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AutoHash 1.5.3
Uri Eliabayev
Are you tired of adding hashtags manually on Instagram? Are youtired of searching for the best hashtags on Instagram? AutoHashwill get you all the best hashtags without any effort.New:Location-based Hashtags!Just turn on the GPS and get hashtags thatrelevant to your location.How does it work? AutoHash uses supersmart computer vision algorithms to find you the best hashtags foryour Instagram photos. Just select a photo and after less than asecond you will get all the best hashtags you need. Our algorithmrecognizes the objects in your photo and then offers you the mostrelevant hashtags. You no longer need to copy passed boringhashtags list that doesn't match your photo - AutoHash will get youthe most suitable hashtags for each and every photo.Moreover, wealready made all the hashtag's research for you and we found themost popular hashtags on Instagram by different categories. Forexample, each time our algorithm recognize food, you will getautomatically the best food related hashtags (#foodi, #yum#foodporn and more). Using the right hashtags will help you getmore followers, likes, comment and views on Instagram. AutoHash canbe useful for professional Instagram Users, Social media agencies,Influencers and more.Besides helping its users get the besthashtags for Instagram, AutoHash has few more features that canhelp Instagramers:1. Hashtags counter - Not everyone knows butInstagram allows every post to have only 30 hashtags (Why?Instagram why?!). AutoHash will allow you to count your hashtags inone click.2. Favorite hashtags - We understand that you might haveyour own favorite hashtags and we respect it :) AutoHash lets yousave your favorite hashtags (Just long press the heart button) andthen add them in one click. 3. Copy to clipboard - You can clickjust one button and copy all the hashtags to the clipboard. Thenyou can add them to the post or just paste them in the firstcomment.4. Share directly to Instagram - AutoHash can help youshare your photos with the hashtags. Unfortunately, Instagramdoesn't allow us to put the hashtags automatically in the post sowe just add the hashtags to your clipboard. Don't forget to pastethem at last step before publishing the post.**Important message:If Autohash doesn't work, try to go to Setting, Apps, AutoHash,Permissions and then active the "Storage" permission. It might fixeverything :)**