UpActive Apps

UpActive 1.35.1
UpActive empowers managers, coaches, and staff to organize,communicate, and track attendance in an easy-to-use app. Builtspecifically for teams, groups, afterschool providers, andcommunity programs, UpActive provides scheduling, rostermanagement, and messaging tools while collecting key participationand engagement data. Data collected on the platform automaticallysyncs to the analytics dashboard. Do away with paper and pen:Streamline team and group organization and make the most of yourprogram data. UpActive allows you to: -Build and manage rostersquickly and securely -Build team and group schedules, and easilytrack attendance and engagement metrics -Turn those metrics intoactionable data using our analytics dashboard -Stay in touch usingour threaded messaging system -Take it all with you, anywhere onyour mobile device or tablet MANAGE ROSTER AND GROUP INFORMATIONUpActive allows you to update and access your roster and groupmember information quickly and securely from anywhere, using ourwebsite and mobile app. Invite team or group members to join, addcontact information, upload profile and header images, and updateemail and notification preferences anytime. SCHEDULES ANDATTENDANCE Centralize your schedule, see who has RSVP'd to events,send reminders, and track attendance, all from your phone. TheUpActive platform creates attendance dashboards and metricsautomatically, empowering you to make informed decisions based onreal data. Sync your UpActive calendar to your mobile device tomake sure you never miss a thing. SEAMLESS COMMUNICATION Easilycommunicate with individuals, teams, or whole organizations via ourprivate network, using our built-in messaging system.