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Uniwhere – The University App 6.0.6
Uniwhere is an app that brings all your university life to yoursmartphone, and it does that automatically. Remember those appswhere you put your grades manually, every time you got one? We dothat too, but we don't ask for anything. Just log in using youruniversity account and boom: you're in. • Your study plan, withyour grades and exams still to be passed? We got it. •Administrative fees, still to be paid or already done? Yep. Testsdates? Sure. Finals? You got it. • And then: average grade, thepossibility to simulate a grade to understand how it will affectyour GPA, and much more stuff regarding statistics. And no... it'snot over yet! We even got your institutional email, already loggedin and ready to use, a calendar, various internship opportunities,awards, etc... In a nutshell: if you need anything regarding theuniversity, you bet it's in Uniwhere! Which universities do wesupport? We're currently running in Italy and Germany. Among thosewe support: GERMANY: • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin • FreieUniversität Berlin ITALY: • Università di Roma 1 (SAPIENZA) •Università Bocconi (UNIBOCCONI) • Università Luiss (LUISS) •Università di Bologna (UNIBO) • Università di Napoli Federico II(UNINA) • Università di Torino (UNITO) • Università di MilanoStatale (UNIMI) • Università di Padova (UNIPD) • Università diFirenze (UNIFI) • Università di Pisa (UNIPI) • Università di Bari(UNIBA) • Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) • Università di Catania(UNICT) • Università di Palermo (UNIPA) • Università Cattolica(UNICATT) • Università di Salerno (UNISA) • Università di MilanoBicocca (UNIMIB) • Università di Roma 3 (UNIROMA3) • Politecnico diTorino (POLITO) • Università di Genova (UNIGE) • Università diPerugia (UNIPG) • Università di Trento (UNITN) • Università diCagliari (UNICA) • Università di Parma (UNIPR) • Università diUrbino (UNIURB) ... and many more :) -- We care to underline thatwe're not always an official all of the universities we support (wehave in place a partnership with some of them). We operateautonomously, and we care about that. We would like to ask you toread our Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service before using theapp. You can find these documents on our website, in this app storepage, and inside the app too.