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Epic Citadel
Unreal Engine
Enter Epic Citadel, the dynamic fantasysetting of the award-winning Infinity Blade.From the circus bazaar to the sweeping cathedral in the center oftown, Epic Citadel dazzles with a visual parade of special effects,as only imagined by Epic Games and powered by the criticallyacclaimed Unreal Engine 3.Are you ready to explore the realm of the Epic Citadel and all thebeautiful secrets it holds?Epic Citadel was created using the same tools and technology usedto develop high-end console games, now delivered for Androiddevices!Unreal Engine 3 for mobile gaming platforms is scalable yet packedwith the same tools hundreds of thousands of users work with tocreate games, simulations and animated content.• Enjoy amazing visuals and explore the stunning Epic Citadelkingdom grounds!• Measure the performance of your Android device with BenchmarkingMode, which includes summary readouts with frames per second,screen resolution and quality setting details.• Experience stunning Unreal Engine 3 graphics! Unreal Lightmassglobal illumination provides beautiful lighting and shadows.Realistic reflections, dynamic movement of trees and banners, andfilmic light effects enhance the lifelike environment.
Unreal Match 3 4.21
Unreal Engine
Unreal Match 3 is built from the ground up to help developers learnhow to make mobile games using Unreal Engine 4, which is availablefor free at www.unrealengine.com. This standalone app is just onepiece of the learning package! You can download and explore thecomplete Unreal Match 3 project with Unreal Engine 4 installed onyour computer. Unreal Match 3 utilizes UE4 features such as theUnreal Motion Graphics (UMG) UI editor and the Paper 2D toolset.With the Unreal Match 3 project, you can look through the game’sBlueprint scripts, art assets, and C++ code, and use the assets foryour own projects. The accompanying written and video learningresources will also come in handy, and finally, if you’ve everwondered how UE4 supports ads, achievements, in-app purchases, andleaderboards, this download will show you how they work in a liveenvironment. Questions? Visit forums.unrealengine.com. Join theconversation: www.facebook.com/unrealenginewww.twitter.com/unrealengine www.youtube.com/unrealenginewww.twitch.tv/unrealengine www.instagram.com/unrealengine If youexperience any issues with Unreal Match 3, you can reach our teamat UnrealMatch3@epicgames.com. Unreal Match 3 EULA:https://www.unrealengine.com/html5/unreal-match-3-unreal-engine-4-eula-android
Action RPG Game Sample 2.0
Unreal Engine
Designed as a resource for developers, Action RPG is a third-personhack-and-slash game built from the ground up to help you learn moreabout how to use Unreal Engine 4 to develop high-end mobile games.Recently shipping alongside Unreal Engine 4.20 is the Action RolePlaying Game (Action RPG or ARPG) sample project. As the namesuggests, Action RPG is a fast-paced, third-person hack-and-slashgame that was built from the ground up to help developers learnmore about how to use UE4 to develop high-end mobile games. Insideof the Action RPG sample project and accompanying documentation youwill find a wide range of topics that any UE4 developer will finduseful. Some of the topics that this sample covers are. UtilizingC++ and Blueprints together in a UE4 project. Setting up and usingcertain aspects of UE4's Ability system. How to support multipleplatforms like Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Consoles. Questions: Havequestions or need help? Visit forums.unrealengine.com to get allthe help you need! Join the conversation:www.facebook.com/unrealengine www.twitter.com/unrealenginewww.youtube.com/unrealengine www.twitch.tv/unrealenginewww.instagram.com/unrealengine EULA:https://epicgames.box.com/s/a9dmdrpjriupntvp51y7k8mb9jel3yfx