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Water Control - water tracker 1.3
Water Control • Help you keep track of your water balance• Currentinformation about weather • Weekly statistics• Easy to use•Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)• Water tracker* Drink WaterReminderLack of water, as well as its excessive consumption, mayadversely affect your health. This application will help you keeptrack of exactly how much water you consume each day. By takinginto account individual characteristics (weight, height, age, andway of life) along with the climate in the area of the user'sresidence, this application can calculate the average amount ofwater your body requires on a daily basis. The calculations used inthis application are based on international standards and haveaveraged indicators. The calculation that results is individuallycustomized and provides recommendations rather than rigidrequirements.If you use our application and have questions orcomments, we would greatly appreciate your feedback.
Sex compatibility test 1.0
This application has been developed solelyandexclusively to help couples overcome their shyness and findoutmore about the needs of each other. The application isapsychological test. You and your partner will have to answerinturn all the suggested questions by choosing one of thesuggestedreply variants. After completion the system will returnthe answerswhich satisfy the needs of both partners.Thems:BDSMGroup sexFetishSex toysSexual role-playing gameThe application will not make its users do some particularthingsor press the opinions of the developers on them. Variouspracticesdescribed in the application require certain skillsandbackground.Attention: This application may not be used as a manual;itsinformation is for reference only!The application is not linked to external servers thereforeyourtest results will be completely secure.We hope that this product will help you make yourrelationsstronger.
Calorie counter 3.1
Searching across favorite products will help you calculate yourcalories quantity per day without any difficulties. • Proteins,fats and carbohydrates • Nutrition Diary • Large Products Base •Without registration • Will help to lose weight • Offline mode •Body mass index n order to arrange your nutrition correctly onemust know the contents and energy value of the products to beconsumed. And the contents of fats, proteins and carbohydrates aswell. The diet fine settings will help you lose or gain weight. Thecalories counter will enable you to calculate the quantity andquality-related specific preferences of your menu. Choose theproducts you need out of the drop-down list or enter their weightin grams. Check the statistics whenever and wherever you are.