizzo della rubrica del personale in serviziopresso l'Università di Catania. La ricerca va effettuata percognome, verranno mostrate solo le informazioni essenziali; pervisualizzare tutte le informazioni è necessario inoltrare richiestadi attivazione direttamente presso l'ufficio gestione personale.Funzionalità dell'applicazione: - Selezione ed invio velocechiamate telefonica; - Chiamata tramite selezione numero (funzioneattivabile tramite swipe sul contatto); - Invio mail o sms(funzione attivabile tramite swipe sul contatto); - Scheda deldipendente con ulteriori informazioni. University of Catania - CEAHeading of staff of the university. This app allows you, afterauthentication credentials with CAS (Central AuthenticationSystem), consultation and use of the book of the personnel workingat the University of Catania. The research should be carried out byhis last name will be shown only the essential information todisplay all the information you need to forward activation requestdirectly to the office management staff. Application features: -Selection and quick send telephone calls; - Making a call using thenumber selection (function activated by swipe on contact); -Sending mail or SMS (function activated by swipe on contact); -Card of the employee with more information.