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Signature Maker Digital 1.1
Signature Maker Digital Signature make yoursignature digitally.It capture your signature you put on the device screen and save adigital signature as image.Your Signature is to be entered in box only.You can change color of Your Signature.You can Change size of signature.Dots in signature aresupported.Thank you!
Moral Stories Kids Stories 1.0
Moral Stories Kids Stories is CollectionofBest Moral StoriesAll Stories for Kids and Students Children learn Best MoralityfromMoral StoriesMoral Stories for Kids is best entertaining for Kids and forStoryReading.All Childhood Stories are collectedIt is an interesting app for Children and Kids School kidsenjoyStories while reading.They read stories with curiosity.Bed time stories are added in Kids Stories and Moral Stories.Every Story will have Morality at the end of Story.All Stories in are in Simple English Language can be understoodbyall School Children
Voice Lock Screen Voice Unlock 1.1
Unlock your phone screen with voice UnlockYourScreen with sound.Clap To Unlock Your Screen with app. Yes You can make a ClapSoundalso to Open Your Screen Lock With Clap Sound.Use voice And Sound to unlock your phone, speak to unlockyourphone..This Will disable your default screen lock in your Phone.And Voice and Sound unlock will be enabled.You can Unlock Your device easily without using password oranypattern lock.Any Sound can lead to unlock your device similar tounlocksound.Unlock Sound is a service in application.You can turn ON/OFF Voice Unlock And Lock Serviceinapplication.If You disable Voice Unlock Service in Application thedefaultScreen Lock Will be Applied in Your Device.